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  • Dev blog: Alliance Tournament XII - Commentators revealed in EVE Information Center

    Elise Randolph wrote:

    Interesting to see that you aren't involved in the team this year. Full faith with your broadcasting ability, though. Pretty easy decision from CCP.

    GL to all the commentators.

  • Video Monetization Policy in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Eterne wrote:
    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    Nutbolt wrote:
    CCP Guard wrote:
    You may not, however, use any EVE or DUST 514 videos to advertise products you are selling unless you are an authorized CCP distributor (and even then, you may only sell authorized CCP products).

    To clarify for people, does that mean you cannot use parts of EVE Trailers in videos if you wish to make money from them?

    Guard could clarify this, but I take this to mean that if your video is EVE content, it can't contain something like

    "I use Brand X Graphics Card to make EVE look even more awesome - buy yours at (website here) with referral code iliketurtles and help me produce more of these videos".

    And definitely not to sell EVE-related unofficial merchandise like your own 10-inch Megathron models.

    This is exactly correct. Nor can you use it to do something like "Come buy my guide to fleet commanding for only $19.99!"

    or altErnitiVEly publISh a guidE About Solo pvp or flYing as an fc and charge a monthly subscription fee. Especially if it's a money grab by an amarr battleship, ifyousawwhatididthere.

  • The Prospect ORE Frigate - Can we get confirmation? in EVE Communication Center

    Wasn't the prospect the original name for the venture?

  • [Summer 2014] Calling for feedback on Assembly Line Settings in EVE Technology and Research Center

    While those current options aren't widely used now, I'm not sure that removing them is the best option. Doing so severely hampers the (however remote) possibility of free-trade zones in the future. If I'm not completely mistaken, it appears to me that CCP is trying to encourage more small entities to move into null-sec. Allowing people to set up small fiefdoms and set standings to their bloc overlords to encourage some of the bloc industrials to build in their stations by setting up favorable tax rates. It could also be used by the same blocs to set up their own hubs by telling people that they can build wherever they like, but if they do it in these specific systems they won't pay any tax to do so. Just because the systems currently in place in the game don't support a lot of nullsec manufacturing and research doesn't mean that they won't in the future and it seems to me like an overabundance of industrials in null sec is a problem that CCP WANTS to have in the future.

    I guess the real questions is what is the specific purpose that you want to achieve by taking away those options? Do you feel that the interface is too cluttered? Do you feel that those options are intrinsically "bad"? Is it just streamlining the window by removing unused options?

  • Advertise on EVE TV during NEO II - Thursday Midnight Deadline! in EVE Communication Center

    Seldarine wrote:
    Inquisitor Kitchner wrote:
    I'm confident in Zulu Squad's advert submission being the best this year

    I'm confident in Suddenly Spaceship's advert submission being the worst this year

    I'm confident that Hydra's Allah Akbar ad is the best of the tournament by far.

  • *** The EVE Youtube channel and Google+ page *** in EVE Communication Center

    Manic Velocity wrote:
    Obvious Cyno wrote:


    It's the best place to be if you don't want anyone to find you. :P

    Doesn't want anyone to find on a social network......

  • Advertise on EVE TV during NEO II - Thursday Midnight Deadline! in EVE Communication Center


    I sent an email a few days ago with a couple questions about an ad that one of my alliance mates had made. Have you had a chance to take a look at it?

  • [Video] Can't touch this! - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    ******* fantastic. Another hilarious video from the best video maker in EVE right now. Well done.

  • Dev blog: Twitch integration is here! in EVE Information Center

    How has no one picked up that CCP Rise was flying on kil2 again in the screen shots? BRING SOLO BACK, PLEASE!

  • [Video] NullBear Freighter gets tackled in a belt, escalation imminent! in EVE Communication Center

    Skarlett Miromme wrote:
    ... I fought turn left 3-4 times ... But I dont wanna balme turn left for there ganking pvp.

    And finally we have figured it out. Someone got their **** pushed in by Ze Germans and used their forum alt to complain. Thanks for clarifying that.

