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  • Ask me ANYTHING - CCP Guard in EVE Communication Center

    When are we going out for beers? We missed you last night.

  • Does CCP play EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:
    AFAIK they are allowed to have alts like you or I so they can play the game, but they can't do certain things like suicide ganking. They also have to play batman and keep their real identity a secret, because devs can't have known alts. Also if you join CCP then you have to put your current account(s) in a stasis of sorts, and you can't access it until you stop working at CCP.

    I heard this information almost two years ago so it may be out of date. Of course there is the possibility that this information is completely wrong too, because I read it somewhere on the eve wiki, which was a little hectic and untrustworthy back then.

    This is pretty much spot on.

  • Who at CCP gets more chicks? in EVE Communication Center

    It's pretty much me.

  • Dev Blog: New Player Training Sessions in EVE Information Center

    He dares wrote:
    Why not help groups like eve uni and agony do this they have been doing a long time anyway and probably know the mechanics better than most devs they are also practiced at dealing with large classes?

    Part of what we are looking to do is to invite guests from the likes of EVE Uni, Agony, RvB and others to come along and be guest lecturers and instructors. Down the line we would like to see this seminar program incorporated into a completely player driven venture. That is the ideal goal.

  • Closed - I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe in EVE Marketplace

    Completely inappropriate impersonation.

    Thread locked and character name removed. Due to caching, this may take a little while to show.

  • A review of player giveaways with CCP and third party sites in EVE Communication Center

    Cursan Voran wrote:
    Also, as someone who does not use somer blink, how do I get a chance at these giveaways?

    You can register and play a free promo blink which happen often and get an entry.

  • A review of player giveaways with CCP and third party sites in EVE Communication Center

    So it has been a day of reading up on your comments throughout the forums and social media and I appreciate that many of you have been rational and reasoned in your views. As a result, we have looked at the situation and we will make some pretty significant changes to this prize structure which still allows players to gain something truly amazing but does not impact the overall history of EVE Online. Since I made my first post as a FAQ, I will continue that pattern and explain a little about the decision process.

    Q1, So what are these changes you are talking about and why change it at all?

    A1, Let me address the second question first. We grossly underestimated the impact of these historical legacy ships and how they would impact players, especially those who have been in our universe for close to a decade or more. We have taken this feedback on board and will amend the prize structure accordingly. The two prize items which really caused the most vocal dissent were the Gold Magnate and Guardian Vexor, a total of 5 ships. We have decided to remove these as prizes and replace them with a different option.

    During the live presentation of our winter expansion announcement on Thursday, September 26 at 20:00 UTC we will be unveiling what players can expect to see with this release. Part of the expansion involves new models coming for everyone in the shape of a new cruiser and frigate. I will not elaborate on what they are just now but you can see them in all of their glory by watching our Twitch stream. What we will offer players as an alternative is as follows:

    • Prize 1 (previously a Gold Magnate) will now become the option of either [a unique variant of the new cruiser with enhanced stats and a different skin] or [an all-expense paid trip to Fanfest 2014]

    • Prize 2 (previously a Gold Magnate) will now become the option of either [the unique variant of the new cruiser with enhanced stats and a different skin] or [an all-expense paid trip to Fanfest 2014]

    • Prize 3 (previously a Guardian Vexor) will now become [the unique variant of the new cruiser with enhanced stats and a different skin]

    • Prize 3 (previously a Guardian Vexor) will now become [the unique variant of the new cruiser with enhanced stats and a different skin]

    • Prize 3 (previously a Guardian Vexor) will now become [the unique variant of the new cruiser with enhanced stats and a different skin]

    These new cruisers will be unique assets that will be owned only by these players. We will not give these out again.

    Q2, I still don’t get it. Why a third party to give this stuff away?

    A2, Growing community initiatives is something which is very important to us. Some of our fansites and third party outlets have 10 followers while others have tens of thousands. What we want to do is look at opportunities to foster goodwill with a range of sites and allow situations where we can support them and help them grow. As a result, we will be looking at putting a process in place which allows individual sites to run promotions which are sponsored by CCP. This may not always be unique ships or Fanfest trips but could be some signed artwork to give away or PLEX to hand out.

    We have looked at this as a trial version of a program we would like to develop over time. In this instance, we jumped the gun and went too far.

    Q3, How do we know we can trust Fansites and third parties to operate fairly and independently?

    A3, We have worked with a lot of third party sites in the past such as EVE Radio, BIG Lottery and SOMER Blink. These entities (and others of course) have demonstrated a solid history of trust and reliability. As a result, we can verify that they have been straight and true in their dealings and this should be encouraged.

    Q4, So will you move all valuable in-game giveaways internally now?

    A4, We want to address this in our upcoming process discussion surrounding 3rd party sponsorship. We want to provide as much support for our community as possible, and one of the most meaningful ways to do that is with special, rare or limited edition items on Tranquility. We need to investigate whether that approach is ultimately positive for EVE before we make a decision about whether future item giveaways should be done only directly from CCP.

