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  • Blood Union - 0.0 in WHs in EVE Gameplay Center

    M1k3y Koontz wrote:
    Rengas wrote:

    We can't afford the rent.

    Lol. Throwing Mach fleets around in nullsec and you can't afford 5b a month, riiiigghhhttt...

    Keep up the good blob, maybe we'll run into each other someday, may the better blob win Blink

    What a blob where????????????
    I like blobs.
    And also, turtles.

  • Welcome to KILL, The Suicide Express! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Crystafina wrote:
    So let me guess the lack of thought trail here.

    1. You get absolutely OWNED and then OWNED again on the 1st weekend of AT XI.

    2. You realize even your BEST can't actually PvP.

    3. You create the blob.

    Classy ladies, very classy!

    Your concerns matter a lot to us and because you feel that way we will all pack up and move to highsec mining Veldspar.
    If someone that did their research so well before they posted says something, well one has to listen.

  • Thermally Collapsing Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    The aoe is not that big so if you launch while approching really slow you won't get affected.

  • Have I missed something. Or just been unlucky? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Why the heck do you want to go to hisec? Hisec is scary.

  • Wormhole Space ATXI Teams! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bei ArtJay wrote:
    Except kill it with fire. I hope they loose their first match :p

    "#21 - 19:00 Kill It With Fire vs Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork"

    Come at us bro Blink

  • Scanning is now Sexy! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Guess I can't really understand the reasoning behing hating on the new system. Less time scanning is more time spent killing **** and that can never be a bad thing imho. Of course it will take some time to get used to the new key bindings but that will sort it self out within a week and it would really only be a valid reason if the new ones were really strange and awkward. Not being able to launch less then 8 probes is kinda a nuisance but really not a major concern.

    Horrible mess seems like a major over reaction too me though. Minor issues I can agree on but horrible mess, no way.

  • Wormhole Creator in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wormholes are not on the map for a reason, no one knows how to get there and that is the way it should be.
    Don't have a clue what you are talking about most of the time, either English is not your first language or you should get of those mushrooms.

  • Scanning is now Sexy! in EVE Gameplay Center

    How the hell can you think it's slower then before, I can drop probes and scan down a new sig in our wormhole faster then it took to drop probes before, even if you would have to do two extra scans it will still be faster because you wont have to make the formations and spam F1. I now love my full skill virtue alt even more than before.

    Ofc if you scan more than one sig it's different but I still feel it's a lot faster because you know in which region the sigs are.

  • Sleeper Salvage List changes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nathan Jameson wrote:
    Shilalasar wrote:
    ( it´s not a WH just because it starts with a J)


    No wonder the Sleepers kept trying to double my ISK. Drops were pretty good, though.

    The escalation waves are hard as hell though, those concord sleepers are some tough nuts to crack.

  • ▲Wormhole Pro Salvaging▲ in EVE Gameplay Center

    Britta Nolen wrote:
    Dr Agropoly wrote:
    Note too self:

    -Bring 4 bombs

    4 bombs or 4 bombers? You won't have enough time to kill with 4 bombs from a single bomber. The torps on the other hand do the job well. Also, remmember, a noctis can fit ECM and combat drones now.

    About the aligned advice in a c4 site. If your moving, your losing efficiency. Enough to add up past the cost of a rigged noctis in several sites. I have been ganked once and even then, i wasn't watching dscan or sigs at all, lost a combat ship in a site {much to the hilarity of the stalkers} & was severely drunk at the time.

    So you mean you actually have to be serious when posting as well?
    Oh, well.
    Solo bomb runs are hardly ever a viable strategy and will probably just scratch the paint of whatever the opponent is flying.
    In general though pickets are good to have whatever you are doing.

  • Sleeper Salvage List changes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    When you realize how random random really is, you will be amazed.
    Some of the best poker players online will have months on end with negative results playing way worse competition, over a big enough sample they will come out on top but randomness can be a cruel mistress.
    When several people post the same thing in a thread, they might have a point and sometimes it is valid.
    Thinking before turning down people as being stupid actually makes yourself look smarter.
    80 is not a big number.
    Tin foil is in isle 7.

    Just some random facts that might or might not be helpful for you, it all depends on if you take the blue pill or the red pill.

