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  • Wormhole CSM reps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:

    The CSM we "deserve".

    Vote 1.

    The PL wormhole rep, I mean the Wormhole rep you all can trust!

    Vote 2.

    Also I'll personally evict anyone that votes Andrew Jester >.<

  • [Video] Light Em' up! in EVE Communication Center

    An action video tribute to EVE Online based on footage from 16 different trailers from the New Eden Universe.

    Hope you enjoy

    Youtube Linkage

  • Every Other Bastard Callout Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Basta Kindred wrote:
    Aquila Sagitta wrote:
    also SSC sucks

    Like a ******* Dyson brochacho

    wow! rudeboi

  • wh diplo channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    GizzyBoy wrote:
    so its basicly a PL wh diplo channel, ok ...

    Considering there are PL guys in AHARM, wouldnt it be correct to assume that the opinion of AHARM is the opinion of PL aswell?

  • wh diplo channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    The PL swag is real in those logs Axloth!

  • wh diplo channel in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Welcome back Guillotine Therapy in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wow, forgot how easy this was :D

    Fairly certain the Narwhals reference is new though?

    Also didnt you cut all diplomatic ties with SSC because I put an Alt in there?

    *Snip* Removed external link. ISD Ezwal.

  • Welcome back Guillotine Therapy in EVE Gameplay Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    Is this like that one time I saw narwhals back in wormhole space and it was like, 2 Atrons, a Dragoon and 2 ishtars? And then i never saw them again? Cause that would be cool.

    I thought they just turned into Lazerhawks?

  • Welcome back Guillotine Therapy in EVE Gameplay Center

    A pleasure to see the Rook and Kings of W-space alive and kicking again.
    Less than a month after reappearing, they have already been imitated(not copied, that would require competence).
    Well done, salut!

  • Peace in WHs in EVE Gameplay Center

    1/10 for necroing an 1½ year old evenews24 article.

  • How do we increase PvP in C5 and C6? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Newt BlackCompany wrote:
    Yes. Wormhole space matters to the game. I am not surprised to see someone from PL asking this, but not everyone likes nullsec politics and shenanigans and Wormhole space is a different way to enjoy this game.

    You should probably just have quoted the first question as thats the only thing you answered.

    And for the record. I've lived longer in Wspace than your character has existed in this game.

  • How do we increase PvP in C5 and C6? in EVE Gameplay Center

    A couple of question came to mind after reading most of the non-toxic post here.

    1. Do you think Wspace matters to the game?

    I don't mean to the people living in Wspace, but to the game as a whole.

    2a. Do you think Wspace should matter to the game

    2b: How does Wspace matter to the game

    and third

    3: Do you want Wspace to matter to the game.

  • Why NoHo decide to leave polaris? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sandlinger! Hoover Inc. is recruiting!

  • Corbexx - The Wormhole CSM going to Nullsec (?) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Its all good!

    Now fix supers and titans Corbexx! and Jump Fatigue! These are important Nullsec agendas!

  • [Notable Wormhole Corporations and Alliances] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Andrew Jester wrote:
    n1 chitsa-ing op

    You know you've won when you get someone to look up the definition of a term and link it on a forum, to try and prove a point ^^

  • Bye Bye No Holes Barred in EVE Gameplay Center

    The contradictions in this thread is strong. Wondering if I should take screenshots of the post before the redacting starts, like on Reddit. Also big thanks to Two step for providing pictures when someone decides to not stand by their words and leave Hard Knocks to clean up the mess.

    But how can someone, EVER, expect a failed eviction OP of an honored and well established Wspace PVP corp, not to have any sort of PR related backfire? Thats some next level disillusion rivaled only by Lords Servant or Holeysheet1. Ofcourse people are gonna laugh at you, especially if you are not really that well-liked amoungst your peers to begin with.

    But I wonder, how does trying to evict a PVP corp exactly play into the whole "IT WAS IN THE SPIRIT OF CONTENT" in after action damage control?

    Is it just me, or does slam dunks never make it into the history books?

    Also Hidden, you should probably have listened to Edwards post, it could have saved you yet another round of embarrasment, However I am flattered that it only took a single post, for you to go ape **** and pull out the stars for me, it works really well for me. Much appreciated.

    P.S Andrew, you are the hero we do not deserve <3

  • Bye Bye No Holes Barred in EVE Gameplay Center

    Its fun, throwing people out of ones WH. Well done NoHo.

    This is what ignoring years of experience looks like.

    LFARM early 2012:
    "Lets invade AHARM for fame and glory" - Haha, nope!
    KILL late 2012:
    "Lets invade NoHo for fame and glory!" - Lol, nope!
    NATWO 2013:
    "Lets invade the now combined AHARM & NoHo for fame and glory!" - Get out!
    "Lets invade NoHo for fame and glory!" - Mistakes were made!


