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  • Solo non PVP player looking for direction in EVE Communication Center

    Clara Tharon wrote:
    I don' t get why so many people join mmo's to play with themselves, thats what p0rn is for.

    I agree that EVE is a pretty weird place to be if you want to play by yourself, but would suggest that your your use of p0rn could be more creative - it doesn't need to be a solo activity Lol

  • Solo non PVP player looking for direction in EVE Communication Center

    Yowser Sokarad wrote:

    I like reading through and getting an idea of what I want to do but I take everything with a grain of salt. Haven't had much time to log lately but do look forward to experiencing the game. The part I don't get and am intrigued about is this being an open sandbox MMO game but it seems a lot "forumers" want to "pigeon hole" the game into only pvp.

    Welcome to EVE, Yowser.

    TL;DR - the EVE sandbox allows everyone to play the way they want. There are many implications in that statement.

    Don't get me wrong, there are many generous players who contribute an enormous amount of their knowledge and time to the forums here and New Citizens Q&A is a great place to ask questions - I've personally had a lot of benefit from their contributions here. You should check out some of the replies people give in General Discussion for comparison! Lol

    In my time reading the forums I'd say there are two 'hot topics' that crop up time and again, with passionately made arguments from all sides. IMHO, both of those those topics are essentially the same thing and are a result of the fact that EVE is unlike any other game.

    1: I like to do (insert your chosen activity here) and some evil swine has just stopped me doing it/blown me up/stolen my stuff - I'm upset and they should be banned/the game should be changed!

    2: I don't want to do PVP or join a corp. Other people and/or the game mechanics appear to make this impossible for me - what should I do?

    Bear in mind that there are very few rules to be broken in EVE, so posts of these types seem to almost always get off topic pretty quickly.

    I've come to the realisation that, at it's essence, all play in EVE is PVP, or more broadly, player interaction. I prefer to say that, if anything is obligatory in EVE, it's player interaction. I don't think it's possible to play the game without this on some level.

    Regardless, accepting the fact that other players will play the game their way means you must understand and accept the hazards involved in playing the game your way and adjust accordingly. This will save a lot of frustration and wasted bandwidth in the forums Big smile Granted, it's not always possible to understand all possible hazards until they actually materialise, but again, we all have the choice to take something positive from that, or rant/ragequit. It does not help that a small minority of players appear to enjoy when the latter happens, but again, dealing with asshattery is just another of the challenges in EVE Big smile

    Ship-to-ship combat, wardeccing, griefing of all flavours, scamming, awoxing, and probably a thousand other ways of separating you from your (EVE-based) assets is the beauty of the sandbox. Player interaction is what allows us all not just to survive that stuff, but to actually thrive in the game.

    Make friends, learn from them and find your own path in EVE.

    Fly safe!

  • Solo non PVP player looking for direction in EVE Communication Center

    Richard Sorge wrote:

    How have things gone for you? have things opened up for you in Eve?


    I suspect the OP got half-way through the responses to his question and figured he could make better use of his time... Lol

  • Solo non PVP player looking for direction in EVE Communication Center

    Quiick Jones wrote:
    I've been playing this game for 5 months now and I'm looking down the road for a goal. I'm not into PVP and I'm a solo player. I've been playing MMO's for about 14 years and I've never joined a guild and I don't plan to join a corp. I don't mind duking it out with NPCs but not really with other players. So why the hell am I playing this game? Because all the other MMO's seem like they are being marketed to kids. They level too fast, combat is too easy and they got childish(some), and boring. Eve is difficult and I like that.

    I'm more of a builder then a fighter, so I was wondering if it's possible for a solo player to work towards having a POS or something like that. I don't really understand that part of the game yet. Taking time to figure it out is good too, but if it isn't really feasible then maybe I should move on.

    Does anyone ever make things or provide some kind of service for a corp without actually joining, (so they leave me alone and don't blow my sh.. stuff up)?

    What can a solo pacifist do?


    Hi there,

    I can't help with an answer on POS mechanics, as I don't fully understand that either.

    I am having a lot of fun in my current corp, which focusses on exploration. Yes, I know you specifically said you didn't want to join a corp, but hear me out Lol

    Signal Cartel is full of player interaction without the pew-pew. The credo specifically prohibits that, although NPCs are fair game. In addition, there are a few in the corp who are there specifically to provide services to support other explorers e.g. scouting, hauling, loot buy-back programs and so on. There are a number of group activities taking place all the time that might be your thing. We have even been known to go out and hug our war-deccers with fireworks as a way of spreading the love and practicing fleet stuff!

