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  • [118.7] Warp Bubble Dragging Change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Larrikin wrote:
    Hi Space Friends,

    The current range that warp bubbles are effective (how far from your destination they can pull you out of warp) is a little unclear. This has lead to some 'interesting' possibilities, such as bubble camping a gate with a citadel.

    With the 118.7 patch, we are considering changing the maximum distance for a warp bubble (mobile, probe or hictor bubble) to effect a warp to be 500km.

    This means only warp disruption bubbles that are 500km in-front or behind your warp destination, which are inline with your warp, will pull you out of warp early or drag you.

    What do you think? We'd love your feedback!

    Update 2016-07-04 - Q&A

    Make sure you include ESS in this as well, since they're a backdoor bubble.

  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    Started playing in 2012, picked up again recently. The game selection is good (I do wish they had limit cash games is all) and the players are classy.

    Definitely give this a look if poker is your thing.

  • Mass test on Singularity on Thursday, 30th April, at 17:00 EVE-time in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Habakuk wrote:

    • Fleet 1: Jump to Poitot and setup gate camp
    • Fleet 2: Jump to Poitot + fight at the gate

    What else should I know?
    • We will be moving players to the test system - join the channel massmoveme
    • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test

    • Poitot is the only named system in Syndicate.

    Just sayin'

    Aww, someone beat me. :(

  • [New structures] Assembly Array and Research Laboratories in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I really like the directions of the new structures proposals. A lot.

    What I'm concerned about, in the dev-blog-as-written are two things:

    1) The attack method for the medium-sized "Assembly Platform" is 'Damage'. Not damage+reinforce like other objects, but just 'damage' like the Mobile Tractor Unit. Given the investment-nature of this structure, I just don't see anything that can be killed by a small roaming gang while you're asleep and cooking a job seeing any use.

    I'd like to see more clarification on what 'damage' means, in this context, and what use cases you envision for this hardware. It looks like it's a sort of entry-level, small-scale - perhaps individual-scale - facility which I think there is definitely a demand for, but right now there's gangs going out looking for MTUs and ESS' to kill. ESS use is basically a joke anywhere I've ever seen it attempted, or the ESS is deployed as bait rather than for it's ostensible purpose: increasing ratting income.

    If I'm right about the intended using audience, consider the mobile depot as a better model than the MTU?

    2) Research has no medium-sized, small/personal-scale structure. This is interesting since Research is a generally done by the few, and production done by the many. I would expect the demand for the smaller scale stuff is higher. Then again, I did most of my research in a wormhole, with mobile labs in a POS.

    Especially if BPOs are going to be in the line of fire, however, the meanings of 'entosis' vs 'entosis + site' are super important. Well researched BPOs are among the highest value items in the game, and putting them in jeopardy is going to be deeply chilling. (This may be why there is no small-scale research labs being planned, in fact).

    tl;dr - I really need to know more about the potential risk/reward balance here.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Jessica Danikov wrote:
    I don't see why they can't make an SoE/capsuleer/other factionT3 destroyer because of this.

    They're CCP, they can do anything. But, to date, no pirate or navy faction ship is T2 except the Alliance Tournament prizes.

    I'd love to see the Four Empires start to lose importance to advanced content, though.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center


    TOP DONOR: Kyozo Haruuken - 101,635 pts (Honorary Patron of Ascension)

    TRUSTEE-LEVEL (25,000+):

    Rufis Malone - 34,239 pts
    Jandice Ymladris - 57,641 pts
    Darren Fox - 25,824 pts
    James Arget - 10,000 pts
    Marbin Drakon - 10,000 pts

    ORGANIZER-LEVEL (5,000+):

    Guillome Renard - 7,961 pts
    Tanith Astarael - 5,744 pts
    Hordi LaGeorge - 7,808 pts

    SUPPORTER-LEVEL (1,000+):

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon - 1,493 pts
    Stable Cusp - 1,118 pts
    Marvin Senitia - 3,000 pts
    Aphoxema G - 1,000 pts
    Seismic Stan - 1,506 pts
    Jacquen Brunerre - 1,958 pts
    Gaia Ma'chello - 1,160 pts
    Ineza Erasi - 1,188 pts
    Sylvanium Orlenard - 3,020 pts
    Fillin Ambramotte - 1078 pts

    DONOR-LEVEL (500+):

    Myrina Bishop - 725 pts
    Darvids0n - 540 pts
    Ash Kion - 696 pts
    Adam Evans - 841 pts
    Bane Shydow - 658 pts
    Jin alPatar - 800 pts

