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  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    Scylus is clearly the person who can best push for changes that would benefit the whole faction war community.

  • [news] Vigilant Tyrannos assault on Safizon in EVE Communication Center

    I hope you haven't misunderstood. I regard you as an Intaki, bringing a stereotypical Gallente approach to this conversation; that said approach has been played out throughout the history of the Federation.
    It may be I need to be reminded of what 'racism' is.

  • [news] Vigilant Tyrannos assault on Safizon in EVE Communication Center

    You bring the stereotypical Gallente approach, Amadii... Always ready to 'civilize' and impose upon more people, no foresight, no understanding. Just zeal, driven by 'righteousness'. This is why the Federation must be destroyed, in due course.

    You may be surprised to see that the Empire is still holding its best cards closely. I hope they are at least filling the void with blood and bodies for a good reason. Funayūrei are Jove presently, yet if this keeps up they may increasingly become Amarr and Caldari, from those of us eager to try to save the Empire. Or Minmatar, if these Imperial Navy ships have been crewed by slaves - which leads me to wonder, are you fighting alongside the meat shields of the Empire, my kin?

    There must be a reason that CONCORD has yet to comment on this collision course for so long. Are they trying to bring the Empire into a more manageable size... Is this their revenge for Jamyl Sarum attempting to garner favor with us capsule pilots with 'restricted' technologies?

  • [news] Vigilant Tyrannos assault on Safizon in EVE Communication Center

    CONCORD is presently a benign growth that cannot be trusted to remain. The secrets they hold would serve any of us well yet they sit on them and say nothing more. It is long past time that steps are taken to force them to pay their dividends.

    The Amarr fight on tenaciously, not even counting their losses, while CONCORD do nothing.

  • Ishukone-Raata Release [I-RED]: "Lai Dai Convoy Ambush" in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Mokk,

    I wish I could return the kind sentiment. Jamyl Sarum may be the most powerful head of the Empire in many centuries, yet is losing control where it matters most. No rational thought can suggest a known, present force in the cluster can directly face the Funayūrei, or popularly, the 'Drifters', at this time and displaying raw fear on the same day of this tragedy that befell Lai Dai.

    Sheer luck may have served the Empress well on a few occasions in the past, but I would not like to wager she is going to remain so lucky, especially as a wise and considered action would have been to detain and interrogate the captain, the vessel and the crew of that Gnosis, as opposed to flaunt her own weakness.

    Have you considered if the Khanid will continue to prosper by supporting such a leader?
    I can only hope Lai Dai will consider if trade with the Amarr is worth being dragged down with Jamyl Sarum in a premature conflict against the Funayūrei.

  • Ishukone-Raata Release [I-RED]: "Lai Dai Convoy Ambush" in EVE Communication Center

    The Caldari people only stand to suffer from cooperating with or aiding the Empire as it feverishly rushes into Yomi by preparing confrontation with the Funayūrei at this time, which is much too soon.

    As sad as it is that innocent workers who have left us, the attackers have done the State a service.
    Lai Dai must be aware of the Empire's chosen path. Lai Dai now needs to avoid assisting the Empire as it swiftly traverses the road of self-inflicted devastation, if for no other reason than to protect its employees.

    I only hope such a great Caldari corporation heeds this warning and ceases cooperation with the Amarr.
    There is nothing the State and its people are limited to achieving, without the others.

  • Unscheduled server reboot at 14:30 UTC on January 22nd in EVE Communication Center

    you guys have really upped your communication. in game messages, note on the launcher and a decent amount of time for people to get to safety. kudos and keep it up!

  • Rookie Fleet April 26 at 18:00 in EVE Communication Center

    oh come on. you know what Eterne means.

  • Prophecy in EVE Communication Center

    Maybe this action will help cleanse the corruption that infests the State.

  • Provist manhunt - a better live event? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Eran Mintor wrote:
    Would have been great if the Provists were actually trying to achieve some goal rather than suicide capitalships for fun and profit.

    Maybe they were, and just didn't want to trust capsuleers with that information? Or maybe they weren't.

