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  • The Devil's Warrior Alliance - HS Merc Alliance in EVE Gameplay Center

    DWA and VMG are not a coalition.

    VMG is blue with Public-Enemy and few other merc groups but not DWA

  • Need more DPS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kitty Bear wrote:
    Shield tanked domi with ogres & blasters can get about 1200dps, bit more with paste

    if you need 5x the dps your doing now, your going to need another 4 ships

    He said it was a POS, So ogres won't hit the pos. So he's pretty much stuck using longer ranged weapons and Sentries.

    To the OP: What kinda POS is it? If you want it taken my Alliance offers contracts for doing so.

  • How to stop being a carebear but still do PvE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Veers Belvar wrote:
    Better yet, have some fun with the mission baiter. Open a convo , pretend to be furious, give them ultimatums to leave now or else, at the last minute pretend to take mercy on them and offer to reach a peaceful solution, and just continue running the mission and not shooting at them. After a bit they realize they have been owned and go away shamefaced and in tears.

    Elite PvE - Safety Green 4 Ever

    Not if they take a mission item. Then yer boned. =P

  • [CCPLEASE] Spock/Nimoy Memorial in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • Increasing Warp Strength in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Arthur Aihaken wrote:
    Vimsy Vortis wrote:
    Guys let's make running away super easy that won't be super frustrating at all.

    It just means that going forward you're going to have to make more fitting sacrifices to tackle ships.

    Or everyone just brings one HIC with them where ever they go. Infit-point Solved. I was iffy on the idea at first but now that I see that a HIC would become irreplaceable to a fleet it starting to seems more and more of a bad idea. I don't believe that you should have a dedicated tackle for Small gang and Fleet fights to happen.

    And the Battleships being dedicated heavy tacklers idea? You mean on Armor Battleships right? Because Duel Webs, Point, Scram, leaves little room for a tank on any Shield Tanked ship. And if you just add more mids to that shield ship suddenly every shield Battleship has the defensive capabilities of a Navy Scorp.

  • Ancillary shield booster vs ancillary armour repairer. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Also note you can carry FAR more Nanite then you can Cap boosters. Nanite also has the added bonus of repair heat damage.

  • Music, and the Evolution of such in EVE Technology and Research Center

    *cries and reminisces about the old jukebox*

  • Defensive solo ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    M'pact wrote:
    Here is OP re-stated:

    "I propose the introduction of ships for each faction that have bonuses to defensive systems (shields and/or armor) instead of bonuses to offensive systems.

    This would give a solo PvPer a better chance against a gang, and give players more reason to undock."

    My job here is finished. Whew, that was hard...

    So basically he wants a Marauder or a Command Ship?

  • Increasing Warp Strength in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ravasta Helugo wrote:
    God's Apples wrote:
    Are you ******** how does this improve solo pvp? I don't see too many solo pvp ships with 3 ******* points fit to them so how do you realistically expect to kill anyone who isn't asleep in their chair or mentally inept?

    The point is that frigates shouldn't be killing Battleships. Chase off, sure. Destroy with a small gang, yep. Kill solo? Easily? No.

    But they do. A lot. One of the myriad of reasons that Battleships are nearly obsolete in their current form.

    Because, Heavy Neut + Dual Web + Light Drones = A Totally not dead Frigate.

    A Battleship can die to a Frig because he didn't properly fit for dealing with a frig. Why should he not be punished for that?

    EVE online is not Bigger=Better

  • Minimize the docking game in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Alexei Stryker wrote:

    Well... Example situation:

    You are sitting on the station. A war-target that you think you can handle undocks. You engage. He takles you. 2 of his friends appears on local. It's a bait, you disengage. 10s later his friends appears on grid. 7 sec later they are shooting at you. You are trying to repp, you have to survive the last seconds. Then you dock up.
    Docking up is like a "get out of jail, free" card.

    You can bump your target out the undocking ring, you can bring more DPS, you can do a lot of things to keep somebody from docking.

