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  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version is available.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version for march release is available. Thank you for your support, guys.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version available.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vanguard release available.

    Morza Askiras,SiriusM
    This is an old issue with EVE localization and the way it handles item names. For some reason EVE client expects XML import in the same format it uses for storing localization info internally. It has nothing to do with EFT.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Galatea version available.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Malkeios wrote:

    It should be pt=(1+bp)*(1+bp*S(1))*(1+bp*S(2))
    Such modifiers are multiplied together and not added.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Aegis release is available.

    Spcius Patrouette wrote:
    Thanks for the program. How long after an update does the patch usually come out? interested to see if missiles are worth fitting now.

    Usually within 24h after the patch. Sometimes it could take few days.

    How does EFT calculate stacking penalty? So far my results indicate that EFT doesn't penalize the modules as much as the formula states.

    If you think EFT is wrong somewhere you'd better to compare EFT vs ingame value. If you want to verify your calculations you need to show them obviously. ;)

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version is available with Aegis changes preview (except heavy missile damage increase which can be simulated with 5% hardwiring implant if needed).

    Cebraio wrote:
    Gripen, I wanted to send you some money for your excellent work, but paypal didn't let me.Tells me "it's currently not possible". I'll try again another time. Just so you know, there might be a problem with that.

    Thanks for info - it seems that line about paypal is no longer relevant.

    flaming phantom wrote:
    why are prices not updating?
    I have the option checked, and a couple items have the price displayed, but about 90% don't. It seems like it has always been like this for me, but I would now like to start experimenting with faction/deadspace mods, and alt tabbing back to eve to get prices is quite annoying.

    You need to fit the module for price to update.

    Johny Tyler wrote:
    I went back to the old version of EFT but the Entosis link seems to have disappeared from there as well. I then built a fit with an Entosis link using Osmium. I imported the fit to EFT and the module seems to be recognized and working correctly in the fitting window. But when I try to "Open module group" the modules do not appear in the fitting panel. However it did open the fitting panel to where the modules are supposed to be. There is a "Entosis Links" catagory in the "Scanning Equipment" section, but the module is not showing up.

    That's strange and I have no idea how it could be possible (unless you didn't noticed and selected to show only faction modules or something like that). Only thing I could suggest is trying a clean separate copy of EFT.

    Luscius Uta wrote:
    I have a feature suggestion, Missile damage calculator: You open a fit with missile launchers, right click under "Firepower", specify target's signature radius and velocity and it calculates your practical DPS.
    I know that DPS graph does a similar thing, but this way you won't need to have a full fit and can just specify only those two variables that matter.

    You don't need a full fit - you can just open an empty one. And I can't see how opening it is slower than typing numbers in. So I don't think it's worth doubling functionality and complicating the UI for this.

    GashaSerb wrote:
    We need Polarized Mega Pulse Laser stats

    Is there something wrong with them?

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Carnyx version available.

    Demortis Kado wrote:
    I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but I cant seem to get the Svipul in my EFT. One of my alliancemates says he has it on 2.27 but I don't have it in 2.29. Is there anything I can check for this?

    Make sure you've copied all the files and not just executable on update. There is a recommended update procedure in FAQ.txt which makes sure you won't end up with half-old and half-new files.

    Under Toe wrote:
    anyone having issues importing the character info in the import window for the api key it will not let me copy and paste in the information and when I type it in it still does not work correctly any help will be greatly appreciated

    Check your antivirus - blocking copy/pasting is a security measure some of them use.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mosaic version available.

    Aesir's Guardian wrote:
    raw value may be OK but with skill the cpu mismatch for me. I don't know where the error come from (I updated my char in EFT and it works). Here is a screenshot :

    You seems to have turret CPU reduction implant (WU-1003) on the character in EFT and not have one ingame. EE-603 is a different implant which affects total ship CPU and goes to different slot so it don't stop WU-1003 from working.

    Beta Stryker wrote:
    ...and possibly a CTRL+Z function to undo whatever you just modified on a fitting? For example, if I accidentally delete a module, I have to re-search for it, re-add it, etc.

    I know it's not a true replacement for redo\undo functionality but you can quickly access removed modules from "Recently Used" group on the fitting panel.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Release for Scylla is available.

    Spugg Galdon wrote:
    REQUEST: Can you put the calibration cost of the rigs into the fitting panel. That would be useful

    You can do so by opening Show Info window about any rig, right-clicking Calibration and selecting Show on Fitting Panel option.

    Baali Tekitsu wrote:
    Is it possible to acquire old versions of EFT? Im especially interested in files from the Crucible and Inferno release.

    Crucible 1.6 - EFT2.14.8
    Inferno 1.2 - EFT2.16
    I don't have all releases saved but here are most of them (File is too big to fit on alternative mirror).

    Kimatary wrote:
    Does not work with Proxy.
    Add Please select the protocol and host name. Such as implemented in the program EVEMon.
    Thanks in advance.

    Read FAQ.txt or error message after unsuccessful connection for information on how to configure proxy setting. Not sure what you mean by protocol selection as only protocol used is http/https.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Release for Tiamat is available.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Proteus version is available.

    People who had issues with popup menus causing EFT to hang, please report if this would happen again in this release (I made some changes which I believe should solve them).

    Antonio Steele wrote:
    The alternate mirror site for EFT downloads in the first post is flagged by my security software as dangerous and as a malware distributer. Is it really that hard to find fairly legit free file hosting sites? I see a lot of use of adfly and mediafire for minecraft files. Is there something wrong with those? I love EFT, but the hosting sites the maker uses always seem pretty shady, especially when the Juno cloud site was advertising porno and bogus link bait related to it (No I did not click on it LOL! I know better).

