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  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Throwing my name into the hat.

    I have extensive experience using all flavors of T3s throughout wormhole space, and some in null as hunters or blopsing. I have been heavily involved over the years in changing and adapting all 4 cruisers for various uses in PVP, scouting, and PVE as the game has evolved. I consider myself well versed in the fits and doctrines that work, as well as why many of the subsystem/combinations did not, and hope we can succeed in getting a more balanced, and utilized set.

    As the main bread and butter of wormholes, these changes will undoubtedly shake things up considerably, and I would like to make sure that all uses, are taken into consideration.

  • Blood Raider Shipyards from Team Phenomenon (YC 119.4) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:
    Pryce Caesar wrote:
    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:

    So according to you, the players who pay CCP for PvE don't deserve getting content that entices them to keep paying CCP for PvE. If they want a reason to keep paying CCP, they must work hard for it, right?

    Sarcasm aside, the whole thing I've asked Team Phenomenon is why they develop PvE content that it's not accessible to PvE players. Someone must be making this decision for some reason. Who, why or what sense does it, are a mistery.

    How do you expect CCP to cater to your needs?

    Anthar Thebess explained it in a way that I agree with: this is a large scale PvE activity that operates as a way to obtain Faction Capital BPC that can be used for PvP. Depending on how they handle this, these Sotiyo could also be an alternative to getting Capital faction BPC for the Sansha (assuming they buff those guys with a Dread and Titan as well).

    It is an extension of what higher levels of PvE have always been about: completing a PvE site for the opportunity to obtain rare and valuable loot, whether it be modules, materials, and so on.

    I do not know what your entitlement issue is about, but I never said that people who pay CCP for PvE "don't deserve getting content that entices them to keep paying CCP". The only thing I did say was that they aren't going to make thing EASIER just to satisfy a specific type of player.

    The new Sotiyo Pirate Shipyards are about advancing the game-play of EVE Online. With the slow but steady introduction of new Pirate Faction Capital ships to the game, the developers included a new way of attaining the BPC for these Capitals that doesn't come from special events. But they also made sure that it would not be easy for players to get them, with the new AI system that is included with the Sotiyo Shipyard NPCs.

    That is the best reason I can think of for this decision being made.

    There is no entitlement. This highly sophisticated and extremely niche PvE content is being developed in lieu of the meat-and-potatoes PvE CCP stopped adding in 2010. And by any measure accessible to a baseliner like me, that decisison is proving harmful for the game.

    If you are worried that all of this PVE is going to stay niche, dont be. This may be the first place they decided to roll out, but don;t forget that CCP was intentionally vague regarding changes coming later this year.

    The LARGEST thing happening this year, is focused on high sec, and id wager that its what we see here right now.This represents a major step for PVE, and im betting youll see new missions, new sites, and a constant overhaul of EVE's PVE based off of this stuff. CCP set themselves a goal of making eve interactive, reactive and immersive, and new PVE that is challenging and fun is the best way to do that. Simply making more cookie cutter missions, using old AIs, and simple patterns wasn't going to achieve that goal, so they didnt bother until they had the right tools.

  • Anyone interested in some EVE CCG matches at FF? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anyone going to FF interested in playing some EVE CCG? If there is enough interest we could setup a tourney. I am happy to bring some extra decks and teach.

  • Looking for FF attendees who want to do a quick WH presentation! in EVE Gameplay Center


    I am putting together a WH focused corp/alliance panel at FF 17, and im searching for people who want to get up and present!

    I would like to try and get a couple different presenters to share with us about their group, so any and all presenters are welcome! If we get to many I will pick 5-6 based on their presentations, but for now im just trying to guage interest.