    Also what if I fight somebody on the undock and win? I have to warp AWAY from the station and warp back even though I won? That sounds really really annoying. Or what if I kill two or three of my targets on a station by myself, and there are still more? I'm just condemned to die because I took a risk and tried to kill one or two before dying, possible surviving the weapons timer to dock?

    This would only lead to people not engaging at all. Why bother right?

  • Inf[l]ight - D-Scan Filter & Ship Database - March 1.7 in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is actually really neat. Thanks for the work, can definitely see as a neat thing thing for newbs and vets alike.

  • Fleet Tempest is a Flavourless Redumbdancy in EVE Gameplay Center

    Claud Tiberius wrote:
    Navy ships have always been less effective than pirate ships. Not sure why it was designed this way - I guess its just how CCP wants it to be:

    Capital (generally speaking) > T3 > T2 > Pirate > Navy > T1.

    Lore wise, this doesn't really make sense. Because T3 ships are property of the factions and with T3 ships being so strong ( > T2 and Pirate), you would think they would give them to the Navy's. But nope.

    Why the factions let pirates and corporations (T2) build better ships than their navies - I don't know. Although I can understand why it is the case in the Caldari state.

    That's all excluding the capital ships btw.

    Actually you're wrong. T3 does not mean better than T2 or T2 better than Navy.

    T1 and T3 focus on generalization. They can all do everything just not the best at it. or thats how CCP planned it. Planning went wrong as you see that T3 still tend to do certain things really well, but they still have the option and being something else. Like a Tengu, it can be the Nulbloc railgu. But it can be fitting in a logi role a ECM role and so forth.

    T2 and Piration tend to do certain things, really really REALLY well. And suck at everything else. The Deimos being a dedicated small gang brawler, the Eagle a Snipe boat, and so forth.

  • Whats this suprise here? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The stress must be getting to him. =(

  • What is your advice to new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Have a Goal

    The best advice I can give. You need to find something you want to do in EVE. Otherwise you just wither away. A Goal, your own Endgame.

    A goal to focus your efforts on. EVE is sandbox and your choice are almost limitless. You can be a savy trader, a solo pvper, a Titian pilot. You can FC a 200 man fleet. You can be a spy, and sell information. You can work your away into a huge alliance and shut it down stealing everything nailed to the floor. You can start a Mercenary Corp and take contracts and be the hammer for someone who can not be.

    All you need to do is find it, and EVE suddenly opens up.

    Friends, and Trust

    These are THE most important commodities in EvE. It's not ISK, or ships. It's who you can trust, who will go to bat for you, and people who will stick by you without breaking.

  • DPS and EHP ranges in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    Soldarius wrote:
    WTB 1000 dps cruiser. wtf...

    ham tengu, blaster vigilant, Diemos, ishtar, cba to try any more.

    Forgot the GIla. Hams with Furies, plus Augmented Hammers get you around 1030 dps.

  • The Vikings of Valhalla in EVE Gameplay Center

    Aaron eVega wrote:
    Typical HS scrub alliances like BAW always blobbing people in the most risk-averse way possible.

    BAW isn't actually risk adverse. They are just really really good at planning out they're movements. You can call a bunch of things. But I don't think Risk-Adverse just because one of your corp mates got ganked by a bunch of Nado's or jump on gate, so one so forth.

    This is EvE if the fight is fair, both sides have already failed. Blobbing can be annoying but if your really complaining about about 10 or so active members blobbing you. You seem to be the one risk-adverse.

    "Fite me 1v1 scub so I'll have a chance" so on and so forth type of risk adverse, Why can't you be the baller that takes on all of BAW in a Nestor? Sure you might lose, but if you kill one or two, it makes for a great story and chances are BAW will probably come to like you. Hell I would.

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ WTS 73M SP PVP pilot - 31M spaceship command in EVE Marketplace

    isk received, transfer initiated.

    Transfer Character

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    Character Name: Clara Barcelo
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    ty, fly safe

  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    what's EB pass?

  • selling informations in EVE Marketplace

    you mean evemail? yes, but you still have to post in your thread / and if there's none - post a private sale thread.

    if e-mail, then I think CCP doesn't like that. sale must be according to rules.

  • Please close in EVE Marketplace

    check me out