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  • Praise Bob in EVE Gameplay Center

    Interesting read.

    Funny how what was once an inside joke has turned into an Internet Spaceship Cult.

  • Statement in EVE Gameplay Center

    Axloth Okiah wrote:
    Possibly the worst effect of this is that it will make it much harder to elect any WH candidate in the future, because people will simply not bother to vote. I'm sure CCP is thrilled they will have even fewer voters...

    Unfortunately, this is very true, and a sad situation.

  • Statement in EVE Gameplay Center

    Papa Django wrote:
    Incindir Mauser wrote:

    Also. Well played corbexxx. Probably burned a lot of bridges with this ultimately hilarious change of priorities.

    You miss a big point, this behavior is bad for the CSM.

    You cannot ask people for voting then **** on their head like that.

    Sure you can. corbexxx just did. And as long as he has CFC backing, who's to say that he won't be on the CSM every year until time indefinite? There's nothing stopping them. If I were Mittens I'd do it every year just to troll W-space. Space democracy in action!

    Incindir Mauser wrote:

    But then again, I don't think Goons are the space cancer everyone makes them out to be.

    But they represents what is broken in this game.

    What broken-ness would that be?

    That he who has the most friends and can press the most buttons wins fights/elections? That is the definition of democracy. The CSM is a popularity contest. If you want to win, logically you should make friends with the guys that have the most friends. Goons want to play the game their way, and use their power and influence to shape the galaxy around them. Just like everyone else does. And occasionally they show up in force to savage the peasants because... well it's funny.

    If it weren't Goons, we'd have to invent a space boogeyman just to have someone to hate on.

    Eve will always be a game of N+1. Always. It's the core of the business model. It won't change. Until CCP does something to radically alter the way large fleet battles are played on a fundamental level... EVE was, is, and always will be...N+1.

  • Statement in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    Dude steals 600B ISk of carebears: instant celebrity.
    Dude AWOXes Revenant: instant celebrity.
    Dude makes piles of terrible youtube videos showing how bad he is at EVE: instant celebrity.
    Dude takes your votes, stuffs them up your date sideways and defects to goons: terrible person who must die alone in old age surrounded only by three-legged mangy cats and leprous dogs.

    This is metagaming at it's best, and you all got played so hard you've got a trail of TP sticking out the back of your pants.


    +1 brother.

    Also. Well played corbexxx. Probably burned a lot of bridges with this ultimately hilarious change of priorities. But then again, I don't think Goons are the space cancer everyone makes them out to be.

  • EVE-Spec PC Build recomendations? in EVE Communication Center

    The Tandy TRS80 is the obvious choice here.

  • #Superopcalypse 2015 in EVE Communication Center

    I don't often speak up in defense of topics out of my area of playstyle, but turning super carriers into toothless stat-sticks isn't the way to go.

    Sitting here on my armchair developer throne, I'd rather see supers become a multi-pilot ship with offensive capabilities tied to other friendly pilots being "docked" inside the super manning glorified POS guns or commanding drone flights, totally independent of the "captain" flying it.

    Can you multibox it? Yes. But it's no more abusable than multi-boxing anything else in the game.

  • Trinkets Friendly Wormhole Advice Column in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dear Trinkets Friend,

    I need help. I have been unable to loginski for quite some time. Do you have a fix for my stagnant interest in depriving morons of their hulls? Or am I just full of shite and need a podgoo colonic to cleanse me of my sinful ways?

  • [Official] Notable Persons of Wormhole Space™ in EVE Gameplay Center

    Glyndi wrote:
    Proc, you still login??


    He promised me a cavity search!

  • [Official] Notable Persons of Wormhole Space™ in EVE Gameplay Center

    As the Oracle of Bob I must humbly protest the inclusion of a cavity search to my nomination of anything more notable than Forum Jerk. I have nothing to hide in any of my (worm)holes.

    However The Council of Elitist Wormhole Jerks approves of this thread and would like to submit that all nominations should be quantified in Smug Per Minute (SPM) or Cheat Beats per Post (CBP).

