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  • [SOLD] Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    Cannibal Kane wrote:
    This is to confirm tha Cannibal Kane is being sold to a private buyer.

    Once agreed amount of ISK (48bill) has been received transfer will be started.

    ISK goes to this Char.

    ISK Recieved.

    You have chosen to transfer the character Cannibal Kane to the account named *************.

    We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

    Transfer process started. Thank you for the smooth transaction.

  • [SOLD] Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    This is to confirm tha Cannibal Kane is being sold to a private buyer.

    Once agreed amount of ISK (48bill) has been received transfer will be started.

    ISK goes to this Char.

  • code and marmite working together again in EVE Gameplay Center

    queen rhomas wrote:
    this is bad for high security space and will see alot of new players leaving the game

    as an antiganker this needs to stop and we need to unite and wardec marmite thomas, sarah and jen are all together on this we will fight marmite so they can not work with code all antigankers are required to stand up to these code marmite griefers

    Yes because you NPC chars in AG are so into working together in a corp or alliance.

  • Formal Complaint - WTF!!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    So in the bumper thread the GM stated that if the same ganker follows the same person from system to system he has reason to file a petition for possible harassment. Since the miner made the effort to move to a different system to get away from him and the fact that the ganker is just targeting him.

    I would just like to point out the ganker can prolly do the same thing since you are following him from system to system interfering with his game play.

    Never really thought about it that way around though.

  • ...And So the CODE Alliance and James 316 Comes to its End in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tinfoil hat moment...

    What if Veers and Dryson are one and the same?

  • EVETherapy - good people doing horrible things in EVE Communication Center

    That is how I play EVE. To relax and enjoy myself since it is after all, a Game.

    I prefer to be the Predator, I will never be anybodies prey.

  • ...And So the CODE Alliance and James 316 Comes to its End in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kiryen O'Bannon wrote:
    Has it ever occurred to you CODE guys that you're just being trolled?

    Like Veers, that is Dryson only ability.

  • Is that me or... in EVE Communication Center


    A PVP corp with zero kills to their name?

    Not to mention you joined them anyway. Wardecced your so called PVP corp.

    Think of it this way OP. You rolled over like slave you are meant to be in EVE for a corp with no proven PVP ability.

  • How much is pvp skill and how much of it is SP? in EVE Communication Center


    It is all skill. Not just your ability to use what you have, but also understanding your opponents ability to use what he has.

    If you are really interested in learning that concept you are more than welcome to convo me ingame or send me an evemail.

    I am actually thinking of restarting the Somali BootCamp for training newbro in PVP. Still deciding on that.

  • My take on EvE so far. in EVE Communication Center

    Richard Zimmerman wrote:
    I agree with the OP. The new player experience has been brutal for me so far as well. I don't plan on staying in the corp I'm in much longer - agreed they should have some kind of moderation or even force people out of the one I'm in after so long.

    You shouldn't be allowed to be a 'career student'

    I don't have the same sense of quitting or I'm done but it's been hard to find someone to talk to about the game. There's so many nuances and mechanics and many guides are years old already. (not sure if still current)

    Once again... this is not really a corp. It is an NPC Corp. Filled by Idiots most of the time.

    Moderating it 24/7 is just not feasible. You can petition people posting inappropriate stuff but that is as far as it will go.

  • My take on EvE so far. in EVE Communication Center

    New guys have it easy compared what I had when I first started.

    It was basically, here is a ship, now F-OFF.

    While true, EVE Tutorial is by no means the best it is or surely as good as it can be to assist players in understanding the basic mechanics that drive EVE. Once you leave the Tutorial you quickly realize that their is a whole new game to learn.

    As for NPC Corps chats. You will find two people in those. Real newbies like yourself, or entitled buffoons that prefer NPC corps pretending to know what they are talking about. Unless the post offensive material you will not have a GM intervene. That is just EVE reality.

    As for Rookie chat, you will find 3 types of people in there. A real rookie like yourself asking questions, the ISD that happens to be online answering them and the alt char that serves no purpose other than trolling while he is in the channel for 30 days. But yeah, that channel is not easy to get answer from since there are so many asking questions.

