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  • Quit last year - Thinking of starting again how much has WH Changed? in EVE Gameplay Center

    epicurus ataraxia wrote:
    Borlag Crendraven wrote:
    Outside from the upcoming income changes, not much has really changed. If you got fed up earlier for the lack of activity, that's still the same. While isk is all good and that, that alone shouldn't be a reason to move anywhere. Fun on the other hand..

    Well, you say that, but doing my regular post downtime solo scanning Run, ran two NS class relic sites,for the iskies, and played cache and release of noobs in a C2/hs must have caught quite a few, lost count, as it had 4 of the new sites. They were like bees round a flower bed! Let them all go, as we want new blood in wormhole space.CoolCool but more fun on a scanning run than I have had since...... Ever, and they all had an experience too!

    So more income, more fun, more life, what more do you want 10/10

    I was more referencing on how increased amounts of isk shouldn't be a reason to do anything. If he left WH's for other reasons in the past, those reasons are likely still going to be pretty much the same.

  • WTS Rorqual (have top fit-shiptype) in system J230301 (C4) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Efremius wrote:
    Wiski wrote:
    This is not a right way to deal with a Rorqual built in an inaprropriate place.

    What is correct ?

    Correct way is to invite all of EVE to come in and blow it up in the name of Bob. While at it, you can get some killmails yourself if you choose to defend it, we did.

  • Quit last year - Thinking of starting again how much has WH Changed? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Outside from the upcoming income changes, not much has really changed. If you got fed up earlier for the lack of activity, that's still the same. While isk is all good and that, that alone shouldn't be a reason to move anywhere. Fun on the other hand..

  • CCP please lock in EVE Gameplay Center

    HerrBert wrote:
    Borlag Crendraven wrote:
    Definitely will be joining the boycott by doing something I absolutely detest... That's really going to show them.

    Or maybe not. As stated by some others, these changes might not be what we've asked, but they will be shaking things up and making things interesting again. Will it be better or worse in the big picture? Who knows, but it sure wont be safe, nor does it need to be.

    I miss you. My first Trialist.

    I kinda miss the early days of being in SSC too, the bullshit free time of just going out there and wasting those proteuses of mine, and a bunch of opponents in the process. No nonsense of political crap or egos getting in the way of having fun.

  • CCP please lock in EVE Gameplay Center

    Definitely will be joining the boycott by doing something I absolutely detest... That's really going to show them.

    Or maybe not. As stated by some others, these changes might not be what we've asked, but they will be shaking things up and making things interesting again. Will it be better or worse in the big picture? Who knows, but it sure wont be safe, nor does it need to be.

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you wish to introduce more risk, it has to go both ways and actively monitoring your home hole must be rewarded with at least the chance of catching what is coming. Removing that chance only makes things worse, especially for the lower class residents and it wouldn't necessarily make it better for the would be gankers either, after all you're not rewarding them based on risk vs. reward, but rather removing the part of risk in the form of jumping into too much they could take. Have that happen? Safely close the hole before the residents even see a chance of driving the invaders out. Thus no risk of pvp, reward of gank. The obvious risk increasing option for both sides is making statics appear on both sides before activation and forcing you to use probes for all signatures outside anomalies, as it used to be. Wish to still keep this easy mode for hisec? Do this for wormhole space only.

    Want to introduce more risk and more chances of content beyond that? Introduce second statics, either similarly to how they are now handled, or via my previous suggestion of having that static be random from a set pool of options as in the c5/6 "big leaguers" would get a static that varies between c5/6 each time it spawns (ie not always to either c5 or c6 but for both), lower class holes without already existing dual statics would get a static to c1-4, ones that have it need no change. Known space holes should be excluded from the pool of options for that static in order to not make logistics side any easier than it already is.

  • The T3 Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rek Seven wrote:
    Winthorp wrote:

    The rep amount just sounds excessive to me and only goes to ensure the T3 blob meta continues.

    (Not that i think the T3 meta is an issue at all)

    I don't think it's excessive when you consider that most t3 fleets roam with a minimum of 3 guardians. The big difference is that a self reping t3 is way more susceptible to neuts than a guardian and alpha strike would play a bigger role.