  • [Notable Wormhole Corporations and Alliances] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    Well, this is merely a list of How many Escalation Capitals / Ratting Capitals Did you kill This Month To Get Your 30B ISK Nerd Points. On that measure, i'm happy not to make the list every month, though a bit surprised that Hidden makes allowances for some people living in the slums and not others. But hey, it's his lipstick party, he can choose the colours.

    Speaking of lipstick parties...

  • Cast of 2015 Game of Holes™ in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Relic Sites In Worholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    There are no Relic sites in Worholes.

    It is a lie. Worholes do not exist.

    Worholes only make crappy paintings of soupcans.

  • Open Letter to Rainbow Knights in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    So what is the point in the end to keep alt alliance for bearing? Why dont you put everyone in single alliance?

    One must keep up appearances. The true PvP Elite never stoop to making ISK on their MAINS... Such a thing is an unthinkable abomination.

    To shoot red crosses with a main is tantamount to slumming with the churls of K-space. Mortal sins, brother. Mortal. Sins.

  • New Eden News: Boboganda in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    Bob's son is Bwian? Or is it Wodger?

    Bwian is the patron saint of spreadsheet autists upon whom we all depend for industry profits. any semblance to Brian son of Bob is largely due to a thick Amarr accent or lack of juvenile speech therapy.

  • New Eden News: Boboganda in EVE Gameplay Center

    TXG SYNC wrote:
    Dear Fellow Wormholers,

    Have you watched The Scope video linked from the launcher yet?

    Ticker on the bottom of the screen reads "BOB FUNDAMENTALISTS CLAIM 'THE SON OF BOB IS COMING'".

    And then later on in the broadcast, "Popular theories explain it as ... a herald of the prophecied coming of Bob."

    That's right, my brothers and sisters of Bob. The mainstream has finally caught on and begun spreading Boboganda. Praise Bob :-)

    Verily I say unto you brothers and sisters, Bob sendeth his Son Brian to punish the wickedness of the Empires. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth and the plaintive mewling of the masses shall only serve as tinder for the flames of the righteous.

    So sayeth the Oracle of Bob. So say we all.

  • SSC Callout Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    S1th's spergittus (the organ which controls forum outbursts) is clearly paralysed from too much nullsec.

    This thread needs more **** Virus montages.

    Go forth and be awesome.

  • In J151348, Need help getting out. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cpt Oscar Shepphard wrote:
    Any kind fellows out there happen to have the way out from J151348?

    You're in luck friend! Most W-space corporations offer free pod express services. In order to activate this new and exciting feature of Wormhole Space, please wait uncloaked zero kilometers from the sun and await our newly inter-corporation standardized Ship and Pod liquidation teams to deliver you back to the safety of your medical clone.

  • The worship and glory of Bob in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:

    The pod harvesting **** Virus is how we harvest the delicious corpsicles to deposit upon the Altar of Bob.

    Funniest **** I've seen all week.

    Bob Bless You.

  • Next up: J102736 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ridvanson wrote:
    o/ Incertae Sedis

    Brought to you by QEx

    Last eviction is not even 24 hours old and they already 5 new towers reinforced ... Things are really heating up I guess :>

    Must be a long-standing years old grudge.

  • Post-Hyperion Wormhole Activity in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Activity in w-space is way, way up. At least in c1-4, I don't visit c5/6 much these days.

    That's because if you run sites you can expect 1-2 sheild nags to come farm your archon and moros pilots one or two sites in.

    Sitekilling runners is the new bloodsport in c5/6.

    Hyperion made the old, bored, bitter people leave, freeing up hundreds of systems formerly occupied by undead and inactive but entrenched zombie players. That those minor changes were enough to send them packing, in many cases before the patch was even deployed, was proof that all they needed was just this little push.

    And then the following changes drew new, fresh blood into w-space, along with those vets who saw how good the changes were. Now it's better than ever.

    They didn't leave, they coalesced into bigger corps to seek the warm cynical glow of fellow geriatrics huddled around the burning towers of smaller corps that didn't throw themselves upon the guns of the 70 man "good fights" T3 fleets.

    I'm pretty sure XLSMA's now come with handicap parking.

    Change is good.