    On some other things. 90% of corps are shyte. Run by incompetent people that had no business running a corp with a group of people in the first place. They serve no purpose other than being punching bags for people like me. And also, drop the whole OMG I am newbie thing. When you lay that part on thick most people will think your an alt or a spy.

    Corps with the 5mil minimum SP. It is in place to keep the chancers away, they will accept people with less SP who show commitment to learning and progressing within the corp.

  • My 7 Day Experience with EVE and the reason why I'm leaving. in EVE Communication Center

    The fact is...

    You blerted out intel on coms during an event and was rightly so told to sod off. That is why goons have dedicated intel channels.

    I know.. because I use them. DUN DUN DUN....

  • My 7 Day Experience with EVE and the reason why I'm leaving. in EVE Communication Center

    Respect is earned not given.

    The fact that you whine about on the forums tells me you do not deserve it either. Not to mention you showing none yourself to those you expect it from.

    If one of my guys blurted out intel on coms while we were busy with an event instead of the dedicated intel channel I to would have put them in their place.

  • My 7 Day Experience with EVE and the reason why I'm leaving. in EVE Communication Center

    Tzu Wu wrote:
    Knowing Markonious pretty well, I'd say your removal was just. I mean you are the same guy that literally wanted to rage quit over having your song skipped on afterall.

    ah lol....

    So he is one of those entitlement bastards...

  • My 7 Day Experience with EVE and the reason why I'm leaving. in EVE Communication Center

    Well.. color us surprised.

    Goons talk down to the corps that bend their knee to them. Who would have thought.

    If you are not the predator you are the pray. Welcome to EVE.

    And if something like a little F-Off from somebody else makes you feel like you were disrespected should not be playing MMOs.

  • The best way to increase tracking on a Legion is? in EVE Communication Center

    Segraina Skyblazer wrote:
    Hello Caps, I read at some website that the stacking penalty doesn't effect 2 tracking computers loaded with tracking script. Can anyone confirm this? Or is it best to use a Tracking computer and a Target painter?

    HAM Legion should solve all your tracking issues.

  • Heroes Artwork Contest - Win PLEX or ISK - General Discussion ART in EVE Communication Center

    ShahFluffers wrote:
    Oh man... I'm definitely throwing in my PROSPECT OF DOOM into this.

    btw... how can I figure out how much DPI my picture is via MS Paint?


    That was pretty cool.

  • Why do players create hauling contracts? in EVE Communication Center


    Players like myself do not have skills trained for any industrial or transport ships. So we rely on others if we need stuff moved.

  • Thoughts from a 2 month Player in EVE Communication Center


    I am adding you to my watch list.

    Even on the forums people ranting and raving are held accountable in game for their nonsense.

    People try to help and you shut them down. What you are saying is not practical for new players is what I did when I first started the game. Don't knock till you tried it.

  • Bounty System Overhaul in EVE Communication Center

    Privateer Cove wrote:
    Paranoid Loyd wrote:
    I make you mad and you decide to put a bounty on me. You are really mad and want me dead so you put a 1 bil isk bounty on me. When you put the 1 bil isk bounty on me I get in a hauler load it with loot that has been manipulated to inflate it's value so the system thinks it is worth 1 bil isk, I then kill my self with an alt and collect your isk.

    You have to design a system that can not be manipulated to kill one's self for profit. This is the whole issue with the bounty mechanic.

    As the chart says, a bounty pay out cannot be extracted if the character in question with a bounty has been captured that does not have the required assets available. Therefore, destroying yourself would equal stealing from yourself. And as long the bounty is not paid in full, all assets of the character in question are frozen. Which means, ALL assets are basically compounded and liquified in statis untill the bounty payment has been reached.

    Come on people, this ain't rocket science.

    I think you are missing Loyd point.

    So I will once again state, play the game, learn the game and you will understand.

    I am removing myself from this conversation since I can see this will just keep going in circles.

    o/ Enjoy.

    EDIT: This should maybe be moved by the ISD out of here and into F&I so the forum trolls can tear you apart.

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