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  • [Kronos] Nosferatu RoF Buff in EVE Technology and Research Center

    April Fools lies.....

  • New EVE Ship Models Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    Also a Nyx, but with lighting for the fighter bay.

  • New EVE Ship Models Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    Hyperion for sure.

  • Xander Phoena for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    His interviews last year were instrumental in helping decide last year. Xander will be a great asset to the CSM.

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Dominix bonus change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    mynnna wrote:
    Anharat wrote:
    >has nothing to do with the tournament
    >publishes the change right after the tournament
    seems legit

    If I could place a bounty on you for this awful post, I would.

    Can't you though?

  • Contest: Predict the ATXI Winners! in EVE Communication Center

    1. Verge of Collapse
    2. Exodus.

  • Washington State Capsuleers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Those of us in Spokane and the surrounding areas who are unable to get to Seattle on a regular basis should look into meeting up as well. Any of you other Eastern WA guys have a suggestion for a gaming friendly tavern?

  • An Eve Memorial: The Ring of Fire in EVE Communication Center

    Bumping, because this is a fantastic idea, and should be made to happen!

  • An Eve Memorial: The Ring of Fire in EVE Communication Center

    Supported. This is the best idea so far... RIP Sean, and any others who have selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Washington State Capsuleers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Spokane reporting in!

  • [PROPOSAL] Bring back the vagabond frill in Council of Stellar Management

    CCP Huskarl wrote:
    Hey vagabonds

    A number of you are missing the so called frills we had removed from the Vagabond during the v3 process, and I think it’s totally fair that I (the Art director) give you an explanation why we did that, and what our intentions (visually) are with the Vagabond in the future.

    EVE is constantly under development and we in the art team look at the renovation process as an ongoing never-ending task that we love to keep working on alongside the new assets we make every year. Some players don’t like to see to many changes made to their beloved ships, but because of this, the fidelity of the game after all these years is still hard to beat and EVE keeps getting great reviews for the art every year.

    However maybe the decision to remove the frill from the Vagabond was taken too lightly and I didn’t realize how attached to the look of the ship you were. To me, as the Art Director the Vagabond is a Thukker version of the Stabber, but with Brutor sails attached (rather badly, with intersecting polygons) to the bridge area that make the ship look a bit silly. But after giving it some thought I can understand the iconic appeal. I think you should get your frills back in some way or the other.

    That being said, I always wanted to fix the old Stabber up a little bit and give it some more love. I’m not talking about a huge overall change to the ship. But rather just balancing a bit the engine area and making some parts a little more believable. This would of course give us a chance to give the Vagabond some extra care and design the frills with Thukker and some functionality in mind. I already have Stephan Stölting an amazing concept artist working on it and I promise to keep you posted about the development in the near future. Until we finish it you still have to live with a “no frills” Vagabond.

    Regards CCP Huskarl

    Thank you much! We are Thukking thrilled at this new development :) Keep up the good work, and thanks for listening!

  • Pirates, need a new place to pew? in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Obligatory bump.

  • [PROPOSAL] Salvaging corpses for implants in Council of Stellar Management

    Obsidiana wrote:
    Dunan Sanis wrote:
    Cecil Arongo wrote:

    This removes a major ISK sink

    Actually I think there are not enough ISK sinks

    CCP announced in a (not quite) recent quarterly economic report that there are not enough ISK sinks. Incursions have been downgraded, but they said may lower bounties without warning if this continues. I suspect they may increase other ISK sinks as well.

    The economy needs ISK sinks. Implants are a decent one.

    On that same note, there needs to be incentive for small gang pvp in lowsec. Implant salvaging (most of us run around with expensive clones out here) to make money. This is a perfect way to get paid to pvp, and a much more profitable way to hunt pirates, or encourage pirates to shoot each other.

    It would pay us more to shoot our fellow pirates than to shoot noobs.

    It would be an excellent step to making lowsec a more viable place to live.

  • [PROPOSAL] Salvaging corpses for implants in Council of Stellar Management

    Obsidiana wrote:
    Mentioned   several  times. 8)

    Obsidiana wrote:
    "Mortuary Ships" have in been the drawing board for years. Devs had it in EON #4, I beleive. It would be able to "keep them fresh" so that implants and even bookmarks could be extracted. All chance and skill based of course.


    The problem is that implants are a significant ISK/LP sink in the game. Right now, there are not enough of those. As such, it currently is a bad idea.

    I alluded to that fact it had been mentioned before. The isk sink could be turned into a manufacturing process, rather than LP purchases or drops. Make pirate NPC's drop blueprints, instead of the implant itself.

    Otherwise, losing implants is just a waste of isk, and pod killmails are worth nothing more than bragging rights (dont get me wrong, still enjoy those) but why would CCP implement showing pod mails without planning the ability to use them?

  • [PROPOSAL] Salvaging corpses for implants in Council of Stellar Management

    This is a proposal designed to stop the waste of implants upon podkilling a capsuleer.

    It is my understanding that implants are only destroyed upon voluntary removal from a Capsuleer's head in order to preserve the life of the Capsuleer.

    That said, when the life of the Capsuleer is no longer a concern (i.e. corpse is residing in a cargo bay or station container) it is not actually necessary to destroy the implant. The lifeless corpse is of no concern.

    Now, to the actual mechanics:

    The mechanic for showing implants on podkills is already in place.
    Apply the chance loot drop mechanic to the implants.

    Salvaging the corpses could be done using reprocessing in station, or using a salvage module in space.

    This could provide a valid reason to try to seek out pvp against experienced pilots, attempting to pod them for their very precious implants. Alternatively, gives pirates reason to seek out off-grid boosters for their very shiny mindlink implants.

    This removes a major ISK sink, and would add a new source of income for pvp'ers.

    Thanks for reading this not-so-well-written, but very needed proposal.

    This has been mentioned before, but it needs to be made to happen.

    Fly reckless,

  • Self-destruct changes on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Awesome change, Masterplan!

    Now, about salvaging corpses for the implants... proposal coming Soon!

  • Pirates, need a new place to pew? in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • [PROPOSAL] Bring back the vagabond frill in Council of Stellar Management

    Dev or GM or CSM reply would be appreciated.... #ThukkYouFrillMe

  • Rookie Frigate Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    mkint wrote:
    When you say "useful" and "versatile" and stuff, what exactly do you mean in this case? What performance should we expect out of the new noob ships? Tutorials only? lvl 1 missions? lvl 2's? PVP vs T1 frigs?

    These frigates should be capable of running level 1 missions and career agents, but we don't want them to be good enough that players keep using them as primary ships more than a few days into the game. Hence the role bonuses instead of per-level bonuses.

    You DO realize that we already abuse the noobships? Now you are just encouraging us to embarrass people :)

  • Pirates, need a new place to pew? in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We are a small Pirate corp looking to grow our numbers. If you want a place to come pew with shenanigans and general asshattery, look no further!

    We offer low to no tax and a friendly environment with plenty of opportunities for activities and entertainment, up to and including drunken roams and sexual innuendos.

    We honor 1v1 requests and ransoms.

    Must have local smacktalk trained to 5 and have a sense of humor.
    Those with a weak stomach or are prone to the following, need not apply.

    Projectile Vomiting
    Embarrassing Accidents
    Spine Loss
    Uncontrollable Gas
    Explosive Diarrhea

    If none of these apply to you, and you are looking for a new home, contact me here or ingame.


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