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  • Pod & Planet fiction contest - Winners Announced in EVE Gameplay Center

    How to submit:

    • Down rest of coffee yell "screw editing!" jump into frigate rip everything out except MWD and AB
    • Dodge gate camp
    • Get bubbled, lose frigate
    • Pod through camp 2
    • Pull into Pod and Planet Headquarters (double park pod, preferably boxing in a DEV but CSM is fine too)
    • Run through security, drip pod goo (nearly wipe out)
    • Slide right past elevators
    • Take the stairs
    • Slip in stairs (concussion, break a nail)
    • Come out of emergency exit (alarm sounds)
    • Jump up on a chair and then a desk and scream "Where's Telegam Sam's Desk!!!!"
    • Follow direction of fingers pointing
    • Ignore the haters
    • Run along the tops of cubicle dividers (like a bawss)
    • Dive, manuscript in hand
    • Activate slow motion camera sequence, flying through the air, teeth bared, arms outstretched, clock ticking
    • land on Telegram's Desk (breathless)

  • Telegram: "You know...the deadline was extended a day."

    Callista: "Oh..."

    Check out my entry folks (unabashed plug). It's posted to Pod and Planet but here's the link to my entry as well. "The Gate".

    Been reading the other entries...wowzah Shocked! GLHF to the judges!

  • The Starkmari girl and her almond eyes. in EVE Communication Center

    NightCrawler has graciously allowed me to contribute to her story so I've added a new part relating to the Heir's side of the story. Although we are trying to reconcile the timeline with official lore, this new part would be set on Arzad II before it was reduced to slag from orbital bombardment.

  • Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest is back! in EVE Communication Center

    Callista looks over the assembled dignitaries and wonders once again why she didn't wear the white dress instead of the blue. Oh, well, no turning back now.

    When The Honorable Telegram Sam calls her name and the weight of everyone's stare turns her way, her blush goes from rosy to deep crimson. She rises from her table to the sound of polite applause.

    As she makes her way to the raised dias, the trid-reps jostle for position. Well, not as much as for Rhavas, mind you.

    Standing at the podium, the lights shining down on the stage blaze and she blinks back nervous tears. As she adjusts the mic, the timer starts counting down, 30 seconds.

    Well at millions of isk per minute commercial time, they sure as hell weren't going to waste it on yet another boring victory speech. So, as practiced in front of the holovid in her mack, she leaned forward just enough for her dress to accentuate her camera shy "assets", gave a big great smile and began, "I would like to thank the judges for the time and effort it must have taken them to go through the hundreds of pages of text. I would also like to thank the incredibly generous sponsors who encourage all of us writers to slip out of our pods and fire up our word processors. But I would like to especially thank Sam for having pulled this even together once again. Sam, this is for you..." and looking right into camera 1, she winks and blows a kiss.

    "See you all next year!"

    And then, relieved that it's done, she walks down the stairs and off into the wing, with fifteen seconds left on the clock.