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  • Incursions Start here. in EVE Gameplay Center

    So how does one go about joining these communities?

  • Doomsdays in EVE Communication Center

    Probably not a whole lot. If the fight is close enough to the planet for people on the surface to actually see anything, everyone on the facing side would be dead due to falling debris, massive explosions, and tidal waves caused by titans (see the Titan chronicle). Far enough away to prevent an Endor holocaust, and you won't be able to see anything without telescopes.

  • Decloak bomb/probe in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Behr Oroo wrote:
    However it's the safest way to game.

    Safest way to do what exactly? Sit around in a safe spot doing nothing? Hardly a "game". Safest way through gatecamps? Interceptors beat that by a long shot. Safest way to prevent stupid people from undocking maybe, but that's hardly worth writing home about.

  • Mining Barges in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't personally recall having grid issues with my barges, though it's been a little while since I mined. What types of fits do you have in mind that need more grid?

  • Docking SuperCaps in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Angelique Duchemin wrote:
    Obviously they can't dock because they are almost bigger than the station.

    RP won't allow it.

    Gameplay story segregation. Individual players have more cargo than the total volume of the station it's in, not to mention all the other people docked and storing stuff there. Carriers and dreads shouldn't be able to fit either, but they do.

  • Dear CCP, Thanks alot in EVE Gameplay Center

    Stop whining, start blitzing missions, and start making actual money through LP.

  • L4 missions in a Kronos in EVE Gameplay Center

    hmskrecik wrote:

    I wanted to ask you guys to recommend a fitting for flying Gallente L4 missions in high-sec.

    - 4 guns
    - bastion
    - 1 or 2 tracking computers
    - 1 repper
    - 1 mission specific hardener
    - 1 cap module or rig (to keep guns stable)
    - 4 or 5 magstabs
    - optional AB/MWD/MJD

    and there is very little number of ways you can go wrong with filling remaining slots.

    5 mag stabs is a waste of a slot, anything over 4 is pointless. Use 2 hardeners, even with bastion some of the newer missions put out a lot of damage.

  • Prototype: Dojos in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The drama and whining in this thread is nothing short of hilarious. I actually hope it does go to tranquility just to see the crapstorm that would result from all the so-called problems people are trying to predict.

  • Module Tiericide. Aren't we losing something here? in EVE Communication Center

    Losing useless complexity? Losing wasted time trying to remember a thousand different names that serve no purpose? Losing modules that never get used and serve no purpose other than to confuse new players?

    Yeah, we are losing some things. And good riddance. These 'the old ways are better because I shouldn't have to adapt!" threads are really getting tiresome and pathetic. There is no choice in the current system. All they're doing is making the market interface easier to sort through.

  • The empire can kill capsuleers? :| in EVE Communication Center

    The novels tend to have this as a plot point. Templar One (I believe) has a Gallente Navy capsuleer disobey orders and leave a battle, and spends the rest of the novel on run. If he gets podded, he wakes up in a clone and will be immediately arrested and put in prison.

    We may be the closest thing to gods in the known universe, but we're still mortal.

  • Navigation skills to V before I remap? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Warp Drive Op 5 is nice to have. It's rank 1, so if remapped that's a couple days at most. The benefit is essentially that you land on grid with more cap available.

    Huge bonus? No. But still good to have.

  • High end mineral crisis in EVE Gameplay Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Welcome to the free market.

    People have over supplied the market for the highends, and undersupplied the lowends.

    So the lowends are worth more than you'd have thought they were.

    This. It's not CCP's job to regulate the market. That is why they have been systematically eliminating NPC supplied goods over the years.

  • Are capsuleers slavers? in EVE Communication Center

    Gameplay story segregation. In the reality of EVE, there would likely be far fewer suicide gankers than in the game, for a variety of reasons, crew being one of the big ones. It's established that ships have to have crews to function. No matter how sadistic and uncaring a player tries to claim to be, in reality such people would get reputations fast, and even the most desperate crews would avoid them, thus they're ships would not function properly. Something can certainly be said for modifying ships specifically for suiciding, to avoid needing a crew. But again, that's something outside the scope of the game.