    So if you

    • Will be at Fanfest
    • Want to put together a 4-6 minute presentation about your group
    • Have permission from your group leadership if you aren't leadership

    then I would love to hear from you! Best presentation ( guaged by audience noise) gets a trophy and bragging rights for FF17 WH Corp of the year ;P ( ooooh, highly coveted)

    To date the followijng have expressed their interest
    - Hard Knocks
    - Lazerhawks
    -It must be jelly cause Jam don't Shake
    - No Vacancies
    - Hotline K162

  • The Drifter Situation in EVE Gameplay Center

    They were supposed to de-spawn after a while. but #CCP

    Farmers spawnt hem on purpose,a nd use them as a sort of "defense" fleet, since theyll never warp into an anomaly you can runs ites in peace, knowing that a fleet of them on a WH can make it trick for gankers to try and slip through.

    Your concern is somewhat accurate as these systems grow in number, we are satrting to see systems become "deadzones", and in even more laughable manner, if anyone is dumb enough to anchor their citadel on an actual planet's grid, the drifters will attack your citadel when vulnerable as well.

    In regards to killing them, since their targeting is predictable, you can bring 1 super tank ship to tank them all, and the rest of the fleet in glass cannons and burn them down one by one. FAXes can take upwards of 20 of them, although it can be a rather harrowing experience.

  • Chain mapping tools, CREST and IGB in EVE Gameplay Center

    As far as I know all the major tools are being adapted. pathfinder has worked OGB using crest for a couple months now, and its super nice, I cant speak for the others, but crest seems to run smoother and quicker than the IGB did. ( or maybe im just imagining it, cause I hated the igb)

    You seem to have answered your own question, although someone from siggy can probably confirm,pretty sure they are adding crest as well.

  • CREST - Ship info in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ship type would be very very helpful, technically ingame fleet has this info, but it is delayed, and in many fast moving WH pvp instances I cant wait 5 minutes to see what I have in my chain in regards to friendlies.

  • [Focus Group] Contracts in Citadels in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I do not have an extensive background in contracting, but only because as a wormholer of 7 years we have never had them. (I am familiar with contracts, but not to the degree many of these others logi directors are most likely). I am very familiar with citadels themselves.

    I am however very experienced in the logistics that it takes to keep a wormhole corp running, and since this feature will likely have a large impact on how we do some things in wormholes I would like to toss my name in to represent the wormhole "niche" and try and ensure that contracts will take WH's potentially unique needs into account.

    I am busy the rest of the week with a large eve meet in case actually takes off this week; otherwise ready to go next week.

  • An Idea for Wormhole Space in EVE Gameplay Center

    At fanfest i bed the guy next to me $50 that within 10 minutes someone would suggest this. He agreed and didnt take the bet.

    9 minutes and 35 seconds later someone asks if we can have "lifetime increases" that make Whs last longer, and regen their mass.

    close one

  • Allow supers in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    This isnt a new idea, FOzzie already tried, and was properly shouted down back in January when he wanted to allow super carriers to be built and/or moved into C6s with Citadel.

    I think many of you overestimate how pricey or hard it would be to build some supers. Most corps that really wanted one can farm the isk needed in well under a week if they actually went out for that purpose. Likewise supers are not that easy to take down,and with the new way fighters work a lone nyx is quite an adversary, not something you just catch ratting in an anom and take down with a couple buddies. Not saying theyre invincible, but if you think carriers are too hard tot ake down with small gangs, the idea of taking down a nyx or hel is even more laughable.

  • [WH] Citadel's Corporate Hangars in EVE Gameplay Center

    NoobMan wrote:
    I've thought and talked about this a lot.

    I would be for something like an "Opt in" (kinda like high sec awox corp settings) for corps to allow directors to pull from personal item hangars/ SMAs. This idea would be completely foreign for the rest of Eve but wormholers would likely really appreciate it.

    Now spend development time on a feature only a small part of Eve would use is a whole different story.

    I would love to hear others opinions on this topic and if there is a better solution!

    From the perspective of a CEO in my corp I would be for that idea. I am biased of course, but i think that if your worried about your directors robbing you, you may have bigger issues. This wouldnt be a downgrade from POSes anyways since they could always access all your stuff.