    If this sounds like it might be of interest to you, check out the link in my sig below. If not - happy hunting and do what you feel in EVE - there is no right answer!

  • mac osx client fails to update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The client did seem to be acting very weird yesterday, but appears OK now. Did you eventually get a response?

  • Launcher in Offline Mode in EVE Communication Center

    SirElwood Blues wrote:
    run ipconfig /flushdns

    Looks like launcher has new IP.

    Can confirm this fixed the problem for me. Thank you, SirElwood! Lol

  • I may or may not be giving good advice in EVE Communication Center

    Plenty of free hugs from Signal Cartel are available to all who need them Big smile

  • Inf[l]ight - D-Scan Filter & Ship Database - March 1.7 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks, this is great work.

  • interested in cloaky solo PVP in EVE Communication Center

    You might want to check out WINGSPAN TT's videos on youtube. Could be right up your street.

  • Thoughts from a 2 month Player in EVE Communication Center

    Kick Axe Blackwing wrote:
    Miwako Tani wrote:
    I can never understand why people can't just admit when they've been beat. If someone uses actual game mechanics to rid you of your isks, well, it's not an exploit, it's just, you've been outsmarted by someone who hasn't your moral values.

    now they're two ways to go about it

    - bi*ch and rant about "exploit" and ask people to improve your (if you're in that case, probably miserable) life
    - do something about it, recognize where you failed, and improve as a person


    much love to yall <3

    I think it is wonderful how you have an it's a game philosophy and how it isn't supposed to be fair.


    It's a game true. Play how you want. Just don't give me this lame story how new players need to suck it up when they are reamed by jerks in this game.

    The fact of the matter is you will sometimes have to 'suck it up'. What's important is that you learn at least something from your loss. I have found that engaging the 'jerks' is often the best way to learn. Players that have blown me up have been willing to talk tactics and ship fits with me so that I can attempt to avoid a repeat of that situation.

    I concede I may have been a little more lucky when I started playing insofar as I had someone IRL who explained many aspects of the game before I first logged in. I was at least a little prepared and expected to have to:

    - pick my fights (there's a lot I still have to learn in this respect)
    - die often (with the loss of ships/ISK that come with that)
    - maintain a sense of perspective (this is a video game, after all)
    - think actively about what I want to do/what I should fly/how I should fit to achieve that
    - maintain a healthy sense of skepticism in my interactions with other players

    I don't pretend to have even scratched the surface of this game but I'm confident that if I keep the points above in mind I'll continue to enjoy EVE.

    I don't doubt there are at least some players who massage both their killboards and egos by killing/scamming newbros because it is their idea of 'fun'. That shouldn't stop you finding out what's fun for you :-)

  • New Player PvP Survey in EVE Communication Center

    Hi Kraythen,

    I still consider my self new despite playing for several months - answers below.

    1) Are you Interested in PvP?
    Absolutely - I've recently joined RvB specifically to experience that.

    2) If you are interested and have not participated in it, then why haven't you done so?
    Previously, my key reasons were:
    1 - lack of ISK to fund my mistakes. My fits also seem to be bad, despite all the research I've done and the chats I've had post-death :-)
    2 - a perception that I'd experience instant repeated death and not understand why.

    3) If you are interested then what is your motivation for PvP?
    This game, for me at least, is all about interaction with others, not mission grinding.

    4) If you are not interested why not?

    5) If you are not interested in PvP is there ever a circumstance where you would be willing to shell out a large amount of risk for such protection? If so, what prevents you from doing so? Trustworthiness of mercenaries, limited contract system?

    6) How many skill points do you think it requires to be effective in PvP?
    TLDR - there's no minimum, just don't expect instant success.

    I think it's too simplistic to suggest that there's no minimum threshold for effectiveness. Whilst it's true that low SP is not a barrier, it drastically limits the engagements I can take on and be successful in. I define success here as 'learn' as well as (occasionally) 'win'.

    So far, I have a shade over 13M SP, with the lion's share distributed across Drones, Engineering, Gunnery, Navigation and Spaceship Command which has been shaped by my use of Gallente drone boats. I'm now branching out so I can fly other racial frigs and weapons systems.

