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  • The future of Winmatar ships in EVE Communication Center

    Surfin's PlunderBunny wrote:
    Tape Drakes around a Mach, that way you've got armor plates protected by passive shields Big smile

    Approved. Also rename the Drake to 'Large Shield Extender II (mobile)'. P

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead

    Lyrics quote: "When there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire." *cough*0.0*cough*

  • Theory on the new Amarr lineup. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Prez21 wrote:
    It does seem to be slightly tipping this way, so many people whining about there races ships and how they cant compete that CCP seems to be slowly turning a lot of ships to be exactly the same just with different hulls.

    Great, now you got me worried. Straight You do have a point though, it seems there slow trend of homogenization between races going on.

  • Theory on the new Amarr lineup. in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Ytterbium wrote:

    But yes, Amarr Battleships are fine at the moment, so there is no reason to change one of them to fit this drone line-up. If / when we introduce the line on the Battleship level, it'll likely be on a new hull. The Battleship that'll change the most with the Tiericide will be the Typhoon, as it will most likely move over to the Breacher / Bellicose / Cyclone philosophy by focusing its weapon system on missiles. Of course, large missiles need to be looked at for this to work (the Raven needs it as well).

    Hey Ytterbium, does that mean there will be no attempt to preserve the iconic Minmatar split weapon ships?

    Whether by merging the missile/projectile bonuses into a single one (so as not 'waste' one compared to other hulls), or are the Dev. P

  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    No, can conquer my rebel base as often as you want... TwistedBlink

    That's it, I am out of this thread. Posting from a cafe while giggling like a loon. The people next table are looking at me strange already....

  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhir wrote:
    Goodmorning princess. Do you by any chance happen to know the location of the Rebel base?

    Go ahead, torture me! I wont say a thing! *tries to look defiant*

  • New Desktop for Multiboxing in EVE Communication Center

    For storage I'd recommend:

    HDD: Seagate Barracuda EcoGreen F4 2000GB
    SSD: Samsung SSD 840 Series 250GB, 2.5", SATA 6Gb/s

    If you want to go crazy with VRAM (not sure that's needed though) take a look at the some HD 7970 Ghz editions with 6 GB GDDR5...

  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    "Are your parents ok with what we are doing here?"

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    It's just such a missed opportunity. So much time invested, the tech works, the art exists. All we'd need are some interior enviroments, gambling for ISK and a couple of shady lit bars.

    I'd pay real money to play Poker/Pazaak for hours while staring out of the window at Jita 4-4 and see the undocks and ganks happen.

  • When do we get: Anti Blob Reconfiguration? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Barrogh Habalu wrote:
    Add those on the list:

    Proteus Defensive - Warfare link disruption processor
    Amarr Engineering - Anti-supercapital gravity prism
    Tengu Electronics - AFK cloaker detection array
    Loki Offensive - Remote clathrate reaction inhibitor
    [Universal] Propulsion - Mobile cynosural jamming drive reconfiguration

    Here, you've just solved most of EVE problems in one broad stroke. I take off my hat.

    I know you are being sarcastic, but that actually sounds pretty sweet. Shocked

  • A few misconceptions. in EVE Communication Center

    Well, humans are a part of the ecosystem though, n'est-ce pas?

    I am somewhat dismayed by the absence of immature comments here. Someone used horsies and balls in the same sentence, godammit! Has everyone but me grown up?What?

  • A few misconceptions. in EVE Communication Center

    FloppieTheBanjoClown wrote:

    I take exception to American football being called "handegg" unless you opt to refer to Rugby by the same term. Both are games which fall under the category of a game played on foot with a ball, hence "football" (as opposed to games played on horseback).

    That doesn't make sense. Actual handball is played on foot with a ball too. So...

    If the only consideration were that balls are involved but not horses that would include pretty much everything! Blink

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    @Savnire Jacitu: I'd date that guy. Blink Char looks attractive without being 'pretty'. A slight air of brutality, but no thug.


  • When Jita is Full - Fix Idea! ::: Queue in EVE Communication Center

    Now I am not sure if there is any need of fixing, but - if one would want to - one option would be fiddling with taxes.

    Eg.: Dodixie might have a lower sales tax, to attract business. Not unheard of in the 'real world' either.

  • Cluster Shutdown in EVE Communication Center

    Does anyone remember the name of CCP Fatty-fingers? The one that almost caused a shutdown of Tranq...years ago.

    Seems they let him back into the building Shocked

    Edit: No, I am not drinking at 10:30. It happend:

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Donte FUKCYOU wrote:
    Generic buzzcut eastern-european space marine #58765835


    Spoiled party brat that hasn't spend an honest hour mining in their entire life. NEXT!

    (Char looks like a douche, but good technical execution 7/10)

  • To the Dev that did the Lines in space for the Autopilot in EVE Communication Center

    MadMuppet wrote:
    Now they just need it to superimpose whatever filter I have selected on the F10 map while I fly. Oh look, 5 ships died in the last hour in the system i'm approaching.

    You Sir are a genius! Great idea.

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Facial expression seems a bit confused/startled. But overall a well done character.


    Uff, spent a good hour...fiddling (improving??) on the pose.

    Forum avatar didnt update yet, so here as link:

  • New Player Appreciation Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Forum ate post and now no time to re-write. Will edit later. Evil

  • Mining ships and EVE design philosophy. in EVE Communication Center

    What is this thread about again?

    Mackinaws are regulary ganked by destroyer-only gangs. Judging from the killmails it seems the gankers like to focus on all-yield macks (3x MLU/IHU + paper tank in the mid) so the high yield <> high risk tradeoff seems to work just fine.

    Considering a 200m ship (+fit) can easily be killed by a bunch of -10 sec status throwaway alts in 1m a pop catalysts, what's the issue?

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