    Many thanks for all of your patience during this time and we hope this explains some of our thinking. We would also like to address the role of SOMER Blink in this change. They have had three years of constantly delivering on every blink, blast and bonk they have organized. Clearly, this is going to change in this circumstance and this is not their fault in the slightest. We are aware players have played blinks to get involved in the lottery and there is nothing we can do to reverse those transactions. We believe the replacement prizes are of such a high value as to be equal compensation.

  • SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok, so I know you guys will have a ton of questions about this Blink Blast news so let me see how many of them I can pre-empt with an FAQ.

    Q1, Why have this event?

    A1, This is probably the most pertinent question so the answer will be long. Community engagement, be it through a player meet up, live event arc, tournament or giveaway is extremely important for keeping players happy and providing content in other ways than flying, plotting and killing on Tranquility. We constantly look at which of our partners are running major initiatives and find ways to make them into super events whenever we can. With this event we are doing a couple of things. Firstly, we are bringing back old content which has been missing for some time and introducing new items which have previously been unavailable.

    SOMER Blink have a history of being trustworthy and honoring every blink played without exception. With that level of trust we were looking at ways of expanding on that good will and allowing players to play for some very unique prizes in that trusted environment. More importantly, we are looking at ways in which we can grow bigger giveaways with more player participation with other Fansites in the future.

    Q2, Why Gold Magnates? Are you trying to ruin the game and release every old legacy/limited model?

    A2, Absolutely not. I will address the Gold Magnate first and then the Guardian Vexor before looking at other legacy models. The Gold Magnate was handed out back when most players playing today did not know that EVE existed. As a single one was handed out and then destroyed it actually removes content from the game and that is not always a good thing. We thought hard about how we could reintroduce the model back in, still in a super limited basis, and a lottery seemed the fairest way to do this. With SOMER Blink anyone who plays a single blink (even a free promo blink) will gain a ticket to the main Blink Blast so you have a chance to win. Clearly, the more you play the more chances you have to win the blast. In addition, CCP do not have a lottery system capable of handling this for all interested parties. In this circumstance, we are going to the people who have.

    With the Guardian Vexor, this is a model we have given out more than once in the past and something we realize is a collectors dream to own.

    Let’s look at some of the other ships. Tournament ships will not be handed out in this fashion ever. These ships require full alliances to work hard over a long period of time so handing them out for free would absolutely cheapen the achievements of teams like Verge of Collapse, HYDRA RELOADED and Pandemic Legion and this is not what we are aiming for.

    Other hyper rare items like Imperial Apocs and Federate Megathrons should stay hyper rare so there are absolutely no plans to touch these at all. The only time we would look to reintroduce a model is when it ceases to exist in any form. After all, players should be having fun with these ships and not worrying that a line of ships just dies when the last one is popped.

    Q3, ‘Clearly, the more you play the more chances you have to win the blast.’ Are you trying to promote gambling within EVE?

    A3, I don’t think I need to promote gambling in the slightest. EVE Bet, Monocle Madness and SOMER Blink have processed trillions upon trillions of ISK from many thousands of players. We know you play it and what’s more, we know you enjoy doing it. Like anything in life, you should not blink more than you can afford to lose.

    Q4, So you said earlier that SOMER Blink are trusted. Does that mean CCP is promising they will always deliver?

    A4, Not at all. What I am saying is that to date they have been 100% trustful and we expect that will continue. Can I promise that Somerset Mahm will not shut up shop some day and go live in Polaris with piles of ISK? Nope, a scam can happen at any time and if that does, we will react accordingly and review how we support others in future.

    Q5, This sucks and I don’t like anything about it. What do you say to that?

    A5, I am genuinely sorry if this upsets you and I mean that. What I know from EVE players is that you can make some of them happy some of the time but never all of them happy all of the time. Some players will want to have a chance of owning these unique prizes, some will be super unhappy and voice that displeasure and most people will not care and go on with their daily business.

    Q6, So how can you be assured that SOMER Blink won’t just make sure all of this goes to their alts?

    A6, I can’t. Once again we go back to the trust issue. Having worked with SOMER for some time now I asked myself, ’Could they game this so they gets the cool stuff?’ Yep, they absolutely could. ‘Can we prevent it?’ No, we absolutely can’t. ‘Do I believe they would cheat to win it for themselves?’ I genuinely do not believe they will. SOMER Blink have been one of the most philanthropic groups in EVE.

    It is safe to say that they can buy anything that is for sale and money is no object yet, despite that, everyone I have interacted with there is humble, gracious and honest. I honestly believe that this blast will be fun and fair for all who enter. All prizes awarded will be done so using Chribba’s Dice.

    Q7, So I am a Fansite, can I have a Vexor/Magnate to give away?