    ENDORSER-LEVEL (Less than 500 pts, point totals omitted):

    KusK62, Mizcesth, SmokinMoses, Ikslagor, C1unk, Lenroc Elisav, typhoon Rinah, Stalence (thanks for the bottle of spirits!), Baltar Mengos, Aegea Siannodel, Teutonii, Ancalanna Hareka, and Nina Geiker

    Champions of capsuleer autonomy, all.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    So, some analysis:

    The Campaign:

    We got stomped. Not really a surprise. As I've said before, this campaign had basically the entire deck stacked against it:

    1. We started 12 hours after CCP's;
    2. We had no universal channel of communication;
    3. We had no guaranteed broker (NPCs to take contracts);
    4. We had nothing to offer in either tech or fame;
    5. etc.

    Despite these challenges, our campaign showed very well until the final moments, when the Smart Money(tm) poured in. This is perfectly in line with my expectations. The way this race was constructed, the smartest move was to hold all of your donations until the last second and then pour them in all at once. This gives your enemies zero warning about your donation and you don't have to worry about a "holy crap, look at the Caldari, we better get our act together" bump showing you up.

    Congratulations to the Amarr, enjoy your Tech 3 dessies in December.

    This campaign was the first time I tried to organize anything on a global scale within EVE online and the experience was both rewarding and interesting to me. I will definitely be pulling shenanigans like this in the future.

    For those who suggested (and there were a lot of you) that I look up Chribba, he did finally get back to me! Four hours after the donation window closed. Blink I will definitely be looking him up for support of future events where security of your donations is a concern, but if he's traveling again or what have you I will do it myself if needed.

    I was repeatedly called a scammer, lots of people rolled their eyes at and variously criticized my campaign as glory hounding, and worse. This did not surprise me in the slightest. What DID surprise me is just how little of this there was. I received ONE scam contract trying to steal blue loot from me (Newbie please, I've been playing this game since Exodus: Cold War), despite managing to reach some 50,000+ people through various channels of communication. Clearly I'm not important enough to troll. Bear

    How CCP Used This Campaign

    CCP Fozzie was up front that they couldn't really offer a legitimate non-empire option and now in hindsight the motivation for that is obvious: New ships means new skills, those skills rely on the racial skills template laid down during EVE's inception, and so obviously they're not going to release a 5th-faction (pirate T3?) ship just because someone else wanted to make trouble.

    Instead, CCP Fozzie and Falcon recognized the impulse that drove this campaign and gave us a tip of the hat mention during EVE Vegas - which I profoundly appreciate. It's not the interactivity that we saw during the height of A'J, but it's far from the cold shoulder that bittervet me anticipated.

    But still...

    How CCP Could Have Used This Campaign

    The major objection I have to CCP Fozzie saying that we couldn't roll an independent option is a simple one: There are so many ways to tweak and tune a narrative, to introduce twists that do NOT change the material outcome that you've decided upon, but give room for minor actors (and I make no claims to being anything but) to make their dent in the thing. "Yes but..." is the sandbox GM's credo.

    I give this whole live event a B+. It was a non-ti-di, indeed non-combat, decentralized effort and it has tangible (in the short run) impacts on the world. So kudos to them for that.

    There's still a million questions pertaining to lore that are unanswered: How, exactly, have sleeper behaviors changed? Why can't those of us who interact with sleepers every damned day see this? How do these behavioral changes lead to the development of Veritech fighters^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Tech 3 Destroyers??

    The players who donated to this campaign were looking to nudge the Lore more than to nudge the development of specific game mechanics.

    I busted CCP Falcon's chops earlier in the thread to indirectly point out that he was too-narrowly viewing A'J and what it represented to EVE, to EVE's players, and what it could represent to CCP. Now I'm going to come out and directly say it:

    A'J always was about more than wormholes; It was about players interacting DIRECTLY with the lore. CCP Falcon seems to miss the point, viewing it narrowly as a tool for releasing more wormhole-related content. This is better than not viewing it at all, but A'J is actually a model for dev/player interaction, it is a way to give players unique content and yes that can serve to introduce new mechanics, new toys, and other changes in game - but those are side benefits to its role as a way to engage players directly. That direct engagement is a draw.

    CCP Seagull says you're challenging the things you thought you knew about EVE and how things had to be. I encourage CCP to expand this to their Live Events. Let the players be the stars of Live Events (which this one did a better job at than some in the past have) and be ready, once you open it to player interaction, for someone to take a wild left turn on you.

