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  • CCP needs to FIX the STATION GPU Usage !!!!!! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ez work around is just have ISIS open
    But remember to turn of its ambient noise other wise it will be annoying

    Bring back static hangar image without rendering 2020

  • Long running issue with client massivly increasing resource usage in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Long running issue with client massively increasing resource usage after cluster has shutdown

    For over a year now

    If I leave my clients logged in after downtime they hugely increase their resource usage

    Obviously a work around is to log out/close clients before or at downtime

    But last night I forgot

    And my computer hard crashed as a result

    I already know it hugely increases the draw on CPU
    But I have a feeling it also maxs out the GFX card

    Which I will check tonight

    But could CCP please do something about this as its a bit of a problem if the game is doing this

    I would rather not come home to burnt out computer

    I've posted a bug report

    Reproduction steps
    Leave client running after down time, then look at your CPU and GFX card usage
    May also work on a socket close but I'm unsure as I haven't had one of those in a long time

  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    Scylus has the steady but light touch. Evidenced by him steering Templis CALSF (CALSF) and Caldari Colonial Defence Ministry (CCDM) through rough waters. Though a complete rebuild, its evolution over time which has resulted in Caldari militias longest lasting force. Resulting in the lowsec apex force that is Templis CALSF today. He will have value with his unique input gained from the peaks and troughs of militia and lowsec life. A vote for Scylus is the surest bet one can make.

  • Launcher wants cookies turned on? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've been running into this bug for awhile.

    I could never figure out what caused it, it seems to be purely random.

    Here's some info on my situations:
    2FA - not the cause
    AV - not the cause
    1st or 2nd account - doesn't matter

  • Welcome to Thunderdome - The Event Server in EVE Communication Center

    commander aze wrote:
    I am curious if we can clone skills from TQ as much as i like my perfect skilled toon I do also like knowing what damage ill actually be doing day of the fight. Also TY Logibro Stay awesome


    trying to log onto sisi

    "error 2016-09-17T14:15:42 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 ExeFile Main Exefile STARTUP
    error 2016-09-17T14:15:43 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 blue stderr X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\code.ccp\certifi\core.pyj:53: DeprecatedBundleWarning: The weak security bundle is being deprecated.

    error 2016-09-17T14:15:47 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 client General EVE Client version 14.08 build 1072737 started 09/17/2016 14:15:45
    error 2016-09-17T14:15:53 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 client General Failed to fetch motd HTTP Error 404: Not Found"

    separate issue every time I copy profiles with manager the launcher crashes, but still does it's job

    looked at everything on my end build numbers etc. all good
    only thing I didn't try was reinstalling launcher
    sisi was working for me last time I tried

    thunderdome is working, but the different skills is a big issue

  • sisi login error - Now on TQ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Using log lite I get this problem

    "error 2016-09-17T14:15:42 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 ExeFile Main Exefile STARTUP
    error 2016-09-17T14:15:43 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 blue stderr X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\code.ccp\certifi\core.pyj:53: DeprecatedBundleWarning: The weak security bundle is being deprecated.

    error 2016-09-17T14:15:47 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 client General EVE Client version 14.08 build 1072737 started 09/17/2016 14:15:45
    error 2016-09-17T14:15:53 2708 X:\EVE\SharedCache\sisi\bin\exefile.exe 775 client General Failed to fetch motd HTTP Error 404: Not Found"

  • sisi login error - Now on TQ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Like I said it was working for me last time I tried to get into AT practice
    It's working for everyone else and they have the same versions of launcher and sisi

    But I still get this legacylogindisabled message

    And I've tried launching sisi from both the launcher and the exefile

    No boneo

    So I deleted ALL sisi stuff


    Error still happens


    When I try to copy profile settings the launcher crashes with this error

    "Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: evelauncher.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 57c7fb2c
    Fault Module Name: Qt5Core.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 56c57566
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0008045a
    OS Version: 6.3.9600.
    Locale ID: 3081
    Additional Information 1: 5861
    Additional Information 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
    Additional Information 3: 6ee2
    Additional Information 4: 6ee2432e64e99bdcea5e4be767a3b1a2"

  • sisi login error - Now on TQ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    SISI was working fine last time I tried now its not

    Tried deleting stuff refreshing etc.

    I have the same versions as everyone else in alliance.

    I'm on Windows 8.1

    Havn't tried thunderdome

  • Changes to high ganking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Bring highsec ganking back
    Make highsec great again

  • New idea for link / fleet boosts changes, a simpler implementation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well yes I think command slots should exist

    My suggestion of the ship in ship is based more upon CCP wanting to retain the (unnecessary complexity) of fitting a command ship.

