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  • CCP remember when... You told us about patches? in EVE Communication Center

    They're probably just updating legacy code. God knows this game must have a lot of it.

  • Just got my first kill in EVE Communication Center

    Here is the mail in all it's glory, for all that doubt the story's authenticity!

  • DUST on vita? in EVE Communication Center

    Got my Vita yesterday and was looking through the list of devs for it. CCP was listed. This leads me to believe DUST is being co-developed for Vita compatibility, probably via CrossPlay. Can anyone confirm this? Awesome if so!

  • CCP brings in $66M in revenues. Contemplates IPO in EVE Communication Center

    Sounds good to me!

  • Hybird Turret missing chance ? in EVE Communication Center

    It's probably bad tracking. Even lower speeds at very close range increase transversal and angular velocity which can make you miss. Especially against small targets.

    Try not moving (CTRL+SPACE). Careful though, the damage you take may increase to untankable levels. The target painter is great and will assist you track your targets

  • SCAMMER ROLANDARY in EVE Communication Center

    Wait so someone gets scammed on the char bazaar and they have to wait while GM's f*ck around seeing if they are not just a scammer but a hacker and a RMTer? Sorry but that makes no ******* sense, it matters not to the guy who got scammed whether hes a hacker as well or not.

  • Ov erview delay in EVE Communication Center

    What delay? It updates 2.5x faster now.

  • Old Stargate Sounds in EVE Communication Center

    Sounds low-quality and crappy. How could you want this sh*t back

  • Unpopulated Desterted Systems in EVE Communication Center

    Jump in the last hour <10
    Average pilots in space <10

    Go go.

  • RE-ELECT DARIUS III FOR CSM 7 in Council of Stellar Management

    HELIC0N ONE wrote:
    Chib wrote:

    look at this post

    just look at it

    When Chib speaks, you'd best listen

  • My accomplishments as CSM Alternate / Delegate in Council of Stellar Management

    You need no more proof. Darius gets it done.


  • secrret nurf to people with more then 1 monitor in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Veritas wrote:
    Liang Nuren wrote:
    CCP Veritas wrote:
    saltrock0000 wrote:
    So this freezing overview not only freezes when the mouse is over it, but when the mouse is over on another monitor!

    This is fixed internally. Hopefully we can get a round of fixes out quickly.

    Ok Veritas, be honest: how late did you work to make this happen so fast? :)


    Today was a long day.



  • HELP ME! in EVE Communication Center

    Winko McJoggerson wrote:
    Communism and Socialism is one of the biggest threats to the eve community and as such we must destroy and eradicate such vermin scum that wish to spread evil selfish ideology to capitalist Eve.

    Socialism is the agenda of the profiteer scumbag griefer who killed me and duzen others! They destroy hard workers for mutal gain of profit amongst thereselves for own selfish personal gain! THIS MUST BE STOPPED or we will end up with these savage collectiveists infecting the market economy of eve with plundered goods off the individualist miner.

    Permenant bannings would discourage further insurrectionary actions, coupled with the destruction of the botting russian vermin who also advocate communist-eve through the drone profit scum. 90% of Russia players are botters and profiteer scum vermin who seek to pervert this game through methods similar to that of the revolutionary movements of Africa, The Ukraine, Southeast Asia and Khmer Rouge Cambodia. They seek to eliminate the high-seccers through botting and destruction of non-bots to establish stronghold on market and enable single-party domination of markets! Cutting supply to all but themsevles!

    THIS MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS! The game will benefit exponentionally, removal of dictatorial drone region will enable mining freedoms, civil equality, reduced griefing. Elminiation of NCDOT bastard **** vermin would reduce griefing and
    idiocy. We must encourage a free society in eve free from collectivist selfihs ness and full of individualism free enterprising. Individuals shud rise and fall based on their own merits and not that of their selfish greed-molesting master.

    please destroy the botters!

    the plunder of the mining lasers must end and blantnat wanton evil vile vicious destruction of peaceful individuals at the hand of communist corporate masters must end. No more destruction of mining lasers, no more circling,

    Dude what?

  • Thank You Eve Online Team in EVE Communication Center

    lol ur dumb kthx

  • EVE: Templar One in EVE Communication Center

    Do you need to read Empyrean age before Templar one? Are there any others?

  • Overview text looks like crap now. in EVE Communication Center

    Sade Onyx wrote:
    it looks exactly the same, lol

  • Kronos: really worth it? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Is Kronos really the best ship for Guristas?

  • Fastest ship in EVE? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ares is the best nowadays. The days of the dram are over.

  • EVE is too crowded! in EVE Communication Center

    n o p e . j p g

  • Hints and Tips V.2 in EVE Communication Center

    When fitting and losing the same types of ships, browse to your saved setups and click 'fit' while in the ship and it will auto-fit all modules for you