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  • Player Owned Dead space pockets in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daichi Yamato wrote:
    Two enemies enter the dead space pocket and both go suspect. The defenders (two as well) shoot ONE of the attackers. The attacker being engaged is the only one who can shoot the defenders because of his limited engagement. His friend cannot help, he must wait his turn to have a 2v1 fight...

    Suspect does not work for gang fights. It merely creates a queue if 1vAll.

    Either make everyone in the site suspect or otherwise a legal target, or no way is this happening.

    Ah I get what your saying The defender corp can then pick off the suspects and then that one guy geting shot can only defend him self. Yea that was a miss thought on my part here I'll update it. If you got a better idea then what i posted let me know.

  • Player Owned Dead space pockets in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Player Owned Dead space pockets
    There are Dead Space pockets that pirates own why can’t your corp get one of there own?

    Idea is You probe out a dead space pocket but you do not know what is in it so your corp buy a Acceleration gate form an Lp store 10,000 lp 20m isk. If your corp doesn’t have any clam to a dead space yet they can anchor it, after 2 hours and filled it will some strontium you can take the gate.

    The Dead space pocket can be three things
    Ore belt, Ice belt or a mining colony ranked form 1 to 3 the lower the number it is the less it will have.

    The Ore Belt
    The Belt will be a small belt will have rocks not found in that sector of space like say its in Gallintie space it will have kernite, a little gneiss like 1 or 2 rocks. If its higher on the level It may have Jaspet. Repopulates after downtime.

    Ice belt
    Same as the Ore belt Your find ice that is not form that space. Maybe a few Glare Crust of that nature. Repopulates after downtime.

    Mining Colony
    Things get a little tricky here You find an an abandon mining colony. Well you need to fill it with workers Frozen food trade goods of that nature. Now you got a working mining colony It Produces Ore, compressed ore, and minerals but it has to be emptied every so often or production will stop. Capacity is 30,000 and fills up in 15 hours.
    Things that will stop production tho Is it getting hit by npc pirates size varies but its around what you will see in a level 3 mission. When it starts the corp will get a notification.

    Other Players The Fun part
    If other players scan down the gate they can take it and get inside but go suspect and a mail gets sent to the corp. After 15 mins (timer suspect wares off) only the owning corp can attack the intruder providing he is still inside. But the invading player can loot the Mining colony by using an Analyzer on it and a mail get sent the illegal access has begun after 5 mins he gains access. They can mine and kill rats provided that the owners do not show up.
    If another corp comes a long and wants it then they can war dec the owning corp blow up the acceleration gate and place their own.

    The dead space pocket can last form 5 days to 21 days depending on the level of the pocket
    Once the space back into normal space the acceleration gate goes inactive falls apart.
    Only one corp can own one at a time.

    Suspect timer And defending corp
    After a few trolls and some a few people saying “irleetpvpuno” with no feedback on how to change this is what I’ve come up with.

    You have the Owning corp Corp A and then corp B warps in and goes suspect. Corp A then wants to defend there dead space and Engages or just one player of corp A shoots (spi). The entire Corp gets Flaged with say ‘Corp Aggression’ What that Does is because corp A shot at corp B All of corp B can Shoot at corp A. now say a corp C warps in And shoots Corp B. Corp B and corp C can now shoot each other But because its Corps A space and does not shoot Corp C, Then corp C cannot shoot a Corp A.
    Logi, and Nut Logi
    Corp A Has Nut logi that belongs to a npc corp and start reping. That would flag him as a suspect. But if Corp B has logi of the same npc corp and doesn’t rep it does not get flaged as ‘Corp Aggression’ but is still suspect because it warped in, The npc corps can not hold deadspace pocket so they can not take Corp Aggression. But say corp C warps in and logi starts to Rep corp B, Corp C is still suspect, But can not attack corp A until attacked.

  • Corporation owned DED sites and a reason for wars in High sec in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Corporation owned DED sites and a reason for wars in High sec

    when I first joined eve I thought we could own DED sites well yea... So here is my idea

    To Find them and stake clam

    one corporation can own one ded site

    There is a Life time on the site, space fluctuation become stable after 3 days to 20 days and you need to find a new site.

    I thought of this for mostly For high sec crops for a reason to undock when war dec so if there null sec or low ideas have at it.

    You must Probe them out then you need to buy a beacon form a Lp store for 20,000 lp and a acceleration gate assembly array Form the concord lp store

    The acceleration gate takes 32 hours to construct, why 32 hours its all about making content say another Corporation found it and wants it well a war dec takes 24 hours now you got an 8 hour window to fight. You can take it down but it will take 24 hours.

    Whats in them? Access Control

    Well Say some random person probes out your DED site and wants to pop in and take a look, or mabye he is some Pirate crop looking for easy pray, well he can but he will become suspect when entering, so if you don't want him there by all means remove him.

    But what is in them, Ah that is the main question every one wants to know Almost every one had seen or ben in a DED site For missions Anomaly and it has all kinds of things Well the catch is you wont know what is in it till you have built an acceleration gate and jumped in but I was thinking 3 things.

    Mining colony this has a rather large supply of hard to find ore and it regenerates after Dt till the DED space fluctuation become stable. The Mining colony Also is loot able every 12 hours any one can get ore or minerals form it, got to have a reason to fight right.

    Laboratory, this one is a little tricky but space pirates have them why cant we? What it does I want to think something is the only way to get materials to make implants.

    Ruin Station, the Local pirates want the station so every few hours there will be 6 waves, it will send out a Corp email saying something like “Your DED site is under assault by Angle Pirates” no more than a total of 15m in bounty when the DED site space fluctuation is going to become stable the last wave has a Commander rat and the site colapses.