    So, more is better insofar as it contributes to an increased success rate. It's no substitute for real experience, though. The real trick for me is to maximise what I learn from that engagement, and that's not always easy. Making split second decisions on whether or not to engage depends on my ability to:
    1 - know my enemy (for me that means understanding what that ship is, what weapons systems it has and how it's likely to be flown)
    2 - form and execute a strategy to counter what I see, including micromanaging all those ship systems.

    7) What kind of ship do you think is the minimum to effectively PvP?
    As in 6 above, sure I have killed stuff with a T1-fit frig, I just don't expect to do it often. Frig engagements are so darn quick too, which compounds the difficulty of understanding what just happened and how to learn from it.

    8) What do you think is the most important facet of PvP in eve?
    Communication with other players. IMHO, they're the best source of understanding how to play the game and have fun.

    9) If you could have anything related to PvP within the current game mechanics, what would it be?
    Instant slo-mo replay of my many and varied deaths :-)

    10) What would be your PvP goal in eve?
    My current thinking is that I want to do small fleet stuff and trap the enemy in my dictor bubbles whilst my fleet mates send them back to their medical clones :-)

  • Stopping new players from doing missions for 4 hours? in EVE Communication Center

    TRONEON wrote:

    Lets say I have a few hours to play...

    ...Not everyone has 6+ hours a day to play games.

    I don't have 6 hours a day to play either, and got bored sick of mission running. I joined RvB. A few hours of play time yields a lot of fun, experience and death. Sometimes that's even completely risk-free death (no pod kills, and a bunch of free ships sitting waiting for you to jump into and shoot other pilots with.)

    It's only one option, but you could do a lot worse. Like mining (IMHO, of course).

    Best of luck with your next steps in EVE.

  • Conflict. Opportunity. Destruction. Excitement.... Sabriz for CSM10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Lots of bad stuff will come of this. That's why you'll get my vote. And my sig line, at least for while Big smile

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    Eldwinn wrote:

    Death. Lot's of it. You will be alpha'ed off the field a lot. My suggestion is be really good at bouncing pings and making pings while flying in a fight. The reason I say that is you will need to warp a lot from one ping to another . Mainly to get a good bubble on the enemy fleet and rewarp getting yourself off the field before you die.

    Excuse my ignorance - by 'ping' do you mean bookmark?

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    T2 hulls in RvB can get expensive quite fast.

    Indeed :-) I was thinking more of it being a progression for me, post RvB.

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    + Tears are the best. There is nothing better than killing a dude who has just spent last thirty minutes travelling somewhere and you pod him back to the place he started thirty minutes ago. And after committing this terrible murder he starts asking reasons why you did it. Some dudes will threaten to petition you for harassment. You can just laugh.

    Sounds like it's right up my street. Shall read with interest.

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    Utari Onzo wrote:
    I can fly an eris but as I hate flying frigs and dessies (personal thing) all I can do is parrot what a lot in my corp say, and that's dictors are not only fun but an essential ingredient to an effective nullsec/wormhole gang.

    I think that's the role I need. Not to make up numbers, but to be truly useful!

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    Baneken wrote:
    If you train a dictor, train a sabre that thing is a beast ...

    Hictors are a completely different beast in both size and the way they function when bubble's up.

    Aye, this might be the thing. Interesting.

  • Newbie progress report: 6 million SP in in EVE Communication Center

    A great post. I wish I had realised the key points of the OP's post sooner in my EVE experience, but I'm glad I can identify with it now.

    Benthos Thellere.

  • Considering a move to 'dictors - thoughts appreciated in EVE Communication Center

    Hi all,

    Following some great advice I got in this forum about potential routes out of my carebear life, I joined RvB and have had some fun and plenty of learning experiences - there are some great people there with a will to share their knowledge and I have no wish to return to mission running. I'm not entirely sure that large fleet PvP will be my thing but from what I've read, I'm curiously drawn to the idea of flying 'dictors, with all that entails. It seems like a role that's valuable to nul-sec fleets of any size and something that can make a material difference to outcomes.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on going down the path of being the guy who pilots the 'flying coffin' and ensares the enemy in their bubbles (both for and against). I've read the 'Eve Altruist' material and I think it sounds like it could be for me - I'm happy to let others apply the DPS.

    Benthos Thellere.

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