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  • Noob Mercs (PHAIL) Lowsec/FW, Noob Friendly PVP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Flying derptrons before it was cool

  • Noob Mercs (PHAIL) Lowsec/FW, Noob Friendly PVP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    So maybe you've heard of this PVP thing before, but never gave it much of a try. You've bolted your first gun on your frigate, but don't really know which end to point at the enemy. You completely suck at this activity called PVP, but gosh darn it, you're willing to give it a try, to put yourself between your enemy and your friend and take a bullet to the brain, because hey... your clones are cheap and that's what a good pilot does!

    Welcome to Noob Mercs, where our ticker PHAIL isn't just a clever name, it's a way of life!

    We have been in operation since 2008, and have a long storied history. We've had an entire fleet annihilated by a Goonswarm Titan and used swarms of frigates to take down targets worth more than our entire fleets.

    For every enemy we've ever killed, we've lost 2 ships doing it, but there was a time when it took 5 or 6 deaths to get a kill, so we're getting better, and THAT, my friends, is the point. We are the Noob division of the Monkeys with Guns. Alliance. We're expected to be fearless, not mindless!

    As a new member, the first thing you will learn is that your pod and your ship are tools to be used, they are expendable. We will rip the fear of losing your ship and pod from you, and turn you into a killing machine. In this, you will find the freedom to engage your enemy no matter the cost or chances, and it is THEY who will fear you.

    Once you learn these basic lessons, and start to gain skill and confidence in PVP, your time as a Noob Merc could be drawing to a close. We have other corporations in our alliance that will be watching you, waiting for the day you are willing to move up and join the ranks of our elite...
    Or you just stay in PHAIL and keep showing all those elitepvp tryhards that a lot of ISK dont equal a lot of guts.

    We Are:

    A lowsec based PVP corporation in a Gallente FW Alliance. FW will give you the opportunity to make excellent money while you look for pew pew.
    NBSI (if it's not blue, you shoot it)
    New Player friendly.
    Pirates of opportunity. Piracy is permitted, but it is not required.

    We are not:

    People who do anything that doesn't involve shooting stuff.

    We are looking for:

    New players ready to PVP.
    Carebears seeking to reform themselves in the way of pew pew.

    We Offer:

    Incredible PVP Opportunities, with several fleets up daily.
    TS3 Voice Comms
    An alliance full of veteran players who may help you learn the art of pew pew if you're not a complete tool.

    To Join, you will need:

    Only need the most basic combat skills.
    We don't bother with API checks, and will just assume you are a spy until you prove otherwise.
    At least neutral Gallente Federation faction standings to join. Every once in a while we have to kick people who drag our standings down. We won't check this when you join, but after 6 days your standings come into play and you may find yourself booted if you drag us down too far.
    To move to our lowsec home system. You are no good to us or yourself if you try to base out of highsec, or too far from our home. We are based in Nennamaila.

    For more info, join our alliance's Public Channel, "Banana Public" Several of your potential new alliance mates are in there right now ready to answer questions and get you signed up.

    Duke Sovereign (EU)
    Morticia Sable (US)

  • Contested Guristas Covert Research Facility (Highsec) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I can't confirm the explosion either, but after 2 of these sites I'm also just getting x1 Guristas Data Sequence.

    Also jumped into a finished site. So far it doesn't seem they dissapear, at least not right away.

  • Dev blog: Solar Flares in EVE Information Center

    Very cool looking! But most of the time I wish we had some sort of space-sunglasses because of how bright stars actually are in-game.

    It's like I'm almost actually outside for once.

  • [Kronos] Blockade Runner Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:


    Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 1000(-266) / 1700(+1) / 2700(+98)

    The Viator currently has 1,899 armor HP, was it meant to be 1,900 HP? Or is it being downgraded to 1,700 HP?

  • Dev blog: Tracking Camera UI Improvements in EVE Information Center

    Is the "Use Tracking Camera" option going to be left in the directional scanner window? I for one found it quite useful to have a quick option to use the tracking camera next to my scanning button.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Is there a way to open all fittings at once in EFT? If not, is it a planned feature?