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  • Renaissance Federation open to new member corps in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    What is the Direction of the Alliance and Corp?

  • New Chronicle: Sirens of Fear and Sense in EVE Information Center

    This looks good.

  • Retribution EULA in EVE Communication Center


  • New dev blog: This Week In The Unified Inventory in EVE Information Center

    This is a great example of how the dev team should interact with the community on things that matter to us. Understanding the problem, iterating on the solution and being honest.

  • Drone Damage Amplifier module not inventing (possibly other new mods as well) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ah, thanks!

  • Drone Damage Amplifier module not inventing (possibly other new mods as well) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm unable to invent from the new module BPC's. Is anyone else having this issue? I get the error message:

    "Drone Damage Amplifier I Blueprint can not be invented, there is no chance of it succeeding."

    I filed a bug report.

  • PI in low sec in EVE Gameplay Center

    Either it's working as intended, which would be interesting. Or the code they used for the FW sov was similar to the code they used for null sov.

  • Launcher Won't Launch simultaneous instances of exefile.exe in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thanks everyone: the workarounds worked. I still which the Launcher worked though.

  • Why force your play style on others? in EVE Communication Center

    The reality is, is that ganking in high-sec is part of the high-sec play style. That is why CCP made Concord less responsive in lower sec high-sec systems, etc. instead of making some type of "instakill" weapon for any and all violations.

    you should consider your post a wake-up call to what Eve really is and how CCP intended the game to be.

    Working as intended.

  • Launcher Won't Launch simultaneous instances of exefile.exe in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Freakers Cesaille wrote:
    well it seems to me they did that that they are trying to eliminate the bots.

    No, I can MANUALLY open another one. It's the Launcher won't launch one. The launcher is a seperate program that does the hashing and what not and updates the game files. The latest launcher has a borked function or permissions issue.

  • Launcher Won't Launch simultaneous instances of exefile.exe in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I can open one client just fine.

    When I try to open another client using the Launcher while a concurrent exefile.exe is already running I get a Windows Error window that says:

    Unable to update Eve Online client

    the EVE Launcher cannot update a directory from which processes are running. Please close the following process: exefile.exe

  • Combat frigate changes for Inferno in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like that you're modifying the Merlin, but it needs to be buffed, not nerfed. Merlin wasn't that viable before, and it still won't after these changes (unless I'm missing something).

  • New Dev Blog: Ewareness for DeBuff-alo Soldiers in EVE Information Center

    The new EWAR seems that it would be hard to select from when a new EWAR that is not on the list is applied (trying to click a moving target). Instead of auto adjusting and autoscrolling the entire list when a new EWAR is added to the list, maybe you should just add the new EWAR to alternating outer edges. Outer Right, outer left, outer right, outer left, etc. as EWAR is applied. Actually, this would be hard to implement the deletion...

    How about the list locks when you hover over it, similar to the Overview lock when you on hover event?

  • 3 Reasons why Trit is going to go higher than anyone expects. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Aina Sasaki wrote:
    We probably will see a rise with Tritanium, as with all mineral prices due to all the speculation about the upcoming patch, but I don't think it will be quite as high as 10 simply because Tritanium is incredibly easy to get for anyone. It won't be anything like what Zydrine and Nocxium are turning into right now.

    In other words... i'd be careful about putting too much at stake into Tritanium. It might soar... but not for long.

    I don't think that people will put the effort to mine trit and the price will increase and then level off at a price higher than previous because of the opportunity cost of a human mining rather than a bot. Humans would rather mine something more profitable, or do something else more profitable.

  • Devtrack presentation livestream recordings and materials in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Beta. Do want.

  • [Proposal] Factional Warfare Outposts in Council of Stellar Management

    Powers Sa wrote:
    A random internet commenter had a good idea.

    There is a better way for Factional Warfare to flip sov/ownership: Turn the current static Bunkers into Nullsec-style Outposts, dockable only by the owning Militia. No need to lock off already-existing stations. No getting alts involved. Allow this Outpost to give certain benefits to owning militia; tax-free production, free repairs and clones, etc. Systems turned by putting this Outpost into reinforced, and popping it 24 hours later. Give it sentry guns to impede enemy camping. Make it a tactically important little piece of floating property. If your stuff is inside when the system turns, fight for it back, or jump into a clone inside. Give it cloning facilities, with the new owner able to revoke clone contracts.

    This is a simple, easy way to tackle factional warfare.

    I don't like this idea, because this idea means that anyone can attack the outposts, regardless of whether the attackers are involved in FW. This would only be a loss for FW as one of the problems with FW and low-sec in general, is outside, much larger entities coming in. This disheartens younger players who are in FW to learn PvP.

    I like the idea of flipping FW sov on systems with points, because it means that people have to be directly involved in FW to make a difference.

  • Fanfest 2012 Breaking News: 3rd party development in EVE Gameplay Center

    I"m super excited about this new API. RESTful, JSON, Oauth, read/write... it's about time. Programming against this API will provide a whole branch/opportunity for coders to have fun in Eve.

  • Player Owned Customs Office: Your feedback on the past month in EVE Gameplay Center

    1. Is there anything related to the Customs Office feature or PI taxes that you think is broken or terrible?

    No, I the taxes provide a good incentive to move out of high-sec and for low, null sec to clame their own POCO.

    2. Do you think the amount of PvP engagements has changed in EVE as a result of this feature?

    I haven't been a part of any personally, but I hope to at some point. This new mechanic is awesome.

    3. Do you think the feature has created new opportunities for small to mid-sized corporations?

    Yes, I love it. I think it's a great game mechanic that effects everyone to some extent and makes the game more immersive and enjoyable in a way that only Eve can provide.

    4. Do you think PI has become more or less relevant in EVE?

    I think it's becoming more relevant and I like that. I think it's a great addition to game mechanics.

    5. Do you have any awesome story related to a Player Owned Customs Office?
    No, but I'm sure I'll hear or be apart of a story in the future.

    POCO's and P.I. is under-rated and I think it's a great mechanic for low-sec'ers. It also creates a great incentive to form a small low-sec corp and move to low-sec or even just solo. I believe this is the best feature of Crucible, right above the Tier III BC's.

  • Location of Market Cache in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Where is the location of the market cache files for Mac OS X 7.3?

    I'm looking for the binary files that are used in programs/libs like

  • New dev blog: U and I - Our Little Improvements Together in EVE Information Center

    Excellent. I'm excited about a couple of those.