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  • Minimus' Trading Spreadsheet for sale! [DISCOUNT!!] in EVE Marketplace

    I have removed a criticism of this product from the thread. If you wish to discuss the merit of this product, you can do so in the Market Discussions forum. Otherwise, please keep this thread limited to questions about the product.

  • Eve Defence Force - (N3) Kadeshi in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I am locking this thread for 24 hours for continual violations of the bumping rules. The thread may only be bumped by the original topic starter and only once per day at that. Further violations of the bumping rules will result in this thread being permanently locked and warnings issued against individuals who persist in violating the rules.

  • Guristas Infiltration in EVE Communication Center

    As mentioned in CCP Affinity's dev blog, Mordu's Legion is trying to pin down the location of highly important Covert Research Facilities owned by the Guristas. However, they cannot do this alone. They need capsuleer assistance to discover their location, as mentioned in this news article.

    To do this, you must scan down Contested Guristas Covert Research Facilities, using scan probes, and hack their transponder towers. Doing so will reward you with Guristas Data Sequences, which you can then turn in to the Legion in 5ZXX-K in exchange for BPCs for their new faction ships. Or, if you don't care to brave null sec to turn them in, you can sell them on the open market to other players and hope they'll make the runs.

    Once enough transponder towers are hacked (the Legion does not know how many they need yet, but they'll have a better idea once you all start hacking and turning in the data sequences), the Legion will figure out where the Covert Research Facilities are and start besieging them. The Legion wants to keep their location to themselves, but you know how New Eden works... They probably won't stay that way for very long at all, especially since capsuleers will be getting their hands on the sequences first.

    We will keep you updated on the progress you are making as the days go by and the Legion monitors your progress.

    The exchange rates for the Mordu's Legion ships are:

    • Garmur (Frigate) - 1 run BPC - 75 Guristas Data Sequences
    • Orthrus (Cruiser) - 1 run BPC - 200 Guristas Data Sequences
    • Barghest (Battleship) - 1 run BPC - 700 Guristas Data Sequences

  • SOLD - WTS 12m SP sci/production specialist in EVE Marketplace

    I have removed off-topic posts from this thread.

  • WTS/WTB 30 T2 BPOs in EVE Marketplace

    Consider this a final warning. Anyone who posts anything in this thread that is not a bid on the items or a question directly about the items (and attempting to thinly veil talk about the potential removal of T2 BPOs with underbids or questions does not count) will be permanently banned from the forums.

  • Dev Blog: Little Things in Kronos: The Changes and Fixes You Asked For in EVE Information Center

    Everyone loves the Little Things initiative, which has been improving the quality of life for capsuleers with every release. While they may not be huge, headline features, everyone knows how big a boon something like drop-and-drag to fleet windows can be. Well, CCP karkur has been busy with the latest round of Little Things.

    In her latest dev blog, karkur lets everyone know the amazing "Little Things" that are coming in Kronos.

  • Community Spotlight: Open University of Celestial Hardship in EVE Information Center

    We've all heard of the big name training organizations in EVE, but you might not have ever heard of 0UCH before. The Open University of Celestial Hardship is a training organization which prides itself on quickly teaching players how to adapt to life in null sec space by focusing on survival and scouting. They aim get players on the right track by putting players through a course that takes up to 6 weeks and then having them move on to other pursuits.

    Read all about them in our latest Community Spotlight!

  • Two Universes, not One in EVE Communication Center

    Google translate is not often your friend. But please note registration for the tournament on Serenity does not even close until June 8.

  • Southern Cross Empire 0.0 PVP Corporation Recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I have removed some off-topic posts from this thread.

  • Dev Blog: The ETC is Dead, Long Live the PLEX Activation Code! in EVE Information Center

    For the longest time, our 3rd party partners have sold EVE Time Codes to allow you to subscribe to EVE. Over time, however, they have become increasingly supplanted by PLEX. In order to adapt to this change, we are moving away from ETC to new PLEX Activation Codes. CCP Spitfire describes what this change means in his new dev blog.

  • Dev Blog: ATX11 Commentator Applications Closing Soon! in EVE Information Center

    The 11th Alliance Tournament is coming up in August and we're looking for a few good commentators. CCP Loxy talks all about becoming an AT commentator and what it means in this newest dev blog!

  • Dev Blog: Coming in Kronos: Introducing what's in the Kronos release in EVE Information Center

    The Kronos release is coming soon. To let everyone know what will be included, Senior Producer CCP Seagull has a new dev blog running down all the cool things coming with it!

  • Developer Spotlight: CCP Xhagen in EVE Information Center

    Entity wrote:
    A blog about Xhagen, on his birthday! omg!

    (happy birthday ♥)

    Oh snap. I should have realized I did that, considering I wished him a happy birthday like an hour before I put out the blog.

  • Developer Spotlight: CCP Xhagen in EVE Information Center

    CCP Xhagen is hard to ignore. Not only is he one of the largest developers at CCP, he has also been part of the company for 11 years. Currently holding the post of Associate Producer, he is the product owner of Teams Five-0 and Game of Drones. Players, though, probably don't know much about him despite his importance to the company over the years! In the newest Developer Spotlight, we talk with him about his experiences with the company.

  • EULA/ToS regarding 3rd party launcher. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The official line on this is that the Launcher is considered part of our client and modifying it in any way is considered a breach of our EULA.

  • TEA (v1.2.1) - Member Management Mod for SMF 2, TeamSpeak 3 and Jabber in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Unlocking per request.

  • WTS/WTB 30 T2 BPOs in EVE Marketplace

    If you wish to discuss any potential future changes to T2 BPOs, please do so in relevant threads. Do not post in a Sell Orders thread about it. Further attempts to derail this thread will be dealt with harshly.

  • Mordus Legion Faction Ships-WTS when released in EVE Marketplace

    I have deleted off-topic posts from this thread.

  • Dev Blog: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips in EVE Information Center

    Getting information to players in EVE Online in a concise and useful fashion has become an increasing priority for the game designers over the years. Recently, we have begun improving our tooltip functionality to bring people more data in a simpler way. In the recent release, we put out an update to numerous tooltips which will help bring players what they need to know faster. CCP Delegate Zero talks all about the changes in his latest dev blog.

  • WTS/WTB 30 T2 BPOs in EVE Marketplace

    An FYI to cease the rumor mongering that is happening in this (and other) threads:

    There are currently no immediate plans to remove T2 BPOs from the game.

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