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  • Can you fleet up for Burner missions? in EVE Communication Center

    yes you can. Just keep in mind that burners are really difficult. Even two new players will have a hard time to kill them. But no reason not to try.

  • DEAR CCP: Please update the graphics for the Diplomatic Shuttle.. in EVE Communication Center

    it uses the new hull already on the test server

  • Trilambda Feature Feedback - Suns, Hangars and Logos! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    how hard would it be to add the warp-through-planet effect to the stars too? So that you don't clip through the geometry when you warp through it.

  • Why is there no discussion about the "beta" map? It's bloody awful! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    next patch will have an update for the scanning interface and the system map. I assume the galaxy map would be next once the system map is done.

  • Let's talk about Suitonia's suggestions to improve FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    something you guys should know about CCP: they are only listening to player feedback if they are actually working on something related to that feedback or if that thing is a game breaking issue.

    you can't break the game with FW because LP shops are actually a isk sink, so trying to convince CCP that plexing is broken is one thing, the much harder step is to convince them that it is important enough that they actually schedule time to work on FW again.

    and believe me we tried for 5+ years to push for timer rollbacks (or similar mechanics, although rollbacks are basically the least complex and most direct fix).

    So far, all plexing related changes were really just quick and dirty fixes and did not address the underlying issue, only mitigated it.
    farmers speed tanked the rats -> ccp added the requirement to kill them
    farmers killed the rat then sat there with an empty ship with an alt -> ccp let the rats respawn
    farmers used stabs -> ccp increased the tank on the npcs so that damage mods were required to kill them (less slots for stabs - at least that was the goal lol)
    farmers cloaked in plexes as soon something was on dscan -> ccp gave the beacon a 30k volume to disable cloaks.

    And none of the changes addressed the underlying issue that running away or hiding is LP efficient (some were even counter productive, e.g the cloak was the most expensive part of a farming ship and trapping a farmer with you on grid while you deplexed was kinda funny). Stabs, cloaks, unfit ships are not required to run away, they are just convenience. Timer rollbacks however address the issue directly and make running away LP inefficient. Suddenly stabs, cloaks and unfit ships wouldn't make sense anymore unless all you really want is to protect your ship (which is completely fine since you don't contest a system by doing that).

    so good luck with that - my war is over ;) but i am willing rejoin FW if ccp changes their mind and finally decides to update it.

    fake edit: btw there are like a million different variations of the "timer rollback" idea, it can be anything from donating lp at the beacon to reset the timer to slowly backwards ticking timers as soon you leave the influence of the beacon.

  • [March] Structure, Drone & Fighter improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    could you speed up the repair of drones under tether a little bit? since it sometimes takes longer to repair your hobgoblins than your ship.

  • How do you stop targetting someone? in EVE Communication Center

    once its starting to lock a target you can't stop it from doing that.

  • Disable station environment missing? in EVE Communication Center

    open the ship tree. it is less stressful for old GPUs to render.

  • Can I have ... in EVE Communication Center

    you could just log into your old account and use it, its free to play after all. Why would you need a new account for that? I mean you can create a new one of course if you like - that works too.

  • [February] Insurance in Upwell Structures & more from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    cool stuff!

    here another little thing:
    could you make the tether repair drones a bit faster? Waiting 5 minutes to repair those two damaged hobgoblins is a bit much IMO.

  • Large FW Plexes Tank in EVE Gameplay Center

    use a fit which gives you 450+ dps and you should be fine. The faster you kill the rat the faster you close the plex. Plexing in a group works too. You don't want to reload three times before that thing is dead.

  • Is it possible to be a jack of all trades? in EVE Communication Center

    <- this char can do anything i am interested in. Can probably fly 90% of all subcaps perfectly, scan, hack, salvage, PI, invention and production, hauling etc and even some capitals. (around 130mil SP i think)

    So yes you can do it it just takes time. Try to prioritize things however, train the most interesting skills first and the rest later. The key is to play the game while skilling, not wait for skills to play the game, otherwise you will wait forever.

  • "Socket Closed" in EVE Communication Center

    socket closed is the generic error message for an unscheduled disconnection from the server.

    Could be your ISP, wireless connection, your router or really anything between your PC and the game server (server included).

    your ship will try to warp to a safe spot and remains there in space until the logout timers end.

