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  • [March] Target Painter Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Any chance for target painters to also get the decreasing effectiveness over fallof rather than current dice roll mechanic, like it's being done to Sensor Dampeners and done to neuts/nos?

  • New shield effects in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I totally support this. The lack of visual feedback and indication that the shield modules are active is discorcerting at best. I have almost lost a ship because of that already. Both armor hardeners and repairers have a fairly conspicuous visual effect on the ship, the shield needs one too!

    Serendipity Lost wrote:
    My only concern with your idea is the lag angle.

    If 33 guys on a gate can all activate their shield/armor effects when a guy jumps in with the result of being able to lag tackle the guy, then no to the idea. Same for if 100 man kiting BC fleets can add a small shield/armor booster with the result of being able to induce lag to their advantage, then no.

    If it makes eve all sparkly and pretty w/ no adverse performance impact then sure!

    Shield modules have been like this (with persistent effect/feedback on each cycle) since forever. And back in the old days of 2003-2008 (i.e. pre-Trinity) they were just shiny bubbles around the ships. That has never lagged anyone before, I don't see why it should lag anyone now.

  • @devs: important Stork stuff in EVE Technology and Research Center

    KK is also responsible for the Caldari BR, the Crane, which is painted in KK classic black+red stripes. And there is a KK skin for Golem which as well includes this paint job.


    Here's the full list of KK ships:

    • Widow - Black Ops
    • Nighthawk - Command Ship
    • Rook - Combat Recon Ship
    • Onyx - Heavy Interdictor
    • Flycatcher - Interdictor
    • Crow - Interceptor
    • Crane - Blockade Runner

  • All of these feature the iconic Kaalakiota black+red stripes. My personal favourite ones are the Onyx and the Widow.

    Funnily, most of the staple Caldari missile ships, like Golem, Cerberus, and Hawk, are manufactured by Lai Dai...

  • capsuleers in EVE Communication Center

    Teinyhr wrote:
    IIRC only capital ships have facilities to extract a capsuleer while inside a ship, but this leaves the ship incredibly vulnerable with only basic systems online and obviously no one to react to an attack , etc. I'm not sure if there is any actual canon stance on this, but that is the state of fanon as far as I'm aware.

    Some people do roleplay as if they were a normal starship captains slash baseliners, and they're free to do so, but other roleplayers refuse to acknowledge this as well.

    I too remember reading a dev's post about decanting in-ship, stating pretty much the same information, that only capital ships have the facilities, unless specifically installed. And sub-battlecruiser classes may not even have the place for such facilities.

    However, it hasn't stopped players from writing fiction about going in and out of capsule while on smaller ships.

  • [Updated] [June] Module Tiericide - Armor Plates and Shield Extenders in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like the changes. Especially to the shield extenders. The small ones will be much more usable now!

  • New ISD-IC work in EVE Communication Center

    As far as I know, ingame NPC-related news and stories is a work of another team altogether, so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • CCP, Where did the system and region descriptions go ? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Delegate Zero wrote:
    This is a known issue and a defect. It also has nothing in particular to do with the new map.

    Bear with us and be assured the material is not lost.

    I am investigating this issue and working with others to resolve it.

    Great to know, thanks for your reply!

  • (Fictional Short Story) Prometheus Pyrkaeus in EVE Communication Center

    A great story! I enjoyed the pace, the settings, and the interwoven storylines. It held me there till the very end. And it feels complete, even with this somewhat unusual ending.

    There is, however, one thing that puts me at odds with the story: the pod breach at the very first chapter. If the shields, armor plating, and the hull superstructure of a standard-issue hydrostatic capsule can handle a handful of shots from a 75mm railgun and survive, then how a mere sidearm -- a weapon with a few orders of magnitude lower power -- can breach it?

  • CCP, Where did the system and region descriptions go ? in EVE Communication Center

    Sarka Tzvi wrote:
    I never knew there were some systems with a non-generic description tab.

    EC-P8R used to have "Get the pod!" in its description instead of "Solar system". Not sure if that is still the case.

    edit: It no longer is.

  • Tactical Destroyer Mode drops idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zan Shiro wrote:
    Nariya Kentaya wrote:
    We can argue mine bp's and such exist but those at some point were intended and functional items. DB admins can suck it up and do the job theyre told, by your arguement, every item ever given that was a one time release, or a gimmicky commodity released as a joke, should be deleted next patch, because they "arent needed"

    I also said intended at some point. Gimmicky items put in by design are okay. CCP with full intent gave us 1 unit of lag for example. They deprecated mine's but kept mine bp's in game. Intended and/or functional but now deprecated are fine.

