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  • EVE Online: Odyssey Issues in EVE Information Center

    The Leadership certificate chain has been broken, specifically Battlespace Technician and its dependencies as it in turn depends on the Battlecruisers skill.

    (Yes, I know most people won't care, but it's still an issue...)

  • New dev blog: Changes to Toolkit Exported Data in EVE Information Center

    Lan Staz wrote:
    With the move to YAML for static data, is there any plan to support YAML in the API as well?

    CREST will return data in a JSON format, so yes (sort of). It's something for the future, though.


  • Upcoming API functionality and project changes in Crucible 1.5 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Savira Terrant wrote:
    Hence my suggestion and request is to split the charactersheet into "attributes and implants" , "skills" and "account balance" OR add an API request with JUST the skills.

    Would either of these be possible?

    One of the goals of CREST is to better model the EVE universe through the API. Rather than reflecting how information is displayed in-game, and the character sheet is an example of this, there should be a better, more cohesive conceptual model exposed.

    Of course, this will take time and you'll have to use the API as it stands until CREST implements the features you need. As Louis suggests, you're just going to have to filter for now and trust whoever administers your server not to leak the filtered information.

  • Upcoming API functionality and project changes in Crucible 1.5 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Etil DeLaFuente wrote:
    Requesting Corporation Name to ID conversion, Alliance Name to ID conversion. (same as Character)
    The /eve/CharacterID.xml.aspx call will service that request (and the reverse via CharacterName).

    If someone post a killmail (the ingame version) where a player belonged to a certain corporation at the time of the kill, there is no way afaik to get the corporation id if that party changed corporation between the time the killmail was generated and the time it was posted.
    If you want to be sure, you could use the corporation history returned in /eve/CharacterInfo.xml.aspx (no key needed) to find the applicable corporation. You're less lucky if the corporation changes alliance, though.


  • Thank you for the EVE Fanfest 2012! in EVE Communication Center

    Ephemaera Havisam wrote:
    Edit: there was a designated sober pub crawl group?
    Last year, yes. It was announced during FanFest iirc, not in advance. I didn't make it because I thought chessboxing would clash; I was a bit disappointed when it didn't because all of the spaces were full by then.


  • Access Mask in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Graeme Rowney wrote:
    Hey i dono if i am being blind or what but is there a way to get the access mask of a certain key without having your user put it in.
    I'm not sure if "it" is supposed to refer to the key or mask, but I'll assume the latter.

    Can it be downloaded directly or is it a case that i have to go through all the calls and check for errors. Cheers
    If you have the keyId and vCode, you can call /account/APIKeyInfo.xml.aspx, which returns the access mask as part of the result. The mask list is available from /eve/CallList.xml.aspx. (Links go to the eve-id API reference)


  • Thank you for the EVE Fanfest 2012! in EVE Communication Center

    Talus Veran wrote:
    Next year i will have to book more time off before and after fanfest. It was so difficult leaving the Blue Lagoon to catch our plane.
    I couldn't bear to do that. Marking the end of FanFest and the beginning of the end of my holiday in Iceland was bad enough; having to have leave the country as well? That would've been too much!

    1) Clearer info regarding registration for events (Dust514 Tournament, Pub Crawl, etc)
    Many people who paid for the Pub Crawl were unaware you had to sign up for a group until the Crawl was underway.
    I have to point out that this was stated on the FanFest events pages. However, CCP Guard and Darth Beta did confuse things slightly during the cover of CCP Unifex's kick-off session on Thursday by saying that there were sign-ups for round-table sessions when it was simply first-come, first-to-nick-a-chair.

    On the subject of suggestions, something for the sober folk would be nice (like in 2011) during the pub crawl. I know sobriety is a strange concept during FanFest, but I was told that group had filled up just like all the others so there are a fair few out there...


