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  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    Lan Wang wrote:

    do you think the developers deal with social media marketing lol thats super cute

    So is your badly formatted Twitter post that you mistakenly put on the EVE-O forum.

  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    Elenahina wrote:
    Domanique Altares wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:

    At some point we'll probably add these videos to our YouTube channel, but there's no guarantee on when.

    That's incredibly lazy, to be honest.

    As opposed to not watching the video where it already exists?

    As opposed to not advertising your **** everywhere you should. I have no issue with Facebook. I have an issue with the Devs spending more time replying to these dipshit threads than they do uploading their advertising materials to multiple platforms to reach the broadest audience possible.

  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:

    At some point we'll probably add these videos to our YouTube channel, but there's no guarantee on when.

    That's incredibly lazy, to be honest.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Gospadin wrote:

    Are you sure?

    100% sure.

    Barrier to entry is one of EVE's huge issues. New players see wonderful things in space their first week, then do the math and realize they can't even try advanced ships for months, nor fly them effectively for years. At that point, anyone with a brain would just de-commit on the whole effort and go play world of warships or whatever, which is essentially balanced fun between teams starting in the opening minutes.

    And that's exactly what those people should do. EVE is not for them.


    They've probably done the math, and figured out there is a subset of their population that would be happy if they could just chip in another $50 in the beginning to buy themselves up to 10M SP or whatever, thus letting them fly interceptors properly, or battleships without being complete liabilities. Those people would then stick around and keep paying for subscriptions.

    They've more than likely done other math that tells them that after all this time, and all the changes, and cracking down on multiboxing, they need to do something to get cash other than just sell subscriptions, because that **** isn't keeping the lights on by itself anymore. Especially with an upcoming capital outlay into new hardware.

    If you have some better ideas about how to improve EVE and increase the playerbase, I'm sure CCP is listening. You don't get to crap on other people's ideas if you don't have better answers.

    I most certainly do get to crap on other people's ideas, even if I don't have better ones. But you can't buy that skill on the character bazaar.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    u3pog wrote:

    Yeah we, older players had go wait, but times are changing and if we want EVE to survive in the years ahead, CCP need ot change not only the surface, but all the way down to the foundations of the game.

    Changes like this are not how you prolong the life of a game. They're how you squeeze what little cash remains from it before folding your company and retiring to a tropical island where no one eats pickled rotten shark.

  • [Vanguard] 350k added skillpoints for new characters! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Frostys Virpio wrote:
    Mag's wrote:
    Aladar Dangerface wrote:
    I really think that anyone who hasn't got the skills trained already should get them bumped up to the same level as a new character ill have.

    It seems to me like the fairest option and will (hopefully) stop anyone from bitching about these changes.
    What about those who do not want those skills injected? Do we simply ignore their wants and do it anyway?

    You would really be against free stuff because your skill-sheet does not look "perfect" after?

    Yes. I didn't train some things on my main and on alts because I didn't want them. I'm glad newbies are getting a starting bump; leave my years-old characters out of it.

    Just because someone wants to drop a load of free **** that I don't need nor want in my living room doesn't mean I should welcome it graciously simply because it's free.

  • AT XIII RULING: Together We Solo vs Gone Critical - Team Warp-in in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Logibro wrote:
    Neither team has contested the ruling or otherwise asked us to review our decision, so the original decision stands.

    That is irrelevant. Whether these two teams are fine with your decision or not doesn't negate the fact that these sorts of rulings spit in the face of all AT participants.

    Enforce your own rules, please.

  • AT XIII RULING: Together We Solo vs Gone Critical - Team Warp-in in EVE Communication Center

    This isn't surprising.

    Neither that Together We Solo ignored the rules, nor that CCP's chosen referee was paying no attention, and certainly not that CCP themselves choose to throw the rules out for this 'one time' occurrence.

    I'm curious to see what other rules get broken during the AT this year, and which ones CCP will decide require no action when they are. Perhaps this is an indicator that these rules will be removed from next year's contest, since they are obviously irrelevant.

  • What do suicide gankers look for? in EVE Communication Center

    Jordan Kandou Worley wrote:

    So.... what's the criteria for suicide ganks?

    An easy target.

    If you're carrying more ISK in potential drops than it takes to gank you, you're a target.

    If you're afk/unaware/asleep at the wheel you're a target.

    If it'd be fun to gank you and people want tears/lulz, you're a target.

  • Jackdaw Release Date? in EVE Communication Center

    Daemun Khanid wrote:
    Moaning changes nothing.

    Moaning makes things more exciting, and allows unskilled partners to feel like you're truly engaged in what's going on.

  • Becomming Suspect on entering FW Complex in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oh, it's this thread again. More easy-mode pirates.

  • Need help ASAP in EVE Communication Center

    stuck jones wrote:
    my dad is gone learn today

    I can see the nature of your father's quandary. He's likely seen the way you post and would like for you to turn your efforts toward your education, as opposed to spending countless hours grinding in this terrible game.

  • Leaving Survey in EVE Communication Center

    Prince Kobol wrote:
    I have recently let a couple of my accounts to expire with a few more due and received an email from CCP asking me to fill out a survey about why my account has expired.

    It was very disappointing as it is geared to new players and offers very to those who have played the game for a while (5 years in my case)

    It was almost like they couldn't care less why somebody who has played for years is leaving.


    Why are you still here? You threatened to leave months ago. Are you lying this time, too?

  • Mobile Depots evemail when attacked in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Pick up your trash when you're done with it, or someone else will do it for you.

  • No Yule Lads this year? in EVE Communication Center

    Lachesiss wrote:

    \o/ free ccp falcon doll

    I already have one of these. I made it myself.

  • Why I don't go to lowsec. in EVE Communication Center

    Benny Ohu wrote:
    Jenn aSide wrote:
    13kr1d1 wrote:
    Invuln timer only works if grid loads before it wears off.

    You keep mentioning something like this. What kind of connection are you playing on, what kind of hardware? Because let me tell you, if you aren't loading grid till after that long ass invul timer is up, you've got a real problem on your end.

    i never had this issue playing on a 2011 two-hundred-dollar laptop from australia

    I never had this issue playing on a 2008 laptop that didn't even meet the minimum system requirements. Someone has a serious computer issue, or connection latency from hell.

  • How do you explain EVE to friends in EVE Communication Center

    I don't have to explain EVE to my friends. Most of them have played it, discovered the bad, and retired to the pony farm over on Failheap.

  • jumped in carrier to jita for the first time and in EVE Communication Center

    Kaarous Aldurald wrote:
    What in the actual hell did I just read?

    Once you get past the dampened cheeks, runny mascara, and leaky nose, it appears to be OP lamenting the fact that they can't stop being poor, and try to jump all their own junk back and forth between null and highsec using a carrier.

  • jumped in carrier to jita for the first time and in EVE Communication Center

    It still takes me only about 10 minutes to make my purchases and set up a JF contract from Jita to wherever I happen to need things to go.

  • Harpy issue in EVE Communication Center

    Kalber wrote:
    Thank you. No. I remeber well, back in 2007 - 2008 I was able to shoot from more than 100 km whithout any problem.
    Ok Now I see. I have to be closer than 100.

    You can still shoot more then 100km. You just can't do it with 7 year old fits and expect the same performance. As it is, you'll probably be better served with something other than a Harpy if this is your goal.