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  • Dev blog: Monthly Economical Report - November 2016 in EVE Information Center

    Gerart en Daire wrote:

    Have you calculated the tax rate to before Feb 2016 as well? Is it a stable 0.99-1.00% for past years too? It's kind of weird that it's 1.00% back then, since the change to that tax level only happened on Apr 27 according to the patch notes. The immediate jump in May is suspiciously close to 1.33 i.e. 1.00/0.75, the ratio between the old tax rate and the new. The continuous rise in the tax rate since then is weird, though.

    No, unfortunately not - I don't think I have the data for that.

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economical Report - November 2016 in EVE Information Center

    Market: markets currently have two taxes, transaction's tax, applied for sold items, and broker's fee for non immediate orders, which are set at 1.5% and 1% respectively. To create an environment more competitive for Citadels, we plan on increasing the transaction tax to 2.5% and the broker's fee to 5-6%. Players trading in citadels will still receive the transaction tax, but the broker's fee will be at the complete discretion of the owner. To avoid confusion for the owner, the broker relations skill will not affect player set broker's fee in Citadels.

    But on one of the support pages it states that the Transaction Tax has remained at 1.0% for Accounting Level 5 and that is confirmed by my characters who can all still get 1.00% Transaction Tax in NPC stations and Citadels.

    The following graph that you cite is compelling:Top sinks and faucets over time[/quote] though recall that in February / March / April the Transaction Tax divided by Trade was still 1.00%, as expected. Since then, on this graph, there has been not notable shift in the Transaction Tax line through the summer and autumn or any sort of step that would indicate a sudden change in the Transaction Tax rate.

    Also, surely Trade by now would be back or close to February levels? On your data it is still about 39% below. However, if we assume the Transaction Tax rate is actually 1.00% of Trade (because the main traders have Accounting Level 5) then the actual Trade is at the same level as February.

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economical Report - November 2016 in EVE Information Center

    ok, I know I sounds like a broken record on this but the Trade data released still looks too low:

    The really simple explanation for this becomes apparent when i compare the Trade data to the Transaction Tax data. As a reminder, every sale that is made on the market attracts a Transaction Tax of anywhere between 1.0% (Accounting Skill Level V) to 2.0% (no Accounting Skill).

    Now, i would expect the Transaction Tax divided by the Trade data to be 1.0% because the vast majority of all Trade will be done by characters with Level V Accounting.

    And indeed in February, March and April the Transaction Tax divided by the Trade data was 1.00%.

    But then along came Citadels and the Transaction Tax divided by the Trade data rose at first to 1.31% and in November is now 1.69%.

    That suggests to me that either the Transaction Tax data is too high or the Trade data is too low. Given the divergence happened once Citadels were released then I am assuming the issue is the Trade Data and indeed my workings show that instead of Trade being 596 trillion in November (vs 977 trillion in February) it was actually 1,006 trillion which is much closer to what was achieved in February.

    My blog post has the table of numbers that show this really clearly -

    Or what am I missing?

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economical Report - October 2016 in EVE Information Center

    My review of the October Economic Report is on by blog.

    That said, @CCPQuant - are we sure we are counting the Trade done in Citadels. My blog post goes through some details that suggests we are not?

    For what it is worth, i believe that the actual Trade done in October is either 662 trillion ISK or 853 trillion. I am leaning towards the 853 trillion. Below is my reasoning:

    Fact 1: From the Sinks and Faucets data we are told that the total Transaction Tax was 8.520 trillion ISK.

    Fact 2: in February, March and April 2016 (i.e. before Citadels) the Transaction Tax (or Sales Tax) divided by the Trade value was always 1.00%. That is not a surprise, the majority of the trade in Eve Online will be done by characters with Level 5 Accounting to minimise their Transaction Tax rate.

    Assumption 1: I am assuming that the Transaction Tax rate will remain at 1.00% after Citadels. That feels like a good assumption to me.

    Observation 1: the Transaction Tax rate rose to 1.31% in May and has been rising ever since and is now 1.66% in October. i.e. Transaction Tax = 8.520 trillion, Trade in October = 513 trillion, hence Transaction Tax rate was 1.66%.

