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  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Official Video/Streaming Toolkit in EVE Communication Center

    Any chance of saving the gameworld to disk and replaying events locally (with multiple camera options), similar to many FPS games instead?

    The problem with videos I generally see are viewpoints and UI clutter during noteworthy fights. Changing the camera angle and re-organizing the UI would be easier to make videos of fights, instead of recreating them from scratch*.

    *I think that's what you're implying with the OP.

  • Sounding board for structures in w space in EVE Gameplay Center


  • SCYLLA - General Issues in EVE Information Center

    CCP Habakuk wrote:
    Enta en Bauldry wrote:
    After the migration and subsequent small patches, my launcher is stuck in offline mode. I'd rather not do a fresh install sooo, any ideas?


    Please try to install the new launcher version from

    For me it looks like your launcher reverted back to the old version.


    It works now, thank you.

  • SCYLLA - General Issues in EVE Information Center

    After the migration and subsequent small patches, my launcher is stuck in offline mode. I'd rather not do a fresh install sooo, any ideas?


  • [New structures] Mooring and docking features in EVE Technology and Research Center

    In W-Space, intel is gathered by d-scanning and looking on-grid (at POSes) to see if any players are active and what kind of ships they're in.

    Do you intend to permit docking in W-Space? This would make intel gathering much harder unless mechanics are put in place to see what the docked players are doing. This is my biggest concern with the proposed "anchor any structure anywhere" philosophy you outlined at the fanfest presentation.

  • [New structures] Market Hubs and Drilling Platforms in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just want to note that a functioning market structure that can be configured for corp/alliance only AND works in W-Space would get rid of a major headache for me and quite a few people I fly with.

    How it's to be implemented I don't know but as long as you can do something along the lines of;

    Buy Trimark Armor Pump II in Jita
    Bring it into JXXXXXX system, drop it into market structure (or something like a PHA?)
    Place an order for it in system, only visible to corp (perhaps even specific title!)
    Different player buys item and takes it out of the structure, fits it to their ship

    I'm looking forward to the first public drafts.

  • POS Sounding Board on December 18th in Council of Stellar Management


  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    Today, a (them)C6>C2(us) WH spawned into us. We had the K162 side. I assume they didn't like what they saw because they brought an Orca to roll and it was a 1 Billion KG hole. If we hadn't been able to scan it immediately we would never have killed the Orca.

    I've spent quite a bit of time in W-Space, now please tell me how this was a bad thing Two Step.

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    TLDR: dislike

    I'll preface this by saying I'm all for shaking up W-Space. Be it through added randomization, new content or just changes to mechanics considered stable.

    A two minute delay essentially provides two minutes of near-absolute(except for the split-second Dscan) cover for intel gathering and preparation for the entry side. In order to turn this into an advantage you need unfriendly people in space, assuming day-to-day business. This mostly influences ganks or gives the entry side a chance to quickly roll the hole if they end up connecting to entities they don't wish to.

    W-Space often doesn't have enough targets, which seems to be a stated by many people from all areas of it, except for carebears and daytrippers. If this change does increase the amount of ganks in the long run anybody who doesn't like the new risk/reward pattern will pack up and leave. They don't necessarily have to be carebears. Ex: If a C3 corp can't fund its activities anymore because they lose too many assets to ganks instead of consensual or at least interesting PvP they leave. This will generate a new equilibrium where you'll probably end up getting a similar amount of PvP compared to now, just more holes will be empty. I'll let the C5-C6 guys speak for their own thing but farming in low-end WHs take quite a long time, where(assuming C3) sites only generate ~45M in loot. I sincerely believe that getting more corps into W-Space is the answer to the "not enough action" problem, which IMO can only be solved through making W-Space more interesting.

    As for the opportunity to quickly roll the fresh hole: if you get connected to somebody you don't like, too bad. Deal with it or actually risk your battleship(low class) or dread(C5-6) to get rid of them.

  • [Rubicon 1.3] Corporation Member Cap Increase in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is nice and all, but how about some alliance bookmarks?

  • WTS Wormhole: NOVA - J105934 in EVE Marketplace

    baker43 wrote:
    And it is the mix of planets that you can make ALL PI POS fuel components that makes NOVA extra attractive.

    This alone is not that big of an advantage since you have to haul in all the ice products anyway(or haul the PI out, build the blocks, then haul them back in). The available planets only allow 1 final P4 product. Plus, near-perfect PI isn't that uncommon.

