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  • Vote Xenuria: CSM 11 - Reform The CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    You will be first on my ballot this year sir!
    ...assuming CCP doesn't deep six the CSM at the end of 10.


    Davir Sometaww wrote:
    DJ FunkyBacon wrote:
    Maybe we could convince the Caldari to take him?

    Personally I would like the calamari to take you. Maybe you could give us live stream of their caps. Twisted

    Only live streamed fight I've ever lost was when Purunga was FC....


    Maybe we could convince the Caldari to take him?

  • Titan Doomsday any Capital on Undock in Lowsec. Free Kills in EVE Gameplay Center

    You know insta warps work for caps too right? Also, you've got something around 30 seconds of invulnerability as long as you don't activate a mod or align somewhere first, plenty of time to jump out.

  • Amarr Warzone Control Medal in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations on your medal guys! Again, nice work.

  • un-NDA the NDA in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    The actual contents of the NDA are, pretty much, trivial.

    'Don't talk about things which CCP talked with you about, but hasn't ok'ed you to talk about'.

    As you might expect.

    After a while it can get kind of hard to remember where you heard things from.

    Which is why you err on the side of caution. If not 100% sure you got info from someplace public, don't talk about it.

  • un-NDA the NDA in Council of Stellar Management

    Well as Jester pointed out in his post, the NDA is under NDA. Should it be public? I don't see why not, but it's not my call, or anyone on the CSM's call to make. I can tell you that it doesn't restrict us from giving our opinions on things, but it needs to kept in mind when talking about anything related to the CSM. Many CSM members will err on the side of caution, since breaking the NDA can have RL consequences above and beyond anything done in game.

  • Changes to increase pvp interactions in high sec in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not bad suggestions at all. I like.

  • Amarr Warzone Control Medal in EVE Gameplay Center

    A little late to this party, but I want to pop in and congratulate you Amarr militia folks on a job well done. The Gallente/Caldari zone has been zonked 3 times now, but in your zone someone has always managed to hold at least one system until now.

    You guys should really be proud of what you've done, though if past experience with being on the victorious side is any indication, things might get a little dull for you in the near future as well.

    Here's hoping for more good fights in your zone, and yes, I'm poking Fozzie about getting you a medal. No promises, but I'll do my best.

  • NPC Station Office Rentals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Much like slots went away for invention and manufacturing, they really should go away for offices too.It's pretty frustrating to join friends in a new system only to find a lack of office space waiting.

  • Which boosting ship for armor duo in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd strongly suggest keeping your booster out of your wardeccing corp. Gallente command ships are the way to go as they can give links for both armor and speed, and will be stronger than a t3's boosts.

    If you really can't have a 4th character for probing and stuff, then yes, a T3 will give you more versatility, though an Eos may also be an option as mentioned before, depending on what you're hunting.

  • T3 Destroyer question in EVE Gameplay Center

    You're talking about a bonus being switched in and out, not a whole ship. Like taking extra speed to help catch up to a target, then switching the tank mode on once you've caught it and it's time to rumble.

    Think of it as a bonus you can switch on the fly to take advantage of the current situation you find yourself in on the battlefield.

  • sentinel pvp in EVE Gameplay Center

    In frigate PVP, I'm a big fan of the snake set myself. You can NEVER be too fast, and if you are faster than the other guy, you will dictate the terms of the fight... unless they tackle you.

    Of course, that does leave the issue in that you're flying a sentinel, and anyone who knows anything about that ship will avoid fighting it solo unless they know something you don't.... like how many friends they have waiting to come in right behind them, in which case, the snake set again is the way to go.

    I have second thoughts about entering a plex held by a sentinel even in my OP as hell Garmur.

  • Best systems to reship in GalCal FW zone in EVE Gameplay Center

    SmokinJs Arthie wrote:
    Nennamaila, Vlillirier, Enaluri, Hallanen. Look where some of the larger corps are living and they will usually have a pretty stocked market.

    Solid list. Do NOT base out of highsec, it's not even an option worth considering.

  • ASB vs AAR in EVE Gameplay Center

    ASBs in their most effective setups are hard to fit along with decent resists. Reason being is that for an ASB to be truly effective you have to use an oversized one (medium on a frig, large on a cruiser for example) which eats up a LOT of grid. I think if you compare a small ASB to a small AAR you will find they are comparable, but you can't really oversize AARs on ships. Also, any resistance mods on a shield setup come at the expense of slots to be used for tackle and ewar, or a cap injector that can keep an active armor rep going for a VERY long time.

    With a right sized AAR on a proper armor ship, you can also make up for some of the shortfall with a better resist profile, which will make those rep points mean more. You have more reaction time to start them up once you start taking damage, and finally, there is a reason most frigs don't want to solo a dual rep incursus where that AAR is being backed up by a t2 rep, and that tank will last loads longer than most frigate ASB setups.

    Oh... and active armor setups don't give either sig bloom OR speed penalties, and sig bloom from shield rigs/mods can result in more incoming damage to tank as well.

    My favorite active armor setups involve more kiting and mid to long range engagement with the exception of the incursus.

  • Losing Patience in Council of Stellar Management

    You could try some of those activities in lowsec. WAY more exciting.

  • Total Eve in EVE Communication Center

    I fully endorse this product and/or service.

  • [Phoebe] Lowsec Doomsdays in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As I have stated previously, removing DD restriction in lowsec is fine, as long as point immunity goes out the window with it. Give supers a high native warp strength in the 5-6 range. Alternatively you could make hics not worthless in lowsec for anything but pointing supers where someone might actually be willing to sacrifice a decent ship to have one in fleet. As it stands, an atron is worth more to me as a small gang FC than a Phobos, and that's not an exaggeration.

  • [Proposal] Evaluate and Reform the GM Ban Process in Council of Stellar Management

    I've stated publicly on my show that the recent trend of instant perma bans for just about any offense lately seems to be harsh and a detachment from how things were previously. Perma bans should be reserved for habitual offenders and extreme cases, while temp bans used to help correct player behavior.

    In short, I agree with your proposal, however the CSM is left out of the ban process for the most part, and I'm not sure how effective we'll be on this. I have been advocating for it though.

  • Snr GM allegedly rules "Starbase Forcefield Ship Bumping" not exploit in Council of Stellar Management

    Personally I would say that if using ships to bump a ship out of a POS forcefield is an exploit, this tactic as you describe it seems about the same, regardless of the risks involved... but what do I know? Given how likely your own ships are to get bounced off the shield at a decent velocity, it doesn't seem to be tactically sound unless you're doing it to bump out what's inside.

    I see no issue with an incoming ship bouncing off something and getting lost due to going out of rep range or whatever, but certainly I've seen elsewhere that intentionally bumping ships out of a POS shield without access to the POS is a no no. Condoning this particular tactic on the other hand would certainly open it up to much wider use, and if it's ok with titans, why not dreads and carriers? That would seem to be more cost effective if they have the mass for it.

    I'll be happy to ask the question for you though since my personal opinions on the matter mean nothing when it comes to CCP classing this particular tactic as an exploit or not. Clarification on this, if it happened as you say, would be nice.

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