  • Still no Contract Tools/Api? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Andy DelGardo wrote:
    I also always wondered why are DED/Story/Faction items handled this special, compared to there "normal" T1/T2 counterparts? I mean price cant be the issue, since implants and vanity items are also traded via market and worth several 100millions or billions.

    I'd assume that it's a storyline issue: that the empire factions don't want pirate goods traded on the open market. You argue that on that basis they should be tradeable in null-sec (and especially within space controlled by those factions), but that'd just awkward given the relationship between market goods and the database.

    Edit: Although, it doesn't apply to faction ammo, which kinda throws a spanner into the works there...


  • APIv2: Contract.xml.aspx question in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zendoren wrote:
    Is there any way I can cross reference a contractID to get a solerSystemID using the static data dump or some other method/java-script function?

    You're not able to infer it from the stations referenced by startStationID and endStationID?


  • Fanfest stragglers final dinner! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sir Substance wrote:
    Greetings fanfest stragglers!

    I figured those of us remaining in reykjavik might want to have a final meet before we all head off. At least, it will be final for me :P


    At about 6 pm tomorrow (the 28th) (I fly out at 4 am the next day, so want to make it early).

    That's a shame. My ninth and final night is tonight before I fly home tomorrow afternoon. I was contemplating the Hereford.

    I hope you have a nice night and a safe trip home.


  • Thank you for the EVE Fanfest 2012! in EVE Communication Center

    I told CCP Seagull that I probably wouldn't make it to next year's FanFest. Iceland's been monopolising my holiday budget for the past two years now. But you know what? I'm kidding myself.

    10th anniversary? Fantastic devs? Awesome community? CREST and more Dev Track stuff (props to Cobra Kai!)? Yet another Party at the Top of the World? And of course Iceland--a reason in itself? Yeah, I'll be back. Now I just need to get more of my alliance to come with.

    Thanks to CCP and to everyone that came to FanFest! Even the ones that threw their toys out of the pram. Blink


  • The Future: Ring Mining and Avatar Experiences in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ZenithDK wrote:
    Galen Kamari wrote:
    Specifically, the audio references an "end to the war" and not "allow[ing] one nation to control it".

    This is referring to the implant technology that allows the empires to create DUST mercs. If only one empire had the knowledge of how to do that, it would completely skew the landscape of the war by giving a huge advantage to that side.

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Fanfest 2012 Breaking News: 3rd party development in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seloena wrote:
    How possible is that EvE players will be able to use some EvE features like adding skills, buy, sell, accept contracts or text chat with players that are online, outside the EvE client? (for example on Android)
    Will you allow us to do that?

    I'm sure you'll get a better answer this week from a Dev once things get back to normal after FanFest, but in the meantime...

    Skills? Yes. Text chat? Yes. It's a feature that could eventually be included in the launcher according to CCP Topknot's Dev Blog (see the What about the future, man? section). Contracts? I don't know. As for when? Several months, at least.

    I don't ask exactly about new API, but for such ability - this could be done by extending EvE Gate or creating dedicated apps (apps by CCP, not by 3rd party) for mobile stuff.

    The thing to remember is that these sorts of tools will be made with CREST in the future because this new API is being designed for both CCP and 3rd parties to use. Even apps from CCP will eventually use it, including new features in EVE Gate (but they will inevitably have features available to them that 3rd parties won't).

    The other point is that even if it were CCP that implemented something a bit sensitive, perhaps using EVE Gate as you suggest, it's still a target for bots. Features can be abused through the website as well as the API itself, and so just as much caution is needed: if it's a bad idea to put it in the API, it's not necessarily a better idea to put it elsewhere outside the client. Unfortunate as all that may be. Sad


  • Fanfest 2012 Breaking News: 3rd party development in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seloena wrote:
    CCP Zero Gravitas wrote:
    The contactjs example client is here

    I tried this, but it sends me to: this site.
    Any feedback on that?
    Would like to try that by myself, not only by reading someones js code :p

    It's how the log-in page will look for single sign-on server authentication. However, the demo was running on an internal test server, as I recall (I've been asleep a few times since then), so the SSO implementation there would be unlikely to have access to the live user credential database. That is, you won't be able to log in yet. Keep in mind that this a preview: the API isn't live yet, but what was demonstrated will be the first feature available for trials. For now, the sample code will just have to do for an idea of the processes (and the documentation that Zero Gravitas linked) until it's opened at closed beta.