    Another item I would love to see Noobman, and I suspect many can see its use is containers or hangar logs. I was very pleased to see a full log on ACLs showing every move someone makes, so if one of my managers gets sneaky and fucks everything up I can see that it was him. Lets get that for hangars ( or containers).

    I have always felt that not having logs on hangars was practically encouraging theft. Right now audited containers track who puts stuff into them, but not out ( how backwards is that????). I would love to be able to have a publicly acessible fleet of rolling ships, scanners etc for people that just need one in a hurry. If it gets robbed thats fine, I accepted the risk by putting stuff intot hem, but I would like to know who it is.

    To think we have massive space stations, and no hangar manager with a clipboard writing down whos taking all the **** is silly.

  • Citadel loot changes will have ramifications in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think you vastly overestimate most nullsec groups ability to properly mount any WH offensive. I can say with some certainty, because I researched this for the Fanfest presentation, nullsec has NEVER evicted even a mid size corp from a wormhole. The closest I could find was test bringing 200 people to try and evict a 40ish man corp. Test lost.

    Is there some truth to your concern that the loot fairy will make people more likely to burn down citadels knowing theyre juicy loot pinatas? Maybe, but i doubt its much more than obvious POS pinatas.

    Something I think you are failing to take into account is how easy it is to evac a citadel. Rapecaging a citadel is almost impossible, and between the citadels ability to blap bubbles/ hictors, and the massive tether range stopping people from flying back and forth between citadels is extremely difficult.

    As noobman pointed out, some redundancies in your defense plan makes it a lot more effort to burn multiple citadels down than POSes. In a POS when it gets RFed all your hangars lock up, guaranteeing that loot may drop. Not so in a citadel, the only thing that you cant do is outright trash all your stuff once its in armor. ( Null confirmed on TF thats supposed to be working).

    Additionally, you can spread out your citadel timers, significantly increasing the amount of time attackers need to invest to burn your entire system down. With 7 mediums you can make sure each is only vulnerable 1 day a week, forcing attackers to have to spend an entire week ( and maybe a whole week of hole control) to burn you out. As pointed out several times, structure bashing isnt fun, and I cant see anyone spending that kind of time investment for anything but a grudge.

    I cant speak for everyone, but im not going to spend my corp's entire week to get your medium citadel's worth of loot when you can just keep moving the stash to a new citadel. I dont really care how much it is, thats just not fun.

    Now, if you cant figure out how to try and mount a defense vs invaders, than nothing has really changed anyways, but from the perspective of a defender, citadels give you a lot more options, and time to plan.

  • Allow supers in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    TIL i am a goon/PL pet.

    Allowing the defenders to have an advantage that attackers can basically never have would have a purely negative effect on WH space. Your justification of " its the same as ___" is flawed, because it isnt the same. Supers are a different breed than standard capitals. I dont see any positive benefit to this change, and when it was seriously suggested by Fozzie back in January we were very quick to stamp it out.

  • In W-Space only 24 hours to shell? in EVE Gameplay Center

    WH space explicitly asked for WH citadels to be kill-able in less than a week. Since evictions very frequently require hole control to ensure your target doesn't bring in friends to save them you need to lock down their system for 48 hours.

    When they announced citadels, and the hull RF timer being 6 days WH space panicked, while possible, I dont think any group would disagree that needing to keep hole control for an entire week is a bar that is just too high. Evictions would almost never happen as the effort bar is drastically above the reward ( in most cases)

    So, in addition to no asset safety, WH citadel's hull timer is only 24 hours.

  • 48 hour kill time for Citadels in WH space in EVE Gameplay Center

    Have those of you whining about big corps rolling over you actually tried out a citadel on SiSI? They're a small corp's dream.

    Citadels were literally designed to allow for asymmetric warfare, a manned citadel with a small support fleet can easily turn away a fleet twice its size, possibly even three times all depending on the actual composition of each fleet.