  • Why is bumping titans fully inside POS shields allowed? in EVE Communication Center

    After thinking about it for all of 5 seconds, my best guess would be A: difficult to fix like every aspect of starbases; B: they can't exactly station a GM at every starbase, or to follow every titan around, to see who is doing it.

  • Pre-CSM Summit Nullsec and Sov Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jack Marshal wrote:
    Why in the **** should we bother given suggestions
    when Fozzy Doesn't listen anyways

    Not personally agreeing with everything you type does not mean he isn't listening. As they've said untold numbers of times, they are not, have not, and will not balance the game solely around what people say on the forums. Feedback is not the same as dictating policy. Deal with it or leave, just for the love of god stop whining about it like it's ever going to change.

    That ....individual aside, there are some hilariously unrealistic expectations in this thread and it's only on page 4. Think before you post, guys. In a game that does not use battlegrounds or arenas for pvp, "blobs" as you sadly refer to them are not going away. The person who brings the biggest group to the fight will, and should, likely win. Ideas on how to limit (not destroy) power projection would be great examples of useful feedback. Just remember that at the end of the day, if an alliance decides to spend hours and a few thousand blocks of ice to bring their super caps across the galaxy to demand tribute from your little 50 person alliance, they absolutely should have an expectation of victory. That's how war works.

  • Dev blog: Lighting the invention bulb in EVE Information Center

    Altrue wrote:
    Interesting changes indeed.

    I think however that polishing invention could've been the opportunity to completely remove RNG-based elements, as they provide no benefits to gameplay or enjoyment whatsoever.

    An opinion that I assure you is not shared by everyone. RNG makes things far more interesting and thus less dull and repetitive.

  • Incursions... Bad war fought by the Sansha? :) in EVE Communication Center

    No different than the sleepers constantly 'waking up', or the pirate factions in general constantly invading hi sec in missions.

  • How Long Until Drones are Finally Nerfed in EVE Communication Center

    FOTM and alliance tourney meta are not infallible indicators of something being out of balance.

    Medalyn Isis wrote:
    Mizhir wrote:
    Now tell me what makes drones OP?

    I'm sure you already know, but to clarify.

    - Instant damage projection over long range with sentries
    - Able to switch easily to face small, medium, large targets for optimal damage application.
    - Highly resistant (effectively immune) to Ewar.
    - BS levels of DPS possible on sub battleship class ships.
    - Frigate levels of damage application possible of a battleship.
    - Weapon uses no high slots so you can fit a full rack of remote reps / nuets.


    - Weapons system can be destroyed (although good luck with most drone ships housing 3 more flights, so by the time you've destroyed and targeted them all you will be dead)

    Turrets have instant damage projection at long range. This leaves all of one primary weapon system that does not. Also, sentries are one type of drone, so this doesn't apply to drones in general.

    Your second point and supposed drawback counter contradict each other. You can't have 3 flights of sentries, AND full flights of lights and mediums.

    Frigate levels of damage application. Because only drone boats can use light drones?

    Weapon uses no high slots, because it can be destroyed. Bombs, smart bombs, and just plain good pilots render drones pretty useless. A domi with a full rack of remote reps or neuts is still limited to a 6-10km range, and has extremely limited cap. Complain about a cap chain? Suck it up, if they're playing properly as a team they should be doing well. And they're still stuck right next to each other, and are great bomb fodder.

  • What Grinds your Gears in E.v.E.? in EVE Communication Center

    People who complain about afk campers "preventing" them from playing. (Hint: If they're AFK they can't hurt you)

    PI click fest. Don't really know how to streamline it, but I hope CCP comes up with something.

    Null sec coalitions. We need more conflict and less buddy buddy nonsense.

  • drone nerfing in EVE Gameplay Center

    David Koen wrote:
    I would rather see they reduced Ishtar bandwidth to medium drones with 50 or 75 MB bandwidth. We have a nonsence now ishtar has more drone bandwidth and dps then T3 Proteus. With heavy drones it is like a battleship, the same for VNI.

    It's supposed to. T3's aren't supposed to be more powerful than T2, they're supposed to be more versatile.