    And what we will do with that? My god.... i wish to be able do marketing on my android!

    If you go back through the DevTrack, Andie made it clear that there are different levels of exposure: universal data, communication and convenience features that don't affect the universe at large (like mail, for example), and gameplay features that directly affect the world at large. The example of a subtle difference between the latter two was the contact management features demonstrated: managing your own personal contacts only affects you, but corporation and alliance standings affects starbase defense settings, and jump bridge and outpost access. Market interaction would also be in the latter category and so something that would be limited in scope. This is especially because it would be vulnerable to botting.

    Personally, I'll just be glad that CREST will result in a more sensible abstraction. Writing back is an awesome bonus.


  • The Future: Ring Mining and Avatar Experiences in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Before I head back out into the rain in Reykjavík for some grub and the party (awesomeness ahead!), I had to just note some thoughts having watched T0rfi's presentation and Hilmar's "one last thing" at CCP Presents! I'd hoped to run into T0rfi afterwards just to see what the existing thinking was; I don't having anything concrete as such, but this may provoke some discussion that will be. Unfortunately, I didn't see him but never mind and enough with preambles

    So to start with ring mining--which is a pretty cool idea in itself--the last scene of the video showed a small ship amongst giant asteroids and a dense haze, beaming lights against the rock; scanning, perhaps. T0rfi intimated that this activity, trawling in a small fleet through a ring hoping to happen upon r64 and the like, would be inherently dangerous and I'm sure there are ideas around what those might be. But the scene itself immediately painted a picture of reduced sensor strength, blindness and vulnerability. Somewhat in the same vein as wormhole space. And it made be think: what a perfect place for an ambush! It couldn't affect local (probably not, anyway) but might kill or limit the directional scanner. It might even affect the grid and detectable range without some extra piece of kit fitted to ships, both those that would inevitably need to escort such trawling fleets, and those trying to track them down

    I know there are those crying for a reduced or eliminated local. To bring a "chase" element to PvP within a system and this just occurred to me as being one possibility

    The second thought related to avatars is perhaps less workable. I'm not certain. To an extent it may depend on how Dust 514 works out, but also how far CCP really wants to go with the idea from the Future Vision concept at last year's FanFest of giving guns to capsuleers. I'm toying, in my head, about the very idea of exploring derelict sites personally. There has to be dangers, clearly, and indeed becoming trapped, cocooned in a hulk of decaying, twisted metal with limited air due to the actions of another New Eden immortal is one. But what of being shot in the head? Maybe by a guardian Sleeper AI, a rogue drone starting to create a hive, or indeed another capsuleer. Or maybe, blurring the lines between Dust 514 and EVE, a mercenary strike team

    Perhaps this is taking a step too far. I have been playing a lot of Mass Effect 3 before flying out here. But contracting mercs for protection in these hostile environments is plausible, albeit quite a leap forward.

    The final thing, related to the same video shown at the end by Hilmar, is perhaps more a request for an explanation rather than a suggestion. Specifically, the audio references an "end to the war" and not "allow[ing] one nation to control it". This is presumably prime territory for additional lore and factional warfare material, but is there anything definitive in mind (either from CCP or others reading this), or just an intriguing sound-bite

    Along with CREST (shout-out to Cobra Kai!), these are interesting times!


  • 0.0 PVP - PELCA in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • 0.0 PVP - PELCA in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Festive bump!

  • 0.0 PVP - PELCA in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Recruitment is still open. Speak to an officer in our public channel, Pelican_Pub, to learn more about us.