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  • WTB Purifier OR Hound pilot in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS: FW Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    2.4b bid then!

  • WTS: FW Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    Could you please screenshot your standings page with Amarr?

  • WTS: FW Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    Could you please show standings on eveboard? Thanks.

  • WTB Purifier OR Hound pilot in EVE Marketplace


  • WTB Purifier OR Hound pilot in EVE Marketplace

    Am looking for a focused Hound (preferably) or Purifier pilot. Bonus points if T2 torps and/or decent support skills. Budget up to 5b.


  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Gorski Car wrote:
    I am actually going to make a serious post for once since everyone seems to be crying about mjds not being counterable by piloting and killing solo/small gang pvp.

    How about you put the ship speed at 0 after landing with a micro jump. This would prevent the align + mjd + warp insta gtfo and make mjds counterable by good piloting. Press look at, see mjd eftect then burn towards their align so you can catch them after jumping.

    Never knew you had a 'serious post' in you.

  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nicollette Amatin wrote:
    As someone who uses BCs and CSs often, I like this module.

    One of the reasons why this module is not overpowered is the three minute cool down timer which I don't recall anyone mentioning, except that they wished the cool down time frame was shorter. My plans to counter the MJD on ABCs is to abuse these 180s by feinting and then focus on catching the ships while the pilots are waiting for the timer to run out so that they can MJD again. During that three minute window, bubbles and warp disruptors will work just fine on them. Twisted

    Except they can just warp off and wait the three minute window out.

  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aralieus wrote:
    Michael Harari wrote:
    Aralieus wrote:
    afkalt wrote:
    Did on grid probing get nerfed when I wasn't looking?

    And an inty pilot paying attention in the spool up time can be over half way to their landing point.

    This so much...

    Its not that hard to combat an MJD. You dont even need an inty, a cruiser with a long point and a MWD can reach a MJD BC that has just used it with enough situational awareness and dedication. Everybody is freaking out and I dont think most have stopped and considered how easily BC's will still be able to be caught and destroyed. Its just another tool in the toolbelt of the brawler to use in case things go **** up and like any good tool it is situational. Stop crying cause now the slow BC has an option to GTFO just like a kitey ship does.

    Fozzie I think you're doing great, dont listen to all the nay-sayers

    You cant reach a ship that has used its mjd. It is already aligned and can warp instantly. You either get in its scram range or it is warping out. A remote seboed interceptor waiting at the mjd landing point cannot point the ship using mjd unless the ship using mjd screws up completely.

    Than bump him....I mean wtf, its like people are trying to say anything to make this mod look like the end of the world. Bump him hard and burn towards his potential landing spot with a OH MWD and OH your long point. If your not alone then its that much easier.

    Wait, your solution to the problem of 'I can't stop him escaping, which is because he can't scram me' is to BUMP him?

  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Taking bets on whether this module makes it live despite the feedback in this thread.

  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please don't implement this.

  • A bloody decent proposal (CCP run a PLEX for good with us) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It's technically an idea, but I guess it doesn't belong in the 'Technology and Research Center'. Hadn't noticed that before. GG OP.

  • A bloody decent proposal (CCP run a PLEX for good with us) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Still no word? :(

  • Calamitous-Intent [7-2] Is Recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center




    Nice fit, I approve.

    Anyway I accidentally clicked the apply button to this corp when I meant to open Dota2.exe but I have not for one moment regretted joining them. Bit hard to do so anyway when I don't log in.

  • A bloody decent proposal (CCP run a PLEX for good with us) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Really hope CCP consider this in some form.

    Will be making a trip down there come September too ^_^

  • Dont change the 2/10 plexes! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Laktos wrote:
    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Schmata Bastanold wrote:
    EDIT after few minutes of flexing my brain muscles:

    As much I would like to see our beloved 2/10 plex in Heild back on my overview I wouldn't like it to become a basis for "arenas" in Eve. Dedicated places for pvp have no place in New Eden, period. Beauty of lowsec plexes was in emergent gameplay driven by players "misusing" those beacons. And I am afraid that if you make that first step and put even a hint of "arenas" out there that would make more harm than good in the long run.

    I find this argument interesting. Removing existing "arenas" is bad but reintroducing them would be a slippery slope towards something harmful?

    Also technically everything in eve is a "dedicated place for pvp", I don't see how adding more variety of locations to pvp would be a bad thing.

    To be very clear, this "no NPC" idea is just that, and idea. Don't anyone go getting your hopes up I just want to have a discussion on upsides and downsides.

    The 2/10's were never an arena.

    They were a naturally formed food chain of pvp content. PVE Guy goes to farm it, PVP Guy 1 hunts him to the plex, PVP Guy 2 hunts PVP Guy 1 etc.

    An empty beacon for PVP purposes will be nothing like what the 2/10's were. The 2/10's existed as the PVP hotspot they were because of the DED loot, because of the farming. Low-sec pvp almost always revolves around pve content. Whether its hunting of belt ratters or mission runners, setting up gate camps to catch haulers and freighters, fighting over control of POCO's. Non-FW low sec has no sovereignty mechanic, most of the PVP that happens, happens around PVE content and is initiated by Pirates.

    And I still don't understand why letting some farmers farm is worse than destroying a successful and vibrant PVP eco-system in CCP's eyes.

    I don't know mate. I get what you're saying, but back in Heild, it was very rare for a fight to start there because 'some poor pve newbie got lost and thought he could make isk here'. It was always started because 'yo guys I feel like pvp I'm gonna get my destroyer/assault frig and warp to the plex at 50km, who wants to come?'

    From that point on it became blobbing/people bringing bigger ships/lots of lulz, which is what you said too, but I'm just disagreeing about your statement that it was the pve loot that started it all in the first place.

  • Corp thief in EVE Gameplay Center

    Big Monkey wrote:
    The way I see it is Gorski Car did you a service and only charged you 5 bill for it. You recruited hiim without knowing him,or background check, gave him roles to your shiniest things. What he did was show you how bad you are at EVE. You may be v good pvpers but this is a game that far reaches beyond PVP, and its also a role playing game. Also corp theft is pvp in this instance no? If he didnt do it someone else would of later on and cleaned you out for much more. Take note, learn lessons and sort out your role giving in your corp. If you were decent people of honour you would see the error of your ways, pool together and pay him a bonus for this service he has provided so well. Next time build relationships, develop trust and dont throw away your stuffs. Here endeth the lesson

    Amen, brother.

  • [Video] Rebirth 4 (Empire PVP) in EVE Communication Center

    This horse is amazing

  • [Video] Rebirth 4 (Empire PVP) in EVE Communication Center

    What about those of us that aren't 0.0 fanboys and still very much hate your video ~

  • [Video] Rebirth 4 (Empire PVP) in EVE Communication Center

    ry ry wrote:
    We're stuck in some kind of groundhog day shitposting feedback loop.

    It is only a matter of time before it consumes the entire universe.

    Just watched that last week :D