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  • Son of a... in EVE Communication Center

    Before you go destroying a valuable item, please look up the values of killmails on the pods.

    One public killboard shows both pods valued at 0 isk, another at 10,000 isk and a third values a regular pod at 1m isk and the "golden" pod at 0 isk. These were killmails without any implants in slots 1-10 of course. Since it's naughty to post killmails here I'm afraid I can't link examples, but the above checking only took a few minutes and I encourage you to verify it for yourself.

    There are times when traveling in a pod makes sense (or is at the very least unavoidable) but people do it far more often than they should. As Elena said, if you're in a ship, no one has any idea what kind of pod you're in. I recommend keeping it that way whenever possible.

  • Does anyone know of a website to list all the system from one faction? in EVE Communication Center

    How about this?

    First drop down box, set to "show systems"

    Second box is
    (leave blank) "with sovereignty containing .." "Caldari State"

    Third box is
    (leave blank) "with security of .." "0.5"

    Press the run query button.