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  • How long before your first solo kill? in EVE Communication Center

    Still not done it, not killed a player in EVE yet. I'm a PvE-er and usually take precautions to avoid trouble as much as possible, but every now and then I get a fit about my kb and feel I ought to do something about it, but the kind of aggressive play I would have to engage in to learn PvP properly as Barb would go against her character. On the other hand, even when I've started a new pilot with the intent of learning PvP "properly", again, I've never been able to bring myself to play aggressively, attack players for no in-game reason, etc., and the new toon reverts to another goody two-shoes. It's completely silly, I know, but I just can't do it. I can't even roleplay a "bad" character ffs! :)

    Having played the game for a while solo PvE in lowsec lvl 4s, I've been in a few situations where I've been scanned down and not been able to get out of the mission area quickly enough (despite the usual precautions, it can still happen sometimes) and I've able to hold players off so they either get scared as they get into structure and run off, or get bored and run off, but with no tackle I'm not able to make a kill in those situations. But then I've been successfully ganked on such occasions just as many times.

    I did have one glorious fight once when I was determined to look for trouble, undocked in a triple rep autocannon Myrm in lowsec, got attacked by two guys, and was doing pretty well (one of them was deep into structure, my Mym's tank had hardly broken a sweat) and then their cavalry showed up (tackling frig and 3 BCs of various factions IIRC), the wounded guy scooted, I held the cavalry off for a good long while until I ran out of cap booster (that triple rep Myrm tank is an absolute BEAST). A good time was had by all, and "gf"s all round, but I still wasn't quite able to finish anyone off (in this case my stupidity was changing targets and trying to get the tackler off me instead of finishing off the first guy - I ought to have realized I wouldn't survive, but should have tried to take down at least one player).

    I'm well over the adrenaline dump by now, and actually able to think a bit when a fight starts, and I've also got some sense of the rock/paper/scissors of the game, so I think one day I'll do it, either on Barb or an alt.

  • Mittani: Greifers drive away new players in EVE Communication Center

    I think the only real problem with the NPE (I recently had a go at it) is that it still gives a new player the impression that they're going to be a Big Hero out of the gate. It's still misleadingly giving the impression that the game is like any other MMO, only in space.

    The mission in the NPE where you lose a ship is a step in the right direction, but it ought to be your ship, the one you've lovingly cared for in the first few missions, not one given to you specially to lose. And you shouldn't be warned about it, it should be a "no win scenario", and it's explained to you afterwards that this is the nature of EVE (you will get blown up).

    Also, after you do the missions where you get the hang of basic controls, shooting and mining, etc., there ought to be a couple of missions where you're thrown into a PUG with other newbies to do some task (group mining or waypoint patrol or something like that), led by an AI commander who's explaining stuff as you go and assigning tasks in the way an FC might.

    Then after that, another kind of group mission (again, randomb PUG of newbies), this time with no AI FC, but with the difficulty pitched so that the team can just about squeeze through if nobody communicates, but you can get a nice reward if the team happens to get it together to communicate and co-ordinate.

    IOW, the NPE needs to reflect the range of options in the game - of which solo play is more of a minority sport, with various kinds of teamwork being more the norm.

  • Most Beautiful and Handsome Eve Toon. in EVE Communication Center

    Some really fantastic avatars in this thread, and linked in this thread.

    EVE's CC is amazing and by far the best in any game at the moment in terms of the possibility of making a character look photorealistic, but it does take some effort, and it's much easier to make a character look plastic - sometimes it's just a hairsbreadth difference in position relative to lightsource or something subtle like that.

    I do tend to prefer photorealistic, real-person-like characters that people have put lots of effort into that have expressions more complex than "I'm an evil badass" (although if people do that really well it can be great too), even if they're ugly or unusually structured, if they look real they're still more beautiful than plastic characters that people have just tossed off with all the right "attributes".

    One thing I think is very important for a realistic look is assymetry - real peoples' faces are always assymetrical, so if you have a head-on look, just tweak the two sides a bit differently.

    e.g. if you cover half of Barb's face alternately, you'll notice her left side is a bit grim-looking, her right side rather sweet and gentle. If she were either symmetrically "grim" or "symmetrically "sweet" it would be boring, but having the assymetry makes her look like a real person with her own thoughts (her jaw is also ever so slightly askew). I think assymetry is what one unconsciously expects of a living thing, and it's probably an important factor for getting out of the "uncanny valley", with androids, robots or with CGI or whatever.