    Real game examples
    All links boats in general are fit the same
    Theirs no evidence upcoming changes will effect the uniformity of links ships
    So if they are all the same anyway
    Why have options that just make it more complex for no reason

    Now the new meta it seems involves having a crappy ship in a fleet that has a weaker fit because it has links fit

    Now you might have 1 ship with all the links
    Or more likely you will spread the links over many ships to limit the gimp
    Which is what CCP thinks will happen and will be a good game

    However if I'm flying a 30 man battleship fleet
    Do I really want 5 command ships that are already significantly weaker than my line ships, most likely weaker than my logistics ships. And contributing no worthwhile DPS

    Or do I really want 1 command ship that's going to be keeping out of danger anyway, and no more vulnerable to PvP than it was before.

    So the point is
    nones going to take links in to die
    they wont be any less safe in the majority of situations under 30vs30

    for fleet boosting caps its not about having them "more at risk" its about having a permanerfed ship

    So currently CCP has said something like
    we will be fitting less links in highslots but they will be multipurpose
    something about allowing the +1 module to be placed in highs and lows to remove the imbalance between armor and shields
    and something about a rig that sounds important enough to be a massive pain
    but essentially zero major changes
    links tengus will still be supreme in the majority of situations
    as if the fights too big for a tengu to boost at zero risk it will be to big for a command ship to boost (and survive)
    as command ships are still wayyyyyyyyy more of a DPS sink being easier to catch and a bigger slower target

    moving all this command stuff into a separate slot solves all the problems
    makes links more uniform I guess which gives CCP more control over the balance
    a system like that is a must to prevent more ccplease moments like tengu links master racing over command ships
    while also making links capitals something easily switchable (burning capital sized rigs sounds expensive)

  • New idea for link / fleet boosts changes, a simpler implementation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i was thinking last night before reading the blogs and other information giving out by CCP

    they should make a new command slot for command and capital ships

    now having read what CCP wants to do, my idea seems even better than usual

    So for example
    M Command unit it fits in a new M command slot on cruisers and BCs
    These command units are fitted like a ship
    with all these new things, kinda like plugging in a little ship to your big ship

    cause these changes seem like a good excuse to get a carrier pilot, but its still rubbish having to gimp your fit just to fit gimped links ya know

    obviously theirs a bit more worked involved in this
    but it seems like a cleaner way for CCP to implement the changes and flexibility CCP wants

    Just to reinforce my point
    CCP is giving capital ships excellent fleet boosting capabilities, and this should be applauded
    but if I go and get a carrier pilot, I will have to have one carrier fit for combat and one fit for links

    with this new module slot and new plug in unit its easier and better
    I'm not saying boosting ships shouldn't have reduced combat capabilities, but having it work like a module I can turn on and off in a new slot, lets me fit for PvP and boosting, but only lets me carry out one role at a time

  • pyfa v1.29.4 - The Python Fitting Assistant in EVE Gameplay Center

    From previous locked topic I didn't reply too
    "1) There should only be .pyfa in your user folder. This is the pyfa user directory for config / personal settings / fit database. I am not sure why you have 3, unless they are unrelated to pyfa (I know many programs used the ~/.dir convention)

    2) To update: you can extract the zip somewhere (you should be able to re-write the previous location you used, unless you're upgrading from a very old version in which case best to delete old one). OR the easy way and use the .exe installer - this will install pyfa to a path you choose, and when you run the updated installer it will overwrite for you. This is the preferred method, as we can add code to the installer in the event that directory layout changes which might not be compatible with previous versions

    3) Overheat timeres. It's been discussed before tl;dr this would be a very big project for very small benefit IMO (considering heat is based off chance and there's not way to predict it). I am not convinced EFT is doing it right so this is something where I would say just because EFT has it doesn't mean it's needed / useful. I'm open to thoughts though, feel free to provide a algorithm that might work =)

    4) Ammo timers, can you be more specific?

    5) DPS graphing. Yes, I know it sucks. This has been known for many years. No one wants to touch it though. >_>

    6) Ah, the LP Store. I want to get it back up and running eventually, but I've had a lot on my plate recently. That and EMDR has died off (or will be) so I'd have to re-write the price caching backend of it. Not only that, but the LP Store data itself is probably very stale and I don't have the energy to keep it updated - it was very manual process of flying to each store and manually confirming if they were accurate. **** that. So yeah, I want to, but it's not as easy and simply turning it back on ;)"

    Weird pretty sure I unzipped into the install location (I did this for a few updates and still lost my characters fitting.
    I'm just using the .exe now but will try the zip again for the next update.
    Ammo timers, EFT tells me how long I can shoot for with 100 rounds of ammo, its kinda important as (also with cap charges) I need to know how long I can shoot for (carry a minimal amount of ammo to save isk/still be effective).
    Yea IDK whats happening with offline market alot of stuffs broken, but you LP site was the best!