  • ▲Wormhole Pro Salvaging▲ in EVE Gameplay Center

    Note too self:

    -Bring 4 bombs

  • [Odyssey] Radar/Mag Sites Losing Salvage Containers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rall Mekin wrote:

    So, if they 'accidentally' the Radar/Mag sites for us, doesn't this mean t3 hulls are definitely going to sky rocket? Of course, it will suck, because no one will be buying our nanoribbons until its fixed. So win for people who are buying/selling/manufacturing hulls now, but loss for us who sell the salvage?

    By how little CCP has paid attention to wormhole live, I'm really beginning to think that we play EVE Online: Wormhole space, an expansion of EVE Online that was farmed out to some random company/dev team, lost, forgotten about, and that CCP has forgotten is a major part of their product.

    I mean, I've done null, I've done low (some), I've done high... I love wormholes. If wormholes go, I probably leave EVE.

    Do you seriously think the game developers are that stupidShocked

  • WH PvP and Podding in EVE Gameplay Center

    Gtfo, and how the hell can one person get so many awful ideas?

  • The 10 Commandments of wormhole space. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bloody hell Yabbiy, I told you to stop eating those mushrooms.

  • Wormhole evictions ...............For ISK? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You might get lucky and get some decent drops but most of the time you watch people sd all their **** behind pos shields. The income even if you do get decent drops is mostly crap anyway because of the number of people needed and the sheer time commitment of it. Shooting red crosses is boring as hell but will still make you tons more isk/hour then pretty much any pos bash and the time you save you can spend looking for actual fun pvp.

    I play the game for fun and not for isk and bashing poses is just as much fun as beating your hand with a sledgehammer continually.

  • What do I need to fly? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lenier Chenal wrote:
    Dr Agropoly wrote:
    Lenier Chenal wrote:
    Rattlesnakes with 3 faction omnis, bouncers, gardes, light drones, 1 cap transfer and 2 shield RR in the hi slots. I'm not kidding. You can do most sites with 2 of these, all of them with 3.

    Also make sure you officer fit them and don't worry about pickets or d-scan, if you see me warping into the site while you are running it do not fear, I have just come to help you shoot those nasty sleepers.

    Rattles fit like that are on par with rr tengu prices, you don't lose SP when you die, and you do the sites faster.

    True, only advantage of the Tengu in that case is gtfo ability and mass constriction. Some might say it is easier not handling with drone agro but imo missiles are so unbelievably boring so I wouldn't call that an advantage. When it comes to ganks though people running faction ships tend to also fit them with faction mods that make isk signs roll in my eye socket whenever I see one on scan.

    Never actually flew one of these and probably never will because all I do is ninja **** and cap escals so it's not really relevant in my world but I can clearly see the advantage of it.

  • What do I need to fly? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lenier Chenal wrote:
    Rattlesnakes with 3 faction omnis, bouncers, gardes, light drones, 1 cap transfer and 2 shield RR in the hi slots. I'm not kidding. You can do most sites with 2 of these, all of them with 3.

    Also make sure you officer fit them and don't worry about pickets or d-scan, if you see me warping into the site while you are running it do not fear, I have just come to help you shoot those nasty sleepers.

  • WH "Coalitions" Blobs, Blue Lists, and bob. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Hoxothul wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    Hoxothul wrote:
    You don't really know what you are talking about, do you?
    These coalitions don't have perma blues. It's temporarily every time. And a few days after we are happily shooting each other again.

    you soooo don't get the issue...

    I do, I was referring to the poster above me.

    no, you dont.
    there's functionally no difference between groups that shoot each other normally but team up whenever it matters and groups that are perma blue.
    in both cases they will be blue in any fight with a 3rd party so the distinction youre making doesnt exist.

    This is not how a perceive things at all. Both when it comes to us and the people we have frequent interaction with we do not give any fucks about who was once blue when we enter e 3-way , we might help any side or just go for the surprise buttseks depending on what we think will give the most enjoyment at the time. I know this is not the case for all corps though and some people just don't know what a fun fight is and just care about a green killboard. Far to many times have we all seen "notable" wormhole corps run away screaming like 14 year old girls when they have even numbers just to come back with 7 guardians and 4 Bhaals to counter our 10 man fleet.

    All in all it is a sandbox though and even if my word really should be law funnily enough it isn't Roll
    You may play the game any way you choose but that doesn't stop me from calling you a flippin ****** and idiot both behind your back and to you face.

  • What do I need to fly? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Stay away from the Legion, it's junk.

    You sir are wrongly accusing a perfectly capable and on top of thet golden ship of false things, Bob will not be pleased since he likes his ships shiny. Legions can fit in both pvp and pve roles and do a damn good job in those roles.