    It would probably be going too far to extrapolate that assymetry to some kind of right brain/left brain difference, or psychologically to warring personalities; although those might be factors, it's probably mostly just accidental as the body is built, and stuff happens to you. But it's a major feature.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    raven666wings wrote:

    I also think that had they kept the old engine and not invested in reinventing the wheel the WiS integration wouldn't have failed so bad and actual gameplay could have been carved on it, rather than having the current HD characters jerking around in solitary confinement.

    I would have preferred the best of both worlds - the old sense of style with updated engine, quality and detail.

    CCP does have to move on, the game has to progress and be updated, and after all that's a possibility with a game like this that's nothing but empty space, some space stations and spaceships, and a character creator. It's not like they have to design and render whole landscapes, towns, clutter, a zillion different interesting dungeons, and other stuff, like most other MMOs. Most MMOs couldn't update their visuals as regularly and as well as EVE has done, simply because there's too much stuff to update, in comparison.

    The problem isn't that they tried to expand into WiS, the problem (I think) is just that they spread themselves too thin at a time when the world went into a bit of an economic downturn. It could easily have all worked out swimmingly, but it didn't.

  • What is one thing you want to try in EVE but haven't had a chance to? in EVE Communication Center

    Sibyyl wrote:
    Solecist Project wrote:
    Sibyyl wrote:
    I don't really know if I could survive in WH? I imagine the isolated environment is more conducive to putting up and maining POS.. I don't know.

    The lack of responses in local would drive me mad! :O

    I think the wormhole people talk in missiles and lasors instead of words. They're like hill folk though. I haven't really seen one. Just heard stories from a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who fell into a 'hole and had to shoot his own leg off to get out.

    Haha, when you said "hill folk" I thought of this.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    Bagrat Skalski wrote:
    I have seen old characters and some of them are too fantasy for me. Making something Sci-Fi and not overdoing it so it will become silly is a hard job.

    With the original CC, you had the option of making your character as weird or as straightforward as you wanted. Now you have only the option of straightforward.

    If someone likes a generic movie s-f look, no problem; but the EVE CC had the possibility of creating a character with more of an "edge" originally, more of a unique flavour. Something was gained, sure (quality and detail obviously), but something was lost in terms of making EVE a unique "place", and its characters as batshit crazy-looking as the in-game events and lore.

    But it was what that change portended that made me uncomfortable - I could have lived with a generic movie s-f base, and paid-for whacky addons. But the way CCP went was clearly some half-baked attempt to make the game more appealing to the mainstream. Alarm bells.

    I didn't come to EVE to play a game like Star Citizen, where the lore extrapolation is "pretty much like us, only more technologically advanced", I initially loved EVE (in terms of feel and lore) because it seemed like a place so distant from us, so weird, so crazy, so alien, that it was actually really original in terms of an s-f concept.

    Cultures that had been separated from us for thousands of years, gone through barbarism and rebuilding, with only distant memories of Earth That Was, would be unlikely to think of aviator glasses the height of fashion.

  • Hi Resolution Texture Pack - Show Your Support!!! in EVE Communication Center

    According to the graphics panel, the new focus of our pestering should be the "postman" apparently - the graphics dept have done their bit.

    Who are the distribution team, what are their names, and can we buy them cookies?

  • WiS pledge fundrising in EVE Communication Center

    Little Dragon Khamez wrote:

    I remember when eve had real expansions that genuinely expanded game play in new directions such as pi as I say those days have gone, and it's all thanks to the fis only crowd.

    Hmm, while I'm a WiS supporter, I'm not sure this is quite right. Everyone wants the space game to be great, even people who also want WiS, the reason CCP re-focussed on FiS is because it had been neglected for a while and things had come to a head, and the piddly, gameplay-free abortion that was presented as WiS, along with its being forced, and hangar taken away (and several other things) only added insult to injury - so CCP had to pull their fingers out of their arses pdq and get with the programme.

    Which they did, and are doing, and doing rather well these days.

    Also, any new direction gameplay is going to go in EVE is going to be focussed on player interaction by default. The days are long gone when interaction with the NPC world mattered - the last vestiges of that, of EVE being anything like Elite, with lots of NPC interaction as well as player interaction, died with the Agent quality revamp.

