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  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    This thread is some of the best content generation to come from CCP :-)
    This dev blog has increased the CFC smug to dangerous levels, our egos really didn't need this buff, but thanks! Twisted


    I for one did nothing in this event

    ...other than assign my drones.

  • [Rubicon] Interbus Ship Identification System feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    DIC/HIC mastery levels don't appear to include ability to use bubbles
    Level 5 mastery should include level of the ship for bonuses (ex. Machariel lvl 5 should require both Minmatar and Gallente BS 5)

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Command Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Balanced with Alliance Tournament on the brain instead of the real EVE Online.

  • [Retribution 1.1] Black Ops Little Things - now with Covert Cyno update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Small art thing,
    How about Tech 3s when fitting covert subsystems, have their bridge out effect be blue instead of red to match the other coverts?

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Focusing on what CCP believes the masses want creates debacles like Incarna. Sometimes you have to listen to what even the 1% are telling you because they are the ones creating the in-game content that tens of thousands of players are benefiting from (whether those players realize it or not). There shouldn't be a single uninterested player, those not showing interest are simply ignorant of where “stuff” comes from and fat/dumb/happy consuming the efforts of others.

    If we can improve the experience at the top of the chain, benefits will trickle throughout the rest of the playerbase. I’ve been in multiple corporations that had great guys in it, but only 1-2 dudes in leadership that sacrificed their game time to struggle running the POS to give 100-150 dudes a reason for playing and interacting with each other. Those 1-2 dudes in leadership got burned out. The current POS design is directly responsible for multiple dedicated leaders being burnt out and leaving the game.

    The idea of “high-level content” in EVE should not be to burn out the leadership of corporations, those few leaders trying to build something to support their band of 100+ dudes, to the point where they are unsubbing from EVE and leaving those followers hanging. Those followers are then themselves left to contemplate whether they too should unsub or go through all of the pain of finding another home and a new group of friends to continue playing the game with.

    Bad POS design creates unsubs.

  • Dev blog: Introducing the new and improved Crimewatch in EVE Information Center

    1. Looks like interdictors are back to being unable to bubble and jump.

    2. If the target has NPC aggression from log-off, and I shoot him, does that start a pvp aggression timer that I can keep perpetually til he dies?

  • Inferno Features on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don't like the unified inventory window being so clunky (even reducing the side bar leaves the search bar and summary panel), it is too much screen real estate because we need the cargo open while we fly spaceships to access our drug boosters for example. Now if you can move pvp things like drug boosters to buttons so that I don't ever have to open my cargo while in space... that might work.

    Does anyone know what problem unified inventory is solving in general? Right now it feels like making something that was simple complicated with lots of nesting and clicking.

  • New Dev Blog: Alliance Panel at Fanfest 2012: The Conclusion in EVE Information Center

    Is this the first time an out-of-game slight has been bridged into being a violation of a software license agreement? That is an interesting precedent in itself, that CCP is going to police all of our thoughts and words from out-of-game now... time to update point 5 on the TOS, something like "Yes, we CCP are responsible for actions taken by our subscribers that occur outside the jurisdiction of our game servers or web site." would be more accurate with these recent actions CCP is taking.

  • New Dev Blog: Alliance Panel at Fanfest 2012: The Conclusion in EVE Information Center

    10058 of us want a chance to re-vote if CCP is forcing our representative out of office.

  • Regarding the CSM7 Chairmanship: in Council of Stellar Management

    k'ryn wrote:
    Can we burn Brick Squad next...? Please, please, please, please...?!

    F off Darius.

    We already accidentally destroyed them this summer while screwing off in Delve.

  • Incoming titan adjustments in EVE Gameplay Center

    Can we get 2 JBs in every system please?
    The proliferation of titans in-game increased when we needed to make more alternatives to stationary jump bridges. That in turn led to more titan pilots, which increased the number of dishonorable titan pilots and then more incredulous blapping of frigates from the titans. If we had just left JBs alone, this probably wouldn't have escalated as quickly into an issue needing attention.

    Oh well, probably too late to untangle the mess titan pilots created for themselves this time. If titan pilots had only kept their elephant guns off the rifters... reap what you sow.

  • Incoming titan adjustments in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dez Affinity wrote:

    Go ahead and refute what I said.

    No one is dropping dreads in a support fight to kill triage carriers outside of low sec (where the numbers total in the fight are around the hundred mark)


  • RE-ELECT UAxDEATH FOR CSM 7 in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm here for the CTA that was called

  • Problem With New Cyno Effect in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sure why not, what else has the art department to do? We have our boots.
    So yes, please add some palette swaps to the cynos (mostly because I'm curious to see how big zagdul's head will get if he has influence on this and it makes it in).

  • Is it normal to get scammed by The Mittani, Chairman of CSM ??? in EVE Gameplay Center

    AdmiraI Thrawn wrote:

    I bought ships from Morsus Mihi with 3rd party, found that guy I bought from quite a nice and fun guy...they are red to us but that didn't stop us have a fun chat and do business.


    Buying and selling supers between reds is dishonorable and why you would admit to this loss of your dignity in a public forum is beyond me. But at least we all know not to trust this Admiral Thrawn character. HE DEALS WITH REDS! Being red is an in-game mechanic designed by CCP that he is blatantly ignoring. Should we petition this guy for going against CCP's designed use of the game and its standings system?

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would like a feature that lets me import a "character" via a txt skill plan from EVEMon in addition to the current API import.

    This way as I help new players plan to get into a specific fit, I can import the fit, import a skill plan for a new player, and see what other fitting skills they might need to add to their plan. I do this today by manually creating a character to see if I thought of everything.

    Or it would be even better if EFT could export a recommended skill plan for a new player that takes into consideration fitting skills (CPU/Powergrid/Upgrade skills etc) for a particular fit that they could then import into EVEmon.

  • New Dev Blog: The moments that define history in EVE Information Center

    Stuff we had before is coming back. Maybe it should not have been taken away in the first place?

    So, for those that never dock and live out of a POS and only care about the In Space Experience (as in outer space, among the stars, flying in a spaceship) when can we expect an update?