    Outcome: therefore, i am assuming the Trade number of 513 trillion that we are given is too low and i believe the Citadel Trade is not being counted. If we assumed that the Transaction Tax rate remains at 1.00% then the actual Trade for October would be 852 trillion isk (=8.520 / 1.00%) which indicates that Trade done in Citadels was 339 trillion = 40% of all Trade done in Eve Online.

    Furthermore: go back again to February, March and April 2016 and the "monthly ISK Volume" always equaled the Trade number within 50 or so billion. Hence, Transaction Tax divided by ISK Volume = 1.00%. However, since May the Transaction Tax divided by monthly ISK Volume now equals 1.29% for each and every month since April. I can not explain why that would be. But, it is too much of a coincidence to be ignored and suggests something is wrong with either the ISK Volume or Trade or Transaction Tax number.

  • Monthly Economic Report - September 2016 in EVE Information Center

    Two things.

    1) I have put my review of the September Economic Report on my blog at MarketsforISK: Eve Economic Report September 2016 - Activity up, Trade down

    2) I have been looking more deeply at the numbers in this report and i would have to ask if the Trade numbers we are given include Trade done in player owned Citadels?

    The reason is ask, which is covered in my blog (Citadel Trade - some thoughts on what it might be), is that the Transaction Tax rate seems to rise above 1.00% from May onwards. In other words, if i assume that the Transaction Tax we are shown is correct and i assume the average rate in Eve is almost 1.00% (as it was in February, March, April) then the only way it can rise above 1.00% is if we are under recording the total Trade.

    Also, if i use ISK Volume as a proxy for Trade i can also see that the Transaction Tax rate as a % of ISK Volume rises from 1.00% to 1.29% in May onwards - again suggesting we are under recording the Trade in Eve.

    For what it is worth, i suspect Trade in Citadels is either 292.544 Trillion ISK in September (=37.9% of all Trade) or 117.310 Trillion ISK (=20% of all Trade), depends which method i use. All on my blog.

    . . . . . . of course, i could be exactly wrong and missing the point entirely!

  • Monthly Economical Report - August 2016 in EVE Information Center

    My summary of the August Economic Report is on my Blog: MarketsforIsk

    The summer lull continues but is perhaps coming to the end. Trade is down 49% since the February peak - Eve does seem to go through deep Trade cycles. The player base, whilst less active, did manage to generate healthy surplus ISK which worked its way into the Plex market.

  • Monthly Economic Report - February 2016 in EVE Information Center

    There are a few things I can not reconcile (or, most likely, don't understand!)

    But I am starting to suspect that the spreadsheet RegionalStats looks inflated, i.e. is the data from the start of time rather than just February?

    1) In the raw data, in the spreadsheet ProducedDestroyedMined, if I add up the total "Produced" and "Destroyed" and "Mining.value" for the days in February (so gives me Produced = 83 trillion, Destroyed = 32 trillion, Mining/value = 25 trillion) and then compare it to the Spreadsheet RegionalStats and add up the columns "total.production" (gives 9872 trillion), "total.destroyed" (gives 3041 trillion) and "mining.value" (I get 2164 trillion) then I get completely different numbers.

    2) In the raw data, again on the spreadsheet RegionalStats, it does not appear to agree with the images in the post. For example, the raw data has 149.5 trillion mined in The Forge vs 1.6 trillion on the image

  • Looking for a teacher in EVE Gameplay Center

    read around the blogs on making ISK. There are plenty around that talk about making ISK from trading to manufacturing to Planetary Interaction etc.

    I made my ISK from trading and more recently manufacturing, though i am also trying out Planetary Interaction and even Mining!

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    my blog is at

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  • Richest Person in EVE Gameplay Center

    read around the blogs - there are plenty that are dedicated to making ISK from trading to manufacturing et al.

    Personally, i do manufacturing these days though i started off as a trader. Current wealth 198bn - so not that rich, but i can always make 2 bn a month if i only log on at Friday and Saturday for an hour or 10bn if i log on more often.

    if you read my blog from the very first post i talk about my experiences and what i did to make my wealth:

    the blog also has a list of other business related blogs as well as some useful videos on making ISK.

  • nvidia to fix their drivers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thanks for that - I was wondering if my Graphics Card was starting to give up. Lowing the Shader works a dream Smile