    Personally, I'd be more interested in say, moon numbers or system size than perfect PI.

    Considering that most WH's(including C6's) sell for around a bil or two the only reason I can see to pay for this piece of real estate would be the royalty value of "oooh AHARM has lived here" or "oooh, Clarion Call was shot here".

    C6->C5 Catacylsmic, almost same # of moons, better PI, and decent size all yours for 800M.(if you don't get scammed)

  • [Feature Request] Fleet Layout save as Template in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As a person who has to deal with the fleet interface frequently I support this idea.

  • Hide your ISK, Team Security is out of control. (Allegedly) in EVE Communication Center

    The **** is wrong with all you people.

  • [CSM 8] James Arget - Wormholes and the Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Excellent. You have my bow(for now).Big smile

  • [Retribution 1.1] Armor Tanking 1.5 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is the 1 per ship limit on the module "we just want to see" kind of decision?

    You would need more cap boosters in your hold because you'd need boosters in the mids anyway for say, a Hyperion. Since the AAR reps as much as 1.68 T2 reppers(no skills) is the limit really necessary given that you'll run out of boosters faster? Not that I have much experience with active armor tanking but the booster amounts seem like enough of a hurdle and it would add to the problem if you added more AARs on to your ship.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Silvonus wrote:
    POS are some of the oldest code, and were never fully developed from the start. Most players understand this, we are not expecting miracles but we do want to see some concrete development happening. POS have been talked about for years as needing fixes, and while there are many areas of the game that also need improving, none is more glaring than POSs. The time is ripe for change.

    The arm of POSs is far reaching, affecting nearly every area of the game in one form or another. This is what I feel CCP is worried about when potentially overhauling the entire system. POS affect nearly all of industry, life in null and w-space and corporation management. It is nearly impossible to separate POS from any of these (and more) systems. The risk that something would go wrong is high, even for the slightest of changes. Since the effects are wide, this also has the potential of being the most powerful fix/expansion ever especially if linked to systems like sovereignty, industry and CREST.

    Here is what I see are the major areas of EVE that need to be developed:
  • POS and other player controlled structures
  • Industry, production and group mining (ring)
  • Nullsec sovereignty
  • Corporation management

  • Yes, there are more things, but those in my opinion are the largest ones bringing EVE into a “complete” state with no major areas lacking. Now, of those areas, industry is already tied significantly to POS, and while it does not need to be released at the same time as POS, having a new POS backbone to tie into would help it significantly. Nullsec sovereignty is a thorny path. It works currently but has a lot of room for improvement. A POS revamp has the potential not to just affect how we think of POS right now, that is a stick in the bubble, but rather extend onto other player owned and controlled structures, such as I-Hubs, stations, and whatever else we could imagine, which could be then tied into new sov mechanics and methods to maintain and control areas. Corporation mechanics are already so closely tied with POSs, that separating one form the other is hard to do and trying to fix one and not the other only prolongs the issue.

    CCP, you want to have themed expansions? How about this for a theme: “Build your empire.”

    Task half the teams to work on Corporation management and UI, and the other half to POSs. Nothing draws players into game more than being able to claim a piece of land (or in this case, space). Not just something that has your name on it in the corner, but something that you as a player build. You gathered the resources, you teamed up with other players, you fought off those who would compete with you and you prevailed. And these aren't just vanity homes to display pictures, these are the workhorses and the backbone of your military might, your production chain to control the market, the bastion where you live.

    CCP, we know you can pull this off. You pulled off a beautiful interface with planetary interaction in Tyrannis, you've delivered content in Apocrypha on an unprecedented scale, you've paid attention to the details in Crucible and Inferno, you've shown us that you can make a game like none other. The path to greatness isn't easy, but only those who dare the most difficult road reap the greatest rewards.

This post reflects my thoughts.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Fix them or redo them, just do something.

    do eet

  • [SOLD] C5 with Hi-Sec Entrance in EVE Marketplace

    I came across a C5 wormhole today. I would like to sell it sooner because the buyer would be able to move in(and me out) through the hisec entrance.

    Some info;
    No Effects
    C6 static
    Brilliant PI
    No Towers on D-Scan
    No recent activity
    18 moons
    <16 AU diameter

    System: J114842

    Contact me wherever. I'll sell it manually, no public contract. Preferably quickly.

    Edit: Here's a screenshot of my overview to show that there are no towers around.