  • What is one thing you want to try in EVE but haven't had a chance to? in EVE Communication Center

    Blowing up someone's ship and pod-killing them.

    My problem is I'm constitutionally unable to initiate aggression (I know, I know, it's a character flaw), so I've never really gotten into a position to practice PvP properly from the ground up. I've even tried starting alts to learn PvP from the kickoff in the recommended manner, but I just can't bring myself to attack people for no reason. Also, bizarrely, I can't bear the thought of Barb ever being a "criminal", she's just not that sort of girl.

    Consequently my KB is a sad, pathetic, mewling thing with 0 kills.

    The nice thing about EVE, though, is that changing this situation is always a potential option.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    Mocam wrote:
    Benny Ohu wrote:
    Mocam wrote:
    You don't shift to that style of presentation unless that is the more appealing aspect to those you are trying to draw as new customers.

    advertisments that feature eyes or faces are more effective. at getting looked at.

    If fixes or adjustments come up to a part of the game that doesn't interest me, it happens.

    but if a new feature comes up that's entirely undercooked, unusable by a good proportion of players, unlikely to deliver any meaningful content in years if ever and at the expense of development/iteration of the content the vast majority of the niche userbase enjoys, a whole lot of people unsub and shoot a statue. then development gets delayed indefinitely

    ~i advise you get over whining about it~

    You do have a rather limited point but a point none the less.

    Yes, faces do sell more than the ships when the composite is available. Games that offer composite experiences or focus on a given area present that to the foreground or mixed as the foreground - race cars, tanks, planes, etc.

    Remember when this stuff stopped and what else happened?

    We'd been getting nothing but under cooked changes for a good year and a half due to stated changes in CCP's delivery method. It gave all of EVE a pretty "beta" feel for some time there. NOTHING came out complete - it was all "streamed" to us in bits and pieces to flesh things out.

    We got a new avatar system "no tattoos for Minmatar?!?! no hoods for Amarr?" etc. The first pass on that tool (which was the first steps towards walking in stations) - we got what was it, 3 or 4 "free" reworkings of our characters? Also the changes in looks angered many people as they'd specifically picked their avatars in the earlier release but... they got over it.

    With the first pass with the "ambulation" part, it wasn't walking around which angering so many as an option. What else happened?

    We lost ship spinning with a fairly quick dock-up. There was nothing in that room but the NEX store - jammed in your face style in-game store sales? Then we had people overheating video cards due to the graphics load and of course the really angering points -- "golden ammo" internal news letter and the "don't listen to what they say, watch what they do" leaked memo from the CEO. The composite caused riots.

    This was just 1 more "streamed" feature that we'd been getting from CCP for about a year and a half but this one had the "iteration" process to flesh it out interrupted but it wasn't the core of those riots.

    Being promised and not even half finished - I will stick with let them finish it for those they promised it to since before I started this game.

    Excellent post. Yes, the alarm bells started ringing for me when the avatar system was introduced - fantastic detail and execution (for the most part) and in that sense wonderful. But wait a minute - where had the character of EVE avatars gone? Where were the whacky visors and thingummibobs nobody knew what they did? Where was the gold lamé, the peculiar hairdos, etc., etc.? Suddenly we had - generic movie s-f space cowboys. Suddenly, CCP seemed to have lost their balls and gone for something very conventional and dull in terms of art design.

    And then, it went as you say.

    It's encouraging to see from the graphics panel some slight return of the style EVE used to have with the avatar clothing, some slight return of a sense of cultures that have drifted so far from the Earthly that they might as well be aliens.

    It's just a shame nobody can see one's choices but oneself.

    But it will come - despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth of some of the troglodytes here, CCP know what side their bread is buttered on, in the long run.

  • Team Avatar and the future of our prototype in EVE Communication Center

    Posting in thread where some manly men are hysterically trying to convince anyone who'll listen that it's more manly to pretend you're an internet spaceship than to pretend you're a hot chick flying an internet spaceship.

  • What kind of world would Eve be without internet anonymity? in EVE Communication Center

    Ramona McCandless wrote:
    Barbelo Valentinian wrote:

    Yeah, the trouble is, some people will read it and understand that it obviously depends on various factors and success isn't guaranteed.