    The code is making an unintended artifact. While this seems to be humorous....first thing coming to mind is what else not intended is also happening. In programming generally you take input, do stuff and make desired output. Keyword...desired. If I write to code to work Poisson distributions...I want an answer formatted how I want it to be shown. An answer with a second line printing garbage I never intended means something (or lots of somethings) from line 1 to line xyz has gone awry.

    Its not a case of db admins needing to suck it up. Its a case of the db admins wondering, legitimately, what else is this code doing unintentionally. Be cool if just this benign behavior. Perhaps me jaded from too long at the IT gig...I would not be shocked if some other less visible undocumented software feature action going on. With the potential to be less benign.

    It would appear you missed the point of the thread.

    Yes, the current situation is a bug, it was not intended and needs to be fixed. I am not arguing with that. My idea is that instead of removing the already dropped mods and removing them from possible drops, convert the mods into fluff commodities, and make them actually, intentionally, drop as a very rare item from the ship itself upon destruction, or as a salvaged item from the T3 wreck. So there'd be people who can say "i killed this T3 dessie and all I've got was this lousy prop mode..."

  • Tactical Destroyer Mode drops idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nina Lowel wrote:
    Because he probably spent billions on them and now they're worthless.

    Actually, no. I just find things like this amusing. But they do give us an insight on how things operate inside the "black box" that objects in EVE are.

  • Tactical Destroyer Mode drops idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Black Pedro wrote:

    Because emergent gameplay. It's a bug, i get it, but players already have embraced this, and because I think small fun things like this make EVE what it is. CCP have created a lot of fluff items to celebrate big events, or big blunders of theirs (Boots.ini, anyone?), so why not keep this one as well?

    “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’"
    -- George Bernard Shaw, Back To Methuselah

  • Tactical Destroyer Mode drops idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As per this news item the Tactical Destroyer Mode modules dropping from destroyed T3 destroyers is unintended and should be fixed.

    But here's my idea: leave it be! It's a funny bug that should be embraced and made into a feature instead. Just make sure the dropped mode items cannot be exploited (make them a trade commodity, like the others oh-so-many fluff items CCP has given out in the recent years). Let them be a very rare drop (or salvage) for the players to keep as a memento of destroyed T3 dessies. Or, at the very least, let the already dropped items stay in-game as commodities and collector's items.

  • EVE vs Star Trek: Science & Politics in EVE Communication Center

    Vulxanis Viceroy wrote:
    Eija-Riitta Veitonen wrote:
    Vulxanis Viceroy wrote:
    Lapetan titans are most certainly some of the most powerful war machines ever conceived in a fictional universe lol but do you think that it would actually ever get to that point?

    It's IAPETAN (capital i, not lowercase L).

    Um, ok... well that doesn't really change my point lol Iapetans are still pretty powerful. Do you think they would ever be pulled out in an engagement? Keep in mind that every one of the empires has at least one, and are afraid of the other empire bringing theirs onto the field, similarly to nukes.

    According to CCP Falcon "During Operation Highlander, the Federation Navy had its entire capital group of Soltueur-class titans on standby as a last resort to provide fire support to the fleet that challenged CN Shiigeru in orbit of Caldari Prime.". I would say they'd be willing to use it against external threat, were it deemed necessary.

  • EVE vs Star Trek: Science & Politics in EVE Communication Center

    Vulxanis Viceroy wrote:
    Lapetan titans are most certainly some of the most powerful war machines ever conceived in a fictional universe lol but do you think that it would actually ever get to that point?

    It's IAPETAN (capital i, not lowercase L).

  • EVE vs Star Trek: Science & Politics in EVE Communication Center

    Owen Levanth wrote:
    1a) A Kirk-look-a-like will seduce the female capsuleer. (May or may not work on male capsuleers.)

    Most definitely not my type!

    As for who would win... Well, I believe a single Iapetan titan's appearance would make the trekkies run for cover. The only "race" from ST universe I'd be concerned about are the Borg, because technology is our only weakness.

  • What is the avatar above you thinking? in EVE Communication Center

    My drones.. Where did I put my drones again? Hey, you, with the camera, have you seen my drones??

  • Ship wrecks and explosions in EVE Communication Center

    I'd like to note that capital and supercapital ships leave unique and identifyable wrecks. And CCP have demonstrated they have tech to produce wrecked models in a somewhat automated way, so, perhaps, the time will come for other ship classes to leave unique wrecks as well. Soon™.

    Lore-wise, I really liked Quattras Peione's explanation. There is definitely much more to the camera drone than a simple camera with thrusters.

  • "How did you Veterans start?" in EVE Communication Center

    It all started on a cold, dark evening somewhere in early Feb, 2005. I was scouring the internets for a sci-fi themed game when I found an EVE free trial ad on I took it and abolutely loved the game, the world, the complexity... Unfortunately, I did not have an ability to pay my subscription (I was but a first year undergrad student without any money to spare whatsoever), thus I left after the trial expired, but EVE has left me wanting for more...