    Parting Thoughts

    Thank you, to all who participated. I will look into getting a page on the EVE wiki, and I will link to that page from my bio for all eternity. I will post the list of donors in this thread shortly.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Okromis Thara wrote:
    Guillome Renard wrote:
    Due to financial activity in my wallet getting too complicated to work with (I shouldn't have done this on my main), I had to close my positions in relations to this campaign early. I have returned all outstanding donations as ISK. Everyone who donated blue loot received 50k per NNA and 200k per SDL (50k per point), except for two donors who requested blue loot back, ahead of time.

    Thank you to all who supported this campaign. Watch this space after the EVE Vegas keynote for analysis, stats, etc.

    Sorry, I was really excited looking at the numbers and may have misunderstood. Have you pulled out of this endeavor? Also, thank you for your quick return of ISK.

    No, we did not pull out. We successfully completed our campaign. The polls closed, the votes have been tallied. CCP was never - and they made this clear from day 1 - going to incorporate my drive as a legitimate contender in the race. This was a protest movement, a show of support for player-driven stuff, and a statement against the same old 'four empires' choices.

    Since CCP was never going to do anything with your donations to me, I had planned from the get-go to return the donations to you all. I was going to wait until after the announcement, but I have records of who donated what and there wasn't any additional reason to delay (plus I had a nice kspace exit from my wormhole chain to work with, strike while the iron's hot).

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Due to financial activity in my wallet getting too complicated to work with (I shouldn't have done this on my main), I had to close my positions in relations to this campaign early. I have returned all outstanding donations as ISK. Everyone who donated blue loot received 50k per NNA and 200k per SDL (50k per point), except for two donors who requested blue loot back, ahead of time.

    Thank you to all who supported this campaign. Watch this space after the EVE Vegas keynote for analysis, stats, etc.

  • Dev Blog: Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116 in EVE Information Center

    Elilura wrote:
    That's awesome, that's a lot more than I expected, think around 2 million points were donated in the 36 hours leading up to today's down time then. I know you've already spoiled us by giving us those figures, but could you spoil us even further by giving ballpark figures of the contribution of the top donators?

    I'm also interested in the number of people who donated.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    You can't annoy me with your delusions, sorry.

    And you can't touch me with yours.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    Is it one of those "killmails" where the faction police actually did the work?

    How's that poem go? "For want of a nail the battle was lost?"

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    Caldari ftw.

    Shouldn't you be getting your thrasher popped by my Ares in Hek? ;)


    Our final tally is 261,832 + 1.27B ISK (+~25,400 pts = 287,232 final tally, all-in) from 39 individual donors!

    Based on CCP's language that there was a last minute surge (a wise strategy given the format of the competition) I expect we got left in the dust, but the fact remains: we held our own very nicely against some substantial disadvantages:

    • When CCP sends a message, EVERYONE IN EVE gets it. When I send a message, I get a few hundred views.
    • When you donate to CCP, you /know/ what you're getting. When you donate to me, I could be a scammer and run off with the ISK.
    • CCP made it pretty clear* from the word go that this campaign would not be considered a legitimate contender, so folks who donated here did so purely as a demonstration, at personal risk, with basically zero hope of official reward.
    • CCP started 12 hours ahead of me, and had a plan going in. I had to make this up as I went.

    That said, we did have some advantages over CCP, which I should mention as well:

    • You donate to CCP for almost assuredly no reward unless you're a major market mogul. Every donation to my campaign will be acknowledged.
    • EVE Players love to punk The Man(tm), love a good rabble-rouse, and love underdogs.
    • My donors will be getting their stuff or the ISK value of it back, whereas donations to CCP /definitely/ go into a black hole.

    Despite all this, 39 brave souls risked ISK and dignity to stand for greater player influence and capsuleers thumbing their nose at the four empires. I suspect nothing will come of it, given the statements made by CCP Fozzie and CCP Falcon. I'll be making one last post, after the smoke has cleared and they've done their big reveal, commenting on how I think they could've better used this intitiative to involve a broader base of players and how they can be better prepared for player-initiated shenanigans in the future.

    * While I feel very strongly that CCP missed an opportunity here, if you're not going to capitalize on that the least you can do is say so upfront, so kudos to CCP Fozzie and CCP Falcon for being immediately responsive and up-front about what they were willing to commit to. Keep up the good work guys.