  • This is a fair fight right? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Refering to an 8-man gank as a blob


  • Explorer Corp/Disavowed. trouble in EVE Gameplay Center

    HerrBert, isn't that another one off the checklist?

  • Wormhole 'Futures' Discussion (Please Bob, yield content) in EVE Gameplay Center

    *Adding Wspace credentials at the bottom to weed out the "PL knows nothing guys"
    *Still has a toon in one of the corps that have posted in this thread.

    There is nothing wrong with Wspace in its current mechanical state.

    But it's also the current state that is the problem. A couple of years ago there was infact a lot more action. Smaller more sporadic action, but still more. Why? Because friendships had not been established, capsuleers weren't at the end of the Technology Tree(been playing Civ5 lately) Players weren't settled in fortress built systems, a few of the big ones were, but not as today.

    We saw the fall of CCRES - Rise of the Russian (Starbridge and bros) - NATO appeared to counter - AHARM vs Rook and Kings - Narwhals formed one of the biggest coalitions of that time "WH Domination" (which was stolen by Lead Farmers when coalition members realised they were being used to help Narwhals finish their merc contracts) That coalition ended as it became commonly knowns as the "Save Imperial Guardians-over-and-over Coalition) - We saw the behemoth size alliance of Talocan United take shape. We of course had the "AAA ARE GONNA TAKE OVER ALL C6/C5" scare, the "GOONS ARE GONNA TAKE OVER ALL C6/C5" scare, and obviously another "THE RUSSIAN ARE COMING". Ofc, there is a lot of other important events, but these were some of the more public ones.

    This past bore the mark of less "big groups" where few of them knew eachother by more than at the end of eachothers crosshair. But as younger corps got bigger and everyone got multiple capitals in their systems, so came the rise of "WH Overlords" ground zero for the political cancer of Wormhole space.

    WH Overlords was an ingame channel for the biggest and "most influential groups" in Wspace

    Rather than what could have been a promising forum for Wspace to flourish, it ofcource became and circlejerk dickmeasuring roundtable and of course, the rise of Diplomat/Smoothtalker Herrbert (damn you all). That said, I didn't do anything to help the channel out myself, as my CEO told me not to aggravate anyone, so I spendt my time there leaking quotes to friend and foe.

    The tendency to batphone people had ofcource, always existed, but it seemed to have been kept more locally. Quickly it turned into batphoning the ones that was not already on the other side of the table in that channel.
    (We even had someone ask for help in that channel while half of the representatives were already shooting their towers, so smart) But in essence, the political land scape was quickly mapped out by that channel.

    Now is that a problem for wormhole space?
    Both yes and no, because all it really does, in the eyes of a grunt, is to dictate the size of the fleet you will be facing. But what happens when suddenly the political landscape changes so dramaticly that the end result is a NIP that dwarfs the one in Nullsec in terms of how it effects people. The home systems of larger entities these days are fat iskwise, that they are literally the VFKs of Nullsec. (Goons home capital for some of you cavemen) You wont leave it undefended, you rarely move to far away from it, and you sure as hell won't move it every other day. This is against the design of Wormhole Space as it was originally intended by CCP. (By the words of CCP, Fanfest 2011) We weren't suppose to settle down like this, so it that hard to figure out why Wspace have become more static than in the past? True, more isk is being destroyed than ever, but its not really that hard hitting 100b destroyed, when a dead dreadnaught can easily cover 10% of that. Yes, ships are much more expensive these days than a few years ago.

    A mantra between the older wormhole pilots has been always been. Don't evict pvp entities. Which in essence is great, but it doesn't quite factor in boredom. Lead Farmers, despiced invasions/evictions, but we did it aswell if we were bored enough. Because its Wspace Content. It was never about financial gain, it was ever only for killmails. SSC was always invited, regardless of their horrible bookmark naming convention, because they were best bros, and some of them were great guys to spend an evening with.

    So what am I rambling on about?

    Wspace is okay in its current state, its probably pretty healthy in terms of population. But it can't become more either. Because we the players made it what it is.

    Is it optimal? no.
    Is it exciting? no.
    Does it make you better pilots, than the F1 monkeys you claim NS'ers to be? Hell, no.
    Is it the dream? God, no.

    Now could it become more?

    Personally I do not think so. Not unless Wspace is radically changed for good. We're talking, no towers, no permanent home, no capitals sort of changes. The T3 meta needs to change completely. There are a lot of quality ships out there that would be amazing to use in the unique Wspace environment, but you are all missing out. Anything less than that will fall short of creating a more dynamic and fun Wspace.

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    C1-C3-C5 corp from Apocrypha release
    2 years with Lead Farmers as Senior Director responsible for Alliance wide PVP/Tactics/Theory
    Head FC of the Disawoved dunk in Lead Farmers home.
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