  • Modular Overview > Overview Tabs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rain6637 wrote:
    thanks. I'm really curious to know how overview works and why it is so unwieldy. Like does the client request the data when the overview tab is opened, or is it always there.

    There's lag when you switch to, say, your whole friendly fleet so perhaps things can be pruned somehow?

    i don't remember the actual reason. but since the overview was there from the start it is probably old code which makes changing it extra time consuming. But this is only a guess.

  • Modular Overview > Overview Tabs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    yeah would be awesome. the suggestion is old though, being able to drag tabs out of the overview and make them separate windows would be great but ccp apparently designed it in a way that they can only have one list and changing it would be a lot of work.

    but +1 of course

  • Entosis and Faction Warfare in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lotti wrote:
    I'm always surprised how people still don't get this.

    Everyone always wants PVP to the centerpiece of this game, and I agree it is the most fun part.

    But it can never be the centerpiece because it is so easy to exploit. It's even easier now, you just get a free alpha account, join the opposing side and get free kills.

    There will always need to be a PVE system as the main mechanic for SOV/FW/anything, otherwise players will exploit the hell out if it.

    FW has missions, those are PVE.

    If you see plexing as PVE it is the most stupid PVE ever implemented in any game known to men. You shoot a NPC every 2 minutes which does 0 damage to you to proof you are not a bot and run from any player you see. Or: just sit in a unfit ship at a large plex and deplex doing exactly nothing. If someone kills you, you respawn in the same system and warp back to the plex. Literally indistinguishable from being a bot. 0 player interaction. Less interaction than in mining.

    The interesting part of plexing is a) the terrain, plexes give unique conditions for matchmaking and b) domination gameplay, hold the grid and you progress in war.

    Your argument about alphas influencing pvp does not make any sense. Thats what everyone wants, more players participating in war, not running away in stabbed ships exploiting the system. Joining the winning side was never smart (unless you are a farmer of course), simply because you can't make progress anymore and you missing out on all the fun. You don't conquer space, you don't siege home systems, you only see that if you join the side which is on the offensive. Alphas are just perma trial accounts after all. We already had trial account deplexers for years - nothing new.

    the concept of FW works perfectly fine, it just became worse with every year when players got better at exploiting the system. A system which could be easily repaired if ccp would not have abandoned FW years ago.

  • How did you do it?? in EVE Communication Center

    i believe i made the first billion with regular missions. Because my goal was to fly a battleship when i was new since i liked how they looked. And lvl4 missions were a way to use it.

    Keep in mind that a billion used to be more than it is today since making isk was more time consuming, things also costed less, e.g a dominix was 80mil or so.

  • Dev blog: Inception 1.5 - Further Improvements to the New Player Exper in EVE Information Center

    good job with the NPE i watched a few new players on twitch doing the NPE while i was roaming and they seemed to enjoy it.

    I hope the career agents are on your list of things to revamp because they are very old by now and partially redundant in context of the NPE The exploration one doesn't teach you probing for example, the military agent explains the web... despite the fact you got that explained in the NPE already.

    The SOE epic arc has the issue that the NPCs seem to be far to weak. Ships improved over the years and new chars have now more SP but NPCs stayed the same. New players can already one shot most of them.

    keep it up!

  • EVE Launcher version 1097946 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    what bothers me for a while already is the overlapping notifications. Can't you move them around a bit? There seems to be enough room to fit everything.

    clicking things away to get to your buttons feels like surfing without an ad blocker.

  • PVP is bit overwhelming in EVE Gameplay Center

    Forum Toon wrote:
    Netan MalDoran wrote:
    Forum Toon wrote:
    I tried pvp on lowsec it was desolated and boring as hell so I stopped that.

    Sounds like you were in the wrong type of lowsec, try FW zones like Black Rise, they are quite busy (Except for like, midnight US TZ ofc)

    exactly where I was.

    I warped around 20-30 jumps in circle around large number of systems no one was there.

    only moments when I saw someone was roaming gang coming from null or high to get some action.

    At another occasion I've taken a battlecruiser without any modules, just hull.
    40 jumps in high sec and went back to high. no living soul.

    you sure you didn't select the testserver in the launcher by accident?

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