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  • PC 7,5m in EVE Marketplace

    Always Skint wrote:
    Myself suggest you check how many time need for marauder minmatar, the vargur.

    Allright, il check it out. Thanks for the response! *(Still looking for feedback)

  • PC 7,5m in EVE Marketplace


    An alt i forgot that i was long term skill planning to be an all around minma pilot sub bs.
    Think anyone would be interested to pick up a char like this to focus it?

    Cheers in advanced - Atra

  • How many partners makes a woman a "whore"? in EVE Communication Center

    Olleybear wrote:
    Mukuro Gravedigger wrote:
    ...gossip concerning this particular woman are from other women....

    ...women working there are not exactly pin-up calendar calibre...

    ...jealousy - especially when men show the labelled one some attention...

    41 years old here. Sex is just sex. Whether its making tender love, grab you by the back of the hair lost in passion, or simple sex 'cause you have an itch. Oh, and bless all you horny women, bless you baby.

    Now, been around long enough so am able to point out exactly up above what sums up all of what you are seeing. Plain and simple jealously from a bunch of ugly women and / or women who are so uptight about sex its amazing they even manage to reproduce in their lifetimes.

    Had a young woman tell me 16 years ago or so what women are doing in these situations.

    You have a group of women.
    One in that group is the prettiest.
    The prettiest woman gets all of the attention from the males.
    All other women left in the group hate the prettiest woman.
    The prettiest woman leaves the group.
    Now there is a new prettiest woman and she now gets all of the attention from the males.
    All other women left in the group hate on the new prettiest woman.
    Repeat until insane.

    Funny when you think that this has been going on for thousands of years.

    You want the lively one, not the insecure looker. Of couse every now and then you meet someone who does good both waysSmile

  • How many partners makes a woman a "whore"? in EVE Communication Center

    A w-ho-re is doing it for services rendered before or after, i think your looking for the word s-lu-t. And this is more about the way you act then anything else, same with men.. Of course if your a moralist prude who haven't had an orgasm at the age of 30+ the point of view probably changes alot..Big smile

  • Looking For An Awesome Laptop To Play Eve Online With? in EVE Communication Center

    DrysonBennington wrote:
    If you are looking for an awesome laptop that is affordable and will handle Eve Online look no further than the Toshiba Satellite C655.

    After upgrading the RAM to 6GB Mircosoft rates its performance at 5.1 our of 7.9 where the minimum requirement based on Microsoft is only 4.1

    The laptop costs about $329 plus $50 or so for the RAM upgrade for a machine that will run under $400.

    It works excellent on WiFi as well.

    I use McDonalds, Wendy's and the local Library Wifi to game on and other than the routine cycling of the WiFi I have not had a single disco.

    Lag is non existant

    Eve Audio works fine.

    So if you are an on the go capsuleer then the Toshiba Satellite C655 is a good deal.

    laptop, gaming, effort

  • Purchase SKILL POINTS with LOYALTY POINTS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Haha, the only way do make this possible, would be to make it so time consuming that you would rather kill yourself then grind that LP after awhile..

  • Somer Blink: Legit or Scam? in EVE Communication Center

    Hea, now think how much lotteries/casino's make IRL.. You play to risk money to gain profit, in the end your better served playing something you have a skill for.

  • Mishon are work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Meshon botar use rokkiit an chiiljd