    Over half a year later a friend found EVE online and invited me to join him on his travels across the universe. I started another trial account and found EVE universe as much interesting and appealing as it was back in the February. Only this time I had means to support a subscription! I dug up information on my first trial character and re-subbed it. Since then I've had over half a dozen accounts and more than twice that characters, had periods of high activity and relative dormancy, but over nearly nine years since then I haven't been too far away from EVE. Funnily enough, the friend didn't last even through the first trial.

    I don't remember my first days in EVE with much clarity, but I do remember dabbling with some mining, missions, and lowsec. Eventually I've come up on a corporation of like-minded individuals, all based from the same country I was in and speaking their language, so it felt like home, even though my english skills weren't that bad. We did some high-sec mining then, in early 2006, ventured out into null-sec, where we rented a system from Red Alliance somewhere in Insmother. I still remember the N-RAEL gatecamps with fond memories. We still were an industrial/mining corp back in the day, but that was where we (well, some of us) found a passion for explodifying other players' ships instead of red crosses. Luckily, we were able to participate in RA fleets and they noticed us too, extending an offer of membership, which out corp accepted. My first large-fleet engagements were had at around spring 2006, just after a Red Moon Rising patch hit the servers, introducing new capital ships, Carriers, Motherships (Supercarriers back in the days) and Titans. While we did not see titans for at least a few months after the patch, Carriers became a common sight in alliance ops quite soon.

    Afterwards RA decided to move north, to around Deklein region (I still have assets around VFK-IV) we moved alongside with them. Got involved in the BOB's MAXX campaign, on the receiving end, had many good (and not-so-good) fights with them, but eventually they (BOB) drew us out. RA collapsed, many corps left, we also left, joined a new local alliance and participated in local activities. When that and the following alliance collapsed in a matter of few months we lived nearby in Venal region without having allegiance to any of the major alliances until we got forcefully evicted from there. The corp splintered into two, having most of the PVP-oriented people leaving for greener pastures and CEO resigning due to real life issues. I decided to go my own way from there.

    Started my own corp in the end of 2006, primarily as a mission/industrial corp that (continuing the tradition of my old corp) recruited mostly on a nationality basis, for ease of acclimation and communication. After a while we grew up in numbers and become one of the most prominent corporations based on our language group. Moved out to a low-sec missioning hub and joined forces with a small russian-speaking alliance already living there, continuing the missioning/industrial activity but with increasing PvP focus as we needed to defend our home system from occassional pirate incursion, though our own policies around haven't been much different. We operated on NBSI policy, giving only two options to our opponents: join us (or at least become blue) or die.

    After a while the core PVP contingent of the corp decided to split off and try their luck in nullsec again, by joining the Against ALL Authorities alliance, basing around Stain. I transferred rule of the corporation to one of the industrial-minded directors and went off to nullsec alongside with other corp members. The split was very amicable and we all continued to hang around in unified chat and even had positive standings set from alliance towards our corp, to recognize their friendly status, even though our paths rarely intersected due to being in different parts of the EVEverse.

    Eventually my growing distaste for nullsec warfare which always revolved around CTAs and blobs, and the trend was only increasing, I returned back to my old corporation. After a while (late 2009 -- early 2010) we have met a group of highly skilled low-sec PVP players, known as Rooks and Kings, who were operating in the same region from a constellation nearby. It still beats me how we managed that feat, but after more than a few skirmishes our alliances realized it would be of mutual benefit if we became friendly, and this is how my history as a RnK pilot started...

    I eventually handed over reigns of my old corporation to a good friend and became a part of Rooks and Kings alliance and participating in many of the feats they are renowned for. I am immensely grateful to them and my old low-sec Russian alliance for the fun and comaraderie they provided. Those were by far the best days of my EVE life.

    Finally, at around early 2012 I found myself tired of all things EVE and went dormant. This character was created at around that time as my blank slate, as all of my other characters went dormant and eventually got sold or unsubscribed. Joined a friendly group of (mostly) indy players that operated in the same area. The old corporation I have created kicked around for a few years until most of the players went on with their lives and the corp slowly faded away. Now I have only one account and mostly station spin and live off the wealth I've accumulated over the years :)

    Welp, that's all of my story so far. Thanks for reading!

  • Dev Blog - A new look for EVE’s UI – feedback needed! in EVE Information Center

    Love the new UI, but a few things bug me:

    • Top-window tabs (chat tabs, overview tabs) could be a bit shorter in height, the tabbar takes too much space for my taste. Maybe make the height selectable?
    • Character Recustomization button is missing its icon.
    • I'd love to see the return of the sliders for the colour selections. I feel limited by the available color options.

  • Other than that, It looks and feels great. Excellent job!