    I don't even see a problem here. People are more than fine with countering dreads by taking out their support in the form of webs, why are people opposed to countering buffer t3's by taking their support which is the logi? None of these three are boats that work on their own in fleet fights, and for each of them there's perfectly viable tactics ranging from sheer dps to ecm to neuts to damps and so on and so on.

    The logi picks up range to avoid close range dps and still repair their boats from that distance? Kill their targeting, targeting range or volley them off with the dreads or a combination of all three. The dps gets up close and personal with your logi, break their chain and melt them with your own dps. Their dreads blap your subcaps one by one, kill their webbers or break their locks.... Literally every single tactic has a counter, all you have to do is be aware of what the opponent is doing and react to it. You brought just the logi and dps brawlers without any neuts or ewar? Enjoy the loss, for it's your own damn fault at that point.

    Only thing wrong is the useless subs. Outside that the only thing worth considering about changing is the rig issue. Anything else and you'd kill the t3's by making them useless. If they're not any better than ship x, then people will use that ship. Versatile or not, makes no difference.

  • No Content? It's your fault WH dudes. in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's somewhat funny how big fights in null end up with news on how it's bringing the game new players, yet big fights in wormhole space are somewhow bad and unable to do the same... It might not be so visible, but it happens all the same. Those who are giving up on wormhole space after being evicted, are the people who aren't cut to live there so there's quite literally no loss.

    And before someone calls me out as yet another forum alt, it's not. Was here when I was still in SSC, now in this NPC corp, and will be here no matter where I head to next. It's wspace or uninstall for me and I ain't going to do the latter anytime soon.

  • Are wormholes in highsec safer than "others"? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Where a wormhole leads to or from has no bearing whatsoever on how "dangerous" or "noob friendly" it is. The info screen of the wormhole connection will tell you whether it's c1-c3, c4-5 or a c6 (unknown, dangerous unknown or deadly unknown respectively).

  • Its Happening! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nox52 wrote:
    I'd like to thank everyone for allowing me to achieve the personal goal of playing in c6 space and rustling some jimmies. I did not forsee I'd get to the stage where essentially the whole of wormholes would come to burn us, thank you for that.

    I would like to remind and point out to everyone that you essentially evicted three approx. 20-man corporations, 2 euros and one aussie. If you waited another week or two you'd have evicted two approx 20-man corporations. The americans have been doing their own thing for a while now in lowsec. As such, I don't particularly see the claims of evicting SYJ out of wh space as particularly relevant considering that the real part of the alliance lives outside of bastion; for a while now too.

    Unfortunately the discussion so far has largely moved over a valuable point characteristic of wh live and into ego waving. A lot of the content in high class wormholes is based on site ganks and dogpiled evictions. This started off as a site gank and a dogpiled eviction. After the poor euros got ganked in site we decided not to engage and secure assets. What's the point? We'd be throwing good money after bas. Unfortunately, now there is one less entity in high wh space (two if you want to count different timezones and independent corps).

    I am glad to have provided the content for today, or even for the week. I worry for the content in two month's time, I do not forsee a big change in the nature of high wh space.

    In closing I'd like to say I feel sorry for the euros, particularly the group ganked. It could have been us, it nearly was. As for the invaders, I nearly feel sorry for the amount of wh rolling you have to do to get your caps out.


    As a mere grunt in SSC, I think it's fairly safe that none of us really consider this a big victory or major achievement of any kind. But rather as something that needed to be done to set an example that there's a limit to asshattery when it comes to things said and done. I sincerely hope that the grunts in SYJ (current and former, and even leadership uninvolved with what Pell himself said), will take heed of this example and set up again in wspace, with a more level headed leadership in place. I believe this is pretty much what all of us (or nearly all anyway) think. We don't really want to throw out people who truly live in wormhole space and partisipate in the fights no matter how big or small.

  • Its Happening! in EVE Gameplay Center

    So here you are complaining that you weren't invaded previously... While that's kind of true (we never invaded you, but beat you otherwise), at the same time the reason for the invasion happened after you moved out. If you didn't want this to happen, you should've stayed in your cozy little low sec scrub castle and shut up about being the kings of wormhole space who could evict us all without breaking a sweat. Just what exactly did you expect would happen after claims like that?