    Also random idea about graphs, is there some way pyfa can be integrated with R
    Idk I just did a quick search and it might be easier than pyfa having its own graphing thing?
    Just an idea

  • [December] Missile Disruptors and Tweaks to Missile Guidance Mods in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Brokk Witgenstein wrote:
    on bonused hulls (Cyclone, Sacrilege, Typhoon, Cerberus, Caracal, Orthrus, ...) they work quite well. (HAMs and Heavies I mean)

    Still feel missiles should at least be able to catch up with the targets though. Nothing a friendly web can't fix, but the punishment is harsh don't you think? Going from reasonable DPS to none at all, despite the target being well in range?

    That's sooo nineties Blink

    A HAM cyclone applies non-significant DPS to a t1 cruiser hull...
    I had a cyclone it died (to a gila) the only damage I ever did was to BS hulls
    Caracal Navy Issues are great for HAMs HMs however

    Also confirmed none uses missile disruption ever

  • March release - New Camera Feedback in EVE Information Center

    CCP Turtlepower wrote:
    Dominous Nolen wrote:
    Relinking Camera thread request for Tab key here

    CCP TurtlePower - can we get a confirmation if this will be making its way back to game?

    Yes! We are working on it currently, and it should make it into one of the next releases Big smile

    CCP Turtlepower

    Derp I missed your previous post because I'm terrible at eve.

    Now I know how to actually use the UI thanks to you and other posters.

    I'm very happy with the humongous improvements that have been made recently

    O wait the only thing I don't think is working good (still)
    Is clicking on stuff in the probe scan window (i.e. plexs, icebelts, stuff like that, why not the red ones too) doesn't point your camera at them (which I want to do so I can see if the plex has been opened/dscan it
    Currently I have one of my overview tabs dedicated to FW plexs, which is dumb as I should be able to just use the probe scan window (which I need to have open anyway)
    But if I click on those giant green brackets in space it works (but to do that I have to cross reference and do a 360deg search

    Another idea, what about adding some sort of thing to the probe scan window that indicates if a plex has been opened
    So I'm not having a mild panic attack flicking my eyes been my probe scan window and my overview, as its pretty important for FW pilots to know a) if theirs a new plex in system b) if someones opened it
    this might also be relevant somewhat to fozziesov mechanics?

  • "Load Station Environment" option removed? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Miss 'Assassination' Cayman wrote:
    For those who have issues and don't want to mess up their map view, you can also look at the Ship Tree to reducing rendering load. It's super annoying, but better than nothing.

    Hey CCP my macbook air is now dead
    Not blaming you
    But now I can't eve unless I'm at home

    IMO CCP dosn't understand the issue
    Players don't want extra "features" that don't do anything
    It sounds like your ignoring a lot of what we are saying
    Without explaining whats so hard about having a clear cut static background minimum resource draw.

    Heres another example of why this was is a bad move big issue
    Tonnnnns of people have multiple clients open while running other games

    O wait I think the important point here is
    Lots of people play eve with more than one monitor
    Maybe trading chatting waiting for stuff to happen docked in station while watching a movie or playing another game or anything.
    At the end of the day you just hugely increased the resource lord on your customers systems for zero benefit to them.

    IDK personally I'm totally against making market trading a 100% offline event.
    But I guess you will figure out whats good for the game once none is in local in major trade hubs
    And daily logged in numbers significantly drop

    Personally CCPs responses to this issue combined with your response to the lack of LP implementation.
    "Your not a priority, not because you lack merit, but because you lack socio-political salt and hate" Has soured my view of CCP.

    Testing out using ISIS as a background ty missy

  • EVE API and Public CREST discussion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Idame Isqua wrote:
    CCP FoxFour wrote:
    We have no intentions at this time to add LP transactions to any of our APIs.

    Lowsec having too much fun and content to be bothered with unimportant stuff gets shortchanged again.

    FW the biggest content driver in the game.

    Is driven by LP transactions.

    CCPlease recognize the most important player group!

    It's probably because lp transactions don't exist in the database. Just totals.

    So exposing them involves first storing them.

    Can you get CCP onto this please

  • Existing 3 6 12 month sub can I has more free stuffs? pls in EVE Communication Center

    I was going to watch the dave chappelle skit "Haters Ball" but decided to check eve forums instead.


  • March release - New Camera Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Dimitrios Bekas wrote:
    There is a Performance "Glitch" when you keep the Tactical Overlay on all the time.
    The FPS drop massively although nothing on grid. Mostly when flying through a lot of Systems and taking a lot of Gates.

