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  • Dev blog: New Assembly Effect for Anchorable Structures in EVE Information Center

    Xindi Kraid wrote:
    Soooo, considering POSes are going away soon, I am guessing this effect will also be used for other structures?

    This will work on both new and old POSes

  • Dev blog: New Assembly Effect for Anchorable Structures in EVE Information Center

    Iris Bravemount wrote:
    Could you please upload a video of how it will look for Dx9 users?

    If you click on the DX9 images in the blog you will get a gif of how it will look for DX9 users

  • Dev blog: New Assembly Effect for Anchorable Structures in EVE Information Center

    Manssell wrote:
    So not available for mac users then?

    Yes, unfortunately mac users will not see the true glory of this effect

  • Dev blog: New Assembly Effect for Anchorable Structures in EVE Information Center

    Quintessen wrote:
    So now that we have a devblog are we going to see the site updated?
    That is the plan Smile

  • Dev blog: New Assembly Effect for Anchorable Structures in EVE Information Center

    Michal Jita wrote:
    I might get a pos or two anchored just to enjoy these effects...

    DO IT!

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Feedback Thread in EVE Information Center

    Sylvia Lafayette wrote:
    a minor thing. I did like seeing the model of the ship on the login screen. not sure if there is a setting to get that back I can turn on. Just the name of the ship works but less wow factor

    A possible fix for this is to make the game window bigger, for example if you are playing in windowed mode it is maybe not large enough. The reason for this is that the ship images will dissapear when there isn't enough space to show them.

    If this doesn't work please file a bug report, because we really like to keep our wow factor

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Master Odysseus wrote:

    So to sum it up, we go to world map control panel -> star map -> animation and :

    1) un-check Auto Frame selection --> works as intented
    2) check Auto Frame selection and then check Auto Zoom to selection ---> bug where the world map control panel dissapears from there on when you go to map
    3) check Auto Frame selection and uncheck Auto Zoom to selection -> bug dissapears but strangely enough when you go to map you actually auto zoom to selection ***edit*** you don't auto-zoom, you auto-CENTER to be precise. So my unbugged chars auto-zoom, my bugged chars auto-center (zoomed out), even though I have same settings for all.

    I decided to stick to #3 option till we have some official word about it or w/e. It's just too much of a pain in the a** to re-do all your settings for all your chars otherwise.

    After following these repro steps, we have successfully reproduced this on our local clients and we are working on a fix.
    Thank you all for bringing this to our attention and thank you Master Odysseus for taking the time to figure out the exact bug!

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    paNdre2 Tarrant wrote:
    I can't log in anymore after the patch. Launcher freezes and does not respond anymore. I've already tried EVE repair but it didn't work. Someone has a workaround for this?

    I think this was resolved above with:

    Adam1337 wrote:

    Steps taken.

    Run repair tool = fail
    Restart PC
    Run repair tool = win

  • Dev blog: EVE Universe Static Data Export in EVE Information Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    Thanks Big smile

    (as a complete aside, is there a reason you're in a newb corp?)

    After enduring the long and extremely painful hazing ritual, I´ve now been accepted as a member of the CCP corp.

  • Dev blog: EVE Universe Static Data Export in EVE Information Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    I've just spent a little more time looking into the data. It turns out there's some data which no longer exists in there, probably because it's tightly tied to location information.


    Any chance of getting this data again?

    Yes, this was an error on my part.
    We´ve fixed it and it should be up on the Toolkit website later today.

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • Dev blog: EVE Universe Static Data Export in EVE Information Center

    JP Nakamura wrote:

    I stand corrected from someone who certainly should know better. Smile

    If you can talk about it, is the Client using the SQL Lite files in place of the caching mechanism it was using before (no idea what)?
    Is that why CCP is moving to providing dumps in this format, since getting the data to the client in this format already needs to happen, so giving it to us is "free" (so to speak)?

    (Just curious as a programmer ... we always seem to be curious how the Universe works ... even when its a virtual Universe P)

    We use a wide array of files for the Client (and Server), depending on what we need at the time (f.ex cpickles and homebrewed binary format).
    And with our build system we can pretty easily create additional files for the static data export, that will get built every time someone changes the underlying data. So there is actually a tiny bit of work that goes into generating the build script for the SDE files, but once that is done, it is all autogenerated.

    We decided to provide this dump in sqlite format just because we thought that it would be easy for the 3rd party dev community to utilize that in clever ways, since you guys already use sqlite.

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    Adding celestials, removing celestials. Changing the links between systems. Adding systems (well, with other changes too.)

