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  • Are there any plans for players that wish to paly Solo/Stealth Bombers in EVE Communication Center

    Zimmy Zeta wrote:
    1. Several posters in this thread have told you already that they are playing the game mostly solo. T3s, Recons, Inties and SBs are good ships for soloing, but it is of course hard and you'll have to chose your targets carefully. Do you really want a ship that lets a solo player wipe out a small or medium gang without effort? That brings us to

    I'll add my voice to this: Evelyn has developed as a solo character -- I occasionally go on fleet runs, but most of my time is spent out in space, doing what I do.

    To complain that you're 'forced' to be in a group is like claiming you're 'forced' to drive two blocks to the grocery store -- you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

  • What's the craziest thing you've heard yourself say in sleep-talk? in EVE Communication Center

    It's not specifically sleep-related, and it's not even really EVE-related, but....

    On one previous occasion, I have instinctively imagined a mini-map and tried to use it to orient myself spatially IRL.

    This is not an attempt to troll -- it actually happened, and I immediately reduced the time I spent gaming when I realized what I'd done.

  • New products at the Corvidae Club! in EVE Communication Center

    Ladies and gentlemen of New Eden!

    It is my distinct pleasure to announce that the Corvidae Club has partnered with Captain Eleni Knotvine to bring an expanded range of QUAFE-branded products to the Club.

    Corvidae Trading and Holding happily welcomes our new distribution partner, and we hope that our customers will enjoy this new selection of quality products!

    As always, the Corvidae Club is located in Perdan, orbiting the 12th moon.

  • Any new info about EVA ? in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    Adding some crap that has nothing to do with what the game is about

    I'll stop you right here, for a moment, and point out that CCP has, for a long time, expressed a desire to make an 'immersive space simulator'. Saying that non-space gameplay has nothing to do with that goal is like saying water has nothing to do with being wet.

  • Desert Bus for Hope 8 in EVE Communication Center

    (NOTE: I am not affiliated with LRR, Desert Bus for Hope, or Child's Play Charity; this post is intended solely for informative purposes.)

    In approximately one hour's time (10:00 PST), the eighth annual LoadingReadyRun Desert Bus for Hope charity drive will begin. As usual, there are tons of awesome geek merch and celebrity Skype call-ins, including Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater's Crow T. Robot (v 2.0) ) and comic book writer (and Eisner award-winner) Matt Fraction.

    Go to for all of the geeky fund-raising goodness (and to watch the fascinating BusCam, chock-full of entrancing Desert Bus scenery!).

    All donations go to Child's Play Charity.

    Just an update: I'm doing my best to post updates semi-frequently on my twitter feed (@frednotbob).

  • New Eden Life is in Print! in EVE Communication Center

    Lunarisse Aspenstar wrote:
    Alabath Schmidt wrote:
    I did not know the prose submissions were going to be released next month! I could have allowed mine to be published, in that case.

    Not to late to allow it! May we?

    Definitely not too late! I'd be happy to print your work!

    ((OOC note: For ease of arrangement, it should be single-spaced, in Notepad or Wordpad. Please indicate any special typeface or layout requirements in your mail, so I can fit it properly to the page.))

  • New Eden Life is in Print! in EVE Communication Center

    ((OOC note: I've been informed that I missed a copy editing error on one of the printed poems; Adala Andiun's poem 'Rescue' was incorrectly titled 'Terror'. I thought I'd fixed it when I initially noticed my mistake, but the error crept back in over the course of repeated revisions to the magazine.

    I apologize for, and regret, the error and any distress it caused.

    I've corrected the poem's title and I have re-uploaded the corrected version to my Dropbox account.))

  • An occasion in EVE Communication Center

    Halcyon Ember wrote:
    I do not post here, for various reasons, but for every rule there is an exception.
    Herein lies the exception.
    There will be an..event, let us leave it at that. I do not wish to send out a flurry of invites to people I'd like to see there willy nilly, thus if you wish to attend and feel that I hold you in sufficient regard here is your chance to notify me. Do so by mail or by replying here.
    It will be in early December, I shall post more details later.

    I just want to see if I understand your message correctly:

    Something is happening, somewhere. We are to determine if we should attend by asking for an invitation to this unknown event, hosted by unknown parties, with an unknown agenda.

    Is that an accurate statement?

  • New Eden Life is in Print! in EVE Communication Center

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is my distinct pleasure to announce that the first issue of New Eden Life is now available!