  • [Video] NullBear Freighter gets tackled in a belt, escalation imminent! in EVE Communication Center

    Skarlett Miromme wrote:
    The video, music and the catch where nice but your fleet comp is extremly boring sitting at 80 km with sentrys dropped at 50 and just wait is boring to fly and to watch luckily you where in a maulus and not in one of these ishtars. Would be nice if you could do some videos without these kitting at 80 km and warp off if anything danger comes.

    I ******* agree. They should stand and fight toe to toe like men. None of this cheating kiting business. I'm right there with you Skarlett. When I bring a gang of my 100 closest friends, I want the enemies to stay where they are and die. HUZZAH!!

  • Cruising Lands - Solo/Small Gang PvP Video in EVE Communication Center

    SkyFlyer wrote:
    Mind elaborating why use 800s and a meta one instead of 400s and t2?
    I found that since 400s take a lot less space, im able to roam Sov space a lot longer then carrying 10~ 800's.
    Could just be personal preference though but appreciate the comment man just curious about it

    Sorry, should have elaborated.

    You get better cap boosting from 1 800 over 2 400s. For boosters, you need to factor the reload time into your calculations. So if you use the 800s, your total cycle time is 22 seconds (12 second duration and 10 second reload) whereas with 400s, your total cycle time is 34 seconds (2 cycles at 12 seconds each, plus 10 second reload). So the total cap/second is 36.36 for the 800s and 23.52 for the 400s. As far as the volume goes, your boost/m3 is the exact same, so that shouldn't factor into it.

    As far as the meta goes, it will sustain heat better and has lower fitting requirements. There are several mods that are like that where the meta 4 is strictly better than the T2 (webs come to mind).

    For the T2 MWD, it will hinder your cap less when not running than the meta 4 one will. Since you will be fighting without your MWD on most of the time once you establish point, I would recommend that you use the T2.

  • Cruising Lands - Solo/Small Gang PvP Video in EVE Communication Center

    Please, for the love of Jesus, put 800s in your medium cap boosters and use a meta 4 instead of the T2 boosters. Also, use a T2 MWD for your Deimos. Other than that, though, awesome vid.

  • [Video] New 2 Girls 1 Corp Pvp video. in EVE Communication Center

    Your superblacks and superwhites are getting clipped, which is ******* up the video and making it hard to see. My guess is that you need to go from studio RGB to computer RGB. Studio RGB has bounds from 16 to 235 whereas computer RGB goes from 0-255. When you are recording in FRAPS (I'm guessing) All of your levels will go from 0-255, which is especially important in EVE because so much of the detail is in those super low levels because of the blackness of space. The natural encoding colors for the codec that you are using will go from 16-235, since they are designed with broadcast specifications mind.

    To fix that, just type (your video editing program name) studio RGB to computer RGB into google. For instance, here is a tutorial on how to do it in Sony Vegas. Let me know if you are having problems getting this to work.

    Sony Vegas:

  • [Video] Phoons of Terror in EVE Communication Center

    Interview was amazing.

    Great video overall, carlos and of course a huge shout out to the dudes in turn left for rolling those awesome phoon fleets.

  • [Video] Velator Can Do It Too - Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    Clahim is ******* legit. Another great video, dude. Keep up the good work.

  • [Video] Ferocious 0.5 in EVE Communication Center

    That was a really good video with very solid fights. Keep it up.

  • CCP, what is your planned order of changing ship class stats in EVE Communication Center

    Ytterbium's posts are my favorite posts.

    Edit: rolling a 7 on a d6 for EAFs. Well played.

  • Advertise on EVE TV during Alliance Tournament XI in EVE Communication Center

    Per one of my alliance mate's conversations w/ CCP Fozzie, I submitted our AT XI ad. Please let me know if I need to change anything.

  • The 32 Chosen by Random Draw in EVE Communication Center

    Longdrinks wrote: 16:35 aaaaw yeah

    Oh, Alex Dua. Shame he couldn't bring his smart bombing Hyperion to Iceland.