    Fact is, you have no moral high ground to stand on, just like you have no right to complain about what's going on. You reap what you sow...

  • Its Happening! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Instead the operation butthole is yet another bunch of scrubs self destructing. Let's see if this is followed by claims of "we could've easily wiped you out but decided to spare you the humiliation and just sd'd all the things". Wouldn't expect anything less from the "king"

  • Its Happening! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seraph IX Basarab wrote:
    Unfortunately all this comes about six months too late. Might have been more impressive had anyone actually cared enough to defend it and if there was anything there worth defending.

    TLDR: SYJ is scared of us, not the other way around. Not the case? Prove us wrong or quietly fade away like the scrubs you are.

  • Hi I just met you and I m crazy, so here is a threadnaught, fix my space maybe? PEOPLE BE UPSET! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd say screw C4's and look at the bigger picture... Suggested it before and I will do so yet again; new randomized static for ALL classes of holes. And by randomized static I mean a hole that is static only in the way that a new one respawns after it is closed, in all other ways it would be randomized between different w-space classes. No kspace random statics simply to keep it from becoming too easy to get fuel and other crap in. More interaction always results in more action, one way or another. And more action means more content.

    And **** Bert, I go away from the game for awhile and you go and leave. Now who's going to shoot me randomly when I'm fleeted with them?

  • Chart is confusing, please correct the chart. in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Amarra Mandalin wrote:

    You can't (shouldn't) passive tank a Tengu.

    And at a stroke you instantly lose all credibility.

    Amarra Mandalin wrote:

    I guess we don't need the drake then...oh wait, yes we do. It's easier to skill for and cheaper and drake blobs are (were) win.

    Drakefleet gets torn apart by tengu fleet.

    A less skilled fleet of anything should be torn down by the more skilled fleet, unless the latter is flown by morons. Where is the problem here?

  • Chart is confusing, please correct the chart. in EVE Communication Center

    I'm not actually disagreeing that t3's need some nerfs, just about the sentiment that a t3 shouldn't be more powerful overall than a t1 or a t2 boat. The special role t2 boat should be superior in that specific purpose sure, but there are other means to accomplish this ranging from that removal of rigs to stuff like including drawbacks to the subsystems. Much like we already see with rigs.

    For example if you wish to use the Power Core Multiplier subsystem so that you can fit a double plate or something else that normally could not be reasonably fitted to a cruiser size, your base speed would slow down considerably; much like it is with battleships that pack a tank of similar size. This quickly thought up change to this subsystem alone would make HACs again the top choice for the fast heavy hitting style of combat, while leaving the proteuses and the legions as the hard hitting heavy tanking cruisers and thus not taking away their role.

    Similarily if you fit your boat in such way that it's possible to run the 100MN fit, it should have a drawback of reducing your tank to bare minimum, possibly by excluding some subsystem configurations from working with each others. All kinds of different methods that could be used to prevent the overpowered fits that are currently possible. And yes, I do admit that there are some.

    The single biggest OP role that does obsolete a t2 boat entirely is the cov ops subsystem together with the Emergent Locus Analyzer. Couple that with the possibility of Interdiction Nullifier sub and you have the perfect scout, one that can pack damage as well as a pretty hefty tank to go with it. While the proteus with this exact setting is one of the favorite boats I fly and I'd hate to lose that option, it's still something that I just can't help but admit that it does way too many things well simultaneously. 400dps with 140k ehp on interdicted cloaky that can pack 100m3 of drones (possibly adding another 100dps) and scanning strength being very close to the cov opses (typical fit uses 1 scanning rig and 2 trimarks, while the cov ops generally has 2 scanning rigs).

  • Chart is confusing, please correct the chart. in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Donedy wrote:

    They need a little rebalance, not strong nerf.

    Honestly atm,all what i see is a bunch of T1 pilots winning about more expensive ships kicking their asses, what is NORMAL.

    They need a stong nerf to be rebalanced. Also yes, t1 cruiser should be able to win fights vs more expensive ships, thats called balance.