    EDIT: In other-other news: Don't blog-and-fly kids! While writing this post [I went down in my Taranis with some of the donated blue loot... that's coming out of my paycheck. :( ( linky doesn't work you'll have to cut and paste)

  • Dev Blog: Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116 in EVE Information Center

    per wrote:
    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Donations are now closed! The four empires got a huge surge of donations in the last day of the event, and the results will probably surprise many people.

    We're going to be revealing the results including:
    • The order of the Empires
    • Who the biggest donors were for each faction
    • What tech this is leading towards
  • at the EVE Vegas Keynote this Saturday! The Keynote will be broadcasted live for free on our channel.

how about independent (5th side)?

Final Independent Total: 261,832 + 1.27B ISK (+~25,400 pts = 287,232 final tally, all-in) from 39 individual donors.

Once CCP has made their statement, I'm going to make a final, contextualizing post on my thread, with a roadmap for CCP to have better capitalized on my efforts.

ISK or blue loot (donor's choice) will be returned over the next two weeks, smallest donations will be paid back on Monday out of my pocket. The rest of you who did not just want the blue loot back will have to wait it's scattered ALLLLL over New Eden right now and cleanup will take a bit.

I'm seriously impressed with how well we did given the many, many advantages CCP's campaign had over us. I will definitely be pulling stunts like this in the future.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    255,626 as of 2AM EVE Time, 10/14.

    Sorry for the delay, I have a /nasty/ head cold right now.

    This means that we would be in 2nd place, were we considered to be in the running, a scant 56k pts behind Caldari.

    The punchline is that this is EXCLUDING the ISK donations received, which - @50,000ISK/pt would cut that lead in half.

    This is beyond my expectations for this campaign. Well beyond it.

    The donations have come from 35 unique individuals. Some individuals have donated multiple times. The largest single donation (and largest total) is 101,635. The smallest is 5pts + a bottle of spirits (cheers).

    There's 10 hours left, so we'll see if we get a last minute rush, but I'm super pleased with how this went.

    Once again: unless CCP yanks the blue loot from me, it will be liquidated and returned ask ISK unless you've given me license to not return it, or asked for the blue loot back as blue loot.

    It'll take me a few days (read: couple of weeks, if I'm honest) to get everything tallied, and put away, and then I still have to figure out how to properly honor you all. You have until I've processed your return to tell me how you'd like it to come: silence = ISK.

  • Dev Blog: Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116 in EVE Information Center

    So ummm. *cough*

    Without counting the ISK donations (of which there are several)...

    I'm in 2nd place with 255,626 pts.


  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Vincent Athena wrote:
    It occurred to me that although you have less than any given faction, you do have enough to do one odd thing:

    Donate enough to three factions that all four have exactly the same amount. You would have to make some sort of deal where you get the final numbers after the competition ends, than make one final donation of your own, in just the right amounts, to equalize everyone.

    I'd thought about that, or simply playing kingmaker.

    Sadly, there was no warning, so there was no time to do anything but push hard on what I thought of halfway through the first day. To ensure that I got good numbers I offered folks the promise that they'd get their blue loot (or iSK) back, should I fail to get CCP involved. Since that's happened, (and since we consistently trail), this'll have to remain an interesting side show.

    I don't have new numbers right now because I'm away from my desk. I'll put 'em up in several hours, though.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Update is in for the 12th (actually those numbers are from the 11th, I'm away from my desk today and most of tomorrow). We've fallen behind a little bit, but we're still showing competitively at 106,505.

  • Dev Blog: Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116 in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:

    Caldari - 168,564

    Amarr - 152,740

    Minmatar - 135,430

    Gallente - 127,683

    A good showing by the four empires. The Independent campaign has not been idle, either. We have pledges now from several large wormhole entities and we now have 23 donors.

    Our total is 106,505. The new push from Minmatar has spared them the embarassment of being passed by a no-name gunboat pilot from Intaki IV. We're not done yet, though. Not by a long shot.

    CCP Fozzie's numbers include contracts not yet accepted, and mine are tentative as well. I'm away from my usual keyboard at the moment, so these numbers are actually from around 20:00 EVE Time, 10/11. I may have new donations by now. Also, I've received 26,000 points worth of donations in the form of ISK. I haven't converted this ISK to blue loot yet, so there's likely a small amount of overestimation in here. On the other hand, I also know that I have at least 6k in donations waiting for me when I get back, if EVEMail is to be believed.

    I'll have more accurate numbers on Monday.

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Update is in, 13,082 is our current total, putting us 49 pts away from beating Minmatar.

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