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  • @CSM Xenuria + CCP Design Team in Council of Stellar Management

    Dear Xenuria,

    I made this character when the ability to make characters with three-word names was first released, because I had long wished for the ability to express myself in-game as a battleship affiliated with the only truly good faction in New Eden, the indomitable Caldari Navy. This character name was chosen so that I could interact with my fellow pilots in Factional Warfare, and since creation my character has only flown a single hull other than her newbie Ibis; that for which she was named, and for which she is modeled in-character: a sentient battleship of the Caldari Navy.

    Unfortunately due to a decision made by CCP design team my character name is now anachronistic and wrong, because the eponymous ship has since been renamed "Raven Navy Issue". As the CSM candidate whose platform was for those who identify outside of the gender binary, it is my hope that you will advocate on my behalf to return the Caldari Navy Raven to its former glory and styling so that my character name may once again accurately express my character's extensive roleplaying interactions.

    Thank You,
    Caldari Navy Raven

  • Dread Pirate Ships : High Security Ganking Fits in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good information in this thread.

  • WTS Miner in EVE Marketplace

    Durlan Katz wrote:
    ok i'll accept 2 bil bo

    Ok cool logging in
    edit: ISK Sent

  • WTS Miner in EVE Marketplace

    I'll give you 2 billion for it.

  • WTB Orca Pilot in EVE Marketplace


    I desire an Orca pilot. No skills other than those required to sit in the ship are required. A bare-bones character is just fine. Must have a positive sec status, must have a positive wallet. No other requirements.

    edit: Post eveboard links please, and desired price.

  • wta 8.7 mill sp minmatar toon in EVE Marketplace

    All yours then.

  • wta 8.7 mill sp minmatar toon in EVE Marketplace

    buyout at 3 billion