    New Eden Life #1

    In this issue, we proudly present the winners of the 'poetry' category of Lunarisse Aspenstar's writing contest.

    Next month, we will print the remaining entries, in the 'prose' category. There were too many to edit and print in one issue, so we're extending our first edition over two volumes!

    If you have any comments, criticisms, article submissions, or advertisements, please send a message via link-mail.

    Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the debut of New Eden Life!

    ((A corrected edition has been uploaded and is now available at the same link))

  • Regarding Recent Connection Issues in EVE Communication Center


    Not really... DDoS attacks are stupidly easy to initiate, and damn near impossible to stop. A quick (and oversimplified) description of how a normal internet connection works, using web browsing as an example...

    Client walks up to Server and knocks on door #80.
    Server opens the door, says "Hey, how are ya? Which of your pipes should I send the webpages back through?"
    Client says "Ehh, #2503 looks pretty bored, use that one."
    Server says "Ok, here's your webpage. Happy surfing!"

    In a DDoS, though, the process looks like this:
    Zombie walks up to Sever and knocks on door #80
    Server opens the door, says "Hey, how are ya? Which of your pipes.....?"
    Zombie stands there like a... well... like a zombie.
    Server says "Uhh, dude, you knocked on the door. How do you want this?"
    Zombie wobbles a little, maybe mumbles something to the effect of "Braaaaaiiiiinnnnnnssssss......"
    Server says "No, really dude, you asked for it. I can even give you fries with that if you like."
    Zombie shambles down the street, dropping a limb here or there for good measure.
    Server says, "What a freak, I give up."
    Zombie slowly stumbles back and starts the process all over again.

    Basically, the idea is that a normal connection is quick and over with. A DDoS, though, ties up the server's resources as it's sitting there, waiting for the zombie (and that's what botnet victims are generally called) to actually complete the service request. That resource exhaustion is what eventually causes the server to crash out (or in our case, disconnect the socket).

    To clarify a bit more:

    A DDOS attack makes use of groups of computers (called botnets or 'zombies') that have been previously infected with malware. On cue, hundreds of thousands of automated attack programs trigger and start flooding the target system with millions of requests every second -- far more than it can cope with -- and the target computer effectively 'drowns' in a sea of incomplete requests.

    Unfortunately, as I said earlier, tracing a DDOS attack is next-to-impossible, since the owners of the 'zombie' computers usually don't even know they're being co-opted for the attack, and a trace-route will only lead back as far as the first zombie in the horde.

  • Post three words forum game in EVE Communication Center

    monkey school dishwasher!

  • Regarding Recent Connection Issues in EVE Communication Center

    Sunbird Huy wrote:

    I do have a question, is it not possible to trace these attacks, throught IP or whatever, and even strike back at them? I mean, these things should be 2-way right?

    A DDOS is a distributed attack, which means that multiple computers have been used (usually without their owners' knowledge). Tracing a specific IP would only follow the attack back to the 'zombie' computer.

  • buying PLEX with Pre-paid credit cards (from store) in EVE Communication Center

    Azure Wyvern wrote:
    I get mixed information about this... and before i spend my hard earned money I wanted to clarify a question......

    1:) Can you goto a store put 50$ on a pre-paid visa, mastercard, whatever else and use it to purchase PLEX?

    I live in the US and they are readily avail.

    2:) If you CAN, is there a preferred card that works as in (visa, mastercard) over others?

    3:) I dont use steam, I just use the launcher.... does this have any effect on this..... Also do not use i have too?

    If someone could just clear this up for me i may make myself space rich buy ships i cannot afford to lose and welp them into YOU...


    I've always been able to buy PLEX using Vanilla Visa/Mastercard. You can't, however, use them to sign up for game-time (AFAIK) due to restrictions on the cards regarding recurring charges.

  • Post three words forum game in EVE Communication Center

    Do I care?

  • CTAH is opening a publishing arm! in EVE Communication Center

    Just a reminder:

    New Eden Life is still looking for articles, pictures and items of interest for its premiere issue!

    Items can be submitted via link-mail, along with a desired payment rate.

  • SIERRA coming back? (Nostalgia trip) in EVE Communication Center

    Abrazzar wrote:
    How many of the old guard will be involved in this revival?

    It's unlikely that many will be back; Al Lowe has retired, Ken and Roberta have moved on from the games industry, and most of the old guard have moved on to start other studios and projects.

    That said, I hope they can capture the spirit of the old Sierra...