    But many people will read it and think they'll get the positive outcome automatically. So they come into the game, leave disappointed.

    Neither I nor CCP can be held responsible for others stupidity

    If you want to know about an MMO you might want to invest in, take the 21 day trial

    That's what its there for

    Adverts are worthless and reviews are garbage

    Your own experience is all that matters

    Of course, but how do you so much as get the notion that you "might want to invest in" it in the first place? By its visible and audible presence in the media! If there were no advertising, no word of mouth, nobody would even get into a position to wonder whether there was this thing they might want to invest in.

    So: the presence has to be coherent with the article, and it's not. And if CCP are wondering why the game isn't more popular (i.e. why they aren't retaining a healthier pop), one possibility (which I'm suggesting) is that the way they advertise it (so that the very idea of this being something one might want to invest in pops into someone's head) is out of date and incoherent with what EVE is, so they get a lot of bumbling innocents taking up trial accounts and a lot of people who would have been unsuited to the game anyway, leaving.

    As opposed to: by advertising what the game really is, attracting people who really might want to invest in such a game. Then they try the trial. And more of those who try the trial stick with it. I think this would be a better option.

    Anyway, drifting too far from the OP now, we should have gone through this in the other thread, I guess.

  • What kind of world would Eve be without internet anonymity? in EVE Communication Center

    Ramona McCandless wrote:

    "In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight or simply yearn for adventure among the stars." - You can do what you want

    Yeah, the trouble is, some people will read it and understand that it obviously depends on various factors and success isn't guaranteed.

    But many people will read it and think they'll get the positive outcome automatically. So they come into the game, leave disappointed.

    It's all too jolly in tone, too similar to other MMOs.

    I'm not saying that the latter type needs better advertising to attract them more or keep them in the game, I'm saying there needs to be better advertising so they don't even bother trying the game in the first place.

    I think generally the idea with advertising is to cast the net wide, and I think that's the general idea CCP is following; but I think CCP needs rather to cast the net more narrowly and selectively, and be consistent about it throughout.

    Also, I think there's probably something in the corporate culture and DNA where there's still a lingering illusion that the game is a multiplayer Elite type of thing - where NPC interaction, interaction with the dev-created NPC world - is still part of the gameplay, where the virtual world created by the devs matters in some way. But even if it was that right at the inception of the game, it's not that any more, and hasn't been for most of the life of the game. I don't think the type of player CCP needs to attract is likely (on the whole) to care much about the lore and background and the NPC world - it's not a sim any more, even if it ever was, all that stuff is just vestigial now. Sure, there has to be some consistency and some general hanging-together of the lore and stuff, and it's something probably most players check out on a rainy day; but I think to most EVE players (not all, of course, but probably most) it's just wallpaper.

    The video baltec1 linked above is more like it - I think that's the direction they need to emphasise, for all the little areas of the game. Perhaps you could do it like they sometimes do in movies - there's a general trailer, and then there might be sub-trailers focussing on individual characters. Similarly, CCP could have a general line of trailers, then smaller ones focussing on different areas, from the perspective of player interaction, and showing the possibility of both failure and success.

  • What kind of world would Eve be without internet anonymity? in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Here is a trailer to consider.

    Now that's more like it - still a tad overly-glamorous in tone, but centres on player interaction and shows possibilities in a realistic sort of way.

  • EVE Audio - Kronos and beyond in EVE Communication Center

    Capital work, sir, capital work! I've always loved EVE's audio and music in general, but have often been frustrated by the relative levels of things not being to my personal liking, and some sounds I don't like/don't need.

  • Looking for these guys in EVE Communication Center

    Aaron Tiberious wrote:
    I'm a bit sentimental with my ships. Someone as poor as me (cause I just haven't discovered a good SAFE way to make isk) ships and their fittingd represent all the crap I did and time it took to get them. Seems I'm doomed to living in high sec :(

    I remember being like that, but eventually you will twig what others are saying - ships are fairly disposable, and while losing a ship always hurts at least a little bit, eventually you get inured to it, so long as you always follow the number one rule ("don't fly what you can't afford to lose"). The game isn't so much like a sim where things are precious and solid and subordinate to a sense of accumulation and progression, it's more a game in which things are fairly fleeting and evanescent and subordinate to ongoing gameplay and player interaction - although loss still matters and it still bites (more than almost any other MMO). The game's economy revolves around people making stuff and people breaking stuff, both are absolutely necessary to keep the game rolling.

