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  • PLEX only resets once a month? in EVE Communication Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    the logic is bugged, don't think it ever got updated to know alpha clone states exist, so it bases the dates off of the last time the account was subbed, it should add 30 days of omega from now

    when I went to plex it said it would sub me to sometime in early 2016, and well can't have negative game time. Adding a plex did what it should and gave me 30 days omega.

    Thanks man. 29 days in the upper left hand corner of my login screen.

  • PLEX only resets once a month? in EVE Communication Center

    Been working a lot of overtime so I just leave some PLEX in my hangar and go OMEGA when I get a chance. My last sub was up on December 20th, when I try to reactivate it says that will bring me up to OMEGA until January 20th.

    Is this for real? Why would I pay an entire PLEX for 9 days of gametime?

  • EVE Launcher for Linux in EVE Technology and Research Center

    [1001/] locale_file_path.empty() for locale
    Installed Qt WebEngine locales directory not found at location /home/pj/eve/evelauncher/translations/qtwebengine_locales. Trying application directory...
    Qt WebEngine locales directory not found at location /home/pj/eve/evelauncher/qtwebengine_locales. Trying fallback directory... Translations MAY NOT not be correct.
    [1001/] locale_file_path.empty() for locale
    [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; no appID found.
    Either launch the game from Steam, or put the file steam_appid.txt containing the correct appID in your game folder.

    The shell script launches the launcher fine. The launcher allows me to dl the dev versions of wine. Everything works flawlessly until its time to start the client. It never launches, just crashes quietly in the background (the game, not the launcher. It never actually opens from what i can tell).

    This is on my twitch page from last time I had Eve running in Linux...
    Linux Mint 17.2 Wine 1.8 "winetricks corefonts d3dx9_36 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010"

    I have been running those mods (more or less) ever since CCP dropped the Cedega based "Native client".

    Im guessing theres one of 2 scenarios at play...

    It just plain doesn't work with Mint 18 yet, or...
    I need to throw those mods into the Dev build.

    I am assuming the dev build has that stuff already added, or at least whats necessary. I bet regressing to 17.2 and installing the native client again would have me up and running? Thoughts?

  • The best distro for eve and all that goes with it? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ravow wrote:
    Gentoo, of course.

    As of using big know distribution instead of small one, that mean nothing really.

    For exemple, Ubuntu leave know CVE (that are fixed since years) in there 12.04 and 14.04 server version (exemple, proftpd 1.3.5 -> CVE-2015-3306 ) while smaller distrib like Void Linux, don't have that kind of problem.

    I always wanted to try Gentoo, but my hardware was incompatible at the time so I learned Slackware. I had it running great on slackware 12 13 1nd 14 and mint 17. Hopefully going to get it running in 18 tonite, I'll have to check out the current launcher situation.

  • Current wine version most compatible with Eve + Launcher? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pretty much just that. I've previously had to run special versions of wine when there were launcher and/or client updates. I just installed Mint 18 and want to install the best version of wine for Eve. Thanks.

  • Radiation! It must be harmful to all your electronics! in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Dorrim Barstorlode wrote:
    Annemariela Antonela wrote:
    The tape deck in my Thrasher HAS been acting up lately...


    ♫ She was a hooker from Wheeling ♫ ...

  • Would F2P EVE with a cap of 3 mil SP be a bad thing for the game? in EVE Communication Center

    I do play Eve, its been F2P since 2008, and so I dont understand the question, even a little bit.

  • EVE Online is in the Top-Ten Platinum list of WINE in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TBPH it deserves Platinum even without CQ.

  • High Sec Mission Toon but What race/ship? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nanofiber Vargur seems to be the fastest overall for me. The thing is, each marauder is the best in it's own space. Just cracked 110 mil an hour in my paladin with a ****** 1000ISK/Lp agent doing "Mining Misappropriation".

    [Vargur, Negatron]

    Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
    Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
    Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II

    Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster
    Large Micro Jump Drive
    Tracking Computer II
    Tracking Computer II
    Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
    Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive

    800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
    800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
    800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
    800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
    Small Tractor Beam II
    Small Tractor Beam II
    Salvager I
    Bastion Module I

    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
    Large Semiconductor Memory Cell I

    Salvage Drone I x5
    Hobgoblin II x5
    Warrior I x3

    Republic Fleet Fusion L x3152
    Optimal Range Script x2
    Tracking Speed Script x2

  • Rattlesnake: Mission Clear Fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    There's nothing on there to loot or salvage, so I really fail to see how it's going to beat a marauder?