    With a fast Deactivation / Re-Activation of the Overlay the Frame is up again.
    3 other of my Friends also have this issue, i donĀ“t know if it is already known and just wanted to mention it so you can peek an eye on it maybe.

    Also, PLEASE an Option to Deactivate those Blue Dots around my HUD, but still be able to see all my 400 Tacticals on Grid in one System...this Blue Dots also drain a lot of FPS / CPU cause Eve tries to re-Calculate the 360Degree Postion around the Hud, while i pan the camera around.

    At the moment i just can deactivate the Sensor Overlay and everything dissapears, on Grid and around the Hud. There should be an option to deactivate it seperatly. (like a small checkmark in the Sensor Overlay Option - Dots around Hud- y/n)

    Thank you.

    Excellent spotting sir quoting so Devs don't miss it

    I would like to add confirmation that this is indeed real
    But not being able to turn off the useless (unless when can filter it) 360 thing is game braking

    It's also inline with the performance hit/benefit related to having the people and places window open

    Strangely enough I havn't noticed any issues with the new system map (possibly because we can filter it)

    And on that note the 360 dial has been surpassed in function by the new floating system map thing (which works great)

    So maybe its time to retire or at least allow us to filter the 360 radial

    Also note this is no excuse for not allowing me to click on things in the new probe scan window, and my camera (auto)tracking/looking at it.
    As last time I checked you STILL haven't added a feature the OLD system had that was vital into the NEW system you want to replace the OLD system with

    It's little things like this that make or break whether or not people login and play for awhile

    Recently the game would lock up (and windows would tell me it had crashed) when I was making contracts, but that seems to have been fixed.

    An issue I've always had with eve is after shooting NPC's for a long time
    The FPS monitor starts showing two levels of FPS alternating
    But what Is actually happening is the game is pausing
    I feel like it's in time with server ticks
    Probably a reason why I don't do PvE in eve

  • Dev blog: Unboxing the new Camera in EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Crosi Wesdo wrote:
    There are still a couple of issues making the new camera very undesirable to the extent that i will not undock at any point if it is made compulsory in the current form.

    - New camera still requires 4x the mouse input to look up and down as it does to look left or right. That makes it completely unfit for my purposes as the primary input method for manually piloting.

    - New camera zoom is still far too fast for ratchet-less scroll wheel mice.

    Give the option to have up and down the same speed as left and right as per the old camera.

    Give the option to adjust the speed of the zoom. Being able to turn off the delay / acceleration of the zoom would be very nice too,

    To me it seems like the team got so obsessed with polish that they forgot some of the basics of what makes the current camera work.

    Pretty sure mine has equal axis

    Zooming in and out is fine on ratchet less my mouse can do both but I play eve with ratchet

    Issues I still have
    If I look at something the camera does into dumb mode
    If I look at something please make it default to auto tracking my own ship IF I have autotracking on
    In missions with really slow rats the camera dosn't even remain on the ship I'm looking at, it remains stationary as the NPC drifts away (AND it dosn't track it

    People with autotracking on expect functionality from their camera

  • Existing 3 6 12 month sub can I has more free stuffs? pls in EVE Communication Center

    I notice you have some new dank free stuffs for upgrading to 3 6 or 12 month sub

    As someone who went for a 6 month to get a dank vexor skin (any excuse really it was just more convincing and justifiable)
    As paying X dollars to play a game for 6 months actually is pretty dam good value for money
    A) Eve as a game complete changes every 6 months, for a variety of CCP and non CCP driven reasons
    B) Most new games on steam cost the same but often (in the case of multiplayer games) are dead pretty quick
    (Looks at Siege bugs)
    C) Side note since steam is a terrible way to play eve (from what I've read and looked at myself) you should reward them for being lazy/making their life hard

    Also remembering I think giving away eve on steam free for the weekend (why not make it a week? Or the full 1.5 months free which I used when I first started and was like WTF is this game the people that play it are absolute nutters).

    Can you make it rain on people with existing 3 6 12 month subs?

    I'm not asking for the exact same things, as I understand having an existing 3 6 12 month sub isn't the same as TAKE MY MONEY NOW (AGAIN) PLEASE for your wallet

    But make it rain!


    Didn't use ccplease yet, so...

    CCPlease keep up the good work

    Also go easy on links pilots most of them are just terrible at multiboxing
    and having an alt in logi pisses people off wayyyyyyyyy more than having a links alt, trust me I tried it out topkek
    or heaven forbid the disshonur of ECM being on grid, which I take a strong stand against even as a state loyalist

    Keep up the good work!