    Things that hurt more are losing expensive implants, or losing some SP because you forgot to update your clone and it gets killed (this is actually, by far, the most gutting thing that can happen to you in EVE, so do be careful!!!), etc.

    So long as you always bear in mind that you've signed up for a game in which bad things can happen to you, you'll be ok and will eventually find your flow with the game, even if you're primarily a PvE-er.

  • Free flying/exploration in EVE Communication Center

    Owen Levanth wrote:
    [quote=Harrison Tato]
    The more I think about it, "real" archaeologists aren't like Indiana Jones' evil enemy, trying to search for relics so they can sell them. They earn their money because they get paid by their university. So why not go this route? Instead of only getting paid by transporting back random junk (and let's face it, a broken armor plate and similar stuff is also junk, just junk people pay you a lot of money for) you should get paid by different universities in Eve for bringing back relics, finding mysterious items, that kind of stuff. You could even tie in exploration-related expeditions in this: Less shooting and more searching for hidden stuff. Would be a lot more fun then just collecting trash.

    Love this idea, but I think CCP long ago gave up on this kind of integration with the NPC world.

  • Fitting the moot point in EVE Communication Center

    Yim Sei wrote:

    At the moment the numerous ships modules and rigs only seem to serve the economy and not the player.

    Is there any way around this? or are all our fitting options just a moot point?

    I dunno, "don't fly what you can't afford to lose" applies to all players at all levels, but there are many very rich players to whom fitting a faction or deadspace module is relatively no different from fitting a T2 module to most players.

    It's like, the "scale" of things change as you play EVE. Just like when you start, your "scale" is thousands of isks, and millions of isks seems like some far-off mountain, and later, your scale is millions of isks, and hundreds of millions of isks seems like a far-off mountain, there are "scales" beyond that, where a few hundred million isks is relatively trivial, and billions of isks is where you live.

    IOW, the only thing stopping you taking out that blinged-out ship is the fact that you are too poor to do so - if it took you virtually all your resources to make it, then you can't afford to fly it.

    Some kind of arena system might get you what you want - i.e. the chance to fly such a thing in a fair setting - but then it would have to be part of the open world, and crashable, so you'd be back to square one.

  • New approach to mission difficulty in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like this idea - it might give some players a clearer option to focus and perfect small ship skills, as opposed to drifting into a jumble of larger stuff.

    Although I don't think the reward "span" should be I to IV, but maybe I-II 1/2 or something like that.

    Also, the "difficulty slider" could have two axes - one to change the AI to be more PvP-like - a way to help PvE players transition to PvP, at least in terms of learning fits and getting a handle on some basic tactics, etc.

  • What kind of world would Eve be without internet anonymity? in EVE Communication Center

    Ramona McCandless wrote:
    Barbelo Valentinian wrote:

    If you're referring to the other thread about the problem CCP has about the game's popularity, there isn't any problem, there's just a problem in perception in the way that CCP present the game. It's presented as a rather jolly, "nice" game, where you can be a hero, just like in other MMOs; whereas in fact it is (or can potentially be for new people) a "nasty" game where you're worth spit to begin with.

    CCP's presentation and NPE needs to reflect this more from the start.

    I was under the impression that all the promotional material says you can do whatever you like, and to be aware your actions have consequences?

    Well, to take just a few examples, where on this webpage is that at all clear?

    Or look at this - all very jolly, and quite unrepresentative of the player experience.

    Or look at the Prophecy video - you'd think EVE was basically CoD in space, from that.

    All these kinds of presentations make EVE seem just like any other MO - somewhere you can be a lone hero, or a big cheese. They need to ditch that angle completely, de-emphasize the dev-created game world, and emphasize the reality - that the most interesting events in the game are largely co-created by players, and that you may fail, lose stuff, and that you will be a meaningless schlub at the start.

    There was an older video that was more along the right lines - the one about "choices" where the guy in the Rifter helps someone, allies with other players, etc. That's a fairly realistic possibility and shows the game more for what it truly is, although even that one is slightly dishonest in only presenting only a "nice" outcome Big smile