  • What are you like irl? in EVE Communication Center

    I'm a bit of a loner; I have some good friends, but not that many. I tend to be socially conscious, but I'm not a 'war-hawk' (quite the opposite, in fact -- I'm a pacifist and (for religious reasons, as well as personal) a conscientious objector).

    I'm stubborn, at times, and a bit of a know-it-all (though, since I became aware of it, I try very hard not to be one). If I had to describe myself in one word, it would probably be 'polymath': I love to read and write and my interests cover almost a dozen fields of study.

    While I'm gregarious once you get to know me, I'm almost always uncomfortable among those I don't know. I think that's partially why I took up acting, and why I prefer the (relative) anonymity of the Internet.

  • Any info available yet on the "Space Object Factory" code? in EVE Communication Center

    Noriko Mai wrote:
    I guess they mean a Object Factory as described by the factory method pattern [1]. A Object Factory in OOP is used to generate objects on the fly. The Object Factory in your client generates objects (currently only in use for ships) if the object appears in your client (for ships it's the grid you are in). I thought this was the way they did it all the years, but it seems they had some old black python magic doing the work.

    In programming terms, a 'factory' is usually a specific sub-system designed to handle the generation of objects; for a roguelike (which is my own project), an 'item factory' spawns the items into the game world and controls their properties (cursed/enchanted items, randomized names, etc).

    From the description, it sounds like CCP is re-building the 'factory' so it handles ships and items in the same manner. Since a ship is, from the server's perspective, just another 'object in space' (i.e, the model itself has no special properties), a 'unified' factory would treat the model as it would any other asteroid or station.

    In short: an 'Object Factory' would allow new items to be created with much less work, since an asteroid and ship are technically the same thing. It also permits the re-painting of stations, since they would then use the same 'factory' as a ship.

  • 9/11 Remembrance. in EVE Communication Center

    I was in high-school. I woke up to my mother knocking on my bedroom door, saying something about 'buildings' or 'towers', I was half-asleep and couldn't hear well.

    When I got on the bus, the radio stations were talking about the World Trade Center. The televisions in the lobby were on, and everyone was either talking about it or avoiding talking about it.

    I got home, sat down in front of my computer, and didn't disconnect until I'd heard from every single one of my friends in the new York area.

  • QotD: How to create loyalty within your corp? in EVE Communication Center

    Charax Bouclier wrote:
    In another MMO, I would make a "QotD" (Question of the Day) simply to fascilitate community discussion on a topic that might interest them. Unfortunately, sometimes people would misconstrue my intent and the thread would burn out in a fireball of trolling. I think I have learned my lessons from that experience, and with the fine guidance of ISD, I think we can avoid these pitfalls.

    Now that we have that preface out of the way, let's get on with today's question:

    What is the biggest thing you can do to increase loyalty amongst the corporate ranks?

    From my initial review of EVE, it seems that high loyalty corporations choose their recruits very carefully. They want to make sure they share a bond...a brotherhood of create this conception of "US vs ALL OF THEM".

    Brilliant, really. When I set up my own corporation, I might consider doing something similar. For example, I love Tim Hortons coffee. I don't know if I would trust someone else that didn't share my tastes, so I don't think I would invite them into my corporation unless they posted on a Tim Hortons fan site.

    When my fellows are out on a roam, we can scoff at everyone else for drinking Starbucks or McDonalds McCafe.

    These are my initial thoughts on the matter. What do you think is the most important thing to create loyalty?

    If you read the Art of War, Sun Tzu's thoughts on loyalty are quite clear:

    When the men are punished before their loyalty is secured, they will be rebellious and disobedient. If disobedient and rebellious, it is difficult to deploy them. When the loyalty of the men is secured, but punishments are not enforced, such troops cannot be used either. Thus, the general must be able to instruct his troops with civility and humanity and unite them with rigorous training and discipline so as to secure victories in battles. When orders are regularly enforce and used to train the soldiers, they will be obedient. When orders are not regularly enforced nor used to train the soldiers, they will not be obedient. When orders are regularly enforced, it is because of the mutual trust and confidence between the commander and his men.

    Article Source:

    In brief, 'do unto others' is a major factor of effective leadership: if you're an egomaniac, your employees will resent you. If you're an autocrat, they'll stop listening to you. If you apply discipline unevenly, they'll bicker amongst themselves (the so-called 'Dungeon Master's Girlfriend' scenario).

    Basically, if you expect people to follow you, the first question you need to ask is 'why should they follow me?'. If the only answers you can come up with are self-serving or ego-stroking, you need to reexamine your suitability for leadership.