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  • Where's my remote?! in EVE Communication Center

    Okay CCP,
    not long ago I have received from you, even though I didn't ask for it, a big TV for my hangar.

    But I think your guys that installed it forgot to leave me the remote.
    You see, all it plays all day in this annoying preset advertising channel, while it may be an effective brain cell killer, I want to watch some news or a movie, so how do I switch channels on it?

    Your customer.

  • Open letter or whatever. To CCP. On the state of EVE in Council of Stellar Management


    Like really, is this the EVE that we love?

    Look, over the years you were changing it, clearly in a "more fun" direction or that's what you thought.
    Let's look on the most important changes:

    - jump bridge network nerf
    - capital jump range nerf and introduction of jump fatigue
    - carrier buff, then the recent nerf again

    Oh yeah, it's all to bring PvP to the gates now yes?

    Well where's the PvP on the gates I ask you? You know what's on the gates? Damn instawarp ceptors, bubble immune cloaky t3s and other cloaky hauler stuff - that's all you've achieved. You made people use ceptors to travel, since you even gave them immunity to bubbles - whose great idea was that anyway?!
    Now people have to go 10-20 jumps to get anywhere where they could get in one or two using old bridge system for example, yeah, you made the game so much better, clearly! Just the online numbers say you didn't for some reason, guess why?!!

    And then you introduced t3 destros, accidentally killing the whole advanced frigate meta in the process cuz why fly Jag if you can fly svipul. You can even fit them (t3d) to instalock ceptors very easy.

    You made life of capital pilots even more miserable. I'm not talking about special toons that just sit there in a mom. You ever thought about the consequences for the rest of us?

    ONLINE NUMBERS DROP EVERY YEAR, what more proof you want? EVE without those changes had 50k+ online on any day of the week. Now it's half of that on weekends OMG, weekends, Karl!

    On the other hand Fozzie sov is okay. Jump fatigue alone is okay, but goddam jump range nerf is crazy stupid. What for? To make people make more cyno alts and waste more ozone?!!! WHAT FOR if you already deny long trips with the fatigue mechanic?!!!!!!! OMG it's so frustrating.

    Before all those changes we had more people in nullsec, more carebears, more pvp, we had drops on bridges, sabres and bombers camping em - it was fun! Drops and counter drops, and we had gate pvp TOO, don't you remember? Not like you have lots of it now lol. Nullsec was more alive, lowsec was alive, damn there were just that many more people in the game, twice more. Now you have 20k online and half of that are second window, don't you understand? You're killing the game.
    Especially the jump range nerf. It's super-duper useless and atrocious. It's time to revert it. Leave the fatigue.

    Duh, probably it'll all fall on deaf ears as so many threads before this one, go on, continue killing your game.
    Troll me all you want, I wanted to speak out cause I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore.