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  • For PVE ( Rating, Salvage, misions, etc about) in EVE Communication Center

    Helt Anajkt wrote:
    Tipa Riot wrote:
    Jedidiah Togenada wrote:
    Do Little wrote:
    . If you fly a Gnosis, don't insure it.

    Why wouldn't you insure it?

    Because a Gnosis is worth only 1 Tritanium, which is about 4.50 ISK. Blink

    The price comes only from the rare blueprint.

    but the real cost is about 40.000.000 so If it is insuranced, What would be the recognition in case of an "incident"?

    Insurance pays out based on the mineral cost to build the ship (1 piece of tritanium), not the market cost of the ship

  • NOOB Question in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sheldor Leonard wrote:
    What is the best weapon for a new player to train up for? I am still doing lvl 1 because I am getting slaughtered on lvl 2s.

    Often getting slaughtered in the lower-level missions is as much, if not more, ship and fit over skills.
    Can you post the ship and fit?

  • T2 manufacturing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Keep in mind that you need a fair few skills to invent and build T2.
    To invent using those Caracal BPCs, you would need High Energy Physics, Caldari Encryption Methods and Caldari Starship Engineering, all trained to 1 minimum. Higher is preferable as it improves success chance.
    To build the resulting Cerberus BPC, you'd need Industry trained to 5 and Advanced Medium Ship Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Caldari Starship Engineering trained to 1.

  • Source of: Charred Micro Circuit and Damaged Artificial Neural Network in EVE Gameplay Center

    They're from salvaging NPC ships, player ships or from relic sites.

  • EVE Survival in EVE Gameplay Center

    Buoytender Bob wrote:
    I've been trying to tell my kids of one of the Family's mottos for years: No good deed gets unpunished. Perfect example.

    And the person behind the disputed fee probably did it to get a reaction and is laughing at the results. Sad

  • EVE Survival in EVE Gameplay Center

    smokester wrote:
    wayback machine cant find it either... or am i doing something wrong?

    Nothing special about the date, just one I selected at random from the crawl dates.

  • Running Minmatar Missions In Amarr Space in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's the faction that the corp you're running the mission for belongs to. The space you're in is irreevant

  • How to avoid overproducing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alasdan Helminthauge wrote:
    I'm new to industrial and I just finished researching my Ice Harvester I BPO. I almost could not help myself but fill all my 3 manufacture slots with it,

    Keep in mind that if you have a single BPO, you cannot fill all three of your manufacturing slots with it, a BP can be used for one job at a time, so if you did want to make Ice Harvesters in 3 slots at the same time, you'd need to either make copies, or buy more BPOs.

  • [PLZ HELP] Booster Production in EVE Gameplay Center

    Khorius Irelius wrote:
    Literally EVERY resource I found (guides, videos, forum posts, etc.) about 'booster production' is dated 2010 or earlier. There is ZERO current information on this topic.

    Booster production hasn't changed in many years, those guides are likely still valid.

  • Industry idea. in EVE Gameplay Center

    ShadowX148 wrote:

    HYPOTHETICALLY, the builder could have options:

    9 x Scorched Telemetry Processor
    22 x Tripped Power Circuit
    22 x Burned Logic Circuit


    1 x Telemetry Processor
    3 x Power Circuits
    3 x Logic Circuits

    T2 salvage is quite a bit more expensive than T1, so it would make no sense to use T2 salvage for T1 rigs, it would result in the player taking a loss.

    I bring this up because some people say Relic and Data sites are pointless and not worth the time. This gripe could be solved by allowing more flexibility in their use.

    They're pointless in most part because they drop worthless stuff (eg low-value T1 salvage, carbon, unwanted BPCs), not because they drop T2 salvage that no one uses.

  • Noob Pilot, purchasing ships in EVE Communication Center

    Yes, with the added caveat that people can only sell to the highest-price buy order at a station. If yours is lower, people can't sell to it. You can modify the order and change the price.

    Personally, I'd recommend cancel the buy order, accept the loss of the broker fees (it won't be much for a single destroyer) and buy one outright.

  • Noob Pilot, purchasing ships in EVE Communication Center

    Firstly check whether the order completed. By doing what you did, you put a buy order on the market, essentially an offer that you'd pay X for a destroyer. The ISK will go into escrow immediately, the destroyer appears when someone sells to the order.
    Open your wallet, go to the third tab (orders), look at the bottom window.

    If the buy order has completed, the ship will be in the ship hanger of the station at which it was sold to you. If you set up a station-only range order, it'll be at the station you put the order up at.

    Normally, if you want something now, you'd go to the top section, right click on the cheapest order in the station you're in, and select 'buy'. That's an immediate purchase and the item appears in your hanger in the station it was for sale at immediately.

