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  • strategy against enemies... in EVE Communication Center

    I don't have any enemies.

    ... left.

  • Operation to recover rare Mark One Rifter bungled! in EVE Communication Center

    But that's the secret of Minmatar design, and why they're such terrors in the spacelanes.

    The more you crash them, the better they fly.

    That thing could probably solo the Golden Fleet by now...

  • Sleeper Site on Anomalous Terrestrial Planet -- Initial Survey Report in EVE Communication Center

    Amseln deBrabant wrote:
    its a shame the site has been bombed before it was investigated more. "Who doesn't know history is doomed to repeat it"

    The ones who know history best of all, choose to repeat it too. At certain levels, wiping the slate clean becomes practical.

  • Sleeper Site on Anomalous Terrestrial Planet -- Initial Survey Report in EVE Communication Center

    Well, you know what they say about finding millenia-old archaeotech festooned in arcane warnings and portents of doom...

    Poke it with a stick.

  • Frenemies. The Roden Conspiracy Theory in EVE Communication Center

    Doesn't everything these days?

  • [Event] Tea and Tradition in EVE Communication Center

    Katrina Oniseki wrote:
    Istvaan Shogaatsu wrote:
    I won a raffle at the last one. It was great fun. Alas, it seems I am not invited to this one!

    Is it because of what I did to your plants?

    I never could get them to grow again. Most of them died overnight. What did you do to them anyways?

    I couldn't say, with absolute certainty. To recreate the experiment you'd have to track down a number of highly obscure narcotics, one very common one, a bottle of 800-year-old Amarr cognac, and cigars rolled from the leaves of a plant long-extinct due to its native world being bombed from orbit. Then you'd have to filter them all through a middle aged Caldari, and, well... what can I say, the old valves aren't sealing up as tightly as they used to!

    Tell you what - I have just the thing to replace your plants. It's been sitting in my collection for a while, and I'm growing tired of having to constantly tend to it, high maintenance little bugger... it's a plant, of sorts, that I received as payment from a xenobotanist working in Angel Cartel space, who owed me a favor. He said it was priceless and was going to write a scientific paper on it, and become a famous xenobotanist rather than an obscure one, but I suggested that unpaid debts have a funny way of getting your legs eaten by Slaverhounds, and now I'm stuck with it. Anyway, it's a screaming plant. It doesn't stop screaming, ever, unless it's chewing. A great addition to any garden!

    Oh yeah, it's also ferociously carnivorous. Probably should've mentioned that at the beginning. I hope you're not too attached to the birds in your garden. Maybe switch to holobirds.

  • Wormhole to Earth in EVE Communication Center

    Meeting what's on the other side of the Eve anomaly will be a lot like the last few scenes of Apocalypto. An outside context problem.

  • [Event] Tea and Tradition in EVE Communication Center

    I won a raffle at the last one. It was great fun. Alas, it seems I am not invited to this one!

    Is it because of what I did to your plants?

  • Capsuleer psychosis in EVE Communication Center

    Ah, memories...

  • Corp thief Nalha Saldana in EVE Gameplay Center

    Litair wrote:
    I really loathe people doing things like this, and the cool guys here saying it's awesome to do. Playing the game and being a funky pirate blowing up them bitches is one thing, but establishing real life relations to people and then betray their trust in you for the sake of freaking in-game money? I can't comprehend why one would do that. It's a game, keep it like that.

    Unless of course he's a roleplayer and he joined a roleplay corporation, but I doubt that's the case.

    Mmmm, indeed, indeed. One can barely stand to fathom the sort of villain who would pilfer the ill-secured assets of trusting individuals who consider him a trustworthy friend. A toast, sir or madam, to your excellently developed sense of morality; a truly rare sight in these dark times.

  • Broteau found guilty and executed by Sebiestor Tribe in EVE Communication Center

    Aurora Fatalis wrote:
    This wasn't justice. This was vengeance.

    There's a difference?


    A word of warning. You've backed Heth into a corner. I know his type, that's where they fight hardest.

    He still has loyalists, and he still draws breath.

  • An Admittance in EVE Communication Center

    Svetlana Scarlet wrote:
    I remain confused as to why it seems people with leanings towards the Amarr religion seem to be finding themselves in Caldari corporations as of late.

    I know of many Caldari who have embraced the Amarr faith. Many Gallente and Minmatar too, but not nearly as many as in the State. Some say people at the highest echelons of State society make pilgrimages to Amarr.

  • The Empires vs. Capsuleer Alliances in EVE Communication Center

    The wise make plans for when the empires will no longer exist.

  • So I had to kill some guys, and now I feel weird about it. in EVE Communication Center

    You are in the first few steps of a rising curve. The first few are the only ones that bother you.

    The first few I killed bothered me, too. Not sure if I was even a capsuleer back then. The next dozen odd, less so. As they become more of a statistic, and less individual beings with futures and hopes which you've snuffed out, stomaching yourself ending them becomes trivial. The next hundred might as well not have been there. I stopped counting after a few thousand. Had I kept count, the guilt would have driven me mad, so I simply decided to stop feeling guilty. Then there was that thing with Daasa and the nerve gas, which bumped me up to fifty-six million... aaah, they really should put me down. I'm a bad influence on this species.

  • Interstellar Intrigue Relaunches! in EVE Communication Center

    Good to see these return. My dog-eared copy of the Lonetrek Shuffle is a favorite I return to frequently!

  • Admiral Yanala's clone failed to activate in EVE Communication Center

    Hardly the first capsuleer admiral to take own life after losing tremendously important ship in rather humiliating circumstances... blasting a crater in the original homeworld of the Caldari isn't something I'd want on my record.

  • New Chronicle: And I Shall Hide in EVE Information Center

    NEONOVUS wrote:
    So what are the gifts offered by The Other?

    Power, success, everything going right for you, plans that seem to assemble by themselves...

    There are many perks to having your skull turned into a crash pad for malevolent cosmic horrors.

  • Wreckage of Shiigeru to be examined by Ishukone and Zainou in EVE Communication Center

    Curious to hear what the data recorder contains. If I recall correctly, it'll record the specific orders issued from high-up to the Shiigeru's command. Ah, to be a fly on that wall...

  • [Breaking News] Two Capsuleers found dead in Hirizan in EVE Communication Center

    Adreena Madeveda wrote:
    Istvaan Shogaatsu wrote:

    When is the last time you heard of anyone dying of cancer?

    Karin Midular, less than two weeks ago ?

    That wasn't cancer, it was a screwed-up cellular regeneration process.