    A7, Maybe in the future you can but for now we are testing the waters and looking at how players react. As I stated in the first answer, we want to grow our engagement and start offering really cool stuff to players in the future but we will need to do some trials to find out the best content delivery method for any future event like this. Will we always use SOMER Blink? No, we will want to share the love around. You, as a fansite owner and content provider, will need to...

  • CCP Dev Incursion fleet incoming in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Unifex is mad. He is so mad that he is assembling a team of pilots throughout the Polaris system to ship up in some cool ships and escort three Marshal Class CONCORD SWAT battleships on a roam through lowsec. ‘Gatecamps be damned’, he said as he fitted more and more weapons. ‘No one is getting out alive’.

    Pilots may want to avoid Low Sec for the next few days and let this terror pass before, as he puts it, ‘All hell breaks loose’. We will try and give you guys a heads up when the fleet is expected to hit. Bring an army. Bring ten armies! This is going to get rough.

  • Dev Blog: EVE Vegas 2013: The juicy details emerge! in EVE Information Center

    Ranamar wrote:
    So... I purchased a reception ticket for my girlfriend, because she wants to come along but doesn't want to go to presentations. What, exactly, does that get the bearer into? I'm assuming the Saturday night party, but I feel like checking.

    (consideration is now beginning on getting us a pair of pub crawl tickets)

    You are absolutely correct. The reception ticket is for the main party only.

  • CCP Ombudsman? in EVE Communication Center

    Halada wrote:
    Eggs Ackley wrote:
    When private companies, other than media outlets, have an ombudsman it is typically to intercede in internal company matters.

    In Canada companies usually have an Ombudsman or equivalent to receive complaints of customers so they may be reviewed internally but also externally from the department that is concerned.

    Short of writing a snail mail letter to their HQ in Iceland, I am not sure which way is the best to bring a problem to the attention of someone who may have the influence or ability to help.

    If you feel a petition is not being addressed to your satisfaction you can ask for it to be excalated to a Senior and then on to a Lead if necessary. Please note that complex investigative issues may take longer so a reply may not come through immediately.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dev Blog: EVE Vegas 2013: The juicy details emerge! in EVE Information Center

    Akrasjel Lanate wrote:
    First Roll

    Not even close P

  • Dev Blog: EVE Vegas 2013: The juicy details emerge! in EVE Information Center

    I wish I was going. that party and pub crawl look pretty epic!

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament XI Tournament prize ships and more! in EVE Information Center

    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    New Hull.

    Dunno which one I like more.

    You can like them both equally Smile

  • WTS Caldari Mothership pilot, *Removed* in EVE Marketplace

    Selling characters for real life money is not permitted.

  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    Aprudena Gist wrote:
    why would you do daily downtime ~50 minutes after you just go the server up?
    Several downtime jobs are essential in a 24 hour cycle so downtime would need to happen any time the server would come up before 11:00 UTC.

  • [Odyssey] Unofficial Patchnotes // Massive Feature Write Up in EVE Communication Center

    Evil Incarn8 wrote:
    Why is it that the community has to write its own patch notes?

    I can understand releasing information on aspects of an upcoming expansion slowly as things get confirmed or to put things out for discussion one at a time. But surely it cant be that hard for CCP to keep an 'Official' running tally as it were of what is in the expansion?

    Having to scour live video blogs, written blogs, fanfest videos, forum posts and then the hated pit of desperate ego building that is social media, I dont see how the player base is supposed to keep track?

    So I thank you Nar Tha for doing all the donkey work and creating such a fine collection of information.

    CCP Falcon is currently putting together the official patch notes of all features, changes and fixes.

    Features can be added and removed right up to the last minute so we prefer to put up as concrete a list as possible close to the release date.

  • CSM 8: When will we know? in EVE Communication Center

    Mara Rinn wrote:
    Hasn't the new CSM been traditionally announced during "CCP Presents" at FanFest?

    You are absolutely right and this will happen again this year.

  • CSM Mail Spam in EVE Communication Center

    Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
    CCP sending the one email so far in 12 months is not spam.

    Get over yourself or quit if it upsets you.

    I think it is actually closer to 2 years, iirc.

    Yes, the CSM team of Xhagen and Dolan sent a mail to all active accounts today and this will be the only one you receive from CCP. The CSM are such an important conduit to the devleopers and producers in CCP and we want to ensure that you all have the option to get your candidate of choice elected and representing you.

  • Dev Blog: Executive Producer for the second decade of EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:
    First to actually read it.

    And I'm worried.

    PS: after seeing that they're actually making a public job offer for that post, I'm not worried. I'm in panic. Ugh

    I am sorry to hear that you are worried but I think you may be worrying unnecessarily.

    Please feel free to tune in to our next CCP Videocast on Tuesday, April 16 which will feature CCP Unifex, CCP Seagull, CCP Ripley and CCP t0rfifrans who will be on hand to answer questions and, hopefully, put your mind at ease Smile