    Taking a knife into a firefight and expecting to win with the said knife isn't expecting balance, it's expecting stupidity to work.

  • Chart is confusing, please correct the chart. in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia wrote:
    Voyager Arran wrote:
    I know this is a bit far back, but you are doing something hilariously dumb if your T2 ships cost more than a T3.
    Not really, no. I'm simply doing a correct price comparison.

    Do a price check on buying a HAC, one of each Recon, a Logi, a HIC, and a Field Command Ship. When I did, it came out as roughly a billion ISK. At half a billion, a T3 with the corresponding subs is only a fraction of that cost, not to mention far easier to carry around and hellalot easier (and less costly) to train for.

    I'm seriously wondering what you put on your HACs at this point.
    The same thing I put on a T3, which is why the fittings are not a factor in the price.

    Price as well as other included risk quite simply must play a factor in this. By flying a T3 instead of that recon or hac, you risk the loss of each of those ships in a single loss along with the loss of skillpoints that is now pretty much entirely unavoidable, instead of just the specific boat you're using at any given time. Additionally no t3 that is fitted for recon duty, will be able to outperform a recon in the said role, as in the proteus will still have weaker ewar than the arazu, ditto with loki vs rapier, legion vs curse and the tengu vs the falcon. What they do is a role of their own in the said configuration; their ewar capability is weaker and their ability to cloak up is also taken from them, while the benefit you have with them is stronger tank and damage. And in the case of the tengu and the legion, not even that. You get better tank and that's it. Sound like a fair trade off? Most definitely.

    With the upcoming command ship changes, the strongest boosters will be the command ships, thus again the t3's would be weaker counterparts in that specific role. HAC's have yet to seen any kind of rebalances, and looking at them now I find it hard to even consider the diemost above the t1 hull Thorax. Why bother with the diemost when it just barely outperforms a thorax? Why bother with the zealot when for the same price you could get a simple harbinger that tanks better while having higher dps to top it off? Different hull class sure, but what difference does that make in the end. The important part is how well the boat does its role, not what the boat itself is. If you can fulfill the same role with a cheaper t1 boat, there's quite simply no reason to use the t2 hull. The argument about logistics is quite simply laughable as t3 logistics are laughably bad in that role, with the sole exception of the curiosity that is the cloaky t3 logi that some people use in black ops hot drops. Downside there? The range of the remote repairs is ridiculously low. That itself balances it more than fine.

    I also find it quite hilarious that you ignore it entirely that in order to properly change say a legion from the dps role to its recon role of neuting, you'd have to not only swap all the subsystems and the vast majority of modules, but you'd also have to completely rerig it. Take a wild guess how many people are actually doing that instead of buying a t3 for each role. There's a reason why at best I've owned 11 tech 3 ships of various factions at the same time. Because they can not do all those jobs simultaneously, and I'm fine with that.

  • Cloak mechanics in EVE Communication Center

    Suicidal Blonde wrote:
    You probably don't blow up afk cloakers.

    I don't discriminate, I blow them up whether they're at the keyboard or away from it, provided I can catch them in that state. It's often easier to catch them on the keyboard obviously, but some have been found guilty of being dumbasses and just sitting at some specific range to a wormhole, celestial or some such and uncloaked accidentally. How do I know it's an afk cloaker? I have enough time to point it and blow it up without any reaction, without using an interceptor.

    That said, if they remain afk, they are no harm to anyone. If they don't and they're about to actually do something potentially harmful, that's when you can catch them doing so.

  • Cloak mechanics in EVE Communication Center

    Eh, wormhole corps deal with cloakies all the time by blowing them up. How? By actively scouting our space as well as the space adjanced to it, by working for our intel and knowing when someone comes over, which in return gives us the opportunity to blow them up. We manage to do all that despite all of the connections being randomly spawning at places that we have no advance warning of, stuff don't just magically appear on our overviews to let us know that "hey, maybe this thing labeled stargate is where they're coming from". Despite that, we do it day in and day out. I don't believe for a second that nullbears are as bad as they make themselves appear to be with posts about the afk cloakers, it'd be nice to see them show my belief to be true, even once.