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  • [Dev Blog] Phoebe Travel Change Update in EVE Information Center

    Yes clearly this game needs to make travel take longer, to make sov even more worthless and to devalue skill points earned by players all great things for the future of this game.

    I hope this change ruins capitals so everyone will quit this stupid ******* game.

  • A little in-game trick for jump planning post-Phoebe in EVE Communication Center

    Or you could use the proper jump window in game that you have to bind to a key in the Shortcuts window area first called Capital Navigation.

  • I'm training for Carrier, but can fighters hit fast Assault Frigates? in EVE Communication Center

    Rucia Laraan wrote:
    Over time I've come to a sad realization. Expensive ships are not as good as small fast ships. Expensive battleships with over a billion isk in modules still loses easily to 2 cheap assault frigates with tackling. To me it seems like a major design issue. Battleships really have no purpose against higher ships. They can't hit the small ships but they CAN be hit by large ships. Worst of both worlds.

    I'm worried I'll have the same issues with a Carrier and want to learn about it before I fully commit the time and isk. Firstly, can fighters hit fast assault frigates? Is there something I can do to make SURE they can? Because if I get tackled and killed by 3 standard-fitted cheap ships while in a Carrier, I'm not sure I'd want to keep going like that.

    I get it if lots of ships are creative and organized and they kill me. I just want them to have to work harder than that haha.

    A Heavy Neut can reach out ot about 24km easily on a carrier thats the limit usually on a AF Also a flight of 9-10 warrior II's will handle them nicely.

    Some battleships can hit smaller targets but yeah battleships arent for solo pvp. The largest thing you should be flying for solo pvp are the tier 3 battle cruisers like talos and such.

  • Will import overview as XML be removed? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Before you remove the xml import you have to make your current system not ****. As in not limited to 5 overviews as in the colors and names the xml stuff can do as in the dozens of overview layouts the xml can do that you stupid in game system can't. And it also has to not be limited to the 5 or w/e the stupid limit you put on it for active overviews it has to be the entire setup that is portable.

    If you dont people will hate you.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Veskrashen wrote:
    Nazri al Mahdi wrote:
    See, when you say things like "compressed goods", you stop sounding smart, and the reason you disagree with us becomes clear: you have no idea what you are talking about.

    You can move 620 million units of tritanium in compressed veldspar in a single JF load, assuming 88% refine and 320,000m3 capacity on the JF.

    How much stuff do you need to build that requires that much raw material?

    Supercaptials. Almost all those minerals are imported from empire along with all the moon minerals that 0.0 export to empire. T2 prices will spike hard.

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Make finding items for want to buy contracts much more sensible the current ui for finding and putting items into the contract is very terrible.

  • Dev Blog: Reprocess all the things! in EVE Information Center

    Well this is going to be a giant nerf to alchemy unless you make them always give the same yield no matter skills/location because you can no longer get 100% or even close to it because it has no ore skill.

  • Dev Blog: Reprocess all the things! in EVE Information Center

    Weaselior wrote:
    One thing though, I'm concerned about compression in highsec needing a POS. The issue is that when you're transporting to a pos, you can't outsource: I have to do the hauling myself instead of courier contracts or the like. That puts a big dampner on the ability of compression to get done and done well, which has a real risk of throwing wrenches in the gears of nullsec industry as compression just can't keep up. I think it would make more sense for compression to be a station activity (though in station perhaps it does take time).

    They should just use their *Snip* Please refrain from using profanity. ISD Ezwal. new depolyables system for their fitting arrays and all the other hot garbage for these compression arrays if they want people to use them otherwise its just a wasted system.

  • Dev Blog: Reprocess all the things! in EVE Information Center

    Because you are changing *Snip* Please refrain from using profanity. ISD Ezwal. the reprocessing skills and making more then half of them dead weight you should change the training time on them way down because there are no where near as useful as they once were.

    It is also wrong the an implant should be required to get 100% refines because the only reason to use implants right now is to get 100% refines in null.

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    when are you going to fix 0.0 station services working when they are at 0 structure

  • Our CSM is total crap as is CCP Fozie, plz read. in EVE Communication Center

    The goons main corp is far smaller then brave newbies

  • Ridiculous Frigates in EVE Gameplay Center

    It should be quite obvious what to use.

    In a gang of 3 you would likely want 1 daredevil 1 dramiel 1 burst. If you dont want the burst you can double up on the dramiels or go for something ewar.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    This was a terrible clarification much like your last patch was a terrible patch. I hope you release 3 or 4 updates to it next week to make it sensible just like the patch.

  • Worlds Within a World - The EVE Universe Monument in EVE Communication Center

    what a giant waste of money typical ccp wasting money on things not related to eve in any way even when the game is broken

  • [Rubicon 1.3] Hull Repair Drones in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Are you going to make the hull reps any less terrible while you are at it?

  • [Rubicon 1.1] Capital Turret Tracking Changes in Conjunction with Heat Iteration in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I dont understand this change Dreads already have a hard enough time tracking supers and titans this will just make it harder making ships that are already overpowered even more so.