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  • Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    Character is being sold to Dreadlock Jones. In high sec, with a positive wallet. Account information was received. Dreadlock Jones will reply to confirm the sale.

    Cheers and thanks again!

  • Explorer Corp/Disavowed. trouble in EVE Gameplay Center

    biz Antollare wrote:

    Sorry to have to be the one to tell the truth here....

    At least I have the guts to tell the entire story, and not just the half that makes me look good Biz.

    What he so graciously forgot to include in this above statement is that access to my equipment was removed in a planned way prior, and I watched MTCU folks ferry orcas from our flagship POS out to another POS. I podded my slave set back to empire rather then submit or ask for anything back with a gun to my head. Stubborn? Yes. Stupid? Probably. Spin? No.

    At the end of the day we all know it takes two to tango, love Max or hate Max. Although I am sure there will be a wave of "we are the good guys, promise" from both sides in this discussion... allow me, out of great respect for the wonderful community that has given me epic pew over the years, save everyone a ton of time.

    Most us in Disavowed, (minus VFI who are always awesome, even when we wiped out TL) are complete douchebags. I've done some horrible things in this game, and that is the role I wanted to play. Like many others, I am held to light side out of eve, and this was my outlet for that darker side we all have. The difference between me and these other dudes is I am actually being a jerk intentionally and it isn't completely natural.

    So, let's talk truth then. Who with a pulse in wh space is interested in doing sites all day with TLC and this massive blob of fluffy teen angst? Warping thirty dreadnoughts into a site one at a time, laughing while they drop ninety dudes on a frigate the instant when it appears in the chain. Just my opinion here, but it is beyond horrible and I've found more challenging tasks drawing in my four year old nephew's "Super Owl" ("super" because all the owls have capes) coloring book. I'd rather puncture out my own colon with a spoon in a olympic size swimming pool filled with rubbing alcohol then be subjected to that nonsense again.

    So I leave you with that gem of honesty dear friends. Do I miss the early days of apocrypha? Why yes... yes I do.


  • Explorer Corp/Disavowed. trouble in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just more drama as I'm sure they will bathe in my blood for a few weeks. Well deserved.

    Everything I had was taken, yes. My assets, my ships, my corp, and the alliance I helped build. EVE is a cold, dark place at times and that is why we play - even those you trust without question can betray you on a whim. It is true I was left with was my shares, and I executed on them to keep this corp name I have had for many years off and on. Our current agreement is they will be starting a new corporation and leaving me to retire from eve alone in my corp. They have tried to create new shares to go back on that, and I can't say that was unexpected.

    Regardless, I have wished all of them the very best no matter how much they rage at me in return. I had a good run, and I'm glad I was able to create such passion for or against me. It was a blast folks, and I hope I see EVE around in another twelve years.

    Time to turn the page...


  • Max Leadfoot - drama from beyond the grave? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Viscis Breeze wrote:

    If someone threw you into a massive blob of dudes with horrible grammar but entertaining alliance mails: ( would you not rise from the dead like a bursting phoenix to exact terrible vengeance?

    But yes, you are on to something here. Today while meeting with our AT XII team talking fits I logged in to see executor for Disavowed. had been moved from our holding corp, my main corp roles were removed, and my ships and mods were not accessible. When I asked what was up, I heard the standard response: "People don't like Max Leadfoot", this and that about alliances and players long gone, a lecture on feelings and how they are important, something sensitivity something training, then essentially how I am the Darth Vader of wormhole space, victimizing innocent pubbies.

    Of course, they could not be more right. I've enjoyed the comments over the years, as it lets me know I am under the skin. I trampled fragile egos along the way, and maybe I do get a kick out of seeing cold forum warriors looking to create some sense of virtual fame for themselves here realize the homesystem they've built for a year is about to be completely burned to the ground.

    Tonight, the bad guy got what was coming to him... well-deserved and long overdue. Touché. Smile

  • RCC Merger in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nero Pantera wrote:
    A bird told me gallium stole 100 billion isk from narwhals when max was gallium is joining max's alliance again....correct me if im wrong. Would be epic for him to do it twice lol

    Unfortunately I was not even in Narwhals when that went down, left to play in null a few weeks prior. I did hear about it third-party like most others, but am not aware of the details or what actually happened...just a bunch of folks pointing fingers. DJSwitch and a few others had the helm at the time I believe.

  • RCC Merger in EVE Gameplay Center

    Calmatt wrote:
    Due to Recent Events™, RCC and Disavowed are merging. We feel that this merger has everyone's best interests at heart, and look forward to shooting all of you in WH space soon!

    Merger confirmed.

    Part of our initial merger agreement is that Disavowed will defend our system if ever attacked, and RCC will greatly support our efforts from highsec.

  • Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    04 Jun 2014 01:11

    EVE Character transfer

    toon transfered

  • Private Sale in EVE Marketplace

    Max Leadfoot, private sale awiating isk for transfer.

  • Obligatory WG Thread in EVE Gameplay Center

    John Caldr wrote:

    Disavowed incoming Big smile


  • Private sale in EVE Marketplace

    Max Leadfoot has been tranfered.

  • Private sale in EVE Marketplace

    Max leadfoot Private sale, positive wallet, sec status 2.0, in npc corp ready for tranfer.

  • THE OBSIDIAN FRONT - DAYLY PVP - HEAVY INDUSTRI in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Great folks and fight hard as well. Would recommend.

  • The Dark Space Initiative - C6 WH people in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Good people & well established option for those looking to live in C6 space.

  • Disavowed. WH Mercs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ynot Eyob wrote:
    Deffently know how to field ships, good fight the other night.

    Good fight on your side as well, fun stuff!

  • Disavowed. WH Mercs in EVE Gameplay Center

    We've managed to get a ton of new business from this offer, so we'll have to cut it short past tomorrow. Cheers for the responses folks.

  • [Podcast] Into The Static (Episode 2) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    Chika story best one!

    Well, he has only had two so far... give the guy a chance! :)

  • [Podcast] Into The Static (Episode 2) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks folks. Bronya, I haven't forgotten and we should still catch up. I was away on business the past week and things have been a bit crazy.

  • Disavowed. WH Mercs in EVE Gameplay Center

    We are currently running "special" pricing on system assault ops. Reach out to us via the MERC CONTRACTS channel for more info.

  • Noir. [Est. 2008] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Great organization and a staple of the merc community. Keep up the great work!

  • [Available for Contract] Suddenly Spaceships. Accepting 0.0 / Lowsec Contracts in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have a job and you need it done right the first time... talk to these guys - would recommend.