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  • Tackling the problem of null-sec ratting bots. in EVE Communication Center

    You very obviously don't know what you're talking about.

    Also you said afk cloakers work against miner bots. They obviously work just as well against ratting bots.

  • advice on scangu in EVE Gameplay Center

    4 damage mods but only 3 launchers? dafuq?
    you didn't list rigs
    relic analyzer on a combat fit
    With that much isk on the fit, you shouldn't need to have to use the capacitor regeneration subsystem. The augmented reservoir gives you more dps. Capacitor regeneration subsystem has pretty niche uses in a combat fit, like if you're doing level 5's under neut pressure, or need more tank to solo your c4 system or whatever.

    If you want to do k-space relic sites, ghost sites, etc, you don't need any of that fancy bling. Or launchers at all, for that matter. Since the thread title says "scangu" I was confused why i saw you going for tank and dps.

    If you're day-tripping, you may have cargo issues, just take two trips to move everything in and two to move everything back.

  • blink in EVE Communication Center

    its cancer

  • A place to keep supercapitals.. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    There exists a safe method to store supercapitals. It costs 1 plex for month, which seems to be well within your budget.

  • Adding Contacts Text in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Punkturis wrote:
    Arthul Omanid wrote:
    When you choose to add someone to your contacts list, there's a text box below the standings. Originally, I'd always assumed this was to make some note for yourself regarding why you added the person, and I thought I'd be able to see it on the notes tab of the chacter's info. However, I checked recently, and there's no information in the notes field on people I've attached notes to. So what then is that text field beneath the standings for, and how do you see what you've input later on?

    people who have posted here are right, it's for you to send (nice) a message to the person you're adding as a contact

    That is way less useful than being able to jot down my notes when I add them in the first place.

  • Meaningless complexity v. meaningful choices in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think we both agree that these changes destroy the steady-state, totally optimized landscape of t1 manufacturing. But you're suggesting this will result in a new steady-state optimized solution centering on upgraded nullsec stations. I might have agreed with you had I only read the refining dev blog. But I feel like installation costs, lower-tier and cheaper teams, fuel costs, discounts for multiple stations, and the comparative ease of running a hisec industrial operation (which manifests itself in many ways) will prevent this from becoming the case.

  • Ideas: High Sec Alterations. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Blitz Apollo wrote:
    I have recently been in touch with a CSM member who suggested the best way to receive feedback and comments would be here.

    Sounds like he didn't care for your ideas and wanted someone else to tell you they were bad.

  • New approach to mission difficulty in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Barbelo Valentinian wrote:
    Also, the "difficulty slider" could have two axes - one to change the AI to be more PvP-like - a way to help PvE players transition to PvP, at least in terms of learning fits and getting a handle on some basic tactics, etc.

    When you put it that way, it just sounds so simple! I wonder why CCP hasn't done this already.

  • Multiboxer, looking for advice about finding a place in this universe in EVE Gameplay Center

    nullsec pve is best suited to multiboxing. Log in, find anomalies, log off whenever. Stay in the same system, don't travel, salvage 3-7 sites at a time. Put multiple ships in a site or put one in each site.

    incursions can be multiboxed, but from what I can tell you're either in someone else's fleet, or multiboxing an entire one by yourself. Not much of a niche for 3-4 account multiboxers unless you're really experienced and the FC trusts you.

    Missions are the least suitable for multiboxing IMO. There's lots of travel time, you need to deal with standings and getting agent access for multiple characters, and each mission is a bit different and has its own triggers and optimal clearing strategy. Multiboxing epic arcs is pretty cool though if you have access on multiple characters. Greater rewards, same amount of travel.

  • Paladin worth it for missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Laserboats are the one thing I don't fly, its my understanding that they, and especially the paladin, would have excellent projection.

  • Solo Industrial Players in EVE Gameplay Center

    should be fine for a solo industrialist. The only major difference is that a pos will be more of a requirement, which you might argue it already was.

    The major change is teams + install fees will make it so that the "steady-state" of t1 industry will no longer be so. You won't just be able to update your prices and be able to assess your profit margins perfectly. You'll have dynamic factors to account for. Which is good.

  • DED despawn if not scanned for a while ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    all signatures will despawn about 3 days from the first time they appear, even if no one warps to them. I'm not sure if these kinds of despawns can happen throughout the day or if they only happen at downtime.

  • Is my golem a gank target? in EVE Gameplay Center

    its less of a gank target than it would have been when the A-types were 800m.

    But yes, imo you're doing it wrong.

    Its a marauder. Give it a Pith XL booster (pretty cheap), use faction damage mods, and maybe faction painters. Use cruise missiles.

    Pith XL boosters are fun on marauders. You basically kill everything, and if your shield gets low, you hit bastion and boost to full in 10 seconds.

    If you want to really pimp your marauder, get some crystals and good implants. They make extremely good use of them.

  • New approach to mission difficulty in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Knights Armament wrote:

    I see the problem with eve is keeping players interested, forcing new players and even veterans to fly around in slow boring battleships to get rewarded with lp makes the game unfun for the majority of my friends. The main complaints I hear are, this ship is too slow, this ship handles like crap, etc.

    then do missions in HACs and t3s. Missions are a small part of the game and offer a particular kind of experience. If it doesn't appeal to you, then you should probably find some other part of the game that is more interesting. There's also a balance issue in expecting to make the same isk/hour in a dinky t1 cruiser as in a fully fit mission BS.

  • Caldari Ship advice for Gallente Epic Arc in EVE Gameplay Center

    tengu or SNI both work. The lowsec path is quicker and pays more isk, not too dangerous either for a tengu. SNI should have no trouble plowing through the stuff on the hisec path. You'll still want an MJD or warpout on "assistance,"don't forget to grab the carry on token, and if you mwd right towards the carry-on hub the enemies despawn. Speeds it up a bit, especially since most npcs don't give a bounty.

  • Eve Online : Crius July 22nd, 2014 Industry Features in EVE Gameplay Center

    interface, teams, reprocessing, pos changes, all that good stuff.

    new ships, graphical improvements, the new sound UI, rebalancing, drone skill and stat changes, are unaffected. Probably a bunch of other features im leaving out.

  • Legion and dust share the same engine in EVE Communication Center

    Rumtin wrote:
    Legion looks like a DUST 2.0, most likely going to fail just as hard as the first.

    Maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring in those former EA guys after all... What?

    I don't think it was the EA guys that decided to launch Dust on PS3 in the first place. But it seems they're finally realizing what a stupid idea that was.

  • wat to do in EVE Communication Center

    join a corp that does stuff.

  • Rebalance NPC Pirate Ships Too! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    because it could break a whole lot of stuff that doesn't need to be broken right now. And improving PVE content is a low priority.

  • Redesign low-sec / NPC null-sec missions to require PVP fits in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Audrey UntzUntz wrote:
    Redesign all of the low-sec/NPC null-sec missions to be best completed with regular, useful PVP setups.

    This means:
    - Remove resist-specific rats
    - Shorter more intense fights allowing buffer fits to also be viable
    - Shorter more intense fights allowing cap boosters and ancillary reppers to be worthwhile
    - All forms of EWAR working properly and effectively against rats
    - etc etc

    Why? To give PVE players the ability to better defend themselves, thereby promoting PVE in hostile space.

    it would really require a complete redesign of all pve content from the ground up. And even when you were done, the best fits would still probably be pve optimized. I'm not sure if this is even on CCPs roadmap. They have talked alot about re-engineering their content authoring tools, but to take the plunge and try to change PVE entirely, I'm not sure it really needs to be a priority.

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