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  • Trying to learn Contracts in EVE Communication Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    That's not very nice. Do you also punish your kids if they beat you at basketball?

    Kids need to learn to be sneakier. Pirate

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    WTB A nice, freighter-specific Damage Control module next! Bear

  • Mining during a wardec? in EVE Communication Center

    Cannibal Kane wrote:
    Amonios Zula wrote:
    Or mine in Lowsec and ofc follow the above advice about watching local & be fast in hightailing to a station should pirates attend.
    most WTs wouldn't go there.

    My last war targets thought so to.

    You aren't "most", though. Blink

  • Break-A-Wish Foundation pads killboard after losing dread fleet! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sgt Deds wrote:
    Listen. Everyone knows that most of the pilots you see in eve are BAW alts....its just common knowledge at this point.

    Incorrect. Most pilots you see in eve are actually Goon alts.

  • [Kronos] New Ship Skins in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Loving the Thukker Cyclone.

  • easy way to get new players to stop playing in EVE Communication Center

    Victus Menethil wrote:
    I'm not paying a monthly fee to be at the disposal of other players and I'm also not paying to stay docked.
    I'm slowly starting to understand why people come fast and go just as fast. It's not about being hard or complex, that's the attraction, it's about losing assets to idiots for teh lulz.

    It's a PVP game.

    Perhaps that wasn't stressed enough when you started playing, or perhaps someone told you otherwise, but there it is. Simple as that.

    Nearly everything you do in Eve is related to PVP in some way (with the possible exception of missioning for the sake of missioning which, as you'll find at some point, gets pretty darn boring).

    Mining, buying/selling, exploration, most industry, actual ship fighting.... On some level, you are competing with other players for resources or to provide others with resources.

    There are plenty of ways around high-sec war decs, but the simplest is to never leave the NPC corporation (or go back to one). If you don't wish to change what you do because "sum bulleez r being meen 2 me", then this probably isn't really the game for you, after all.

    This game rewards people who are capable of adjusting what they do to meet the situations they face, whether it's a high sec wardec or a suprise supercap hotdrop. It is unforgiving for those who steadfastly refuse to change in the face of adversity.

    Posting here will get you one of three responses:

    1. Suggestions on how to adapt
    2. Suggestions that you quit
    3. People who laugh at your misfortune

    I'm not trying to be arrogant or rude, here. I'm simply explaining the how & why, so you can make the decision, yourself. After all, if you aren't having fun (because you can't play for a week because someone war-dec'd you, or because this isn't the game you thought it was, or for whatever reason you might have), then what's the point of paying for the game?

  • Loot Theft - An open letter to CCP in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Oh, the irony!

  • easy way to get new players to stop playing in EVE Communication Center

    Jur Tissant wrote:
    Fighting back isn't a terrible idea, but if you don't do very well that might just encourage them to continue the war. Some PvP players would rather lose a good fight than not find any at all.

    That depends. For some, making other people stop playing (or not able to do what they want to do) for some time is just as good as killing expensive ships.

  • Indy corp wardeced and ransomed agin.. in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    you KNOW!,
    disco the THE LIVING HELL out of RvB ...

    Please do. Those people need the excitement. ;P

  • Indy corp wardeced and ransomed agin.. in EVE Communication Center

    See for more advice you can use/ignore.

  • [MERC] The Marmite Collective in EVE Gameplay Center

    Percival Rose wrote:
    I've been on both sides of a wardec by The Marmite Collective. I definitely recommend you become their client rather then their target Blink

    Meh, being a target can be fun, too.


  • easy way to get new players to stop playing in EVE Communication Center

    Vimsy Vortis wrote:
    The assumption that whatever advantage you perceive the aggressors to have is utterly insurmountable and that to even attempt to fight is suicide is the very thing that allows me and people like me to fly vulnerable, multi billion isk ships around highsec victimizing whomsoever we please without the faintest fear of loss.

    It's utterly comical how unwilling people are to lift a finger in their own defense. People don't even try to fight back, hell most of them time they won't even seek the knowledge to know what they can do to fight back.

    It's like fighting a herd of cows using an ATV and an assault rifle. They could trivially trample you to death, but they don't because they're docile and domesticated.

    Basically, this. That sort of player exists because they know people won't fight back. Start fighting back, and they'll go pick on someone else. (If you're really lucky, or you exhibit the right attitude about it, they might even take you in, teach you some things, and send you out into the world with your new knowledge and experience. It happens.)

    Sykaotic wrote:
    @ OP

    I had a 1 man corp with about 5m sp on the toon and was "war decced" by a dual box player with 100m sp. I was hunted every day by this player so I dropped corp.

    That did not work as the other guy got together 4 more 100m or so players and ganked me for lols on a gate in hi sec.

    I had these people all on ignore and they contacted me via a contract.... offering to sell me my corpse.

    I fought the 100 sp player with my 5m sp self... died and did nothing.

    I hired mercs.... did nothing.

    I quit the game for 6 months.


    Eve Online isn't a single player game. I'm sorry that was your experience. It may have been different had you been in a corporation with other players.

