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  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Bulletins on both the Corp and Alliance level (even more so) can be difficult for people to find. A way to link these areas in say, a channel MOTD or evemail would be awesome.

    As previously mentioned, I will add my voice to Kill Reports (in general) being separated from the Wars tab.

    And I know Role Management will not be considered a little thing, but horizontal scroll bars! Or at least some indication that you're not seeing all the columns that are being displayed so you know to resize to see it all.

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The ability to add a note to a Corporation or Alliance contact!

    Someone can come back later and see WHY they are at the standing value they are. You don't have to rely on old mails, or someone trying to remember why a contact is set to the value they are.... They just look in the standings interface.

  • Production - Job delivery error: Fixed now! in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Explorer wrote:
    Targeted live testing of the fix 5 minutes ago was successful so no extended DT (the server is actually already up) or a reboot will be required.

    I am receiving the same error described for a couple jobs. So it's not fully fixed.

    I have several invention jobs that delivered fine, and some manufacturing jobs. But two of my manufacturing jobs are stuck with the " longer exists.." error.

  • Dev blog: The Price of Change in EVE Information Center

    I really think that the starbase (POS) bonuses needs to be sorted before release.

    As has been mentioned, a large portion of high sec industry happens in a POS (or maybe we're all wrong and hardly any industry is happening in a POS?). What benefit to POS owners will exist after release?

    Does saving that 10% suddenly make operating a POS not worth it and should I move everything to station instead?

    I'm assuming POS arrays still maintain any time bonuses so maybe that will make it worth it to keep a POS running?

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Courier contracts that can be completed on high sec only routes are showing that the route will take you through low sec (for instance, Maspah to Jita). In actual fact, with my current filters, in the region I'm currently in, ALL contracts are showing that they will take a low sec route.

  • ★★★ Haulers Channel ★★★ in EVE Marketplace

    Bunch of us were talking about this: in the Hauler's Channel the other day.

    Would make it quite a bit easier for contract issuers to offer a time based bonus if they could do it right in the contract.

    Lot's of good ideas appear in this channel. :)

  • New Contract Option - Time Bonus in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So a practice that I've been seeing while hauling is a time based bonus on a courier contract for prompt delivery.

    This means the issuer of the contract has to go send money to the contractor after the fact.

    Why not have this as an available option while setting up the contract so you can offer a flat fee bonus if the contract is completed by whatever EVE time they define.

    Several of us were talking about this in the Hauler's Channel the other day, and people liked it.

  • ★★★ Haulers Channel ★★★ in EVE Marketplace

    Sucess Story:

    I was mining away this morning and saw 11 contracts appear in the channel that I could run. I raced off to the region they were in and managed to pick them all up. And even better, the poster of the contracts said they would try to notify when they were going up next time so prospective haulers could be ready for them.

    Made for a great run. And there are a bunch of frindly people active int he channel.

  • ★★★ Haulers Channel ★★★ in EVE Marketplace

    Like the channel.

    Even see some smaller hauls in there for the indy haulers, which is nice.