    Not everything has to be spelled out in black and white.


    just because we were not able to interact with their objective does not mean one cannot be plausably written in; any number of plausable scenarios could have been occuring and us not knowing about it until later is a matter for CCP and their lore peoples.

    although i do wonder what lore justification can be used for why the provists were using T2 modules on the highjacked capitals. were the capitals not fitted when highjacked and they needed to make a secret stop to jita for gear during DT? were the modules removed and put to some slush fund for a bigger operation by other templis dragonaurs? something else?

    regardless, patience is a virtue, as always.

    to answer OP, event was awesome but i personally noticed it was practically one sided - maybe because CCP thought (based off the loud noises many make on these forums (and what i sense to be many people's potential IRL views/angst against nationalism blending with their take on eve fiction - that or i am really just suprised at how many caldari capsuleers are liberal in rp terms? baffles me, given the state's history, caldari culture and most caldari's documented upbringing)) that noone supports the providence directorate and just wanted to do an easter plex giveaway? who knows.

    lets compare this to a prior CCP event; the empire raid on pirate facilities (which i attempted to attend in a raven at 90+% tidi) was more balanced as it was in null sec entirely, and ended with mixed results as while pirates defended the installation sucessfully but needed to pull it down in the end anyway to relocate and avoid this risk again. i reckon, the only things that really went wrong with the event is CCP being unable to fairly distribute tidi penalties accross all participants at least, which means allocating more resources to highsec as to accomidate the sheer numbers of people going through transit systems. the bandaid solution of splitting the rally points could have worked a lot better if it was considered earlier and if not everyone was piling up in one system initially regardless.

    i think overall CCP needs to understand that thousands of people love events and official events always have extra special enticements wether it be literal reward (i.e. plex), recognition of the player's faction or the chance to actively be involved in the evolution of the eve story. the reason i say this is because for these events to be entirely sucessful, a way does need to be found to reinforce, at least, shortest distance transit systems so that tidi does not penalise either side - which is the only thing i felt was flawed about the aforementioned event, and if this event was not one sided that certainly would have been more of a problem here too with countless people complaining that their side were unable to have a strong result on account of tidi slowing them down whilst the other side was doing just fine. imagine if the providence directorate only needed 10 minutes to achive their objectives, and each event they bailed after 10 minutes. i know going through 80% tidi took 10 minutes alone on a few of those days. sure its extra work, maybe a lot of extra work, to create a way (even if its just a temporary makeshift solution) that thousands can move through highsec outside of jita/the forge; but with the amount of excitement these events draw from thousands who clearly don't have anything they'd rather be doing, the boon to the game would in my opinion would be easily measurable in many ways, lore and establishing/strengthing factions included which ends up leading to supplimentary player created content, both in lore and of course on social media/youtube/twitch, which in turn leads to more interested people and more subscriptions. which leads to more people to play with and more fun for us (i.e. more incentive to stay subscribed) and growth for the game itself. invest, nurture, grow, repeat.

  • A profound Thank You in EVE Communication Center

    We fought a hard fight, against pure greed.
    We did not win but I believe we slowed its progress.
    We proved greed will not erode what makes the Caldari great so readily.

    The path we chose is hard and costly, but the goal is just and right.

    There will be another oppurtunity, wether it be presented or created, To help set things right once more.
    I will never forget the sacrifices made to get here and I will ensure when all is right once again, that the State will not either.

    Thank you Pandemic Legion and Spectre Fleet.
    These achivements would not have been possible without all of you.

  • Open Letter to Kossen Jaikka in EVE Communication Center

    Andreus Ixiris wrote:
    So many people desperate to grasp a tiny shred of glory by protecting genocidal terrorists, murderers and savages.

    Well, I guess it's good that true colours are out in the open, rather than lurking beneath the surface.

    Please continue flaunting your ignorance.

    Look at what you have defended on this day, Caldari who have stood against the Providence Directorate. Look carefully and leave in shame.

  • An Offer of Sanctuary for the Provist Freedom Fighters in EVE Communication Center

    Andreus Ixiris wrote:
    Too little, too late. As with the traitor Tsukaya, Pandemic Legion gets to have all the glory of saying they supported a failed cause without actually having to put any of the actual effort into doing it.

    We do not give up as quickly as your kind.

  • An Offer of Sanctuary for the Provist Freedom Fighters in EVE Communication Center

    When I consider why I do not blindly follow a CEP willing to backstab each other and weaken the State for their own ends, It is not freedom that comes to mind; instead I think of the centuries of common Caldari culture and practice of what Civire call The Way of the Winds slowly being eroded by the influence of the Gallente Federation and their materialistic prowess, which causes our fellow Caldari to collude against each other; as we have seen from Ishukone, making peace and treaties with enemies of the Caldari People in ways we now know and other ways we still do not for certain.

