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  • AT XV Feeder Round Schedule in EVE Communication Center

    Callduron wrote:
    Absolutely superb entertainment.

    Seemed like a really good joint effort between CCP and Eve_NT to give us a show. I remember the stream passing 1100 at one stage, what did it peak at?

    I think around 1700, which was awesome.

    If you wanted to read about the data we collected from the feeder rounds check out this awesome analysis article form Alexsi Aksan -

    Also if you want to catch up on the action -

    Day 1
    Day 2

  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey there!

    Please consider my application to be in the T3 Strategic Cruiser Focus Group.

    Game design balance is something I massivley enjoy and have spent many, many hours creating and designing Eve Online tournaments for EVE_NT and other projects using basic game design principles that I have taught myself. I would relish the opportunity to be a part of a team that gives feedback on targeted proposed changes from a player perspective. When necessary I can communicate concisely and effectively as part of a team or on a one to one basis and enjoy reading about, and commenting on Eve Online. I would like to think I have an open mind and whilst I certainty have opinions, I try not to approach discussions with a personal agenda.

    I have played eve online quite actively for over 7 years and flown Tech 3 Cruisers on many many occasions in a variety of roles including the following;

    As a 'go to ship' for wormhole combat when living in class 2-5 WH's, flying on a daily basis in carious configurations, mainly as an FC in a Loki.
    As hunter-killer covert ops ships in both WH space and Nullsec.
    As a lowsec gate-camper for a small pirate gang.
    Fleet combat in nullesc - Loki artillery fleets, Tengu Rail/Missile fleets, Proteus/Legion a-hac style fleets.
    Guerrilla warfare style 'un-probabale' Tengu fleets.
    As an exploration/scouting ship mainly focused on probing and data/relic sites.
    As 'tinker' remote repiar logistics ships in tournament setting.

    I am familiar with Eve Online PVP in many forms, from playing key roles in nullsec fleets, to small gang and objective warfare FC'ing and coordinating, to being a team captain and theory crafter for Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork tournament team.


  • Proposal: Post-match interviews during the AT finals live streams in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas has a point. Winning AT relies heavily on misdirection and counter-information compared to any conventional sport. Even after fact interviews often contribute to this on the basis the teams involved will meet again the following year.

    On the other hand, some teams care less about winning and more about taking part, and would love to be involved in talking about their experience and how their matches played out. Hearing from those captains would be really great and might inspire more players to take part in the future.

  • Proposed rule changes for Alliance Tournament XV in EVE Communication Center

    Sure, you could invert it, and punish the 'meta' ships by giving them a handicap of +1, +2 etc and using the weakest ship in the class as the basline points value. Without doing the math, I like that better actually :D

  • Proposed rule changes for Alliance Tournament XV in EVE Communication Center

    Soldarius wrote:
    Bei ArtJay wrote:

    I would be fine with something like this. Not all ships within a class are as good as the others.

    Yeah, to clarify tho I mean not as good as each other within the tournament context. Redeemer and panther are fine black ops for black ops...

  • Proposed rule changes for Alliance Tournament XV in EVE Communication Center

    I think you guys are far to timid in your suggestions, I think the teams and format could handle a far more radical shake up (and no, I wouldn't propose fixed fittings or classes for AT! Big smile).

    The points/class balance issue has been around forever and I feel the core of the issue is due to the imbalance within the classes, which makes them difficult to get right. CCP have to balance around the best ship within the class (Bhaal, Orthrus, Sleipnir, Curse, are obvious examples) which mean that a whole bunch of ships that might possibly be good in certain setups, or worth using in AT in certain scenarios are over priced (Machariel, Vigilant, Absolution, Huggin to reflect the above examples).

    As a project I made this thing for fun. It was only an initial pass so definitely needs fine tuning but something like this could be really fun I think. Concept is that each of the 254 potential AT hulls has a handicap value of 0, -1 or -2 points. If the base value of a Blackops for example is 19, and a Redeemer has a handicap of -2, then the Redeemer's value is 17. Whilst I am not sure the Redeemer would be viable at 17 still, I think something along these lines would unlock a HUGE amount of refreshing possibilities, totally overhauling the meta while still being in the spirit of AT. From an entertainment point of view I think the viewer would enjoy seeing a broader number of hulls fielded.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Focused Warp Scrambling Script in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cool change! Will encourage more skirmishing without 100mn again which is good, however I think the people who use them in fleet fights with supers have a point.

    I think that given the number of sirens on grid in your average cap brawl now, and the fact you can now point supers/titans with ceptors and such, and now tackle rorquals, HIC's feel like they have lost a little too much of their specialty.

    I think allowing them to receive reps all the time might not be such a bad idea these days?

  • Suitonia for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Suitonia is a legendary eve player and as such would make a great CSM as he has fingers in many pies, contacts, friends, and knows the community inside out. My favorite thing about him, and the reason I believe he would be great is that he is someone who has achieved much status without being overtly political or having a trace of ego, a really hard thing to do in this game. He has friends with all factions within eve (he does take sides, but has never indicated to me that he holds any grudges), and not many people can say that.