    Keep in mind This was just intended for high sec in mind. Sure you can think of a way for low and null but trying to wrap my head around the ideas of fitting it in with sov and the link makes my head warped. Maybe something like this will be introduced with the new structures that are coming out like the Drilling platforms there will be something like this but I have a feeling its gona be for null

  • [AEGIS] Missile Hitpoints in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I did not think the firewall tactics was that big of a deal, I had hardly heard any really using them effectively to make a difference too

  • fix amarr standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    Estella Osoka wrote:
    I don't get it. You're not making enough isk/LP in FW, so you want to do incursions? Sounds like you're doing something wrong.

    when minmitar has ben in t1 for the past 6-7 months you dont make a lot

  • fix amarr standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    meh yea I do have 10.00 in tribal liberation force, so jump clones are not a problem just that -5 in amarr when trying to do incursions and a lot of them are in amarr so im kind of out of luck when they are there ive ben trying to do courier missions then get a mate to run the story line mission when i cant out run the navy, lol already lost 2 cheep ships to them.

    I've debated in joining fw when incursions are just in amarr and then leaveing when I can run them which seems like the best option currently.

  • fix amarr standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    yes i know about the


    I like minmitar fw so i dont want to use it till im ready to not go back
    I want to run incrustion atm

    could i say buy standings form mission runners, ive tryed to buy level 2 but it did not register, mabye cuse i wasn't in the same system just in the fleet
    could i join a corp with positive amarr standings and not get attacked in amarr?

    any ideas

    atm im -5.99 with diplo 4

  • ♛♛ Bobmon, CSM 10 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    i like eve 24 it is good unbiased news

  • [Release!]: Various Artists - New Eden Logs (Eng) in EVE Communication Center

    Shocked thats some nice sounds, I could see going in to fleet welps with that playing

  • Mining Colonies in EVE Technology and Research Center

    well seeing how this isnt get any more idea posts here some to add to it

    well if you let it give a lot of ore it might screw up the mining prices but they are going to be high now because of the new requirements for manufacturing

    use it to give t3 parts... ok don't rage I'm not talking about t3 cruisers people ben wanting smaller comandships so why not t3, or t2 destroyers that give on grid boosters that need items to build form the colonies

    well there need to be somthing that gives content to corps this might be it mabye not, but this would give a nice boost to pvp and reason to war dec

  • War. Mongers Minmitar Fraction Warfare Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    War. Mongers

    War. Mongers are a Minmitar Fraction Warfare Corporation. We Are Fast passed Crash Booster snorting Individuals That Pride them self's With having High Octane fights, Making isk, and Controlling War-zones.

    What We Have To Offer Our Members:

    • Mumble coms
    • Hard hitting Fights where you can smell you Afterburners melting into your hull
    • Replacement ships when the war get hard
    • One of the best Ways to make isk
    • We Can show you the Way to pvp but it is up to you to Down the Nerve Sticks
    • Lots of Combat Boosters

    What We Want From You

    • Willing To Fight The Amarr
    • Can Step Up And Take Charge
    • Active
    • No Drama, This is Eve She takes your cookie kicks you in your face and then tells you how good it is.
    • Be able to Join Minmitar Milita

    Sound like You Want To Join?

  • Mining Colonies in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I do like the Idea. I can see major fights over it too, like a high sec corp has found a colonie that doesn't expire for at least 20 more days and another corp wants it so war happens, It gives carbares a reason to fight.

    The rats make it so it need to have somone keep warping to it like once every 4 hours to kill them

    you can have a cloaky fleet camp one of them and have a blockade runner keep scooping up loot with the fleet nbs, and seeing how it has to be probed down it wont be randoms warping to it.

    This would add much needed content out of the basic norm for small corps doing mining and mission runing,

    mabye not have it mine moon goo because it wont be on a moon, But i can see it get valuable Ice or Gas, mabye a small amout of t3 minerals on the higher end ones

    the negatives, well ill post back when i think of some
    well i could see maybe a 3 man alt corp taking advantage of this but then a war dec would take care of it

  • use of drugs in EVE Gameplay Center

    so i was thinking about using drugs but the negative effect of them seems to out way the pros because when shtf and i need to do a line of crash it might make my death all more worse but it might make me live any ideas and suggestions to this?

    i know there have been major talk about this in the past csm seen here

    but I dont see the plans of them changeing it any time soon.

    so any tips?

  • Kronos Feedback in EVE Information Center

    currently patching cant play hard till after work.... work is over rated but i don't want to generate content and so i work to pay my power bill

  • Gallente FW is it active. in EVE Gameplay Center

    fw is extremely fun, I was thinking join back into minmitar but I've ben running incursions and it would kinda mess me up if i get -5 standing.

    but here is some tips
    amarr - minmitar= fw you join to farm
    caldari - gal = you join to pvp

    gal has some of the most active fw players and longest active fw corps that fight day in day out and drop carrirers/caps on caldari

    it has been sed Gallente fw is the one you marry the others are just mistresses you mess around with

  • Dev Blog: The New Eden Store in EVE Information Center

    dang i was hopeing the 3 tpyes of sleeve tatoos would be exclusive for the people who bought the collectors edition

  • Dev Blog: Coming in Kronos: Introducing what's in the Kronos release in EVE Information Center

    when is this going to happen

  • A message regarding vandalism of the EVE Universe Monument in EVE Communication Center

    so it was not just one person involved.... wow

  • Six new ships for summer expansion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    strange my other post did not post,

    im thinking its going to be navy destoyers becuse if you look at the fw plexs the navy des already have a paint job and a smaller ship to support warfare links, mabye small warfare link mods

  • wormholes c1 right plan? in EVE Gameplay Center

    would going for nighthawks also be good because of there tank if i rember right is about 1k pasvie recharge rate?