    If anything, too much freedom is the problem, not the solution. It has never been a helpful ideology for the Caldari people, historically and recently. Look at the example from the Gallente; freedom proved to be a two sided blade as the Gallente press had no issue with reporting Black Eagle collusion with treasonous elements of the Caldari people and the questionable actions of Ishukone, even though this action certainly damaged the Federation. In this very way, Ishukone leadership proves too much freedom is a weakening and destabilising factor for Caldari prosperity.

    In regards to my own position on your offer, I thank the Pandemic Legion for its recent assistance and offer, however I believe there is still hope for the restoration of the State's Dignity and as such will not take the offer while that hope is alive. These brave officers' survival is a critical part of that. I have been told by many Gallente friendly members of the State that it is too late, but I have not lost my belief in the Caldari people and will help every brother and sister that I can believe in our people again. I feel the Spirits of my Ancestors guide my actions and that encourages me further, to do better, try harder and to not give up. For the sake of the State, even if it costs me everything else.

    For now I will do all I can to deter those seeking easy billions from a scared element currently controlling the state from interfering with the plans and designs of the Caldari Providence Directorate and the Templis Dragonaurs.

  • Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details, Prize Breakdown & Claim Criteria in EVE Communication Center

    Gorski Car wrote:
    Eve Live Events ‏@EVE_LiveEvents 52 s
    Pandemic Legion assists Provists escape from Taisy! No bounties have been paid out tonight!

    Provist victor!

    you have secured my vote for CSM.

  • Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details, Prize Breakdown & Claim Criteria in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Logibro wrote:

    The issue you would have encountered at that event is the Phoenixes were in Siege, and thus couldn't receive remote assistance. You should be fine to try and rep the Chimeras as long as they don't go into triage.

    ah. ta

  • Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details, Prize Breakdown & Claim Criteria in EVE Communication Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    Ichinumi Tsukaya wrote:
    Silvia Remington i second your post and critiques, especially the T2 gear part.

    Also it is very hard to rp as a CPD loyalist assisting if I cannot rep remote boost their shields in highsec. i know i'd get nowhere by firing a few volleys in high at some poor CEP lackey. CCP Logibro mentioned in Live Events that each day it escalates, is there a chance that for the next two CCP will allow us to logi for the CPD?

    You can Remote rep them, you will just get a suspect flag just like anyone will if they rep another suspect or someone engaged in a limited engagement. You aren't going to get to rep a suspect while being safe from being shot at yourself. Just bring enough logi to rep yourselves as well if you get shot.

    mm no, tried that on the last one with safety off.

  • Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details, Prize Breakdown & Claim Criteria in EVE Communication Center

    Silvia Remington i second your post and critiques, especially the T2 gear part.

    Also it is very hard to rp as a CPD loyalist assisting if I cannot rep remote boost their shields in highsec. i know i'd get nowhere by firing a few volleys in high at some poor CEP lackey. CCP Logibro mentioned in Live Events that each day it escalates, is there a chance that for the next two CCP will allow us to logi for the CPD?

  • [Breaking News] Caldari Navy Manhunt Announced in EVE Communication Center

    I am now ready and willing, after reviewing the facts and preparing, to defend these good patriots of the state with as many of my lives as it takes, at any cost. Heth is gone to us, but his vision is not. We must find a way to eliminate the corruption that currently infests our State, to get back on the path of restoring our state's dignity.

    Ishukone would like to beg the Gallente for the return of our home to Caldari administration and the CEP is responding by whipping them with a wet lettuce, if even that, about their deception and the depth of their executive's treason whilst Tibus Heth was attempting to restore Caldari strength and reunify us with Caldari Prime. Our ancestors are no doubt turning in their graves. It is the duty of any remaining Caldari patriots and provists to defend what we can of the Providence Directorate against the scavengers who wish to take up arms against the Caldari State's renewal and resurrection for, admittedly, a lot of ISK from a corrupt CEP and Ishukone, at the expense of all people who call themselves a part of the Caldari State.

  • Server issues post start up: 25th of November in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks, CCP!