    I have also worked with him a lot on multiple eveSports projects and he has always been reliable and given consistently top-notch analysis of PVP mechanics - he is the best technical analyst I have worked with and has an incredible capacity to remember all of the abilities of subcapital ships and modules in the game, and how they interact with each other. This is another fantastic reason he would make a great CSM.

    +1 from me and all my alts.

  • TEST Open Practices are starting again. in EVE Communication Center

    Highly recommend these to any group wishing to get their feet wet for the tournament. If your corp/alliance is interested in taking part in the Alliance Tournament this year showing up to these and scrimming is a great place to start.

  • Announcing the EVE_NT CUP! in EVE Communication Center

    So far we have 11 fantastic looking teams signed up!

    This leaves 21 spaces left and the deadline is on Sunday and will be first come-first serve so get your applications in soon.

    Hit me up on twitter/here if you have any questions!

    I have been asked a couple of times - to clarify you don't need to all be in the same alliance (you are not allowed to use your exact name on TQ for this reason!) so any collection of 8 friends can take part as long as you have a captain brave enough to lead you. Pirate

    If you are an individual looking for a team give me a poke, i'll make a list of people who this applies to and circulate it.

  • Announcing the EVE_NT CUP! in EVE Communication Center

    Hi eveSports fans!

    Have you been an EVE_NT Championship spectator and felt you could do just as well as those teams? Fancy a hand at being a team captain yourself? Well we have the opportunity for you! We would like to announce the first EVE_NT Cup!

    EVE_NT Cup will run on the weekend of January 21-22nd 2017. This will be a first-come first serve cup with a maximum of 32 places which will determine which teams will be offered spots in our EVE_NT Championship Minor league.

    To apply you will need to register a minimum of 8 players, maximum of 15. Each player must have an active TQ omega account and cannot have signed up for another team in the Championship (CCP will verify). To enter the EVE_NT Cup team captains must pay a deposit of 3 plex (to ensure attendance) plus an additional two (so 5 in total) which will be used as prizes for the top teams. The top 6 teams of the Cup will be offered a place in the Minor League season, so as well as making yourself available for the cup you must also have the following dates clear in your calendar – Feb 5th, Feb 19th, March 5th & March 19th.

    The prizes for the Cup will be determined by the size of the prize pool, the current plan is to award prizes to the top 8 teams. Rules and fittings for the cup will be the same as rules for Season 2 of the Championship and announced no later than one week before the tournament (the format will be very similar to season 1).

    To sign up to the EVE_NT Cup fill out this form here.

    Deadline for sign-ups is the January 7th. You do not need to pay the deposit until instructed.

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Finals this weeknd!

    19:45 tonight for minors and the same time tomorrow for majors. Should be some close finishes.

    CCP Fozzie & CCP Larrakin confirmed as guests for Sunday night.

    See you there!

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Last week's matches now up!

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Last night's matches now up on YT!

    Minor league finals looking pretty interesting, with 3 teams still in the running for top-spot.

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Great show last night congrats to "The Other Team" for their victories and moving to top of the table for the first week.

    Check out the matches at on the playlist linked above, league standings you can find here:

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    This Sunday we have the first show of our 'Major league'. This will feature teams formed by team captains from The Tuskers, Volta, PFR & Footwork.

    Once again we will be giving away a Plantronics headset and limited edition apocalypse ICG SKIN.

    Live from 20:00!

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center

    Had a few technical issues with our banning system but still had some good matches and some surprising results.

    You can catch up with the action here:

  • Introducing: EVE_NT Championship Fall 2016 in EVE Communication Center


    Just a little plug for the EVE_NT Championship that is starting this Sunday.

    We have teams this Sunday playing in our 'Minor League' formed by captains from Pandemic Legion, TEST, Horde, PFR, CVA & Stay Frosty.

    We have the following prizes to give away on the first show:

    1 x Limited edition Interstellar Gaming Comission Apocalypse skin
    1 x Coolermaster Mouse
    1 x Plantronics gaming headset

    We have created a format that is aimed at viewer engagement so tune in in and let us know how we did! Some cool vids Talladar made for us here to explain the idea:

    Starts 19:45 approx. EVE time. Sunday.

    More info here:

  • Alliance Tournament Broadcast in EVE Communication Center

    SoulLess Zealot wrote:
    Just wanted to re issue my thanks to nash and bei and all the other guys that have made eve NT what it is today.

    Cheers! Was a blast - never directed a team of 19 people doing 18 hours of live TV in one weekend before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it Big smile

    Stupidly, I forgot to thank CCP on stream - big shoutout to CCP Logibro for trusting us to do this - and CCP Falcon for supporting us as well.

    You can re-watch the action here for a couple of weeks if you go to the past broadcasts section

    And over the next coule of days all the action will be uploaded to YouTube here -

    Day 1 -
    Day 2 -

    Apologies to a couple of teams on Day 2 we seem to have lost some footage due to technical issues with the stream.

  • Alliance Tournament Broadcast in EVE Communication Center

    The EVE_NT stream will be at -

    We will be bringing live commentary of one arena, and providing news and analysis from our live studio in the breaks.

    Confirmed studio guests -

    Rocket X

    Confirmed Commentators

    Most of the above as well as -

    Elise Randolph

    We will be updating viewers on the results of the other arena.

    Pretty hyped!