  • After a long break, are my Hybrids just not worth pursuing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    [Kronos, Kronos fit]

    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Centus X-Type Large Armor Repairer

    Large Micro Jump Drive
    Tracking Computer II
    Tracking Computer II
    Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive

    Bastion Module I
    Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Void L
    Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Void L
    Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Void L
    Neutron Blaster Cannon II, Void L
    Salvager II
    Small Tractor Beam II
    Drone Link Augmentor II

    Large Hybrid Burst Aerator I
    Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

    Warden II x2

    Nothing shreds Serpentis Faster. Good against Angels, Mercs, Drones, and Guristas. Slower against Sansha and BR. I use the Null as much as the void. Use your MWD to get in their face instead of running like a scared little girl and sniping. Needs 5 hobgoblins and 5 salvagers. Generally don't need the hobbies much. Change your scripts to order.

  • Jita: Live Market Update - Skill Injector Prices Crashing in EVE Communication Center

    In conclusion, it is not a profitable operation since you must fuel the farming account with approximatively 2200M ISK per year. Did i miss something? Is my undersatnading of the situation correct?

    Yeah, not everyone needs more SP.

    If you are a mission runner with all 5's in marauders and strategic cruisers and support skills, you can just sell off your SP that you earn. Or a station trader with max trading skills and rep. Basically, all sub cap pilots that dont want to be cap pilots only need a few years training to max out what they do.

  • CLOSE THREAD in EVE Communication Center

    The number of SP in the game will go down, yes. But the bigger picture is that there are thousands of characters doing **** all right now. Those characters will now be sucked dry and new characters are going to buy up the skills and help make it easy for new players. New players that will be spending money on the game now.

  • Jita: Live Market Update - Skill Injector Prices Crashing in EVE Communication Center

    Vincent Athena wrote:
    At present prices of injectors and extractors: Eve is now Free to Play.

    Train skill.
    Buy extractor from the market, with ISK.
    Fill extractor
    Sell extractor.
    Repeat 4 times a month
    Result: Sufficient ISK profit to get a PLEX.

    It has been since 2008.

  • Try a new camera in EVE Communication Center

    CCP's UI devs and who ever approves their work are more out of touch with the player base than the US government is with US citizens.

    The UI changes have been asked for by many many people over many years. Because they didnt do what one group of people wanted doesn't mean they didn't listen. They just didn't listen to you, which is why you're pissed.

  • EVE Survival in EVE Gameplay Center

    you can go to the comments page, copy the URL, then google the URL. You will have the option to dropdown and select "cached" next to the link.

  • exefile.exe failing to run in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah, its not just the launcher. I tried to repair and then launch exefile.exe and it crashes the same (as trying with the launcher). Guess I'll just have to use windows til tomorrow.

  • Mission and LP Store tips? in EVE Gameplay Center

    My suggestion is to find a corporation that has a decent item/items that you don't need tags for. You can get 1500 ISK/LP that way.

    The best way to figure that out is research and math.

  • The Correct Amount of Damsels in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lamboux wrote:
    Pip pip!

    So, running a few missions last night in an admittedly altered-state. Had popped through the waves of Damsel and was letting my Mobile tractor and salvage drones do their thing while trying to craft a witty and engaging reply to a text (this took some time)...

    So, a few minutes pass and I look back at the screen to see no wrecks left so scoop up the tractor and open the crate to take the Damsel and good loot... And there's no Damsel... Double-check I don't have any filters on... that I haven't removed crates from the overview etc... No joy. I simply assumed that some enterprising capsuleer had sneaked in and pinched my Damsel but no one replied in local and no ransom by mail or anything.

    So, hardly the end of the world I decide not to hand the mission in (maybe it would reset after down time) and wander off to another agent who gives me another Damsel mission... Run that one (keeping a better eye out for interlopers) and tractor in the crates as soon as the station pops - I find two damsels!

    Handed both missions in and decided I was confused enough to pass out :)

    TL:DR No Damsel in the first mission, two damsels in the second...

    Anyone seen anything similar?



    Yes, I was playing one night and there was no Damsel, just like your case. I decided just to quit the mission and move on. The next day I ran a mission, I think it was the score, and The Damsel was among the loot.

    I sold the ***** in Jita.

  • Lv4 Solo 130m+ ISK/hour: Breakdown in EVE Gameplay Center

    Shallanna Yassavi wrote:
    If waiting on salvage drones takes too long, train bring a Noctis.

    Don't forget to watch dscan for probes, cause the Noctis isn't too hard to scan down either.

    With only 1 account you won't be making any extra isk over time and you'll be doing a hell of a lot more micromanagement.

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