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  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bernie Nator wrote:
    This thread delivers on all the things I missed about being in a large alliance.

  • Black Hole Systems in EVE Gameplay Center

    Drop the bonuses/penalties, and make them more unique.

    I feel that black holes should be made to reflect CCP's original goals for w-space, uninhabitable wild space, with increased risk, and increased rewards.

    No moons. Uninhabitable for any extended length of time.
    More or better sites. (Someone mentioned ice in w-space?)
    Multiple (2+) Statics or increased chance of K162. (Maybe shorter timers on the statics?)

    I have a much longer post about this, but I am at work at the moment and will finish it when I get home. Consider this space reserved.

  • Anomalous Existence - W-Space Mercenaries with a proven record! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Now accepting contracts!

  • The loki and the C6 Pulsar in EVE Gameplay Center

    got as far as "tornado fleet issue" and stopped reading.

  • Anomalous Existence - W-Space Mercenaries with a proven record! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anomalous Existence is a PvP focused wormhole corp, with proven knowledge of fighting tactics throughout w-space.


    Now accepting contracts!

    What we do:

    W-space Operations
    POS Gunning
    Logistics or Combat Support

    What we don't do:

    War Declarations

    Anything else, feel free to contact us about pricing and availability.

    Pub Channel: Low-Class

    Contract Manager: Cipreh, Sinwalker, Timothia Hodges

    Proud Member of the Merc Contracts Channel.

  • deleted in EVE Gameplay Center


  • How long have you been living in W-Space ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Late 2009, I think around November.

  • No major PVP driver in WH space in EVE Gameplay Center

    Onomerous wrote:
    Cipreh wrote:
    The people are the problem, not the game.

    That's what I say about pretty much every economic system (well, not game but you get the idea)!!!!

    I agree with your human nature perspective and agree 100%... but: If a game doesn't take into account human nature then is that not a problem with the game? The game is played by humans so human nature is bound to happen. Not necessarily arguing but rather pointing out something obvious which many people do not seem to see.

    That's where the underlying issues with the dynamics of w-space, in regards to permanent habitation come into effect. I mentioned that in my post above as well. I don't know how to fix it, but I think it's something worth looking more closely at.

  • No major PVP driver in WH space in EVE Gameplay Center

    Quinn Corvez wrote:

    @ Cipreh welcome to the conversation but generally most people agree that low end wormholes (c2s in particular) are working fine so we're not really talking about that, as far as I can tell.

    I've been following the thread pretty closely, but there's very little more to say. I think that there's some underlying issues with the dynamics of w-space, in regards to permanent residence, since, as was said about fifteen times before now, they weren't originally designed for what we're doing in them. This is one of the subjects I spoke a lot about during my CSM run, and to be honest, there's more issue with the mentality of people living in w-space, then the mechanics at this point.

    You cannot force people to fight you, no matter how badly so many people wish they could. There's a vast number of people are so risk adverse, that they refuse to engage if there's even a slight chance that it might not come out in their favor, or are so very quick to scream blob. But of course, that's alright if they're on the other side of that blob and manage to get some juicy kills. Right?

    I can't think of any w-space organization that isn't guilty of this.

    The issue doesn't lie with w-space, it lies with the natural progression of these organizations within wormholes, and the structure, and mechanics of the game, and human nature itself. There's better security in greater numbers, and as an organization, you're less likely to lose if you've got the numerical advantage. (Barring certain rare situations.) Once you've reached a certain "critical mass", or even a certain level of recognition, it becomes far less likely that smaller groups are even going to try to engage you, because no one wants to fight a battle that they're fully aware they've got no chance of winning.

    And so it's now CCP's fault that this 30 man corp won't fight your 20 man T3 fleet.

    For meaningful change to happen, there would need a radical shift in the mindset of EVERYONE, and that's just not going to happen barring intervention from CCP. The people are the problem, not the game.

  • No major PVP driver in WH space in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would like to point something out to those who are complaining about the "lack of conflict" or saying "pvp is dead in wspace!"

    The only thing holding you back is you. Quit complaining, waiting for fights to be handed to you on a silver platter. Go out, scan, scout, and roll your statics, there are plenty of targets to be had, and lots of fun fights, as well as ganks, ransoms, and all sorts of awesome PLAYER generated content.

    We are a C2 corp, and we've killed almost 350 billion isk, IN WSPACE, since we formed five months ago. Suck it up, buy a covops scanner frig, and get out there, the fights will happen.

    Get off your asses and play the game.

  • No major PVP driver in WH space in EVE Gameplay Center

    This thread is hilarious. Cool

  • [Mercenaries - Surely You're Joking] W-SPACE NULLSEC LOWSEC MERCS!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    My favorite group of merry marauders, after my alliance of course... Twisted

    Excellent wormhole mercenaries, well rounded pilots, and a blast to shoot at, or be shot by!Cool

  • [MERC] The Marmite Collective in EVE Gameplay Center

    A+++ Service!
    Would hire again!

  • A letter to CCP - Please proof read and make any suggestions in EVE Communication Center

    Delicious Tears!

  • What is a good fight fleet? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You know, if you guys fought even half as hard as you troll and complain about ****, maybe... just maybe... you wouldn't have gotten evicted.

    May I refer you to your own forum signature?

  • Cipreh for CSM8! Make our voices heard! [QUALIFIED] in Council of Stellar Management

    I've received the required amount of votes to make it onto the final ballot. If you've not endorsed a candidate yet, spread the love around!

  • [CSM Election is Live] - Wormhole vote in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've hit the threshold as of four hours ago, been sending people to vote for the other candidates!

  • Cipreh for CSM8! Make our voices heard! [QUALIFIED] in Council of Stellar Management

    The CSM Primaries are open!! Time to make your voices heard, the candidates need all the support we can get!

    Go VOTE!

  • Cipreh for CSM8! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Primaries are open! Go Vote for your favorite candidate! We need all the support we can get to be on the ballots!

  • Setting up a new wh advice channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    If I can help in any way with this, let me know Corbexx. I think this is an awesome idea to lower the barrier of entry for newer organizations in w-space!

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