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  • The Great Knights. C4 WH Corp Looking for New Members in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    What is your timezone?

  • Eve-scout rescue cache containers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Have you tried looking up the program on the eve-scout website?

  • ESI easy way plain PHP Example no Composer or install files! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    BOMBASTA wrote:

    Can somebody maybe just post two quick example scripts On How we are able to fetch the data to php variables?

    ESI is all http requests, you can use curl get and post data. Google "php rest curl".
    All data you get is in JSON format. Use the php function and to translate that php variables / objects.

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    CCP Antiquarian wrote:
    We continue to investigate ways to improve this system

    Why not allow the 9% of people that used the advanced settings to keep doing so?
    Set these more simplified settings as default and allow the people that want to enable the advanced settings?
    I mean, they're called advanced... Smile

  • WormBoard (a new wh kills comparison site.. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Very nice, liking this alot so far.
    Are you planning on doing alliances aswell at some point?

  • Your Citadel is under attack, you have 3 toons, no friends, what do?! in EVE Gameplay Center

    When fitted and used correctly, the citadel is a powerfull weapon.

    Use the citadel void bombs on the hostile logistics to drain their cap. Use the ECM in your citadel midslots to break the cap chain. This breaks their ability to rep each other and you can either kill them with the other weapons and/or ships or you force them to warp off and disengage.

    Calling help is also a viable strategy. Either batphone friends or hire mercs.

  • What is Flag in fitting type? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Flag is the location of an item on the fit.

    For exemple:
    flag-id 11 = low-slot 1
    flag-id 12 = low-slot 2
    flag-id 87 = drone bay

    You can find all flags in the invFlags.yaml from the SDE

  • Noob questions about saving / loading fits. in EVE Communication Center

    The Larold wrote:
    It tells me it couldn't load the missile precision script. Even though it's in my main Item hanger

    Happens to me a lot aswell. What I think happens is eve tries to load the scripts before modules, thus failing.
    Strategic cruisers for exemple still don't work with this correctly because of the subsystems changing the hardpoint layout.

    The Larold wrote:
    While it does not load torps into the launchers, it does NOT warn about this. (As opposed to the MGC script generating a warning)

    Yep. It only loads what the fit has as cargo into the cargobay.

    I find this especially anoying with things like capboosters or ancillary repair systems, because they have a loooong reload time and I always find out when i've already undocked :P

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    I read that drifters always aggro the ship with the largest sig radius and never switch to small ships like frigates or command ships if there is also a battleship on grid. Is this (still) true?

    Yeah. But, as far as I know thats a confirmed bug that is either already fixed or that will be fixed.
    I don't do alot of pve so im not always up to date on the mechanics Roll

  • SSO timeouts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    At full speed only 1 every 10 seconds or so, with an average of 1 every 30 minutes.
    It started working again though, by the looks of it after todays downtime Ugh ?

  • SSO timeouts in EVE Technology and Research Center


    We have been using the SSO for authentication on our forums for a few months now.
    Since yesterday evening (21:30 eve-time), all requests to timeout.
    The server it is running on can resolve the url just fine so as far as I can tell it's not a problem with my server.

    I'm running the same application on a different machine (for developing), it uses a different client-id/secret-key and it has no problems connecting to the SSO, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with eve's servers either.

    The only thing i could think of is that my key was banned for some reason, but how do I confirm this? If that is it, you'd expect some kind of warning? There's nothing but HTTP 200 in my logs (and 0 from when the timeouts began). My app does fetch some info from CREST, but shouldn't come even remotely near the rate limits.

    I'm not sure on how to proceed to fix this until I know more. Can anyone offer any insight or advice?

  • Any WH alliances recruiting? in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    What is your timezone?

  • Noobman for CSM XII - Wormhole Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Thank you for all you've done so far. You have my votes for CSM XII :D

  • Medium ship mass wormhole rolling question in EVE Gameplay Center

    CowQueen MMXII wrote:
    Mass-limit is checked when you enter the wormhole. If you are under the limit including prop mod, you can jump through. However, the mass that is subtracted from the total mass, is checked again when you exit. So you jump first and activate your prop mod immidately afterwards.


    Have a ship that just about fits with prop mod off. Put an oversized prop mod on it.
    Hit jump (with prop mod off). Immediatly turn on prop mod (before the jump animation). Mass on the hole will be counted with prop mod on.

  • Please Ignore. CSM12. WH improvements. in Council of Stellar Management

    Serg Sinist wrote:
    3. Add the game thing, which can increase the maximum weight of a wormhole.

    One of the reasons many groups live in wormholespace, is that mass limits forces the small(er) fleet sizes.
    How do you think the ability to increase fleet size will improve wormhole space?

  • Rapid Blue for CSM XII W-Space in Council of Stellar Management

    Rapid Blue wrote:
    I want to help make WH space great again!

    This suggests you think wspace currently is not that great. Can you give a more concrete description on what you think is lacking, and what are your own thoughts on how to actually make it great again!

    Please be concrete!! We understand you'll want feedback but we need to know that you can identify problems corrently on your own as being on the CSM, you will likely have to look at issues under the NDA and cannot ask for any community feedback.

  • Jonn Duune for CSM XII - J-space representative in Council of Stellar Management

    What do you think, is the current state of wormhole space (overall), and, do you think that is good or not.
    What do you think needs to happen to wormholes to improve the current state (overall, not just high or low class, but overal). Please restrict your anwser to one item only, that you think will make the biggest improvement.

  • What corp BM'ing scheme / WH map tool combo is most scanner friendly? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tatsuj Khan wrote:
    So my challenge is to find a BM'ing scheme / mapper combo that is just or more simple and fun to use by probers – but fully adopted by many wormhole corps. Is there such an alternative in j-space?

    The numbering system you're used to is the best i've seen so far. If only because when i'm scanning a system, i don't need to know what the rest of the chain looks like. If i find a wormhole, all i need to know is where I am right now. I dont need to know if it goes to a c4 or c5, and how many of those we already have to in order to give it the correct letter/number. I can just scan my current system without constantly having to double check on the map for every sig i scan. I can just, scan :D

  • WH PVP (EU) - Official Winners of Takeshi's Castle in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • WH PVP (EU) - Official Winners of Takeshi's Castle in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Will be on for chats tonight