  • easy way to get new players to stop playing in EVE Communication Center

    Paul Otichoda wrote:
    Ethikos wrote:
    Paul Otichoda wrote:
    Yes if know people say every player is viable in pvp from day 1 but usually that assisting a more experience/skilled player. That new player isn't going to do anything on his own.

    You are quite right, on their own a new player is very vulnerable to a T3 cruiser etc. From my somewhat limited experience in High Sec, that is what the War Dec corp is looking for. That is why the number one suggestion is to join a group that welcomes newer players.

    If however your corp decides to fight back on your own, look at ways to even the playing field. If you have a good numbers advantage, think up a T1 cruiser doctrine with logistical support and go at it. Sure you may die, but your learning and fighting back. If you lack numbers, change the field and drag them to low sec. The chances of them following you are very small, and if they do there are a lot of people who would love to get in on T3 cruisers kills all around you.

    Yes but how many high sec newbie corps are going to have more than 20 people in it? Perhaps just bad luck but I find corps of that size can barely have 5 people online. That's not going to give you much fighting power. Especially if one of you is flying logi

    I think you overestimate how many T3s you are going to run into outside of station humping in a trade hub. (proper instant dock/undock BMs will let you avoid those)

  • easy way to get new players to stop playing in EVE Communication Center

    Paul Otichoda wrote:
    I will admit that I'm probably no judge but there are a lot of ways of avoiding war dec (though not if they're effecting the null sec supply line) but for those saying new players should fight back, remember this.

    Most professional war decers I've seen use t3 and other high tier ships. Do you really expect a bunch of new players with subpar (both in terms of dps and tank) T1 cruisers and perhaps battlecruisers to be able to fight against a squad of t3 ships and win? Apart from ewar there really isn't anything the new players can do.

    Yes if know people say every player is viable in pvp from day 1 but usually that assisting a more experience/skilled player. That new player isn't going to do anything on his own.

    T3 ships aren't invincible. Other "high tier ships" aren't either. Eventually, your opponent will make a mistake, and when they do, their single loss will more than cover the cost of all of yours up until that point if you're using T1 frigates/cruisers/battlecruisers. In any event, the point isn't even about the ISK, it's about the experience you'll get from the fight.

    Also, "professional war decers" lol. Most of them only use pricey ships when they believe they have nothing to fear. And, even then, they make mistakes and lose those pricey ships, too.

    As a new player, I assisted an older player in establishing a point on an enemy flying a Dramiel (a pirate frigate) long enough for my fleet to warp to me, get scrams and webs on the target, and destroy them. I was flying a Rifter, and had very few skill points. Yes, it was mostly luck on my part, but it's still possible. Don't discount the newbies out there.

    My Rifter?

    150mm AC I (x3)
    1MN MWD
    Warp Disruptor I
    Medium Shield Extender
    Damage Control
    Power Diagnostic System

    On paper, it shouldn't have even been a contest, but I had friends backing me up (in T1 ships, btw), and the Dramiel pilot only wanted to get away (which he couldn't do). End result? We lost a couple of T1 frigates, and he lost a pirate frigate. I gained some experience, and some confidence, both of which are worth more than the 1m my Rifter cost me. Cool

  • Bye Bye sweet goblin in EVE Gameplay Center

    Everyone knows RvB is just a bunch of goon Rifter alts, anyway.

  • Bye Bye sweet goblin in EVE Gameplay Center

    RvB: Content Creators™ - "We create content you didn't even know you wanted, whether you want it or not."

  • One small step.. in EVE Communication Center

    Thomas Builder wrote:
    To get your pod out:
    1) Have a GTFO overview tab preset that presents warpable objects.
    2) (ideally) prepare a safe-spot in the system before the fight - it doesn't have to be a good safe-spot.
    3) When things get sour (= just before you explode), select something from that tab (avoid the sun and stations) and spam the "warp to" button. As your pod warps instantly, you should enter warp as soon as your pod is ejected and be able to get away. As soon as you arrive at that object, warp to your safe-spot. If your safe-spot is weak, create a new, better safe-spot while warping to it and then warp to that better spot.

    This way, you should get your pod out unless your in null-sec and there's a bubble. (Once in a while you might hit a lag-spike and still get caught, but that's very rare.)

    Couple of things to note:

    Pods don't actually warp instantly, but it's pretty close to that. They can still be caught by someone who's prepared for them.

    Spamming warp to can cause the interface to lag due to the large number of requests you are making. This can actually cause you to lose your pod, instead of saving it.

    Otherwise, good advice. :)

  • Chances of finding open moon in high-sec in EVE Communication Center

    I was all set to put you in touch with some fine people in the RvB moon clearing service with which you could negotiate, but then I read you're in Gallente space. Good luck to you!

  • Jump Freighters in EVE Communication Center

    For an alt, sure. For your main character, probably not so much, I think.

  • Assmble & Fit multiple ships in EVE Communication Center

    Cara Forelli wrote:
    Well there is one way...You can pay someone else to do it for you. Big smile

    If you can even find such a person.

    We exist.

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