  • Trying to maximise my passive isk/ph. in EVE Communication Center

    Madame Du Poulpe wrote:
    Elena Thiesant wrote:
    Making the two spare characters into SP farms doesn't work. You can only train one character per account, unless you pay for multi-character training, and paying for that will cost far more than can be generated by selling skill injectors.

    Really? So why is it a thing?

    I mean people are cleary doing it so I understand why they'd do it at a loss?

    They don't do it at a loss.
    They do it on the main character on the account, extract all skills that the character trains each month. Net result is that the character trains no further, but there's a point you reach when characters don't need any more skills and so extracting all is OK.

    Of course, this isn't a good idea on a fairly new character that still has lots to train.

  • Trying to maximise my passive isk/ph. in EVE Communication Center

    Making the two spare characters into SP farms doesn't work. You can only train one character per account, unless you pay for multi-character training, and paying for that will cost far more than can be generated by selling skill injectors.

  • Augmentation in EVE Gameplay Center


    Upgrading a set of implants can be an expensive decision because it destroys the old set.

    Took about a minute to find that.

    And the money isn't wasted, sell the implant that you're not going to use on the market

  • Complex Reactors in 0.4 space. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ronin Gabe wrote:
    CCP decided that 0.4 space wasn't 'low-sec enough' to do complex reactions, that required a POS in 0.3 or lower space. Has that been fixed?

    It was a bug in the code. The check was security level < 0.4, not security level <= 0.4. Was fixed some time back.

  • Augmentation in EVE Gameplay Center

    "Adding attributes" means plugging in an implant. You can only have one implant in each slot, so if you have +2 implants and you want to plug in +3, you must first destroy the +2 ones.

  • Looking for Nightmare armor fitt in EVE Gameplay Center

    JarJar Binky wrote:
    May be I can change one steel plates with second reactive armor hardener to save two types of damageSmile

    From show-info on the module
    The Reactive Armor Hardener possesses an advanced nano membrane that reacts to armor layer damage by shifting between resistances over time. This makes it able to align its defenses against whichever incoming damage types are prevalent.

    The module spreads 60% resistance over the four damage types, starting at 15% in each.

    Only one of this module type can be fitted at a time.

    And that fit is a PVP fit, not a PvE fit. Several of the fitted items are inappropriate for L4 missions.
    Plus 6 months of training is probably not enough to fly a faction battleship. Sit in, yes. Fly and use well, no. Stick to cheaper and smaller ships and get your skills up. Better skills will improve your mission times more than a ship upgrade will.

  • How to get money fast. in EVE Communication Center

    Smileysimle D'zev wrote:
    Elena Thiesant wrote:
    Side note: What do you plan to do with that Talos? Because it's not a general use ship.
    I want to use it to protect miner oporations in wh or lowsec. Maybe to some missions too. I'm also thinkng of a 4 railgun 4 blaster fit. If there is a better ship to this with, please tell me.

    Um, tbh (and trying not to be harsh), maybe learn the game a bit before you make plans like that.

    Protecting mining operations is not a thing, because anyone attacking will just bring more ships, kill you first and then the miners.
    Talos is a terrible ship for missions, it's more for PVP, specific kinds of PVP even. Better ship for missions: most of them
    Mixing 4 blasters and 4 rails will only ensure that the ship's useless for everything.

  • New Prospective Miner! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Veine Miromme wrote:

    Elena Thiesant wrote:
    The mining lasers pull the same volume on each cycle, ...

    No, mining lasers do not pull the same volume on each cycle for different Ore.
    Mining lasers do pull different volume per Ore per cycle, and those cycle differ per fit and ship spec + Ore hold +Booster, etc..

    They do. They pull different numbers of units of each ore, but the same volume. Check the attributes of your mining lasers, their yield is in m3 per cycle, not units of ore per cycle, and their cycle times are fixed, they don't vary by ore.

    For eg, strip miner I shows: "Mining amount 675 m3". That's the volume of ore it pulls per cycle. Veldspar has a volume of 0.1m3, hence that strip miner will pull 6750 units of veldspar per cycle. Scordite is 0.15m3, so the same strip miner will pull 4500 units of scordite per cycle, etc

    The Isk/m3 column you refer to only includes the amount of ISK per cubic meter of the Ore itself.
    It does not include or refer to the value of ISK per hour, or the said Volume in said cubic meter volume referred to per hour that is extracted.

    Since mining lasers yield is in m3 / cycle, ie with a particular ship and fit and skills you pull the same m3 / hour no matter what ore you're mining (except Mercoxit), your ISK/hour when mining is (ISK per m3) * (m3 per hour). The latter is specific to ship, fit and skills.