    Both links are working fine with plenty of people downloading every day without any issues. No matter where I would host there will always be some false alarms from different antivirus packages some people using. As for advertisements: welcome to the Internet - that's how it works.

    3m3 wrote:
    Hi Gripen ^_^
    Thanks for all work you done, i see you are little busy right now, becouse i see you know what :), i m curious, form that i figure it out eft is java aplication, is there maybe some easy tutorial that learn things that allow simlpe not programer person make changes in eft? becouse i have some free time sometimes, and maby i can do some eft updates

    EFT is not written on java and custom modifications are not officially supported.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    j'aurai wrote:
    ..and your alternative mirror is compromised, ie. malware detected. Not cool.

    That does not seems to be correct. VirusTotal report.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rhea version available.

    Buddelschiffsmutje wrote:
    ... - Can you add an option in preferences to include reload time for cap booster, asb, aar, ...? ...

    Cap Boosters always account for reload time since they are usually loaded with biggest carges and spend a lot of time in reload.
    When overheating ASBs and AARs you can control if reloads are factored in by adding and removing charges from them. As for capacitor use - there is not reason in accouting for reload since 60 seconds is too long to call it continuous operation and resulting numbers would not make much sense.

    Barton Breau wrote:
    Hmmph, the 2.25.2 version seems to have malformed speed bonus attribute (say afterburners), the % is missing in the module info window and the column in fitting panel is gone, too.

    Anyone can verify?

    Yes, that's because of the way ABs/MWDs apply their bonus was changed internally. I hope it does not bugger anyone much as this is quite a special case I am not sure it worth messing with.

    Jurico Elemenohpe wrote:
    I accidentalied something and now it looks like this - and I need to hover over the left side to make the items and stuff window appear.
    How do I fix this?

    There is a "Lock/Unlock" button in the top-right corner of Fitting Panel which controls if the panel allowed to hide itself or locked in place.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version with Rhea preview available. To change Tactical Destroyer modes right-click module list outside of module or empty slot items.

    The Hessian wrote:
    Small glitch, Version 2.25:
    High Grade Talon Set boosts Gravimetric (should boost Magnetometric)

    Uhm... no? Talon Implants are boosting Gravimetric Sensor Strength ingame.

    Lobster Man wrote:
    Sometimes when I right click (anywhere in the program that has a right-click menu, but mostly on fitted modules, and this happens most often when I have a near-complete fit) the program will freeze/lock-up for a few seconds. ... Is this normal? Is there any fix for this? Or anything else I can try to make the right-click menus appear more quickly?

    No, this is not normal but so far I got a similar report only once I was not able to find out anything that could cause this. Given rarity of the issue and that there is nothing really special being done when you invoke righ-click menu I'm not even convinced that it is a EFT issue. On the other hand I hope to rewrite some of menu code in near future and it could help if it's actually some weird bug on my side.

    Quesa wrote:
    I have multiple accounts but even I mix up which character is on which account. Is it possible to color code the character tabs so that the characters on a single account has a unique color?

    You can name your characters in EFT in any way you like - their names don't have to match ingame names. Like "Account #1 - Mr. AAA", "Account #1 - Mr. BBB", "Account #2 - Mr. CCC".

    Umbari Kado wrote:
    Secondly - a suggestion: could the ships for which a fitout exists be marked somehow in the list ? Maybe with a backround under the name of the ship ?

    Made it to show up in the same way as in Ship Browser.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New version with fixes to reported issues is available.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Naoko Kobayashi wrote:
    I have two suggestions to make it even better.

    1) Show rep transfer
    2) Compare tool

    First is something I agree with and plan to add someday. Function similar to Compare Tool can be achieved by adding more columns to Fitting Panel.

    Nilanna II Cortilliaris wrote:
    The skills Fighters and Fighter Bombers on a character that is used as a bonus ship pilot increase shield and armor HP on the boosted ship.

    Are you sure you're using latest version and follow recommended update procedure from Faq.txt? I can't reproduce this.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Phoebe version out.

    Laurinius wrote:
    I have seen some weapons (e.g. Sentry Drone, Turrets) where the maximum DPS in the DPS graph is higher(!) than the DPS value under "Firepower". The value under "Firepower" seems to be the correct one to me (calculated myself damage divided be duration).

    Actual DPS can a be bit higher than theoretical maximum because of imperfection of algorithm which introduces randomization in turret hit damage. DPS graphs account for this.

    Irusan Ramza wrote:
    Are there any plans to create the functionality to update all characters in one step instead of one at a time? I keep track of several of my characters/alts as well as a few friends' and having to select each one individually can take some time.

    No such plans: updating character is just a few clicks so your case seems to be quite special with amount of caracters or update frequency if it's hard for you.

    Bagatur I wrote:
    I tried to check out a Golem torpedo fit, and it seems like Caldary BS skill level doesnt affect the range of torpedoes (or explosion velocity for that matter - just checked it).

    In version prior to 2.24 such bonuses were working as fixed at level 5. In later versions you can change them and they work fine for me.

    ReacT1337 wrote:
    But is it possible to implement a POS Planner since the "IGB-POS-Planner" is outdated.

    I'm not really interested in POSes and it is obviously not a small thing to do.

    Dentia Caecus wrote:
    I have a very difficult time changing ammo in any fit. Whenever I attempt to access the right click menu in a high slot to change ammo, look at ammo stats, etc., EFT freezes.

    Have you tried a fresh copy of EFT launched from another location with no files from previous versions? If the issue persists could you test some scripted med-slot modules like Sensor Booster, Interdiction Sphere Launchers on Interdictors and Warp Disrupt Field Generators on HICs? Knowing how they behave in your case could help me to isolate the issue.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    New update with recent bug fixes is available.