    This will have more effect on the development process, than on actual deployments, as it'll let them handle the changes in a properly staged fashion, with the changes in data being very easy to document.

    Change management in databases is a pain in the ass.

    You sir, certanly know your stuff Smile

  • Dev blog: EVE Universe Static Data Export in EVE Information Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    So, the questions: is this the change needed to allow for creation of structures to not be tied to downtime, a la player-created stations? And would this change now allow players-- with new game mechanics, of course --to destroy stations and stargates? Or would this allow, say, wormhole signatures to retain their IDs across downtime?

    Basically: obviously this has a lot of utility. Is this being deployed primarily for Team Gridlock purposes, or is its primary aim backbone for the summer expansion?

    The data that was in this migration was "only" information about static objects in space.

    That is information that doesn't change for regions, constellations, solarSystems, suns, secondary suns, planets, moons, stations, asteroid belts and stargates. There is no way to add/remove information from this data set since it is built into static files.

    What this will give us is an easier way to modify the universe, without making development hard for the rest of the company.

    JP Nakamura wrote:
    Yes/No ... in this case their just mucking about with the Server, not the Client, so its only HALF as likely something will go wrong

    Actually this has quite the change for clients as well :) But hopefully nobody will notice anything different, except the starmap being a bit faster...

  • Universe Data Migration Test on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Althalus Stenory wrote:
    If I understand the data migration goal, you are taking data from database to some json (or any format, does not matter) which will be included into your source control system.

    So... i'm now wondering, since you say "it will be re-injected with updates into the database", will the static data change ? Will we be still able to just use those data as we used to ? Or will we have to change all queries ?

    You also enumerate some data that are concerned by this migration, but is this the exhaustive list ?

    What CCP Lebowski was refering to was that the changes made to the universe static data (which has now been ported to files) will have to be re-injected into the database, that the server is running on, so the sql backend still works as intended.

    This big change will have an impact on the 3rd party devs, due to some static data export (SDE) changes.
    The new static data export for the universe data will be exported to an sqlite file.
    The structure of the tables exported to this file will remain the same.

    However if you don't have time to change your tools (if you need to make some big changes) there is no rush on doing that, because the actual data in the tables will not have changed between this SDE and the previous SDE .

    There will be a dev blog closer to release that will give more detail on this.

  • New dev blog: Changes to Toolkit Exported Data in EVE Information Center

    The plan is to drop the migrated tables from the data dump with every release. We know that this is difficult but it will add a lot of overhead to insist that while moving over to a more flexible data format, that we maintain backwards compatibility to a completely separate representation form – in the end this would make us less flexible and able to take advantage of the benefits of the new format.

    Unfortunately there are so many systems and so much static data in Eve that any attempt to do them all at once would be a multi-month effort that would be doomed to failure because we wouldn’t have worked through all the problems and issues while trying to apply the solution. We would also cause all feature development to stop, and break all of the tools that we use in day to day development, while likely introducing issues into every single game system. This just isn’t a practical option for us or for you.

  • New dev blog: Changes to Toolkit Exported Data in EVE Information Center

    With this data structure change we wanted to move over to a standardized way of retrieving static data. This is what YAML provides, it gives us a vast collection of parsers for the majority of programming languages and it is not tied to a particular OS (which apparently makes Lariel Dallocort super happy Big smile).

    The process we in Team Core Graphics Tools are following is that after a system is ported to the new structure, we will drop the unneeded tables. And after we have finished porting a system we can give you a look at how that systems schema will look (because we won't know before we start porting it).

    Currently we do not have any plans of creating tools that put the data back into a DB. However this is just us giving you the actual data that is used within the game (although the in-game data has been optimized to pieces) and the method of storing and reading that data is totally up to you guys/girls because your needs differ.
    - If your application needs some sort of fast key-value lookup you could take a look at level-db
    - I would personally recommend mongo-db, because it is schemaless and should be easily used with the yaml data structure.

  • New dev blog: Changes to Toolkit Exported Data in EVE Information Center

    ..*slow clap*...

  • New dev blog: Changes to Toolkit Exported Data in EVE Information Center

    Matthew wrote:

    The blog itself seems to suggest that only the client is currently using the static data in YAML format. Does this mean that the server (fed as it is through a lovely beast of an SQL Server), still has this data in a database format?

    No, we will also change the servers static data to YAML because, as CCP Redundancy said, we are moving away from the central authoring DB solution.

    The gain in this is that the client will not contain data that it doesn't need and neither will the server, which can't be bad Big smile