    Your citadel, if you actually fight to defend it is a very powerful weapon, and in wormholes where the attackers cant bring capitals their fighter squadrons are likewise a significant leg up you have over your aggressors.

    For a corp who would let their POS burn, and SD their **** all because a bigger corp attacked them nothing will change. Your citadel will burn, except now you cant SD all your assets so our attackers will get loot for their effort.

    For the corp who would at the very least go down in a glorious fire defending their space your chances of winning and defeating a larger aggressor just shot through the roof.

  • What is great enough about wormholes to share at Fanfest? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mimiko Severovski wrote:
    ExookiZ wrote:

    Thoughts? Is there a topic or item you think should be talked about?

    Combat refitting in wh space.

    what specifically? I can mention that it was a really important part of cap brawls, and its shaken things up with its removal, but idk what else to say on it

  • What is great enough about wormholes to share at Fanfest? in EVE Gameplay Center

    In a probably too optimistic thread, I wanted to pick your brains on what you would want to be included in a presentation on wormhole space at FF this year.

    I got a time slot to present on wormhole space, so in an attempt to break up the pile of nullsec guys talking about Sov, I figured id go try and tell the k space dwellers about our weird little world.

    To this day it amazes me how many eve players that I talk to that have no idea about wormholes. The whos, metas, how they work, etc so I aim to try and fill in their gaps for those that actually attend/watch.

    I was thinking of a quick overview of the mechanical differences that make WHs unique, then going a bit deeper into how they actually change the gameplay.

    After some of that, possibly a history lesson, of Wh space through the years, watching empires rise and fall, metas change, and faces appear and fade. Attempting to cover apocrypha to now, with a heavier focus on more recent events.

    I have no intention of it focusing on any one group, or going in too depth on them, just talking about who the players are or have been throughout WH history.

    Thoughts? Is there a topic or item you think should be talked about?

    P.S. Ill be looking to reach out and get info from people that know more about events I wasnt a part of, so feel free to let me know if you have something to contribute.

  • EVE North East - East Coast meetup near Montrose, PA June 23-26 2016 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dirty? How so?

  • XL Citadel close to Jita - 0% tax? in EVE Gameplay Center

    i have a feeling that like POSes, citadels will not be allowed in Jita.

    Also paints a target, someones gonna war dec it and roll over it with a dread fleet unless it has a very dedicated defense initiative.

    Finally, isk sinks are good, i suspect that SCC taxes will apply to any market, regardless of where it is, They still apply to null stations.

  • EVE North East - East Coast meetup near Montrose, PA June 23-26 2016 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hello All,

    Past couple years I organized and helped host EVE New England, a event like no other that aimed to gather everyone from the New England region of the U.S. together for a giant EVE meetup. Last year we certainly succeeded, with over 136 players in attendance including 2 CCP Devs.

    Sadly for reasons beyond our control we lost access to our venue in NH. Searching for a venue that allowed everything we needed to continue the event without changing, and not break the bank led us to Camp Faire Play in PA. After some consideration, we decided to seize the opportunity to head west, and hopefully make ENE more attend-able for more capsuleers, since we know NH was a bit far for many of you.

    To that end, I am excited to Announce EVE North East 2016 will be held June 23-26 at Camp Faire Play near Montrose PA.

    If you have been before, we are striving to follow our proven model of camping, great food and events. If you haven't been then please feel free to visit our website for more information and galleries of previous years!

    A ticket for EVE North East is all you need for the weekend, food, lodging are both included so if your looking and thinking it is a little pricey remember its all you need!

    If finances are the only reason stopping you from attending please contact me and I will see if we can work something out, while I am not able to give out piles of free tickets I also hate to think money is keeping players from a great weekend.

    Also let me know if you want to carpool, I keep a map of people coming!

    Please visit our website for more information, as well as ticket sales, and as always feel free to contact me with questions, comments or concerns. See you all in June!

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